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<strong>China</strong><br />

Your Official Information Source at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />


9 th MAY <strong>2018</strong><br />



Stand No. 500<br />


Stand No.<br />

200/201<br />

Stand No. 430<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong>:<br />

50% Growth in Year 2<br />

Exhibition again fully booked – more floor space for Middle<br />

Eastern and Latin American exhibitors<br />

After its premiere last year, the success of<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is set to continue: <strong>China</strong>’s new<br />

marketplace for the travel industry, taking<br />

place from 16 to 18 May in Shanghai, was<br />

already fully booked out with a 50% increase<br />

in gross exhibition area compared to last<br />

year.<br />

Rungang Zhang<br />

Secretary General & Vice President, <strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Association (CTA)<br />

CTA is the biggest travel and tourism<br />

industry association of the world’s<br />

second largest economy and we are very<br />

delighted to again work with <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

Read page 6<br />


Laurent Holdener<br />

Managing Director, Terre Cambodge – Adventure<br />

Travel Network (ATN)<br />

ATN is presenting the full range of<br />

adventure products that each destination<br />

can offer, from cycling to sailing on a<br />

catamaran, the variety of activities is very<br />

diverse<br />

Read page 9<br />

More than 700 exhibitors from 80 countries<br />

will be represented in <strong>China</strong>’s threeday<br />

B2B travel trade show. In addition<br />

to established exhibitors from last year,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> has been able to secure many<br />

newcomers. Furthermore, a total of 2,700<br />

attendees are expected to take part in the<br />

lectures, discussions and keynotes of <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> Conference, given by more than 120<br />

industry speakers.<br />

“<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is becoming a driving force<br />

behind the Chinese travel industry”, said<br />

David Axiotis, General Manager <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>.<br />

“Exhibitors and visitors can look forward<br />

to three highly intense business days at the<br />

second edition of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> with interesting<br />

opportunities to explore the latest trends in<br />

Chinese travel”. (see our exclusive interview<br />

page 7)<br />

David Axiotis<br />

General Manager, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />





Mubarak Al Nuaimi<br />

Director, Promotions and Overseas Offices, DCT Abu<br />

Dhabi<br />

We have actively increased our efforts to<br />

capture the awareness of and convert<br />

Chinese travellers to visit Abu Dhabi.<br />

Read page 11<br />

The Middle East welcomed<br />

an estimated 58 million<br />

international arrivals in 2017,<br />

representing an increase of<br />

5% following a small decline<br />

in 2016. Egypt (+55%) led<br />

growth in the region, both in<br />

absolute and relative terms,<br />

recovering from the decline<br />

it suffered in previous years.<br />

Meanwhile, international<br />

tourist arrivals in Africa<br />

increased an estimated 8%<br />

in 2017 to reach 62 million,<br />

according to the UNWTO.<br />

Read more about some of<br />

the top MEA exhibitors at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, from page 11.<br />

Arabian Nights Village,<br />

Abu Dhabi

2 NEWS<br />


Richard<br />

Barnes<br />

<strong>China</strong>:<br />

No Experience?<br />

No Problem!<br />

The Right Partner,<br />

the Right Time<br />

Being Partner Destination of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> means more than<br />

just having “branding” at the show. This year’s Partner<br />

Destination for <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is Finland. From January to<br />

November 2017, the number of overnights from <strong>China</strong> to<br />

Finland reached 321,172 with a 34.3% growth compared<br />

to January to December 2016, and Chinese nationals now<br />

represent the fifth largest group of travellers to Finland.<br />

As part of the country’s efforts to raise awareness and<br />

create new business ties with outbound operators in <strong>China</strong>,<br />

around 50 delegates from Finland will be representing the<br />

country at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>.<br />

WE ARE<br />







Michael Buller<br />

CEO, Verband Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR)<br />

Finland is running a multitude of visa centres in <strong>China</strong>,<br />

working on e-visa solutions for Chinese tourists and has<br />

opened up for Chinese mobile payment systems, adding a<br />

lot of convenience for Chinese visiting Finland. Finland is<br />

also taking part in the EU <strong>China</strong> Tourism Year, for which <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> is an official partner event. As David Axiotis, General<br />

Manager <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, so rightly explains, Finland has proven<br />

that it is attaching great importance in enhancing Chinese<br />

tourists’ travel experience by “going the extra mile”.<br />

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The <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Market Introduction<br />

Programme is making its debut at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The newly launched programme<br />

is planned for international travel<br />

industry professionals who have no<br />

or little experience with the Chinese<br />

travel market so far. Companies or<br />

institutions who aim to gather first<br />

experiences with the Chinese travel<br />

industry, can easily establish first<br />

contacts and get useful information<br />

about this dynamic industry and<br />

market at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong>.<br />

The inaugural partner is the VIR<br />

(Verband Internet Reisevertrieb),<br />

Germany’s leading association for the<br />

online travel industry, representing the<br />

interests of the digital travel industry.<br />

A large number of the most important<br />

industry players have joined them as<br />

members, such as Amadeus, HRS and<br />

many more. Their members come<br />

from online travel agencies, supplier<br />

& tour operators, service & travel<br />

technology providers as well as startups.<br />

Each participant to the programme will<br />

get an individual <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> schedule<br />

that is managed by a dedicated contact<br />

person from <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> and comprises<br />

the following services:<br />

Invitations to various networking<br />

events during <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>;<br />

Guided tours and appointments with<br />

selected Chinese key players at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>;<br />

Exclusive presentation sessions<br />

organised and tutored by leading<br />

Chinese companies giving first<br />

impressions on how things work in<br />

the Chinese travel industry as well<br />

as guided attendance of selected<br />

sessions of the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference.<br />

Michael Buller, CEO Verband Internet<br />

Reisevertrieb (VIR) says that in<br />

addition to Silicon Valley, the digital<br />

travel industry looks more and more<br />

also into the direction of <strong>China</strong>: “The<br />

role as an important trend market will<br />

increase tremendously over the next<br />

years. Therefore, we are very happy<br />

to offer such an interesting access for<br />

companies focusing on <strong>China</strong> in the<br />

future”<br />

For more information about the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

market Introduction Programme: contact@<br />

itb-china.com or visit www.itb-china.com/<br />

about-us/market-introduction-program/<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />


NEWS<br />

3<br />


South America Opens Its Arms to Chinese<br />

Travellers – Thanks to Operamerica<br />

Operamerica is a wholesale<br />

incoming tour operator<br />

focused on cultural and<br />

adventure groups in Central,<br />

South America and the<br />

Caribbean. They take the very<br />

best of each city or destination<br />

and present it in 2 or 3 days,<br />

then integrate it to a set of<br />

countries connected to a<br />

region in a short format so<br />

that the tourist knows more<br />

countries and destinations in<br />

the time he has prepared for<br />

his or her travel. We asked<br />

CEO Carlos E. Young to tell us<br />

more…<br />

Our tours include meal, lodging,<br />

entertainment, guides in Chinese<br />

throughout the journey and most<br />

importantly the air ticket throughout<br />

the circuit. That is, as a wholesaler,<br />

we pack the best of America at<br />

a low cost, so that wholesaler in<br />

<strong>China</strong> can offer a complete product<br />

at a reasonable price. We offer our<br />

products only to outbound tour<br />

operators and we look forward to<br />

work with some or just a handful<br />

wholesalers in <strong>China</strong>.<br />

How are tourism figures for Chinese<br />

outbound travellers progressing<br />

in South America, what are the<br />

prospects for the future, and why<br />

are more and more Chinese visitors<br />

heading for this region?<br />

I believe the future looks very<br />

promising. It is estimated that more<br />

than 2 million Chinese tourists visited<br />

Latin America last year, and this is<br />

less than 2% of Chinese tourists who<br />

travelled internationally. The main<br />

impediment is the flight distance<br />

and connections that add up to more<br />

than 30 flight hours, but things are<br />

changing rapidly.<br />

Chinese airlines are turning their<br />

focus to Latin America at the<br />

direction of their government,<br />

which wants a global presence from<br />

its airlines. Air <strong>China</strong> serves São<br />

Paulo, Brazil; La Havana, Cuba; and<br />

now Panama City, Panamá. <strong>China</strong><br />

Southern covers Mexico City.<br />

What are your key aims at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong>?<br />

