8 months ago

Finding Comfort In You with Chika Okoro

In this episode, we discuss finding security within yourself, the impacts of colorism, and the positive outlooks that can come from seeing role models that look like yourself. Chika Okoro became inspired in an unlikely place – a Straight Outta Compton casting call with standards of beauty, skin color and size that labeled her a “D Girl”. Chika’s personal experience with colorism pushed her to make a change and inform others on not only the issues that she faced, but also her hope for the future.

Key Quotes Key

Key Quotes Key Quotes

Were not just all trying to be light skin and long hair. I am seeing more acceptance. (13:53) How do I make sure my daughters don’t feel the way I felt? (14:25) Trying to fit into someones else mold has never gotten me anywhere. (35:49) My goodness isn’t defined by accomplishments, it’s defined by who I am as a person. (40:48) You can’t be a business leader until you know yourself. (45:03)

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