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10 Great

10 Great Falls Tribune • Sunday, April 15, 2018 14th 14th St St Adobe Adobe 12th 12th St St Ferguson Carlos Durango Park Dr 2nd 2nd St St 3rd 3rd St St N N 3rd 3rd St St S S 4th 4th St St N N 4th 4th St St S S 5th 5th St St N N 5th 5th St St S S 6th 6th St St N N 6th 6th St St S S 7th 7th St St N N 7th 7th St St S S 8th 8th St St N N 8th 8th St St S S 9th 9th St St S S 10th 10th St St S S 10th 10th St St N N 11th 11th St St S S 11th 11th St St N N 14th St N 14th 14th St St S S 15th 15th St St N N 15th St S 16th 16th St St N N 17th 17th St St N N 18th 18th St St N N 18th St S NAVIGATING GREAT FALLS Attractions A Broadwater Overlook D-2 B Gibson Park D-4 C Riverside Park D-5 D Black Eagle Falls and Dam G-5 E Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center H-6 F Giant Springs I-7 G Rainbow Falls and Dam J-7 H Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum J-4 I The Lewis And Clark Portage Marker I-3 J Paris Gibson Square F-4 K C.M. Russell Museum Complex E-4 L Ulm Pishkun Visitor Center (Off Map – 9 mi. southwest of Great Falls) M Cascade County Historical Society D-3 N Children’s Museum of Montana D-4 O Galerie Trinitas F-2 P Ursuline Centre F-4 Q Montana Veterans Memorial G-5 Shopping 1 Downtown, home to a variety of shops, specialty stores, offices and Times Square, a small mall. E-4 2 Holiday Village Mall, 1200 10th Ave. S., the city’s largest mall with about 80 stores, including major retailers, specialty stores and restaurants. E-3 3 University Plaza, 2200 10th Ave. S., includes a supermarket, Target and other shops. F-3 4 10th Avenue East End Shopping, 4800 10th Ave. S., farm and ranch equipment, furniture retailers and a restaurant. I-3 5 Wal-Mart E-6 6 Kmart/Shopko/Sam’s Club Complex, on the Northwest Bypass, includes discount stores and a sporting goods center. C-5 7 Great Falls Marketplace, includes both large and small specially stores, supermarket and multiplex theater. B-2 Essentials • Benefis Health System, east campus, 1101 26th St. S., G-2 • Benefis Sletten Cancer Institute, 1117 29th St. S., G-2 • Benefis Health System, west campus, 500 15th Ave. S., E-2 • Black Eagle Post Office, 1321 Smelter Ave., E-5 • Chamber of Commerce, 100 1st Ave, N., E-4 • C.M. Russell Post Office, 3501 10th Ave., S., H-3 • Easter Seals Work Activity Center, 4400 Central Ave., E-4 • Great Falls Clinic Main, 1400 29th St. S., G-2 • Great Falls Clinic Medical Center, 1411 9th St. S., G-2 • Great Falls Clinic Specialty Center, 3000 15th Ave. S., G-2 • Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center, 1509 29th St. S., E-2 • Great Falls International Airport, Gore Hill, A-1 • Great Falls Post Office, 215 1st Ave. N., E-4 • Great Falls Visitors Center, 15 Upper River Road, D-2 • Malmstrom Post Office, 1084 Malmstrom, MAFB, J-4 • Montana ExpoPark and Four Seasons Arena, C-4 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 45 Exit 282 5th Ave NW 4th Ave NW 3rd Ave NW