Our main objective at <strong>ITB</strong>-<strong>China</strong> is<br />

to make agreements with outbound<br />

tours operators, while promoting<br />

Central, South America and the<br />

Caribbean through regional tours,<br />

so that Chinese tourists get the most<br />

out of visiting multiple destinations<br />

in each travel<br />

STAND No. 623<br />

Carlos E. Young<br />

CEO, Operamerica<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>

4 <strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

Top-Line Speakers, New Focus Areas<br />

Not to be missed sessions at the <strong>2018</strong> <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference<br />

A power packed programme at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

Conference includes sessions by Ctrip, Tencent,<br />

Visit Finland, Wyndham Hotels and many more,<br />

with three new areas of focus: Customised Travel,<br />

Business Travel and Education & Job Day.<br />

The conference runs parallel to <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, taking place<br />

from 16 to 18 May in Shanghai, and will form a key element<br />

of the B2B show focusing on Chinese outbound tourism.<br />

Co-hosted by TravelDaily, the travel think tank will invite<br />

business leaders and experts both from <strong>China</strong> and abroad<br />

to share their expertise and ideas on market hotspots in<br />

the industry.<br />

Top Speakers from major travel companies, such as Ctrip,<br />

one of the biggest online travel agencies in <strong>China</strong>, as well<br />

as Visit Finland, Wyndham Hotels, Tencent, Meituan, <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Academy will provide exciting insights into their<br />

expanding markets in the conference of the second edition<br />

of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>. This think tank of Chinese travel, co-hosted<br />

by TravelDaily will provide key insights in seven areas:<br />

“Destination”, “Travel Tech”, “Corporate Travel & MICE”,<br />

“Online Travel”, and - for the first time – “Customised<br />

Travel”, “Business Travel” and “Education & Job”.<br />

The <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference in 2017 had high levels of<br />

attendance, driven by the quality its content. There was<br />

a total of 2,700 attendees for lectures, discussions and<br />

keynotes delivered by 70 industry speakers. This year<br />

again, leading travel organisations and tourism officials<br />

active in the Chinese market are expected at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

Conference. In addition, other top companies such as<br />

CITS American Express Global Business Travel, Carlson<br />

Wagonlit Travel and BCD Travel, Merlin Entertainments,<br />

Mafengwo, Lushu, and Abercombie & Kent will be sending<br />

speakers to the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />

The first sessions of the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

Conference will kick off with opening<br />

keynotes by James Jianzhang Liang,<br />

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of<br />

the Board at Ctrip; Eduardo Santander,<br />

Executive Director of European<br />

Travel Commission will talk about<br />

the “EU-<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year: A Year<br />

of Opportunities”; Leo Liu, President,<br />

Greater <strong>China</strong>, Wyndham Hotel Group<br />

gives a talk on “The Invariable Innovation<br />

and Crossover”; Yiyi Jiang, Head of<br />

International Tourism Research, <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Academy discusses the “Trend<br />

of <strong>China</strong> Outbound Tourism Market” and<br />

Paavo Virkkunen, Executive Director,<br />

Business Finland Oy & Head of Visit<br />

Finland, will speak about “Sustainability<br />

and Responsibility, Fundamentals in<br />

Travel Industry Development”.<br />

The afternoon sessions of 16 May<br />

are dedicated to “Destination” and<br />

“Customised Travel”. Moderated by<br />

Phocuswright founder Philip C. Wolf,<br />

the “DESTINATION” SESSION will<br />

feature a panel discussion on “EU-<strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Year” (ECTY). Panellists from<br />

major European destinations will discuss<br />

how to upgrade the attractiveness of<br />

Europe as a whole to Chinese tourists.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

DAY 1<br />

Fan Zhang, CEO, Mioji; Steven Shu,<br />

CMO, Meituan Dianping; Sunny Wang,<br />

Tourism Industry Director, Tencent<br />

Online Media Group, Tencent, and other<br />

guests will further probe into the topic of<br />

destination marketing.<br />

Joseph Wang, Chief Commercial Officer,<br />

TravelDaily <strong>China</strong>, will moderate a panel<br />

discussion on “Connecting Destinations<br />

with Chinese Millennials”. Jenna<br />

Qian, CEO of Destination Marketing,<br />

Ctrip as well as panellists from Merlin<br />

Entertainments, the Ministry of Tourism<br />

of Brazil, Turismo de Portugal and the<br />

Israeli Government Tourism Office will<br />

look at marketing strategies targeting<br />

Chinese millennials. For the first time,<br />

the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference will feature<br />

a dedicated session on CUSTOMISED<br />

TRAVEL, which has become an<br />

important fast-growing market. Iris Cai,<br />

Co-Founder, UniqueWay will talk about<br />

“The Implementation of AI and Big Data<br />

in Customised Travel” and Executives<br />

from Abercrombie Kent as well as<br />

Lushu will present interesting keynote<br />

speeches on “How to design customised<br />

travel products”. Following this, <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> and Qyer will host the “IT’S MY<br />

WORLD Travel Award Ceremony”.<br />


<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

5<br />

© Messe Berlin<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> 2017<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

DAY 2<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA CONFERENCE<br />

DAY 3<br />

“Corporate Travel and MICE”, “Travel Tech”,<br />

“Online Travel” and “Business Travel” will be<br />

on the agenda for the second day of the <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> Conference.<br />

The morning sessions of “TRAVEL TECH” will<br />

be presented Beijing Babel Technology CEO<br />

Lei Guan, with the topic of “The Innovative<br />

Application of AI Translation in Cross-border<br />

Tourism”. Allen Chen, Vice President,<br />

JIGUANG will talk about “Big Data Application<br />

of Tourism and Analysis Practice of Tourist<br />

Behaviour”, and Jarhead Gai, CEO, Yundijie.<br />

com will deliver a keynote on “Reform of<br />

Scientific and Technological Innovation in<br />

Supply Side of Customised Travel”. Industry<br />

experts from WeHotel, WebBeds, Hotelbeds,<br />

Jinling Hotels and DerbySoft will participate in<br />

a panel discussion about “The New Dynamics<br />

of Hotel Distribution” from 11 to 11.50 am.<br />

Bin Du, Vice President of Mafengwo.com<br />

will open the “ONLINE TRAVEL” sessions<br />

with a presentation on “The Strategy of New<br />

Tourism: How to Grow Business in the Time<br />

of Great Changes” followed by a keynote by<br />

Fliggy Vice President Wells Zheng. Following<br />

this, Fisk Yu, CEO, Haoqiao.com will discuss<br />

“The New Roles of the Travel Agencies in New<br />

Internet Era”. These sessions will conclude<br />

with the second “<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Startup Awards”<br />

recognising travel-related start-ups having<br />

introduced innovative products and solutions<br />

over the past year. The winner will be<br />

awarded with a complimentary stand at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> 2019. The jury is comprised of industry<br />

