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PASSIVE AND ACTIVE SPEAKERS PSR 8 Series The PSR series offers superior sound and has features for both rental and installation alike. Safe and easy installation is possible using multiple rigging points and functional casing design gives true multifunction capability without compromise. The PSR Range feature VariFlare; a rotatable horn flare. This feature allows an installer to tailor the HF dispersion to the application making the PSR range ideal as a foldback monitor or horizontal installation cabinet. Built to last, the W-Audio passive electronics contain custom filter circuitry designed to optimise the cabinet’s sonic performance and help protect the driver components. 35mm TOP HAT FOR SATELLITE MOUNTING • Supplied in pairs • Impact resistant polypropylene cabinet • Die-cast aluminium chassis LF driver for increased rigidity • PSR 8A (only) is bi-amplified for greater efficiency PSR 8 Speaker Brackets Steel powder coated speaker bracket for the PSR 8 speaker series. • Installs either vertically or horizontally • Adjustable tilt • Multiple fixing holes PSR 8i BACK PANEL PSR 8A PSR 8/8A REAR CONNECTIONS FOR PSR 8i AND PSR 8 Order codes: BRAC05 - Black finish BRAC06 - White finish OPTIONAL PADDED BAG ORDER CODE: SPEA30B Specifications PSR 8i PSR 8 PSR 8A Continuous power (RMS) 120W 120W 150W Peak power 480W 480W - Max. calculated SPL 120dB 120dB 117dB Sensitivity (1W/1m) 94dB 94dB 94dB Frequency range (-10dB) 60Hz - 20kHz 60Hz - 20kHz 60Hz - 20kHz Frequency range (-3dB) 70Hz - 20kHz 70Hz - 20kHz 70Hz - 20kHz Crossover frequency 2kHz 2kHz 2kHz Horizontal coverage 90° 90° 90° Vertical coverage 60° 60° 60° LF / HF transducers 8” / 1” 8” / 1” 8” / 1” Nominal impedance 8Ω 8Ω - Connections 2 x speakON connectors 2 x speakON connectors Mounting options Integral 35mm pole mount adaptor & multiple M6 rigging points Integral 35mm pole mount adaptor & multiple M6 rigging points Balanced mic jack & line XLR input with independent volume controls and XLR line output Integral 35mm pole mount adaptor & multiple M6 rigging points Dimensions 435 x 255 x 245mm 435 x 255 x 245mm 435 x 255 x 245mm Weight 8kg 8kg 9.5kg Order code SPEA30C (White) SPEA30 (Black) SPEA30A (Black) 14 AUDIO Tel - 01254 704111

DX Series PASSIVE SPEAKERS AND SUBWOOFER Updated technology gives the DX range improved performance, sound dispersion and lighter weight at an unbelievably low price. These speakers are rugged and have dependable components. The two-way enclosures utilise either a 12” or 15” W Audio bass driver that will handle up to 1200W of peak power, whilst the DX S15 compact sub packs 1400W of peak music punch. Finished in durable black carpet with two heavy-duty tear drop handles and a stand mount, the DX series is perfect for a variety of applications. 35mm TOP HAT FOR POLE OR SATELLITE MOUNTING Specifications DX 12 DX 15 DX S15 Continuous power (RMS) 200W 300W 350W Peak power 800W 1200W 1400W Sensitivity (1W/1m) 95dB 97dB 96dB Frequency range (-10dB) 60Hz - 20kHz 45Hz - 20kHz 45Hz - 250Hz LF / HF transducers 12” / 1.375” 15” / 1.375” 15” / - Nominal impedance 8Ω 8Ω 8Ω Connections 2 x speakON connectors 2 x speakON connectors 2 x speakON connectors Mounting options Integral 35mm pole mount adaptor Integral 35mm pole mount adaptor 35mm top hat for satellite mounting Dimensions 622 x 405 x 303mm 640 x 430 x 350mm 560 x 470 x 495mm Weight 12.8kg 16.2kg 22.1kg Order code SPEA12 SPEA13 SPEA14 We stock a comprehensive range of audio cables See pages 270-271 for full details AUDIO 15

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