First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park Visitor Center 9 miles SW of Great Falls A 31st St. NW 27th St. NW 26th St. NW 9th Ave NW TO CANADA, VAUGHN, FAIRFIELD, CHOTEAU 2nd Ave NW 1st Ave NW Central Ave W 32nd St. NW 24th St. SW Great Falls International Airport Ave C Ave D Airport 3rd L A 15 Ave A Ave B Airport 2nd Airport Rd Old Airport Rd 89 Sun River Rd Terminal Dr TO HELENA Exit 277 Great Falls Ice Rink Vaughn Rd 91 200 22th St. NW 2nd Ave SW Sunset Park 4th Ave SW 5th Ave SW Airport Court 15 Jasper Rd 1st Ave SW Big Ranch Rd 48 Kingwood 7th Ave NW Stuckey Rd 20th St. SW 18th St. SW Sunset West Hill Pl 3rd West Hill Dr West Hill Dr 2nd West Hill Dr Belle Vista Dr Park Gar den Rd Fern Fern Dr Dr Greenbriar Dr Huckleberry Dr Ivy Dr Poplar Dr B C D E Centennial Ct Exit 280 Exit 278 16th Marketplace Rd Vaughn Rd 16th St NW 2nd Ave SW 16th St. SW 14th St. SW 14th Ave SW Valley View Dr Ave C Ave D Ave B Vineyard Rd 11th St NW Ave E Ave D Ave C Ottawa St Winnipeg St Vermont Ave Massachussetts 7W James 6W Connecticut Ave 4W Howard 3W Montana Ave Colorado Ave Ave B Ave A 10th Ave NW 9th St NW 6th St NW 5th St NW 16th Ave NW SUN RIVER Skyline Dr NW 28th Ave NE Riveriew Riveriew Dr Dr Rainbow Ct 19th Ave 14th Ave NW NW Bypass 8th Ave NW 11th St NW 10th St NW 9th St NW 7th Ave NW 6th Ave NW 5th Ave NW 14th St. SW 14th St NW 14th 13th St NW 13th 12th St NW 7th Ave SW 8th Ave SW 19th St. SW 13th St. SW Evergreen Evergreen Dr Dr 12th American Ave 10th Ave SW 13th Ave SW Treasure Treasure State Dr 13th Sundance Cresent Dr 4th Ave NW 3rd Ave NW 2nd Ave NW 1st Ave NW Central Ave W 1st Ave 2nd Ave SW 3rd Ave SW 10th St SW Fox Farm Road 8W 8W 7W 6W 5W Riverview Blvd 2nd St NW 8th St SW 7th St SW 6th St SW 5th St SW 4 St SW 4th Ave SW 5th Ave SW 6th St SW Dr Meadowlark 16th Ave SW 17th Ave SW 17th 18th Ave SW 18th 19th Ave SW Dahlia 20th Ave SW Elm 21st Forest 22nd Grape 23rd Holly 24th Ave SW Ivy 25th Ave SW Juniper 26th Ave SW Park Garden Rd Clover Clover Dr Dr Dawn Dawn Dr Dr Centennial Dr 50 7 Bitterroot Bitterroot Dr Dr 1 15th St NW 15th Flood Rd 43 Granada Fernando Rosita Madera Encino Maria 25 Hickory Swings Golf Course Delmar Carmel Bonita Alamo 17 Buena Ana 29 27 11th St SW 17 24 Anita Derby Dr El Paso Alpine Dr East Fiesta Beargrass Dr 33 25 Chickadee Linden Dove Eagle Falcon Cresent Cresent Cir Cir 9th Ave SW 10th Ave SW Cherry Robin Swan Coyote Ln 13 32 Antelope Grizzly Dr Fox Dr Bison Coyote Jay Kinglet Huffman Ct Huffman Dr Riverview Ct Park Garden Estates Park Garden Lane Montana ExpoPark Deer Deer Dr Fox Fox Ct Division Rd Smelter Ave Miles Ct 18th Ave 5E 17th Ave 16th Ave 15th Ave 3rd St NE Skyline Dr 30th Ave NE 29A Ave NE 4E 3E 2E D C B 22nd Ave NW 21st Ave NW Keogh Ct Keogh St 3rd St SW 2nd St SW Riverview B 3rd St NW 40th Ave NE 1. Meadow Ct 7. 6. 39th Ave NE 2. Barberry Ct 8. 3. Buckhorn Ln Countryside Dr 1. 39th Ave NE 4. Butternut Ct 5. 38th Ave NE 5. Millberry Ln 2. 38th Ave NE 6. Snowberry Ct 3. 4. 