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Max Sullivan Maisel

Max Sullivan Maisel chose to slip into Lake Ontario on the coldest night of Winter 2015. A sweet and talented young man, a gifted landscape photographer, Max was beloved by his parents, Ivan and Meg, and treasured by His sisters, Sarah and Elizabeth, plus all the Maisel and Murray families. The Rescue teams and the Divers worked tirelessly under severe conditions and near zero temperatures. His body was identified on April 18, 2015. A Memorial Service had been held In March at the Jewish Temple in Bridgeport. Connecticut. 900 people were present. Another service was held at All Saints Church on April 18, 2015. The program is enclosed herein. His Journey Continues.

Saturday, we go to our cabin in Canada. Brendan hands me a small piece of a bone from Max. Together, John and I drop it into Charleston lake.

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