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Black Lens March 2018

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Black Lens March

WOMEN’S HERSTORY MONTH Black Panther Breaks Box Office Records Page 3 Mignon Clyburn FCC Commissioner Page 8 Congressional Candidate Questions Page 9 Judge Helen Whitener Pierce County Pages 11 2018Black Business Expo Pages 12 &13 March 2018 Vol. 4 Issue No. 3 Spokane’s Black Community News Source REMEMBERING CAIDEN JAMES HENRY On The First Anniversary of Baby Caiden’s Death His Family Is Still Waiting For Justice The morning of February 26, 2017, Crystal Henry did what she had done many times before. She left her nine month old son Caiden James Henry in the care of someone that she trusted and went to work. The man Crystal Henry trusted that morning was twenty-eight year old Joshua Mobley, father of three young children and the husband of a woman that Crystal worked with. Everything appeared to be like any other day. But within twenty-four hours Caiden would be dead and Mobley would be under arrest for second degree murder. News reports indicate that police discovered bruising on Caiden’s cheeks, forehead and stomach. Doctors, additionally, discovered internal bleeding and brain hemorrhaging, according to court documents. The Medical Examiner determined that baby Caiden died from blunt force trauma. A year later, Mobley is out on bail and back home with his wife and kids, while Crystal Henry and her family are trying to put the pieces back together and still searching for answers. Still visibly grieving, Crystal and her family gathered at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church on February 26 to mark the solemn anniversary of Caiden’s death, to remember and honor his short life through stories, music, and video, and to continue their quest for justice. They were joined by members of the Spokane community in an emotional and tear-filled service that was officiated by Rev. Walter Kendricks, who fought back tears as he told those gathered, “I’m not worried about baby Caiden, baby Caiden is in the presence of God. I’m worried about us. We are better than this.” Speaking on behalf of the family, Caiden’s Aunt, Kitara Johnson was overcome with emotion as she shared, “my body does not want to move, my heart does not want to speak, but if I don’t, who will?” She continued, “I wish I could hear Caiden cry. I know he cried that day. I know he cried for help that day. We were not there, but we are here now. His life might have been short, but it was not in vein. On behalf of Caiden, on behalf of the children, do something!” The trial of Joshua Mobley is scheduled to begin May 14th. Statement from Caiden’s Mother Good Evening, As you all know I am the mother of Caiden James Henry. I am not going to make this about the person who killed my son. This is about the life he lived, no matter how short it was. It’s also about the love and joy he brought to so many lives. Caiden was not just the dead baby (as the media refers to him). He was so much more. He was a happy baby, always smiling, looking at me with his big brown eyes. Always eating so much. I remember waking Caiden up, just so I could play with him. Kissing him every minute. Before I had Caiden, I felt like something was missing in my life. Then when I had him, I finally felt complete. I had my little girl Alexia and my baby boy Caiden. My heart felt whole. I didn’t know what a broken heart was until Caiden passed away on February 26, 2017. Today marks a year since Caiden was killed. He has been gone longer than he was alive. My heart is actually broken into pieces. It’s like there’s a hole in my heart. I did not think I would make it until today. I felt like I needed to be with my baby boy. I knew I had to fight for justice. Caiden James Henry was not just the face of a dead child. He was not just a number added to the list of kids that died due to abuse. He is not just a statistic. He was my son. A brother. A nephew. He brought light to a dark world. His name was Caiden. Instead of planning his 1st birthday party, I had to plan a funeral. Instead of shopping for Christmas gifts for him to open and see the excitement on his face. I had to shop for gifts to put on his grave. No parent should ever have to choose between a casket or cremating. Caiden I miss you every day. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up looking for you, hoping this was just a really bad awful dream. If I could trade my life to bring you back, I would. I love you and miss you. Until we meet again. Mommy loves you. Crystal Henry