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A Guide to Choose the Perfect Table for Your Wedding

Your reception seating style is an important factor in your wedding, and you need to pay attention to the type of tables you need. To help you out, here is a quick guide.

Types of table First,

Types of table First, get acquainted with the vocabulary used regarding wedding table. Head table – It refers to the special table for bride and groom. Guest table – It is the table where guests sit and enjoy the entire reception. Food table – Required for buffets, it is where guest grab their food. Cocktail tables – Usually clad in elegant cocktail tablecloths, any guest is free to grab drinks from the cocktail table. A table for gifts – This table is used to showcase the generous gifts. A table for DJ – Your DJ might need a table to set up his/her machine. Bar table – Here people can enjoy the drinks they want. A table for cake and desserts – The towering cake need space of its own. Shape of the table – Different shapes of table has their own pros and cons Round Round tables make seating arrangement easy as they have no corners and everyone stays visible. Guests can clearly listen to each other. As there is considerable space between seating’s, it becomes easier for a person to leave or take breaks. Long table Long tables are space efficient and allow you to add many to the venue. As they fit close, an intimate seating arrangement is created with long tables. Decorating a long table takes lesser resources; you only need a table liner and a few vases. The downside of this arrangement is difficulty to pull out chair. It takes a while to do so. In addition, your guests might feel awkwardness if they get seated beside complete strangers.

How many tables do you need? You may be wondering how many tables you need for your wedding. Though it all depends on your need and number of guests, here we help you with this. You need at least one head table for bride and groom, one long table for your sponsors. Guest tables depend on the type of table you choose and a number of guests you have invited. If you are treating your guests through buffet, you need several long tables. Now your tables cape is ready to host your wedding reception.

How to Choose the Right Table Shape For Your Wedding
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