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UKSV Creds Presentation


SO, WHY CHOOSE US? EVOLVE AND INSPIRE - We shape and deliver messages that inspire individuals, motivate teams and help businesses grow. From live events, brand experience to digital communications, UKSV uses insightful research to create powerful, memorable and truly engaging experiences. We believe in creating events that tell a story to forge meaningful connections with brands, produce and people. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? - We are a people agency. It’s a humble unique selling point, but it drives everything we do. It means we and our clients are not weighed down by big agency bureaucracy. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we know that when you strip away the jargon, all communication is essentially H2H (Human to Human). We’re often told it’s refreshing. YOU’RE IN SAFE HANDS - We approach every aspect of a project with care and know-how built from years of experience - on-site, online and in print. We design, plan and project manage every step to ensure the success of every element. DESIGN BY INSIGHT - Right at the start of any project, we ask the right questions, at the right time to the right people - to tell the right story. We then process that knowledge to two content levels: strategy and language - the story that threads through all your messaging. YOUR WAY IS OUR WAY - We work for and together with our clients. We are empathetic, supportive, accountable and proactive, you can rely on us to lead where required. Key to our process is investing quality, time and people to really understand your needs and goals. We aim to build trusted long-term relationships with our clients, so our door is always open.

IN THE LAST 18 MONTHS WE’VE VISITED… . London . Berlin . Stockholm . Paris . Barcelona . Prague . Vienna . Copenhagen . Seoul . Brussels . Dublin . Amsterdam . Rome . Istanbul . Switzerland . Holland . Budapest . USA

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