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5 Steps To Accelerate Your Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

2. Move On Ensure that

2. Move On Ensure that you get lots of rest in the first two or three days post-surgery. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to just constantly lie on the bed and do nothing. In case, you don't feel like going out for a walk outdoors, you can still move around in your house or garden area to take some fresh air instead of doing nothing. Proper movement helps the body to recover at a good speed, and may also reduce the pain. It additionally reduces some common symptoms of prescribed painkiller medicines. 3. Avoid Workout Many people are quite health conscious and want to return to their usual exercise routines quite quickly. However, you need to stay away from any form of exercise until the recovery period is completed. Even after getting full recovery it is imperative to do low intensity workout that doesn’t jeopardize the results of your surgery. If you’ve undergone a major cosmetic procedure like a breast surgery, then for the initial 4 weeks, it is essential to avoid being excessively active. 4. Wear Your Compression Garments You may need to wear compression garment after some surgeries such as breast reduction surgery or breast enlargement surgery. By compressing the tissues, swelling and bruising is controlled by compression garments. This enables the patient’s body to reabsorb collected edema liquid. It also assists in contouring by stopping skin wrinkling and improving skin retraction. The appearance of the scars has often been significantly reduced due to pressure. Compression garments can make the scar flatter and less visible.

5. Say No To Alcohol & Smoking All the cosmetic surgeons will ask you to stop consumption of alcohol and tobacco a few weeks before and after the surgery. Alcohol and smoking may have adverse effects on the outcomes of many cosmetic procedures like, Botox treatment. So, you need to stay away from these bad habits for some weeks before and after the cosmetic surgery.

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