37th Ave NE 7. Willow Ln 37th Ave NE 8. Countryside Vil 36th Ave NE 36th Ave NE Riverview Dr Rivervie Ln 27th Ave NE Riverview Riverview 1E 1E 3A St NE Riverview Pl 4th St NE Riverview A Division Rd 4th St NE Dr Prospect Verde Dr Lower River Rd 35th Ave NE 34th Ave NE 33rd Ave NE 29th Ave NE 16th 17th 18th 19th River River Dr Upper River Rd 1st St S 5th St NE 5A St NE 6th St NE 26th Ave NE 26th Ave NE 25th Ave NE 24th Ave NE 23rd Ave NE 22nd Ave NE 21st Ave NE 17th Ave NE MISSOURI RIVER Park Dr 20th Ave S 21st Ave S Beech Alder 3rd St S 3A St S 4th St S 4th St NE 4th St NE 24th Ave S 25th Ave S A Ave B Ave 31st Ave S 32nd Ave S 33rd Ave S 3rd St S 35th Ave NE 34th Ave NE 33rd Ave NE 6th St NE 34A Ave NE 32nd Ave NE Skyline Dr Sacajawea Dr 4th St S 7th St NE 18th Ave S 19th Ave S Glenwood 20th Ave S 33B Ave NE 33A Ave NE 49th Ave NE 9th St NE 9th St NE Southview Ct 9th St NE 29th Ave NE 8th St NE 10th St NE Camas Dr B Delea Dr C D E 5 34 24 51 1st St NE 2nd St NE 20 20 47 49 11 42 Elks Riverside Park Childrens Museum of MT Police Station Visitor Center 14 Gibson Park River's Edge Trail 13th Ave S Meadowlark 14th Ave S Country 15th Ave S Club Golf Course 16th Ave S 44 N 52 1 39 Bus Station Cascade County HIstorical Society 31 5 A 3 46 36 River's Edge Trail Skyline Ct Skyline Dr NE 11th St NE 5th Ave N 3rd Ave N 2nd Ave N Central Ave 1st Ave S 2nd Ave S 3rd Ave S 4th Ave S 5th Ave S 6th Ave S 7th Ave S 8th Ave S 9th Ave S 10th Ave S 12th St NE 25th Ave NE Montana Ave Smelter Ave 12th St NE Old Havre Hwy 13th St NE 14th St NE North RIver Rd 10th Ave N 8th Ave N 7th Ave N 7th St S 8th St S 9th St S 10th St S 11th St S 12th St S 13th St S 29 th Ave S 30th Ave S 10th St NE 11th St NE 12th St NE 45th Ave NE 44th Ave NE 41st Ave NE 35th Ave NE 34th Ave NE 13th Ave S H 14th Ave S 15th Ave S 21st Ave S 22nd Ave S 23rd Ave S 12th St NE 14th St NE 46th Ave NE Bootlegger Trail 17th St NE 34th Ave N 33rd Ave NE 32nd Ave NE 16th St NE 27th Ave NE 17th St NE 15th St NE 17th St NE 19th St NE 11th Ave S 12th Ave S 13th Ave S Sunnyside 5 1/2 Ave S Chic But Mon Wiremill Wiremill Rd Rd 14th A 15th A 17th Ave S 16th A Dunn Hylande Dr 17th A 21 22 5 4 H 8 6 32 12 C 16 4 B M 26 11th St NE CM Russell Museum 15 2 8 Peregrine CT Kesterl Ct Smelter Ave P P 1st Ave N K 28 11 7th St S 8th St S 9th St S Park View Dr 10th St S 14th St S 15th St S 16th St 17th St 14th St S Castle Pines Dr 15th St S 87 J Castle Pines Way 40 High St USFS & BLM 12th Ave N 10th Ave N Paris Gibson Square 22 31 16th St S 18th Ave S 19th Ave S 20th Ave S 21st Ave S 22nd Ave S 23rd Ave S 24th Ave S 25th Ave S Balsam Ct Spruce Ct 27th Ave S 17th St S 7 23 18th St S 25th A 26th A 27th A 28th A 29th A 30th A 31st A 32nd 18th St

