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TULEMAGIC “Seems to me, what we collect in art should reflect the frivolous side of ourselves along with the more pensive. I find both, to my surprise, in Jack Armstrong’s work. His Paintings’ stunning richness of hue, before we knew computer graphics would be able to mimic it ever in our lifetime, typified our late-cold-war-era brashness. His casually hiding his own name in plain sight, and hiding some little-understood names of other things in plain sight - - it’s a playful permissiveness that’s just bulls-eye on that brashness. And in my painting, titled “Tulemagic,” I find a glimpse of it that requires a gaze, again and yet again. I enjoy how it always provokes friends’ reactions and for my own part, I even recorded a song about it. 8

The biopic about the modern cosmic artist is entitled “The Last Wizard” (A nickname given to Jack by his close friend the world renowned artist Andy Warhol). Chapa said Details Magazine's brilliant writer Stephan Saban introduced him to Warhol in New York during the 80’s. "It was there I also met a young up-and-coming model, Jack Armstrong." Jack Armstrong later became a very wealthy and controversial artist. Chapa also stated, “When I heard of the recent tragic but compelling story of Jack Armstrong’s controversial life, and my memories of Warhol/Armstrong in the 80’s, I began to get impassioned by the project.” Controversial filmmaker Damian Chapa also produced 'El Padrino' in which Chapa directed Academy Award winners Faye Dunaway, Jennifer Tilly, and Gary Busey, along with Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif. Chapa is no stranger to biopics; Chapa is the only filmmaker in the world who has produced and directed films on the life of Marlon Brando and Roman Polanski. Chapa won the best director and best drama awards for "Brando Unauthorized" at the New York International Film/Video Fest 2010. He also won the Best Production Award for his "Polanski Unauthorized" at Indy Fest. Recently, he was nominated for two NAFCA awards for his film "The DSK Story". In an interview, Chapa said, "Alleged felon/artist Jack Armstrong is right up my biopic alley." Star Global International, who was the creative force behind the “Million Dollar Harley” (painted by Armstrong), has been hired as a consultant for the movie. Many people don’t know that Jack Armstrong was the nephew of the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Chapa said, "The film will be surreal at moments surrounding the strange story of how Jack Armstrong as a child spoke to the "Black Star of Queensland," a black, sapphire jewel that was in the Smithsonian Museum for years. The Black Star spoke back to Jack Armstrong telling him he was going to be the most famous cosmic artist ever." Chapa said he, "won’t shy away from the rape allegations that led to the arrest of the artist Jack Armstrong." The production begins on November 22nd, 2016, in New York City. 9

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