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River Woodworking 2018 Catalog

Hardware A wide variety

Hardware A wide variety of hardware is available, creating a customized touch to each desk. Choose from solid wood drawer pulls in a variety of finishes, as well as a selection of metal pulls in brushed brass, brushed silver or coated black finishes. Wood Classic Rounded wood Country Squire Pull K-910-96 SBN Brady 96mm Pull SZPR8-ORB Mission Gun Cabinet 19321FB Classic Saturn, P-3072-MB Brady 96mm Pull SZPR8-SN Classic Gun Cabinet K39 Mission Gun Cabinet,19324FB Brady 96mm Pull, SZPR8-WN Country Squire Knob K-910 SBN Wood 3/4" Stickley, D925BL Lamar Pull, 53702-ORB Black 3/4" Brass 3/4" Dexter, 1592WID Pewter Mission, D529-B Brady Knob SZPR1-ORB Brady Knob SZPR1-SN Black Mission, D529-A Classic Gun Cabinet Pull K15 Brady Knob SZPR1-WN Lamar Knob 53700-ORB Black D527-A Antique English D527-AE Antique English,D529-AE 34 River Woodworking

Custom Design Center FINE HARDWOOD SEATING CHOOSE YOUR STYLE A. Red Oak B. Cherry C. Quartersawn white oak D. Brown Maple E. Elm F. Walnut G. Hickory A B C D E F G UPHOLSTERY Available in fabric, leather, and vinyl leather. Fabric/leather can be selected from sample books of Buckeye Fabrics, Heartland Fabrics, Quality Fabrications, Weavers Upholstery and Buckey Rockers Leather. You are always welcome to provide your own material. Customize your chair with laser engraving or embroidery. FREE leather conditioner with leather chair purchase. NAILHEAD TRIM CHOOSE YOUR STYLE Black French Natural Petwer Nickle Pewter Zinc Oxford Hammered Z Finish (standard for mission style) Natural 35

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