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Dover Christian Spring 2018

Christian books that may be of interest to Christian retailers from Dover Publications.


Dover Christian Spring 2018 March 14th, 2018 Hardcover | $29.99 Religion Oxford University Press Jan 15, 2000 Ctn Qty: 8 1392 pages 10.98" x 8.54" x 1.29" 9780834003507 Holy Bible, Giant Print Presentation Edition: King James Version National Bibles The Giant Print Bible, Presentation Edition is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a value-priced book that's easy to read. Generously sized at 8 1/2 x 11", this edition's huge, 15.5-point red letter type is exceptionally clear and crisp even in subdued lighting. Other features include a Presentation Page: Alphabetical and Canonical Indexes of the Books of the Bible; Unfamiliar Words in the Bible; 30-page Dictionary/Concordance; Why Read the Bible; How the Bible Came to Us; "Three Path" Daily Bible Reading Plan; Life in Bible Times; Natural history of the Bible; and, four pages of full color maps. Bound in a flexible, black imitation leather cover. Paperback | $13.50 Bibles Dover Publications Jan 13, 2000 Ctn Qty: 24 512 pages 5.18" x 8.25" x 0.50" Keystone Large Print New Testament with Psalms : King James Version National Bibles This is an easy-to-read NT with Psalms in a convenient size, with a good quality binding. Features: Large Print Type, Presentation Page, Black Letter edition. 9780834003415 Page 3

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