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Best Baby Bassinet

CLICK BELOW/HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND WHERE TO BUY! - - Being a parent has to be one of the single most taxing endeavors in life. Nap time and bed time are our only true breaks. More importantly these times are when Baby grows the most. Sleep supports their rapid mental and physical growth. Your little one must get the best sleep possible and be comfortable, otherwise you will have a fussy baby on your hands. Trust me when I say you do not want a fussy, sleep derived, little one. Your bundle of joy can quickly turn into a bundle of terror, mark my words. baby bassinet,

Why I choose Graco

Why I choose Graco DreamGlider Swing and Sleeper OVER ALL OTHERS Babies fall asleep in their swings. That’s just the natural order of things. So I think my favorite part about the Graco Dream Glider is that it easily converts it a bassinet with a simple pull of a lever. That also means if baby falls asleep in your arms, you don’t have to disturb your sleeping Baby by strapping up those annoying swing buckles. There are buckles there for safety of course, but the mesh sides are perfect for protection so you can place Baby in the bassinet without necessarily having to strap up the harness allowing them to be rocked and continue sleeping blissfully ignorant to the fact you have put them down. Trust me, this is crucial in the first few months when your adjusting Baby to the outside world. Getting Baby to sleep is hard enough, you want to ensure when the work is done Baby STAYS comfortably asleep. When you switch back to swing mode or when Baby gets older and starts moving around be sure to always strap up the harness to prevent injury. Un-Fun Fact: %50 of infants suffer from Acid Reflux, and it’s worse at night. One way to help alleviate this is to have Baby sleep in an semi elevated position, like that of the seated position of this product. If your baby wakes up screaming or spitting up, acid reflux could be the culprit. Get a diagnosis from Baby’s doctor to be sure. More Reasons to Choose Graco DreamGlider To Soothe Your Fussy Baby

• 6 gliding speeds AND 2 vibration settings and to keep your fussy Baby relaxed • 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds will delight and amuse • Option to plug in or use batteries • Cozy seat body support and recline for Baby’s comfort • 3-point harness with cover keeps your child secure • Timer mode helps extend battery life What Other Parents Are Saying About Graco DreamGlider “My husband and I were on the fence about buying this swing. Our daughter all ready had a swing she loved and would sleep in, but, since it isn’t safe to let a baby sleep in a swing for long periods of time she would only sleep in her dads arms at night comfortably. Our daughter is almost 4 months old and we finally decided to give this swing a try. Total life saver! Let me tell you — I regret not buying this sooner. Our daughter sleeps so comfortably and soundly through the night! An absolutely great investment!” -Jen Jackson “…The two different positions is wonderful. My little boy has bad acid reflux and is much more comfortable in a reclined position instead of flat on his back which is one of the reasons he slept in his swing along with the fact he doesn’t like being still in a regular bassinet/crib.” – Marissa Booth “LIFE SAVER!! SLEEP SAVER! my baby was so content in this. At the time we were having such a hard time with her sleeping. I wanted something that would lay down flat and still swing so I could feel good about leaving her sleeping. ” -Brianne H. Q. Is it safe for Baby to sleep in swing? F.A.Q’s A. Normally, no. But this isn’t just any swing. The Graco DreamGlider conveniently doubles as a bassinet. No more disturbing Baby by switching to bassinet, an easy pull of the lever and Baby goes from upright swing position to comfortably asleep in the bassinet, whilst still gently swinging! Q. What batteries does the Graco DreamGlider take? A. 1 D battery or you can plug it in Q. What weights are supported?

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