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How to install Office 2013 on Windows 10

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Install ong>Officeong> 365 on Windows The very first step in create a new Microsoft ong>Officeong> account link ong>toong> your Microsoft Account and If you already have ong>Officeong> account linked ong>toong> your Microsoft account, you are ready ong>toong> Install Microsoft ong>Officeong> for the first time, Install ong>Officeong>, or reong>installong> ong>Officeong> on another computer. The second step is ong>toong> Install ong>Officeong>. Now, ong>toong> ong>installong> ong>Officeong> 365, from the Microsoft ong>Officeong> Account, Click On red icon ong>toong> Install and There is no requirement for other Microsoft accounts.

In your browser, go ong>toong> the ong>installong> pop up that appears and click Run, Setup, or Save, depending on the browser you are using. Click Yes ong>toong> start ong>installong>ing. When you see “You’re good ong>toong> go“, choose All done.

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