veterans, including Philip C. Wolf, Founder,<br />

Phocuswright; Shiwei Zhou, Vice President,<br />

Ctrip Investments; Herry Han, Partner,<br />

Lightspeed <strong>China</strong> Partners; Jay You, Partner,<br />

Yuantai Investment Partners Evergreen Fund;<br />

and Fei Ye, VP of Strategic Investment and<br />

Capital Market, <strong>China</strong> Lodging Group.<br />

BUSINESS TRAVEL DAY: The Business<br />

Travel Day will kick off with a panel on “How<br />

Technological Innovations Are Transforming<br />

Business Travel”. It will be moderated by<br />

Jonathan Kao, Managing Director from<br />

Greater <strong>China</strong>/ BCD Travel followed by<br />

discussions with Robert Öhrnberg, General<br />

Manager Greater <strong>China</strong>, Finnair; Huilian<br />

Duan, Vice President Sales & Marketing,<br />

APAC, Maritim Hotels, Giles Yang, Chairman<br />

of the Board & CEO, Fanjia International<br />

and Charlie Xu, Director of New Business<br />

Development, Greater <strong>China</strong>, HRS.<br />

This year’s exclusive partners are CITS<br />

American Express Global Business Travel,<br />

Carlson Wagonlit Travel <strong>China</strong> and BCD<br />

Travel.<br />

MICE SESSION: Alicia Yao Hong, Regional<br />

Vice President, PCMA ICESAP will set the<br />

scene for the MICE session featuring a<br />

keynote speech and a case study on the<br />

“Belt and Road Initiative – How Does It Affect<br />

the Business Events Industry in <strong>China</strong>?”.<br />

Moderated by Philip Pang, Marketing and<br />

Membership Manager, PCMA ICESAP, the<br />

following speakers will contribute to an<br />

intensive exchange: Ivanka Xu, Founder<br />

& CEO, Merak; Shane Ullman, Managing<br />

Director, Travel Events Asia; Ike Zhang,<br />

Vice President, Corporate Services, Tempus<br />

Group and Eugene Lin, Asst. President,<br />

Shanghai Jin Jiang Travel.<br />

BUSINESS TRAVEL: Sessions of “Business<br />

Travel” will give insights on the topics of<br />

innovations in business travel, unmanned<br />

services and digital intelligence applications,<br />

such as “The Belt and Road Initiative –<br />

Powering the Business Travel Globalisation”<br />

hosted by Kevin Tan, Vice President &<br />

General Manager, CITS American Express<br />

Global Business Travel.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong> is in search of tomorrow’s talents: The<br />

third Conference Day, 18 May, is dedicated to the new<br />

area “Education and Job”.<br />

THE JOB DAY takes plays throughout the day and<br />

consists of a dedicated area in Conference Room B with<br />

more than 40 companies, institutions and universities,<br />

such as Ctrip, JinJiang, Huazhu, BTG-Homeinn, Sabre,<br />

Carlson Wagonlit Travel <strong>China</strong>, Wyndham Hotel Group,<br />

Utour and CAISSA Travel presenting themselves in<br />

the fully booked Job Area. The morning sessions in<br />

Conference Room A will deal with in-depth content<br />

sessions about Education organised in partnership<br />

with globally renowned educational institutions,<br />

focusing on topics of tourism education and executive<br />

training This year’s honoured partners of the Education<br />

Day are the Fudan University Shanghai, the Hong Kong<br />

Polytechnic University and The Hospitality Sales and<br />

Marketing Association International (HSMAI). More<br />

than 120 renowned experts from the Chinese and<br />

international travel industry will impart their knowledge<br />

at the second <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference, taking place from<br />

16 to 18 May <strong>2018</strong> in Shanghai.<br />

Presentations for EDUCATION DAY will include a<br />

keynote by Yunlong Sun, Project Director of MTA<br />

Program at Fudan University, on “Flexibility and<br />

constancy in the cultivation of tourism professional”,<br />

while Mo Zhang, Project Director, QIJIAN Tourism<br />

Planning and Design, will share his ideas on “Straight<br />

A at the office, CEO in ivory tower”, followed by a panel<br />

discussion on “Career development and cultivation of<br />

cultural personality” with Li Han, SVP, Utour Group;<br />

Navy Wang, Founder & CEO, Atour; Tao Jin, Vice<br />

President, Shanghai Shendi Institute and Ms. Laurie<br />

Cheng, Director of Human Resources, The Peninsula<br />

Shanghai.<br />

Another not-to-be-missed keynote, on the “Current<br />

and Future of Tourism Education” will be delivered by<br />

Professor Cathy Hsu, Chair Professor of Hospitality<br />

and Tourism Marketing School of Hotel and Tourism<br />

Management – Hong Kong Polytechnic University.<br />

Full details of the conference programme are now available at: www.itb-china.com/conference/conference-program/<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>

6 TRADE TALK<br />








TRAVEL<br />

Following the recent launch of the Marriott storefront<br />

on Alibaba’s travel service platform, Fliggy, a new<br />

initiative sees Post Post Pay, Fliggy’s innovative hotel<br />

reservation service, allowing qualified users to travel<br />

first and pay after their stay.<br />

Marriott announced its redesigned storefront on Fliggy,<br />

Alibaba’s travel service platform, and the rollout of Post<br />

Post Pay (PPP) functionality across more than 1,000<br />

Marriott hotels globally last month. Through the digital<br />

solutions, Marriott International claims to “elevates<br />

both the online and offline travel experience for<br />

Chinese consumers”.<br />

As part of Marriott’s first phase of service enhancements,<br />

its new storefront on Fliggy (marriottcn.fliggy.com)<br />

launched in April <strong>2018</strong>, will feature approximately<br />

6,000 hotels from across Marriott International’s global<br />

inventory of 30 brands, presented in a Chinese travellerfriendly<br />

layout.<br />

Through the storefront, Fliggy’s innovative<br />

PPP functionality will be offered to qualified Fliggy<br />

users at more than 1,000 hotels globally, including<br />

more than 270 hotels in the Greater <strong>China</strong> region,<br />

where the service is already available, and in highdemand<br />

locations throughout the Asia Pacific region,<br />

such as Australia, Japan, the Maldives, Singapore,<br />

South Korea and Thailand. To complement these<br />

enhancements, Marriott expects to certify over 1,000<br />

hotels globally in its “Li Yu” program, designed to<br />

provide travellers from <strong>China</strong> a warm welcome and the<br />

comforts of home anywhere in the world they may go<br />

Some 800 buyers have<br />

been invited to attend<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> this year.<br />

This includes 600 top<br />

performers from last year<br />

and hundreds of new<br />

ones, whereas over 250<br />

will represent <strong>China</strong>’s<br />

largest travel agencies.<br />

Hosted buyers represent<br />

the Chinese Leisure,<br />

MICE and Corporate<br />

travel markets: 97% of<br />

the hosted buyers come<br />

from Mainland <strong>China</strong><br />

and 3% are from Hong<br />

Kong, Macau and Taiwan.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> has been<br />

designed as a pure B2B<br />

platform, professionally<br />

matchmaking exhibitors<br />

from all over the world<br />

with Chinese buyers. More<br />

than 15,000 prescheduled<br />

appointments will<br />

maximise the business<br />

opportunities of both the<br />

exhibitors and the buyers.<br />

Leading Chinese travel<br />

industry companies<br />

including Caissa, Fliggy,<br />

Tuniu, Utour Travel<br />

and many others have<br />

confirmed they will be<br />

sending their buyers to<br />

the second edition of<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>Preview</strong> Event <strong>2018</strong><br />

