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Best Hamburger Patty Presses Only on

ProProcessor has your Hamburger Patty Press! Our high quality Hamburger Patty Presses make patties efficiently and uniformly. Get yours today and make your life easier! Low price guaranteed. Take a look at this link:

35mm (1 3/8") Electric

35mm (1 3/8") Electric Meatball Machine (Item #620-224) This Electric Meatball Machine makes 35mm meatballs. Very good for making measured amount of product and each ball stays consistant with each measure. Also good for forming fish balls, boudain balls, crab cakes, hush puppies and many other products. Price: US$2299.99

ProProcessor Automatic 4" ong>Hamburgerong> Press (Item #600-909) Makes 4.0 inch patties with paper dividers. Makes patties from 1/4 in all the way up to 1 1/2 in. Be the hit of the BBQ or Party!! For both home and commercial use, this hamburger patty maker will help you make burgers all the easier. Price: US$249.99

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