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4k gaming era has now begun | 2018

The presentation is all about how the gaming era has evolved the resolution of the games from high definition to ultra HD 4k vision.


What has evolved? • In previous couples of years, gaming industries have evolved very much. There are diverse kinds of games available nowadays ranging from core fully action games to mysteries and adventurous games. • The core part which makes a game more popular is how realistic and an immersive environment you develop which makes a user feel like a real world. Talking further about world details which have been taken to the next level when 4k was introduced, this was the beginning of the era of ultra resolution display which has changed how we look at our screens. • Experiencing the games released recently we cant differentiate between virtual and reality, further are games which you must play to know what actually 4k gaming is.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance • Do you love getting submerged into the ancient kingdom battle where you fight like an ancient gladiator for the truth and sacrifice then this game is for you. This game comprises of all sort of ancient battle weapons like horses, spears and shields. • The story will drive you from various situation where you have to make choice and will reflect in the next phase of game depending upon what you choose. • The world details in 4k view will make you speechless and you would wonder that if you are watching a movie or really playing a game.

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UHD TV Market is Expected to Arrive at CAGR of 28.23% during 2018-2022