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ABOUT Upward african

ABOUT Upward african woman Upward African Woman is a California-based non-profit organization committed to establishing and supporting sustainable programs to tackle poverty, illiteracy, disease, and hopelessness in order to improve the general well being of the African woman and child. We are a non-profit 501c3 California based organization that was founded three years ago to help women and children who live in substandard conditions. Our goal is to empower women through sustainable educational programs and childcare services. These recipients are primarily the victims of cultural, mental, sexual, physical abuse and neglect. DRAFT @upward_african_woman 12.5k followers 501c DLN 17053110310035 - EIN number is 465106924 #2 @Upward African Woman 1,600 followers @UAWAFRICA 133 followers

UAW currently has four major programs in Africa: SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM: Provides financial assistance and mentoring to women and children to enable them to thrive and acquire the necessary skills and accreditation to become employable and empowered. COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: DRAFT Locally in Los Angeles and overseas; providing food, clothing and basic needs to the less privileged. Focuses on improving the quality of life of the African woman and children; through funding projects that bring housing, community facilities, utilities (such as water bore holes) and other services. #2 DAYCARE PROGRAM: Located in Mombasa, Kenya, for children ages six months to seven years; at the day care we provide a safe environment, education, food and clothing for the children while their mothers go out to work and earn a livelihood.