Buyers’ Programme: Around 800<br />

Invited to Attend <strong>2018</strong> Event<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> next week.<br />

David Axiotis, General<br />

Manager <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>:<br />

“<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> not only<br />

brings top Chinese travel<br />

buyers together with<br />

world-class tourism<br />

suppliers, but also with<br />

innovative technological<br />

applications. In <strong>2018</strong>, we<br />

are increasing our buyers<br />

program by inviting some<br />

850 buyers whereas our<br />

focus is making sure that<br />

the quality and quantity of<br />

buyers meets demanding<br />

exhibitor needs”<br />

Rungang<br />

Zhang<br />

Secretary General & Vice<br />

President, <strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Association<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Strengthens Partnership<br />

with <strong>China</strong> Tourism Association (CTA)<br />

The strategic partnership<br />

forged between <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

and the <strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Association has been<br />

extended this year, enabling<br />

access for exhibitors to a<br />

massive base of buyers in<br />

this region.<br />

David Axiotis, General<br />

Manager of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> and<br />

Rungang Zhang, Secretary<br />

General & Vice President<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Association,<br />

signed the extended<br />

partnership agreement in<br />

November 2017.<br />

The <strong>China</strong> Tourism<br />

Association, founded in<br />

1986, is the largest industry<br />

association for <strong>China</strong>’s<br />

travel and tourism industry<br />

with its 4,000 members<br />

covering the major travel<br />

verticals including hotels,<br />

destinations, OTAs, TMCs,<br />

tour operators, sharing<br />

accommodations, hostels,<br />

travel media, education<br />

institutions, travel research<br />

agencies & leisure travel.<br />

CTA’s involvement in <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> will include numerous<br />

marketing and promotional<br />

activities.<br />

Rungang Zhang, Secretary<br />

General & Vice President CTA,<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Association:<br />

“CTA is the biggest travel and<br />

tourism industry association<br />

of the world’s second largest<br />

economy and we are very<br />

delighted to again work<br />

with <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, in order to<br />

boost industry cooperation<br />

and communication<br />

between <strong>China</strong> and the rest<br />

of the world. With <strong>ITB</strong>’s<br />

global vision, its high-class<br />

exhibitors and high-standard<br />

exhibition experience, travel<br />

companies in <strong>China</strong> will<br />

have access to diversified<br />

travel products and will be<br />

able to provide superb travel<br />

experiences for Chinese<br />

travellers”<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />



7<br />





David Axiotis<br />

General Manager, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>:<br />

Major Growth for 2 nd <strong>Edition</strong><br />

Exclusive Interview: David Axiotis, General Manager, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

At this year’s <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>, exhibitor demand is way above the<br />

level of last year, with a 50% increase of the gross exhibition<br />

area. <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is fully booked out with over 700 exhibitors<br />

from 80 countries presenting themselves to 15,000 attendees.<br />

In addition to established exhibitors from last year, the<br />

organisers have been able to secure many newcomers. We<br />

asked David Axiotis, General Manager, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> what else is<br />

“new” this year.<br />

We extended our hosted buyer<br />

programme this year. With around<br />

800 buyers we will have an increase<br />

of more than 30% in the number of<br />

buyers at this year’s show compared<br />

to 2017.<br />

This year’s partner destination<br />

is Finland and <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> <strong>2018</strong> is<br />

an official partner event of the EU<br />

<strong>China</strong> Tourism Year. Hotel industry<br />

giant, Wyndham Hotel Group has<br />

become the official partner hotel of<br />

the second edition of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>.<br />

We also bring up two strategic<br />

partnerships with The <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Academy and the <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Association to enhance<br />

business opportunities and raise<br />

global awareness for the Chinese<br />

tourism industry.<br />

The <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Market Introduction<br />

Programme makes its debut at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> this year. The newly<br />

launched programme is planned<br />

for international travel industry<br />

professionals who have no or little<br />

experience with the Chinese travel<br />

market so far.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference will offer<br />

everyone working in the business<br />

travel market an ideal platform for<br />

training and networking at the new<br />

Business Travel Day. The last day<br />

of the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference will<br />

be dedicated to the Education &<br />

Job Day in partnership with Fudan<br />

University, Hong Kong Polytechnic<br />

University and the Hospitality<br />

Sales and Marketing Association<br />

International (HSMAI).<br />

Qyer and <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> will co-organise<br />

the It’s My World Travel Awards<br />

<strong>2018</strong>, honouring Chinese key<br />

opinion leaders as well as global<br />

destinations at this year’s show.<br />

What will be the highlights of the<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Conference this year?<br />

The exhibition is flanked by a strong<br />

conference programme with 120<br />

top speakers informing about the<br />

latest developments in <strong>China</strong>. This<br />

think tank of Chinese travel will<br />

provide up-to-date key insights of<br />

these seven areas: ‘Destination’,<br />

‘Travel Tech’, ‘Corporate Travel &<br />

MICE’, ‘Online Travel’, and - for<br />

the first time - ‘Customised Travel’,<br />

‘Business Travel’ and ‘Education<br />

& Job’. The conference kicks off<br />

with the opening keynote speech<br />

by James Liang, Chairman of Ctrip.<br />

In addition, other top companies<br />

such as CITS American Express<br />

Global Business Travel, Carlson<br />

Wagonlit Travel and BCD Travel,<br />

Merlin Entertainments, Mafengwo,<br />

Lushu, Abercrombie & Kent will<br />

provide exciting insights into their<br />

expanding markets. One highlight<br />

will be the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> Startup Award<br />

that takes place for the second<br />

time and which acknowledges<br />

outstanding new products and<br />

services that were introduced less<br />

than two years ago and which<br />

anticipate major market potential.<br />

The innovations are vetted by the <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> jury based on the uniqueness<br />

of the underlying innovation. The<br />

Pitch and the Award Ceremony will<br />

take place on 17 May <strong>2018</strong> from 3<br />

to 4.30 pm in the Conference Area.<br />

As official partner of EU-<strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism year, what will be the<br />

impact of this?<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong> is the prefect marketplace<br />

