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Build a Boat - Coastguard Northern Region


Help Coastguard Build a Boat When Coastguard volunteers head out to save lives at sea there are just two differences between them and you – their training and their equipment. They are nurses, lawyers, electricians, aunties - they are people like you. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and you can be part of that too. Coastguard vessels are built to saves lives. We have one of the largest vessel fleets in the country. To keep our people safe, we must meet the same standards as a commercial organisation and to do that we need your help. Coastguard Northern Region needs to raise over $1,750,000 each year to ensure we can build replacement rescue vessels and keep our existing fleet on the water. New vessels cost us roughly $600,000 each, and with 25 different units across the region and 3 replacement boats projected each year this can soon stack up! As a Build a Boat partner you are helping us ensure we have rescue vessels to keep kiwis safe on the water well into the future. Thank you for considering to help us Build a Boat. To get your business on board contact us at or call 0800 262 843 to speak with one of the team.

You are the commander of your ship How your business can help Admiral Supporters $5,000 can pay for a night imaging camera - our volunteers can continue searching late into the night during a critical incident. Captain Supporters $2,500 can purchase a defibrillator - our volunteers can give people a second chance at life. First Mate Supporters $1,000 can purchase a boat anchor - our volunteers can stay positioned safely to transfer a patient. From one community to another How we keep your donation working Coastguard North Shore recently launched their brand new rescue vessel with the help of local community businesses like yours. North Shore Rescue was a vital upgrade for one of the busiest boating spots in the country - the Hauraki Gulf. The retired North Shore rescue vessel is currently undergoing a refit in Northland and will shortly be welcomed with open arms at Coastguard Houhora. Their current rescue vessel has limited capacity to handle the treacherous conditions they face in the Far North. This results in the Houhora team providing additional search and rescue capability in privately owned vessels. When you get on board with our Build a Boat fund, your donation is making a difference to communities throughout the region and helping our volunteers continue their life saving work of bringing Kiwis home safely every day. When it’s 3am and the call goes out, the team at North Shore can be confident they have the right equipment to save lives. And when that same call goes out in the Far North, the team at Houhora are ready for whatever challenges face them. Daniel Pearce, Coastguard Northern Region Operations Manager

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