Sunday, April 15, 2018 19th 19th St St N N 19th 19th St St N N 20th 20th St St S S 21st 21st St St N N 21st 21st St St S S 22nd 22nd St St N N 22nd 22nd St St S S 23rd 23rd St St N N 23rd 23rd St St S S 24th 24th St St N N 24th 24th St St S S 25th 25th St St S S 26th 26th St St S S 27th St N 27th 27th St St S S 28th St N 28th 28th St St S S 29th St N 29th 29th St St S S 30th St S 33rd St N 34th St N 34th St S 35th St N 35th St S 36th St N 36th St S 37th St N 37th St S 38th St S 38th St N 39th St S 39th St N 39A St N 40th St S 40th St N 41st St S 41st St N 42nd St S 42nd St N Great Falls Tribune • 42A St N 43rd St N 44th St N 44th St N 45th St N Beaverhead 46th St S Clearwater Sweetgrass Riverwood 48th St N Columbine 49th St N Deerfield Willow Creek 50th St N 50th St S 51st 51st St St S S 51st St S 52nd St N 52nd St S 52nd 52nd St St S S 53rd St S 54th 54th St St S S 55th 55th St St S S 57th St N 57th St Bypass 56th 56th St St S S 58th St Malmstrom 59th St Eder St 62nd St 11 Government F G H I J E 20th St NE 19th St NE ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S ve S Ave S 19th St 19th St S 20th St S 32nd Ave NE Rainbow Dam Rd 24th St NE 25th St NE 26th St NE River Ave Anaconda ago Ave Hills Golf Course te Ave tana Ave Colorado Ave Summit Dr 6 Ursuline Centere Galeria Trinitas 27th St NE Black Eagle Rd 28th St NE 11th Ave S 23rd St S 24th St S 25th St S 29th St NE 26th St S 30th St NE 26 35 21 3 1 O 2 3 Q 30 28 P 10 30 28th St S 29th St S 15th Ave S Desert Dr 37 Otter Way Lynx Way Lemming Ferret Way Badger Way Lewis & Clark Portage Route Bobcat Way 14 23 H Sand Ct Palm Ct Oasis Ct Rocky Ct 27 Black Eagle Falls & Dam 18th Ave S D Centene Baseball Park 8th Ave N 7th Ave N 6th Ave N 5th Ave N 4th Ave N 3rd Ave N 2nd Ave N 1st Ave N Central Ave 1st Ave S 2nd Ave S 3rd Ave S 4th Ave S 5th Ave S 6th Ave S 7th Ave S 8th Ave S 9th Ave S 10th Ave S Arbor Dr 21st Ave S 20th Mount Olivet Cemetery 33rd Ave S Gibson Flats Road Highland Cemetery 32nd St S 33rd St S 34th St S 35th St S 15th Ave S 17th Ave S 18th Ave S 19th Ave S Mountain View Dr Whispering Ridge Dr Giant Springs Road 18th Ave N North Park Trail River Dr Eagle Falls Municipal Golf North Star Blvd Course 10th Ave N 9 2 10 6 19 38th St S 20th Ave S 13 7 39th St S Copper Copper Gold Gold 41 19th Ave S Alice Dr Ella Ave Beth Lewis Ave Clark Ave Jefferson Ave 3rd Ave S 43rd St S Doris Doris Ella Ella Carol Beth Carol Carol Silver Silver 12th Ave S 13th Ave S 14th Ave S 15th Ave S 16th Ave S 17th Ave S 18th Ave S Meadowlark Rd. E 46th St 47th St 48th St 49th St E 50th 47th St S Giant Springs Rainbow Falls & Dam Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center 19 9 Pine Ridge Carol Diana 5th Ave 5th Ave 15 50th St S River's Edge Trail 29 18 38 18 P 11th Ave S 12th Ave S F 9th St S Oakwood Woodbird Silverwood 33 12 4 I 4th Ave 5th Ave 6th Ave Lewis & Clark Portage Marker About 1/2 mile Olive Ct Locust Locust St 16 Kapok St Jasmine Jasmine Ct Ct Hawthorn Hawthorn Ct. Ct. Elderberry Elderberry Ct. Ct. Joshua St Hickory St Ironwood Ironwood St Avenue C Gumwood St Fuschia St G Douglas Douglas Fir Fir Dr. Dr. Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum Malmstrom Air Force Base TO LEWISTOWN - BILLINGS Dogwood St Cypress Dr Perimeter RD H 200 87 89 F G H I J Magnolia Dr. Birch Birch St Cedar St Aspen Aspen St St Lincoln Dr Avenue B Walnut St. Goddard Ave 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 • Great Falls city offices, Civic Center, 2 S. Park Drive, D-5 • County offices, Cascade County Courthouse, 400 2nd Ave. N. and annex, 300 3rd Ave. N., C-6 • Great Falls Police Department, 1 1st Ave. S. D-5 • Juvenile Detention Center, 1600 26th St. S., E-8 • Cascade County Adult Detention and Regional Correctional Facility, 3800 N. Ulm Frontage Road, G-1 • City public works complex, 1025 25th Ave. N.E., B-6 • City water plant, 1301 Lower River Road, E-5 • County Extension Service, 3300 3rd St. N.E. • Driver’s license testing office, 207 Smelter Ave. N.E., B-4 • State Fish, Wildlife and Parks headquarters, 4600 Giant Springs Road, A-11 • State Job Service office, 1018 7th St. S., E-6 • Lewis and Clark National Forest, 1101 15th St. N., C-7 • National Weather Service, 5323 Tri Hill Frontage Road, G-1 • U.S. District Court, 125 Central Ave W., D-4 Parks 1 Bel View B-1 2 Boston Heights G-4 3 Broadwater Overlook D-3 4 Cambridge Court E-5 5 Carter E-3 6 Charles Russell H-2 7 Chowen F-3 8 City Recreational Ball Park E-2 9 Clara H-3 10 Dudley-Anderson H-3 11 Eagle’s Crossing Park F-7 12 Elks Riverside Park D-4 13 Fox Hollow C-1 14 Gallatin D-6 15 George Pinski I-3 Schools 16 Gibson Park D-4 17 Grande Vista C-1 18 Graybill H-5 19 Heren I-4 20 Horizon D-7 21 Hyland Heights E-2 22 Kranz F-3 23 Lions G-3 24 Madison D-6 25 Meadow Lark C-1 26 Memorial F-4 27 Montana C-2 28 Morony E-4 29 Noah’s Ark Park C-5 30 North Kiwanis G-5 31 Oddfellows Park D-3 32 Pacific Steel Trailside Dog Park E-4 33 Rhodes C-4 Higher Education 1 University of Great Falls F-2 2 Great Falls College Montana State University F-2 3 MSU-Northern in Great Falls F-2 4 MSU-Bozemen College of Nursing E-2 Middle & High Schools 5 C.M. Russell High D-5 6 Great Falls High D-8 7 East Middle H-4 8 North Middle E-6 Specialty Schools 9 Montana State School for the Deaf and the Blind H-4 10 Paris Gibson Education Center F-4 11 Early Learning Family Center at Skyline School D-7 Elementary Schools 12 Chief Joseph I-4 13 Lewis and Clark H-4 14 Lincoln G-3 34 Riverview D-6 35 Roosevelt G-4 36 Sacajawea E-7 37 Sand Hills G-2 38 Seible Soccer Park I-4 39 Skyline E-7 40 Sunnyside F-2 41 Sunrise H-3 42 Tourist Park D-4 43 Valley View Park C-5 44 Verde D-2 45 Wadsworth A-5 46 Warden Park D-3 47 West Bank Park D-5 48 West Hill Park B-2 49 West Side Kiwanis C-4 50 West Side Viaduct B-4 51 Westwood Park 52 Whittier Park D-4 15 Longfellow E-3 16 Loy I-4 17 Meadow Lark C-2 18 Morningside H-4 19 Mountain View H-2 20 Riverview D-5 21 Roosevelt G-4 22 Sacajawea E-6 23 Sunnyside F-2 24 Valleyview C-5 25 West C-4 26 Whittier E-4 Private Schools 27 Great Falls Central Catholic High School G-2 28 Foothills Community Christian School F-5 29 Heritage Baptist School I-5 30 Holy Spirit Catholic School G-4 31 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School E-4 32 Five Falls Christian School B-1 33 Treasure State Baptist Academy I-4