to showcase Europe’s unique<br />

and diverse natural and cultural<br />

heritage and to promote mutual<br />

exchanges between Europe and<br />

<strong>China</strong>. The ECTY will enhance the<br />

visibility of the European countries<br />

as appealing travel destinations in<br />

Greater <strong>China</strong>.<br />

Please tell us a little more about<br />

this year’s partner destination.<br />

Finland appeals to travellers<br />

searching for unique experiences<br />

in their destinations as well as<br />

convenience and has proven that<br />

it is attaching a great importance<br />

in enhancing Chinese tourists’<br />

travel experience. Finland is<br />

running a multitude of visa centers<br />

in <strong>China</strong>, working on e-visa<br />

solutions for Chinese tourists and<br />

has opened up for Chinese mobile<br />

payments systems adding a lot of<br />

convenience for Chinese visiting<br />

Finland. Its spectacular natural<br />

wonders, the summer cottages,<br />

the numerous lakes, saunas and<br />

thousands of islands and the land<br />

covered by forests attract travellers<br />

from all over the world. Visitors<br />

to Finland love the friendly and<br />

easy-going lifestyle of the country<br />

and the unique combination of<br />

sophisticated urban living and<br />

incredible natural beauty<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>



Bruce<br />

Poon Tip<br />

G Adventures<br />

Discovery, Thrills and<br />

Sustainability<br />

The spirit of adventure continues to grow<br />

exponentially<br />



According to Bruce Poon Tip of G<br />

Adventures, “Adventure travel is more than<br />

a vacation. It’s a chance to get to know<br />

your world better by putting yourself on a<br />

first-name basis with the people, places,<br />

and things that make it worth exploring.”<br />

The proof that adventure tourism is<br />

lucrative comes in the track record of<br />

Poon Tip’s company. In 1990, he founded<br />

G Adventures with nothing more than<br />

two credit cards and a burning desire to<br />

create “an authentic, sustainable travel<br />

experience like nothing the world had ever<br />

seen”. 28 years later, they’ve grown from a<br />

one-man show to a company of over 2,000<br />

worldwide in 23 offices, and from a handful<br />

of trips in Latin America to more than 650<br />

adventures spanning the globe<br />

STAND No. 622<br />

BEYOND<br />


More and more adventure lovers want<br />

to challenge themselves to exceed your<br />

limits. To conquer their greatest fears or to<br />

simply step out of their comfort zone. The<br />

world’s highest ropes course challenge in<br />

Penang sees thrill-seekers stepping out<br />

the window on the 65 th floor of the Komtar<br />

building. The Gravityz encourages people<br />

to build their confidence and to take a<br />

leap out of their comfort zone, hence their<br />

tagline: Beyond Confidence<br />

In an era where<br />

experiences trump<br />

ownership, adventure<br />

travel is poised to benefit<br />

from demographic,<br />

technological and<br />

environmental trends<br />

to lead the wider travel<br />

industry on sustainable<br />

development.<br />

Adventure Tourism has grown<br />

exponentially worldwide over<br />

the past years with more<br />

and more tourists visiting<br />

destinations previously<br />

undiscovered.<br />

This allows for new<br />

destinations to market<br />

themselves as truly<br />

unique, appealing to those<br />

travellers looking for rare,<br />

incomparable experiences.<br />

In its report on adventure<br />

tourism, the UNWTO stated,<br />

“In a sector that is not only<br />

innovative, it is resilient in<br />

reaping the benefits that<br />

adventure tourism can bring<br />

to an economy, it is necessary<br />

to put in place conditions<br />

that make the country easy<br />

to visit as well as attractive<br />

to develop. Furthermore,<br />

this Report takes a closer<br />

look at the links between<br />

the proper management<br />

of adventure travel and a<br />

sustainable, ethical tourism<br />

which contributes effectively<br />

to community development.”<br />

reports that soft adventure<br />

activities (narrowly defined<br />

as hiking, viewing nature/<br />

ecotourism, kayaking, rafting,<br />

backpacking) constitute<br />

a global market valued<br />

at $470bn involving an<br />

estimated 238 million tourists<br />

per year.<br />


TRAVEL:<br />



While tourism has been often<br />

recognised as a force for<br />

good as a result of the jobs<br />

and money it can deliver, the<br />

real story for <strong>2018</strong> is, says<br />

So, in a nutshell, how one can<br />

be socially and ecologically<br />

responsible while taking<br />

economic sustainability into<br />

account on one’s travels?<br />

“The original notion of a<br />

‘sustainable traveller’ was the<br />

backpacker”, says Bruce Poon<br />

Tip of G Adventures. “Tourist<br />

boards often maligned them<br />

as they didn’t fall into any<br />

categories, but they were the<br />

first travellers to distribute<br />

wealth as they travelled by<br />

paying for everything locally.<br />

This also proved to be more<br />

cost effective, and today<br />

continues to offer the benefit<br />

of cultural experiences that<br />

can be difficult to attain, while<br />

benefitting local communities<br />

STAND No. 754<br />

Adventure companies<br />

continue to say they anticipate<br />

growth in the coming year:<br />

a recent survey published by<br />

the Adventure Travel Trade<br />

Association highlighted that<br />

more than 70% of businesses<br />

say they are growing; 40%<br />

of those say the reason for<br />

growth is new customers.<br />

International research firm<br />

Euromonitor in collaboration<br />

with the International<br />

Finance Corporation (IFC)<br />

Christina Beckmann, Director,<br />

Education and Research<br />

at the Adventure Travel<br />

Trade Association, adding,<br />

“The adventure industry’s<br />

awakening to the reality of its<br />

deeper and perhaps greatest,<br />

potential: adventure travel<br />

experiences offer the rare<br />

opportunity to communicate<br />

on an emotional level with<br />

hundreds of millions of<br />

travellers about the urgency of<br />

conservation for our planet.”<br />

globally at the same time. My<br />

advice would be to remain<br />

conscious of the benefits you<br />

are creating by travelling and<br />

to be more aware of paying<br />

fair trade prices locally for<br />

services, while travelling”<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />





