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What Makes Magento Product Designer Tool the Best Product to Have in Today’s Times?

A lot of ecommerce store owners are configuring a Magento Product Designer Tool with their websites. Know what drives it popularity and makes it the best product in the market today. Magento Compatibility The companies that create Magento web-to-print tools make by keeping the intricacies of Magento infrastructure in mind. Also, the software is compatible with both Magento 1 and 2 platforms so the ecommerce store owners that work on both old and new platforms can configure it. Once you buy one of these products for yourself, you can easily install it on your own. In case you get stuck somewhere, the software providers can also come of help. You do not even need Flash to run these tools as they are mostly HTML5 based. The Open Source Advantage As an ecommerce store owner, you must be aware that Magento is an open source. Which means, you can edit the extension and customize it according to your requirements. Magento is available in both; Community and Enterprise versions. If you are using the community version and have the technical knowhow, it will be extremely easy for you to customize the extension. However, if do that, make sure you do not manipulate the file that contains the license code as it might create legal hassles for you. Mobile Responsive In the age where people constantly interact with their mobiles, it is imperative to provide them with an interface that is mobile responsive. Magento enables you to offer your customers with a mobile friendly website, an easy payment option and simple check out process. It helps you to boost your sales as well as cross-border price consistency. On the other hand, your customers can write, edit, and ​design the products of their choice on the go. Remember, if the tool you integrate with your website is not mobile responsive, it is likely for you to incur losses. 2 Offers a Flexible Backend Let us say you have a small ecommerce store and you are running on budget constraints. You might not have the facility to print t-shirts on both the sides. Or, you might be able to deliver only during certain days. Using the flexible backend of a Magento Product Designer Tool, you can make the changes in the backend that reflect in the front end. So, if the customers try to design the back of the t-shirt, a notification saying “Sorry! You can only design the frontside of this item.” can pop up. You can also make changes with the designing options you provide to your customers and restrict them to perform certain actions. Isn’t that great? Works on Array of Products The scope of designing products using a Magento product designing software is huge. It suitable for all industries and can help your customers to design several products. This includes mugs, t-shirts, cards, stationery, pen drives, jewelry, calendars, shoes and more. All you need to do is add the products you sell and display it to your customers. Thereafter, your customers can select the product they want and start designing on it. The only condition here is; your products must have a printable surface. Only then, you will be able to print the personalized product. 3

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