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XP-Pen Artist22E 22-Inch Display Graphic Monitor IPS Monitor Drawing pen Tablet Dual Monitor Draw, paint, edit, and design directly on the Artist 22E's smooth, tempered glass surface and experience a new standard of intuitiveness and efficiency. Our tablet displays are versatile and suitable for artists of any skill level or specialty The Artist 22E improves upon the Artist 22HD's design with the addition of two sets of express keys—8 on the display's left side, and 8 on its right. This layout is optimized to comfortably suit both right and left-handed use.

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2 star 0% 1 star 0% Most helpful customer reviews on 53 reviews S. Kerr Amazing tablet for the price! 8 December 2016 - Published on Verified Purchase Living in Australia, we pretty much only have 1 visual tablet choice: Wacom. I couldn't justify the insane price in AUD so went looking for other options. After doing a hell of a lot of research on the previous model of XP-Pen (22HD) and seeing the 22E was about to come out, I decided to jump in and purchase one based on the otherwise great reviews of the 22HD. I'll try and keep this short. PRO'S: - Product shipped to Australia in perfect condition 10 days after making payment (Inc 3 days for AUD to clear to USD). - All express buttons work, are responsive and are able to be remapped. - No dead pixels. - Easy to set up, install & configure. No driver issues (a common complaint about the 22HD). - Great pixel quality, contrast, depth of color & response time. - Great level of pen sensitivity and accuracy. - Pens charge quite fast and seem to last 50 hours+ (time used, so far...) - Heaps of additional chords and accessories. - Chord Read connections more on the side, unlike the previous model meaning there is no bending and stressing on the chords 36 people found this helpful. Rick Masseur Great pen display, but the drivers can be tricky. Trust their Support Group! 3 February 2017 - Published on Verified Purchase Updating with full review. PDFmyURL lets you convert a complete website to PDF automatically!

When researching graphic pen displays, the XP-Pen Artist22HD kept coming up in the top 3 of the lists. Yet, I could find NO reviews by a photographer using it to edit photos. There are a ton of reviews by artists using it to draw. So I focused on XP-Pen. I read a lot of pros and cons, and I saw two constant complaints: No express keys and the location of the cable ports being on the bottom of the monitor. XP-Pen saw those complaints also, and they answered with the Artist22E; they moved the cable ports to the side of the monitor and they added 8 express keys (each side mirrors the other for lefty/righty use). Now THAT's a company listening to its customers! I also read about another downside; the drivers. Not so much about the driver functionality, but difficulty getting them installed. XP-Pen's drivers don't play well with others. When installing the driver, the software will look for other drivers located on the computer and, if located, will alert you to uninstall them first. Well, I had owned a Wacom and a Huion previously, and had uninstalled everything. So this was quite frustrating, trying to locate the driver the software was seeing. With the help of customer support, I located it: wintab32.dll. You will probably have to boot up in safe-mode to delete it. But once you delete all instances of it (be careful not to delete it from the XP-Pen software installation Read more directory), the installation software will run just fine. I would suggest to XP-Pen to have their driver 15 people found this helpful. Amazon Customer Really great product. Shipped and arrived much faster than expected 2 December 2016 - Published on Verified Purchase Really great product. Shipped and arrived much faster than expected. Draws great, but have one problem: The left side of the express keys are not functioning, Only the top two are. The right side is completely fine though. Edit: Was contacted by the seller to replace the monitor. Communication as well as delivery on replacement was excellent. I shipped and they delivered all in less than a week! The new monitor is working flawlessly as described and am very happy to have the left side of the express keys working. After fiddling around for a few days, I have no complaints whatsoever. I've used the 22 inch Wacom and so far there are only two benefits I can think that this monitor doesn't have: Pen tilt and more than 9 points of calibration. Other than that, the Xp-Pen 22E is on par in terms of quality, both in hardware and in function. 12 people found this helpful. › Go to to see all 53 reviews PDFmyURL lets you convert a complete website to PDF automatically!

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