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Magazine of activities for members of Al Menah Shrine, Nashville, TN. Information on activities of our membership and advancements of our Hospitals for Children.


AL MENAH SHRINERS OASIS OF NASHVILLE DESERT OF TENNESSEE P.O. BOX 78545 • NASHVILLE, TN 37207 • 615.226.7766 • 1.877.505.7764 VOLUME VOLUME 36 • NUMBER 37 • NUMBER 4 • 4 • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT EXCEPT JUNE JUNE & JULY) & JULY) • APRIL APRIL 20182017 INSIDE THIS ISSUE It’s It’s It’s Here Here For the support of the For For the the support of of the the INSIDE THIS ISSUE May 3 rd May rd – May 6 th May 3 rd – May May th 6 th PAGE 2 Potentate’s Message PAGE 3 Divan Messages We We We sell sell sell because because we we we care for the care care for for the the Kids! Kids! PAGES 4 Ladies Brunch PAGE 6 Car Show PAGE 7 Ladies Extravaganza PAGE 8 Unit News PAGE 9 News from Lexington PAGE 10 Public Relations Conference PAGE 11 Golf Clown Info PAGE 12-13 Notices & Upcoming Events PAGE 14 Fishing Tournament BACK COVER Black Camel Imperial Session