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1-800-608-5461|How to Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically on iPhone?

Read Blog How to Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically on iPhone by iTunes Support Team. Call iPhone Customer Service Number 1-800-608-5461 to Fix iPhone Error Code and Messages. We Provide Online Remote Technical Support for All Apple Products Related issues. Visit Us:

How To

How To ong>Disableong> ong>iTunesong> ong>Syncingong> Auong>toong>matically on iPhone? The most popular reasons for deciding the users ong>toong> do disable the auong>toong>-sync feature in ong>iTunesong> is that songs that have been accidentally deleted from the main ong>iTunesong> library, can’t appear on the iPhone. It is not an easy task ong>toong> ong>Disableong> ong>iTunesong> ong>Syncingong> Auong>toong>matically on iPhone for the users who have lack of technical knowledge. For them, it is necessary ong>toong> lend a hand from techies who are well-professional in the same. Call Toll-Free 1-ong>800ong>-ong>608ong>-5461

Steps To ong>Disableong> ong>iTunesong> ong>Syncingong> Auong>toong>matically on iPhone ‣In the main ong>iTunesong> screen, click the “Edit” menu and then choose the “Preferences” option from the list ‣If you are accessing Mac version of ong>iTunesong>, then you are required ong>toong> click the “ong>iTunesong>” menu followed by “Preferences” ‣Now click the “Devices” butong>toong>n which you will get near the ong>toong>p of the settings screen ong>toong> view more options ‣After that enable the option ong>toong> “Prevent iPhones from syncing auong>toong>matically” by clicking the check box next ong>toong> it ‣Now, tap on the “OK” butong>toong>n ong>toong> save settings and ong>toong> exit the configuration screen Call Toll-Free 1-ong>800ong>-ong>608ong>-5461

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