9<br />





Laurent Holdener<br />

Managing Director – Terre Cambodge,<br />

Adventure Travel Network (ATN)<br />

ATN @ <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong><br />

The Adventure Travel Network opens the gates to new<br />

experiences throughout Asia<br />

Adventure Travel Network (ATN) is an<br />

international network of DMCs around the<br />

world, primarily specialised in adventure &<br />

nature tours, and focusing on customised trips.<br />

We asked Laurent Holdener – Managing Director<br />

– Terre Cambodge to tell us more about ATN’s<br />

activities in Asia.<br />

We have always been<br />

strong in African and Asian<br />

continents, with numerous<br />

agencies based locally. We<br />

are willing to share our<br />

expertise in creating unique<br />

tours for tour operators<br />

looking for new products.<br />

Laurent, we notice you<br />

have on your booth your<br />

colleague from Laos. Can<br />

you tell us more about<br />

the unique selling points<br />

of Laos for the Chinese<br />

market?<br />

Firstly, geographically,<br />

Laos borders <strong>China</strong>.<br />

While obviously there<br />

are overland crossing<br />

possibilities in Mohan /<br />

Boten (province of Luang<br />

Namtha). Northern Laos<br />

is particularly suitable to<br />

nature-based activities<br />

like hiking. The slopes<br />

are not steep and the<br />

landscapes are stunning,<br />

with scattered ethnic<br />

minority people villages,<br />

century old wild tea trees<br />

in Phongsaly, hot natural<br />

springs in Muang La area<br />

and amazing forests,<br />

like the Nam Ha National<br />

Protected Area (NPA).<br />

Laos is a safe, secure and<br />

stable destination. It is a<br />

slow-paced, calm, quiet,<br />

serene, relaxing and still<br />

very authentic country.<br />

It also has very little air<br />

pollution, as there are<br />

few industries. These<br />

are strong arguments for<br />

urban Chinese visitors,<br />

often coming from polluted<br />

cities. The Chinese are<br />

building a high-speed<br />

railway across Laos, to<br />

link Kunming / Yunnan<br />

to Vientiane, the capital<br />

of Laos. The railway will<br />

eventually go across<br />

to Thailand to connect<br />

Bangkok and further<br />

south Singapore. In little<br />

over than 3 years from<br />

now, it will be complete<br />

and operational. It is the<br />

right time to visit Laos<br />

while it is still relatively<br />

unfrequented.<br />

What about Cambodia?<br />

We offer multi-sport<br />

activities: trekking deep<br />

into the jungle, far from<br />

people, close to the animals<br />

and nature. Then there’s<br />

kayaking, surrounded by<br />

the verdant jungle where<br />

one can navigate through<br />

lush greenery and dense<br />

growth of trees along the<br />

Kampot River.<br />

Explore Cambodian<br />

“Cuisine” with its local<br />

flavours on a journey full<br />

of surprises. Meals are<br />

balanced between cooked<br />

and raw, solid and liquid,<br />

sweet, sour, salty and<br />

bitter. For an interesting<br />

experience, travellers can<br />

stay in a village with the<br />

local people, surrounded<br />

by spectacular primary<br />

jungle offering a wide<br />

panel of possibilities for<br />

nature enthusiasts. Off the<br />

beaten track adventure<br />

journeys are managed by<br />

Terre Cambodge.<br />

Sri Lanka has grown,<br />

over the past 5 years, as a<br />

popular destination for the<br />

Chinese market. What is<br />

on offer here?<br />

People can discover<br />

historic ruins, lush<br />

countryside, mesmerizing<br />

hill country with endless<br />

tea plantations, and white<br />

sand beaches. In a few<br />

days’ time, one can cover<br />

many popular places and<br />

enjoy some adventure<br />

activities such as trekking,<br />

cycling, catamaran<br />

cruising, white water<br />

rafting, boat excursions to<br />

spot dolphins and whales,<br />

snorkelling, jeep safari and<br />

so on.<br />

And Mongolia?<br />

Mongolia is such a<br />

wonderful country to<br />

visit, yet so different from<br />

any other place on earth!<br />

It is a very interesting<br />

country neighbouring the<br />

People’s Republic of <strong>China</strong>,<br />

providing the right number<br />

of varied landscapes in<br />

so many locations, that<br />

makes this place a pristine<br />

destination for Chinese<br />

citizens who want to<br />

escape the crowd and the<br />

cityscapes. It is a place to<br />

enjoy nature, rest and enjoy<br />

great outdoors activities,<br />

riding camels along the<br />

sand dunes, hiking on the<br />

rocky formations, or just<br />

relaxing at the hot springs.<br />

What are the key aims<br />

of your presence at <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>China</strong> this year?<br />

We are very excited in<br />

entering the Chinese<br />

market, and looking at the<br />

opportunities that it offers.<br />

We all have experience<br />

in arranging tours for<br />

Chinese customers,<br />

and we are looking at<br />

expending our relationship<br />

with additional partners<br />

present at <strong>ITB</strong>. ATN is<br />

presenting the full range<br />

of adventure products that<br />

each destination can offer,<br />

from cycling to sailing on<br />

a catamaran, the variety of<br />

activities is very diverse. In<br />

addition to nature oriented<br />

activities, each destination<br />

has a rich history to<br />

showcase<br />

STAND No. 740<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>





What could be more romantic<br />

than gazing hand in hand at<br />

the Northern Lights in Finland?<br />

Situated 250 kilometres<br />

north of the Arctic Circle,<br />

Kakslauttanen is a favourite<br />

for honeymooners. And while<br />

it’s “far from it all”, it is also<br />

easy to reach, as the nearest<br />

international airport is Ivalo,<br />

just a 30-minute ride away.<br />

Finnair and Norwegian fly<br />

regularly from Helsinki to<br />

Ivalo. Lufthansa also flies from<br />

Frankfurt. Airport transfers<br />

can be booked at the same<br />

time one books rooms.<br />

Kakslauttanen are worldrenowned<br />

for their iconic<br />

Glass Igloos and the magical<br />

Northern Lights, visible eight<br />

months a year. The resort<br />

offers numerous unique arctic<br />

excursions – from reindeer<br />

and husky adventures to<br />

meeting Santa or panning for<br />

gold – making one’s stay truly<br />

unforgettable. Visitors are<br />

surrounded by some of the<br />

cleanest nature in the world<br />

and the harmonious sound of<br />

silence soothes the soul<br />

STAND No. 500<br />

A New Look for Robinson<br />

Club Maldives Huvadhu<br />

The Club Maldives Huvadhu has<br />

been extended to 20 new exclusive<br />

water bungalows. In addition, all<br />

terraces of the existing bungalows<br />

have been renovated, the floors<br />

have been completely renewed<br />

and the interior design has been<br />

freshened-up.<br />

A beautiful island in the middle of<br />

the Indian ocean, with amazing<br />

blue seas, and white beaches<br />

are the perfect ingredients for<br />

a wedding or honeymoon. The<br />

happy couple will experience an<br />

unforgettable holiday snorkelling<br />

on the coral reef, participating in a<br />

Body & Mind course on one of the<br />

gorgeous beaches, or indulging in<br />

fine cuisine.<br />

The resort’s main focus is on<br />

“FeelGood”: enjoyment for<br />

enjoyment’s sake – with delicious<br />

“WellFood” in their specialty<br />

restaurant or with live cooking,<br />

accompanied by refreshing<br />

drinks: a wonderful opportunity<br />

to recharge one’s batteries and<br />

take a time out with yoga, live<br />

music and sundowner events<br />

STAND No. 332<br />

Facelift for<br />

PARKROYAL Penang<br />

The Malaysian tropical paradise<br />

island of Penang has long been<br />

a key honeymoon destination,<br />

and discerning travellers will be<br />

pleased to learn that the highly<br />

renowned PARKROYAL Penang<br />

Resort has just undergone a<br />

US$13.7m transformation.<br />

Located on Penang’s famous<br />

Batu Ferringhi beach since<br />

1990, PARKROYAL Penang<br />

Resort has undergone several<br />

refreshments over the years to stay<br />

relevant in Penang’s hospitality<br />

landscape. Each of the resort’s<br />

308 rooms, ranging from 23 to 94<br />

square metres, has been completely<br />

renovated. PARKROYAL Penang<br />

Resort now offers ten room<br />

categories across 284 guestrooms<br />

and 24 suites.<br />

General Manager, Edward Kollmer<br />

said, “Tourism is thriving in Penang.<br />

Malaysians and foreign visitors<br />

flock to Penang for its unrivalled<br />

local food, culture, and even<br />

ecotourism. The state continues to<br />

innovate and develop the tourism<br />

sector to maintain Penang’s pole<br />

position, and we are fortunate to<br />

be part of Penang’s growth. We<br />

are proud of our heritage and<br />

will keep working hard to remain<br />

one of Penang’s top resorts. As<br />

PARKROYAL’s flagship resort, we<br />

will fly the flag high in our continued<br />

commitment to celebrate the best<br />

in people as we bring our utmost<br />

to ensure unwavering sincerity in<br />

service and product”<br />

STAND No. 351<br />

IHG Set to Open Romantic<br />

New Vietnam Island Resort<br />

on 28 June<br />

Combining refined luxury<br />

with beautiful beachfront<br />

surroundings, InterContinental<br />

Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort<br />

offers 459 elegant rooms, suites<br />

and villas on Vietnam’s most<br />

idyllic tropical island.<br />

Offering exceptional luxury<br />

and refinement in Phu Quoc,<br />

InterContinental Phu Quoc<br />

Long Beach Resort, owned<br />

by Syrena Phu Quoc Land Joint<br />

Stock Company, is surrounded<br />

by verdant jungle matted<br />

hills and landscaped gardens<br />

overlooking the azure ocean.<br />

The resort features a series<br />

of private low rise and Sky<br />

Tower accommodation, many<br />

featuring landscaped gardens,<br />

patios, direct access to the<br />

white sandy beach and magical<br />

daily sunsets.<br />

InterContinental Phu Quoc<br />

Long Beach Resort is located<br />

near the tail end of Long Beach,<br />

with a pristine secluded beach<br />

just for our guests. The resort is<br />

a short 15 minutes’ drive from<br />

Phu Quoc International Airport,<br />

and 20 minutes from Duong<br />

Dong – the main town on the<br />

island<br />

STAND No. 733<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />



REGION<br />

11<br />

<strong>China</strong> is now the leading overseas visitor source market for Abu Dhabi, with the latest<br />

figures revealing a year-to-date 32% increase in visitors from <strong>China</strong> compared to<br />

