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Do You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery is essential for correcting skeletal or dental irregularities which can be both major and minor.

1. Difficulty in eating

1. Difficulty in eating People with dental issues, they find it hard to bite, chew and swallow their food. Therefore, to correct an open bite, some of the bone in the upper tooth portion of the jaw is removed. Plates and screws are then used to secure the upper jaw in position. 2. Difficulty in speaking Speech gets slurred and unclear for those with misaligned jaws. The problem is acuter for people who have a protruding lower jaw. It leads to an unbalanced facial appearance. For this, the bone in the rear portion of the lower jaw is separated from the front portion. It receives further modifications mainly so as to push the tooth-bearing portion of the lower jaw a bit backward. This proves to be helpful in proper alignment. 3. Jaw surgery makes your chin area look more elegant Some patients have a receding lower jaw (a “weak chin” in layman terms). It adds a peculiar look to your face which anyone would be glad to have changed. The bone in the lower jaw is separated in the surgery so that the chin and the portion of the lower jaw (that includes the teeth) are repositioned forward.

4. Other reasons The above-mentioned cases are the most basic ones. Further situations for patients can be chronic jaw or joint pain (TMJ). Those suffering from excessive wear of teeth might also need corrective jaw surgery. Most of these misaligned jaws might be results of birth defects while some might also be caused by accidents. Sleep apnea and chronic mouth breathing are also cases that can be solved with corrective jaw surgery. Sleep apnea includes breathing problems during the time of sleeping, including snoring. Hence, if you are facing such problems in your teeth and jaw, then you too can undergo mandibular jaw surgery. A modified diet after the surgery and a few days of recovery would get you going with an enhanced dental structure. Website: Contact: +82 70-4420-5847

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