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Career Portfolio 2018

4 | P R O F E S S I O N

4 | P R O F E S S I O N A L G O A L S I aspire to be a reliable Multimedia Artist pursuing Graphic Arts and Illustration to give service to people who are in need of help in both print and digital art. While keeping this in mind, my plan is to: Study BS Multimedia Arts, BS Communications, Bachelor of Arts in Film and Audio-Visual Communication or a related field. Empower younger or struggling artists to follow their passion and desired career. Through hosting art workshops and tutorials, I can help them improve on their craft and have confidence in themselves. Expand and create a diverse portfolio. Hopefully, I will be able to apply to a big art or design company that will help further my experiences and exposure to the art industry and consumerism. With enough confidence, experience, and knowledge, I will start my own business related to print and digital media that will support my financial aids and the sustenance of my whole family.

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