2017. We asked Mubarak Al Nuaimi – Director Promotions and Overseas Offices – DCT<br />

Abu Dhabi for more details.<br />

In the first three months of<br />

<strong>2018</strong>, 127,300 Chinese visited<br />

the emirate, with March alone<br />

(40,800) accounting for an<br />

impressive 31.6% increase<br />

compared to March 2017. The<br />

Department is targeting 600,000<br />

Chinese hotel guests a year by<br />

2021. In 2017, we recorded an<br />

increase of 60% in the number<br />

of Chinese guests – a total of<br />

372,000 – compared to 2016.<br />

What attractions/activities<br />

tend to be the most interesting<br />

for Chinese visitors in Abu<br />

Dhabi?<br />

Emirate-wide we have been<br />

focusing on bolstering the<br />

culturally-enriching experiences<br />

which allow us to distinguish<br />

Abu Dhabi from other<br />

destinations and we are acutely<br />

aware our Chinese travellers<br />

seek immersive cultural<br />

experiences. The opening of the<br />

Louvre Abu Dhabi in November<br />

2017 serves to reinforce the<br />

Emirate’s position as a cultural<br />

destination. Additionally,<br />

the emirate boasts soughtafter<br />

attractions such as the<br />

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque<br />

which is ranked as the world’s<br />

second favourite landmark by<br />

TripAdvisor. Also, Abu Dhabi<br />

and its neighbouring regions Al<br />

Dhafra and Al Ain offer visitors<br />

the unique opportunity to<br />

experience adventure activities<br />

and get an in-depth experience<br />

into the Emirati culture and<br />

traditions with numerous<br />

activities including falconry<br />

shows, camel races, mangrove<br />

tours, among many others. This<br />

month we also announced the<br />

opening of Warner Bros. World<br />

on Yas Island, due to open in<br />

July which will again add to our<br />

attractions proposition.<br />

What would you say are Abu<br />

Dhabi’s key selling points for<br />

Chinese visitors - setting the<br />

destination apart from others<br />

in the region - and in the<br />

world?<br />

As detailed above we can offer<br />

a unique proposition in an<br />

incredibly safe environment.<br />

Several tourist attractions and<br />

hotels across the emirate have<br />

already received the <strong>China</strong><br />

Tourism Academy’s Welcome<br />

Chinese Certification, awarded<br />

to destinations offering high<br />

quality services to Chinese<br />

visitors, including Mandarinspeaking<br />

staff, while recent<br />

legislation now means Chinese<br />

visitors do not need a visa<br />

to visit Abu Dhabi, making<br />

the process of staying in the<br />

emirate even easier. Many<br />

leading destinations and hotels<br />

across Abu Dhabi also now<br />

accept <strong>China</strong> Union Pay bank<br />

cards making it easier for<br />

Chinese tourists to stay and<br />

travel. With a diverse range<br />

of leisure and entertainment<br />

options and plentiful supply<br />

of high-quality hotels and<br />

shopping malls, Abu Dhabi<br />

will continue to position itself<br />

as an attractive destination<br />

for Chinese travellers. Moving<br />

forward, we will continue to<br />

promote Abu Dhabi’s unique<br />

offerings focused on presenting<br />

the best culturally-enriching<br />

experiences to our Chinese<br />

visitors who are seeking to<br />

experience new cultures. We<br />

have actively increased our<br />

efforts to capture the awareness<br />

of and convert Chinese travellers<br />

to visit Abu Dhabi. The efforts<br />

focused on lowering access<br />

barriers to Chinese travellers<br />

by preparing digital platforms,<br />

including our website and<br />

mobile application to fully<br />

support Mandarin-speaking<br />

users. We have formed<br />

partnerships with the popular<br />

technology companies Weibo,<br />

Wechat and Baidu to help<br />

DCT Abu Dhabi reach millions<br />

of new potential Chinese<br />

travellers. Chinese New Year<br />

is always celebrated here with<br />

festivals and promotions,<br />

which tie-in with our excellent<br />

shopping opportunities.<br />

What are your “star” products<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>China</strong>?<br />

