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Freshest Meat in Town

Freshest Meat in Town The unbeatable combination of Trig’s Smokehouse sausage and Wisconsin cheese. Made from high quality lean ground beef and pork, our winning snack sticks are perfectly paired with select Wisconsin cheeses to complement the award winning flavor and quality. Packed with protein, gluten free, no fillers and the incredible flavor that Trig’s Smokehouse products deliver. Two delicious snacks in one convenient grab and go pack. Certified Angus Beef® Porterhouse Steak 9.49lb. Trig’s Smokehouse Snacks Sticks or Meat & Cheese Snack Stick 2 oz. 7-Pepper & Pepper Jack Cheese, Honey BBQ & Swiss Cheese Hot & Sharp American Cheese Regular & Mild American Cheese 2/$3 Certified Angus Beef® T-Bone Steak 8.99lb. Trig's Smokehouse Top Dogs 16 oz. All Varieties 4.49 SAVE BIG AT VILLAGE MARKET Trig's Marinated or Stuffed Boneless Pork Chops 2.99lb. Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets 8.99lb. Certified Angus Beef® Family Pack Stew Meat Hormel Smoked Pork Chops 15 oz. 4.99lb. Trig's Imitation Salmon Spread 4.99lb. Sugardale Sliced Bacon 4.99 16 oz. 5.49 Garden Fresh Produce Trig's Smokehouse Smoked Cheddarwurst or Red Brat PLU 9xxx $1 OFF per package Limit 2 offers per coupon please. One coupon per customer please. Offer valid 4/15/2018-4/21/2018. ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS WEEK IS APRIL 23-27! 715.543.8212 Sliced or Whole Mushrooms 8 oz. 2/$3 TBD 1 lb. clamshell 2.99 Bright & Beautiful Bouquet 7 Stem 8.99 Real Coffee in a Cup Dole Salad Mixes 5-12 oz. Assorted Varieties 0415_PG2 2/$5 Dole 2/$7 TBD 10.8-14 oz. Selected Varieties 7.99

Grocery Dairy's Best Nabisco Snack Crackers 3.5-9.1 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$5 Essential Everyday Manzanilla Olives 5.75 oz. Selected Varieties 99¢ Kemps Swiss 1% Chocolate Milk 64 oz. 2/$3 Essential Everyday Shredded or Chunk Cheese 7-8 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$4 Village Hearth Italian Bread 20 oz. Seeded or Unseeded 1.99 Crystal Farms String Cheese 10 oz. Selected Varieties Tropicana Orange Juice 59 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$6 2/$7 Essential Everyday Salty Snacks 6-16 oz. Selected Varieties 3/$5 Essential Everyday American Slices 12 oz. Selected Varieties Frozen Foods Essential Everyday Cottage Cheese 24 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$4 2/$5 Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn 6-10 ct. Selected Varieties 2/$4 Pam Cooking Spray 5-6 oz. Selected Varieties 2.99 Green Giant Vegetables 7-10 oz. boil in bag Selected Varieties 10/$10 Banquet Pot Pies, Basics or Entrées 4.85-8 oz. Selected Varieties 10/$10 Doritos 9.25-10 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$5 Stone Ridge Creamery Junior Pops 20-24 ct. 35-42 oz. Selected Varieties Essential Everyday Raspberries 12 oz. 2.99 2.99 Pringles Crisps 5.33-6.33 oz. . Selected Varieties 2/$3 Marie Callender’s Large Pot Pies or Dinners 8.5-19 oz. Selected Varieties Essential Everyday Pasta 19-25 oz. Selected Varieties 4/$10 2/$6 0415_PG3