DCT Abu Dhabi will be joined by<br />

industry stakeholders including<br />

government departments,<br />

hotels, resorts, tourist<br />

attractions, leisure facilities,<br />

destination management<br />

companies, travel and holiday<br />

agents – all gathered to<br />

showcase over tourism services<br />

and products. Much emphasis<br />

will be placed on highlighting<br />

existing and new products<br />

among the Emirate’s expanding<br />

portfolio of attractions,<br />

experiences and event across<br />

the three areas of Abu Dhabi,<br />

Al Ain region and Al Dhafra<br />

region. The Abu Dhabi stand<br />

will also boast specific zones<br />

highlighting its diverse offerings<br />

such as Cruise Tourism, Abu<br />

Dhabi Convention Bureau, Qasr<br />

Al Muwaiji, Louvre Abu Dhabi<br />

and Emirati Experiences<br />

STAND No. 520<br />

Mubarak Al Nuaimi<br />

Director Promotions and Overseas Offices,<br />

DCT Abu Dhabi<br />

<strong>China</strong> Now Leading Source<br />

Market For Abu Dhabi Tourism<br />

Exclusive Interview: Mubarak Al Nuaimi – Director<br />

Promotions and Overseas Offices – DCT Abu Dhabi<br />



WITH THE<br />












<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>

12 REGION<br />


New Promotional Trade<br />

Arm for Yas<br />

“Yas Experiences” formally debuts as one-stop promotional<br />

hub for Yas Island in Abu Dhabi<br />




AS AN OPEN<br />

MUSEUM<br />

Yas Experiences has been<br />

launched to operate as a “onestop<br />

destination partner”, tailoring<br />

package solutions which inspire,<br />

facilitate and promote leisure<br />

and entertainment itineraries<br />

on Yas Island that appeal to<br />

holidaymakers from around the<br />

world.<br />

Headquartered on Yas Island,<br />

Yas Experiences’ network of<br />

regional offices extends to cover<br />

key markets including the GCC,<br />

India, <strong>China</strong>, Europe and the CIS.<br />

Its team of more than 30 experts<br />

collaborate with destination<br />

partners to tailor Yas Island<br />

packages for travel companies<br />

based on the latest holiday trends<br />

and travellers’ preferences.<br />

Marina Cipriano, General Manager<br />

of Yas Experiences, said: “The<br />

creation of Yas Experiences will<br />

help play a major role in driving<br />

Yas Island’s aspiration to become<br />

a global holiday destination of<br />

choice in Abu Dhabi. With the<br />

Central Souq<br />

growing number of exciting leisure<br />

and entertainment experiences on<br />

offer, we aim to facilitate the work<br />

of our travel partners by providing<br />

packages that appeal to travellers<br />

in their markets, and promotional<br />

support services that guarantee<br />

their success, all through one<br />

trade hub.”<br />

Since January, Yas Experiences<br />

has participated in roadshows,<br />

trade fairs and sales missions<br />

in key markets, in addition to<br />

implementing more than 20 joint<br />

marketing plans, and opening<br />

new offices in Russia and the UK.<br />

Most recently, Yas Experiences<br />

hosted 50 European travel<br />

partners for a special weekend of<br />

entertainment and discovery on<br />

Yas Island. The three-day FAM<br />

trip was hosted in collaboration<br />

with the Department of Culture<br />

and Tourism Abu Dhabi. Guests<br />

were given a special preview of<br />

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi,<br />

set to open on 2 5th of July <strong>2018</strong>,<br />

as well as the opportunity to visit<br />

the island’s award-winning theme<br />

parks Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and<br />

Yas Waterworld, and Yas Marina<br />

Circuit, home of the F1 Etihad<br />

Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.<br />

The excursion also included an<br />

introduction to recent attractions<br />

across the emirate, featuring a<br />

guided tour of the Louvre Abu<br />

Dhabi<br />

STAND No. 520<br />

Press Conference<br />

Sharjah:<br />

An Arabian<br />

Haven for<br />

Culture Lovers<br />

Cairo governor Engineer Atef abd<br />

elhamed has declared the start<br />

of a new project to redevelop<br />

downtown Cairo, transforming<br />

the area into an open museum.<br />

The project plan aims to<br />

reconstruct buildings and<br />

facades, in order to restore<br />

the Khedive era (18 th and 19 th<br />

century) architectural style of<br />

downtown Cairo and to turn<br />

the area into an open museum.<br />

23 buildings are included in the<br />

renovation plan, in addition<br />

to 12000 square meters of the<br />

surrounding pedestrian streets.<br />


DISPLAYS 300<br />




A new exhibition of 300 never<br />

before seen artefacts from the<br />

Cleopatra opened in the Egyptian<br />

museum in downtown Cairo on<br />

April 18. The archaeological<br />

pieces are a clear record of daily<br />

life of Ptolemaic era, showing<br />

the administrative role, religious<br />

activities and the royal life<br />

The Emirate of Sharjah is<br />

increasingly renowned as a<br />

magnet for culture enthusiasts<br />

seeking a deeper understanding of<br />

the civilisation of the Arab region,<br />

both traditional and contemporary<br />

– and for good reason. From its<br />

fairs and festivals to its museums<br />

and universities, Sharjah truly<br />

holds its own as a cultural capital<br />

in the region. Sharjah’s dedication<br />

to preserving its culture can<br />

be seen clearly through the<br />

traditional Arabian and Islamic<br />

architecture that characterises<br />

much of its landmarks. In an effort<br />

to shed light, quite literally, on<br />

that aspect, the emirate organises<br />

the now-world-famous Sharjah<br />

Light Festival, whereby landmarks<br />

across Sharjah bear threedimensional<br />

light displays for ten<br />

days each February.<br />

Tourists can enjoy Sharjah’s<br />

pristine family-friendly beaches<br />

on the Gulf coast. When <strong>China</strong> is in<br />

the midst of winter, Sharjah basks<br />

in a warm 27 degrees Celsius,<br />

offering the perfect atmosphere<br />

for exploring the outdoors, where<br />

families can enjoy plenty of<br />

activities in charming locations<br />

such as Al Majaz Waterfront, Al<br />

Qasba, and Khalid Lagoon. Visitors<br />

can relax with their families in any<br />

of the nearly 55 parks, which offer<br />

the latest facilities and amenities.<br />

The emirate’s latest destination<br />

for a family day out is the Al<br />

Montazah Park, a 126,000-squaremetre<br />

theme park featuring<br />

eight pulsating rides. For adults<br />

and children seeking an extra<br />

bit of adventure, the park offers<br />

Al Montazah Adventures, which<br />

consists of a number of gladiatorinspired<br />

obstacle courses divided<br />

into varying difficulty levels<br />

STAND No. 530<br />

Cleopatra<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong><br />


13<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GO<br />

IN<br />

Shanghai<br />

Grand Brasserie<br />

Restaurants<br />


Experience a gastronomic journey of the finest<br />

global cuisines in one magnificent gourmet<br />

destination at the heart of Shanghai. The<br />

Grand Brasserie at Waldorf Astoria Shanghai<br />

on the Bund offers a chic yet casual all-day<br />

dining experience. Guests can observe chefs<br />

at work in the long exhibition kitchen, enjoy<br />

a pre-dinner drink in the wine alcove and sip<br />

a cappuccino at the barista bar. Floor-to-ceiling<br />

windows overlook an interior courtyard garden,<br />

providing a sense of peaceful retreat in urban<br />

Shanghai. For more private gatherings, two<br />

stunning private rooms are available, each<br />

seating up to 10 guests<br />

Grand Brasserie<br />

2 Zhongshan No.1 Rd. (E),<br />

Waldorf Astoria Tower Ground Level<br />

Phone: 021-63229988<br />

www.waldorfastoriashanghai.com<br />

Bars<br />

LONG BAR<br />

Flawlessly restored to the former glory of its<br />

1911 Shanghai Club past, the Long Bar elegantly<br />

graces this Shanghai hotel’s Waldorf Astoria Club<br />

heritage building, providing a blend of classic<br />

sophistication and grandeur. Enjoy a cool<br />

evening beverage at this popular Shanghai bar,<br />

once celebrated for owning the longest bar top<br />

in the Far East, offering over 30 metres of fine<br />

raw mahogany.<br />

Long Bar<br />

Lobby Level,<br />

No.2 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road,<br />

Huang Pu District<br />

Reservations: +86 21 6322 9988<br />

or email shawa.fb@waldorfastoria.com<br />

Sightseeing<br />


Yu Garden, with a history of over 400 years,<br />

is the only Ming-dynasty garden preserved in<br />

the old urban area. In it are an assortment of<br />

halls and pavilions, impressive rock works and<br />

glittering water expanses. The garden has the<br />

Exquisite Jade Rock, one of the three most famous<br />

rocks in Jiangnan region, and the Dianchun<br />

Hall, the command centre of the Small Swords<br />

Society. In its neighbourhood are many tourist<br />

attractions including the Chenghuang Temple<br />

and the shopping streets.<br />

Opening hours: 8:30-16:45, clear out at 17:15<br />

Yu Garden<br />

No.132, Anren Street, Huangpu District<br />

www.yugarden.com.cn<br />



Passengers boarded the No. 1 Cruise Ship for the<br />

very first cruise, on May 1, from the renovated<br />

Qinhuangdao Road Cruise Dock in Shanghai for<br />

a sightseeing tour of the Huangpu River. The<br />

Huangpu River is the watery soul of Shanghai.<br />

Travelling along the river on a pleasure-boat,<br />

visitors can see the banks ablaze with lights.<br />

Opening hours: 11:00-21:30<br />

Shopping<br />



MALL<br />

The second outlet to open in <strong>China</strong>,<br />

Shanghai Florentia Village claims its place today<br />

as the market leader. It is the epitome of classical<br />

Italian architecture with stone bridges, fountains,<br />

plazas and atriums. Customers can find over 200<br />

renowned brands from Europe, the US and Asia,<br />

including a wide range of luxury goods at year<br />

‘round discount prices.<br />

Business Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Monday to Friday)<br />

09:00-21:00 (Saturday, Sunday and Public<br />

holidays)<br />

Florentia Village<br />

Zhuoyao Road 58, Pudong New Area, Shanghai<br />

www.florentiavillage.com/sh<br />

© Wang Rongjiang - SHINE<br />

Brand New Huangpu River Cruise<br />

Shiliupu Wharf (1 st zone): B1 floor, No.481,<br />

Zhongshan Rd.(E-2)<br />

www.hpjly.com<br />

For more information or a plethora of other ideas,<br />

go to the Official Shanghai Tourism Website:<br />

http://www.meet-in-shanghai.net/<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> CHINA NEWS • Wednesday 9 th May <strong>2018</strong>


展 馆 平 面 图<br />

Stand No. 530<br />

Stand No. 283 Stand No. 801

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