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September September JUNE 2016 | 2018 2016

Junior/Teen Camp

Adventist Alpine Village,




Baptisms at the lake

Juniors driving the Go Karts

Jasmine Tooby being baptised

Junior and Teen camps are always fun and a great way to make new friends and grow spiritually. 2018’s camps were

no exception. For the first time in many years JET camp split into a Junior and a Teen camp with Junior camp

running first followed by Teens. Junior camp started on Tuesday afternoon the 17th of April and ran through the first

week of the school holidays. It was preceded by a Staff camp to prepare and train the staff which started on Sunday

night the 15th of April. Junior camp was well supported with a total of 37 Junior campers and 20 staff coming from

the Coast, Orange, Bathurst, Narromine, Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Albury, Tumut, Southern Highlands and Canberra


Activities included mountain bikes, Go-Karts, Water sports, Laser force, a Service Activity and two special activities;

Reptiles and a Helicopter Joy Flight. All of the activities were enjoyed by the campers with many campers trying new

activities for the first time and some conquering their fear of flying in the helicopter.

Pastor Brendan Pratt was the guest speaker for the week and did a fabulous job of helping the campers understand

what God is really like. The theme was “Encounter” and the bible text was Jeremiah 29:13. On Friday night Pastor

Brendan gave each of the campers and staff a chance to make a commitment for Jesus by hanging a peg somewhere

on a long piece of string. The place they put the peg represented where they were up to in their journey with God,

from just starting out, bible studies, baptism and being fully committed and wanting to tell others about Jesus. It was

great to see that 3 campers committed their life to Jesus, 15 requested Bible Studies, 15 requested Baptism sometime

in the future, 8 wanted to help lead others to Jesus, 14 wanted to join a Pathfinder Club and 16 wanted to find a church

to attend.

After a couple of days break Teen camp started on Tuesday the 24th of April. Again, campers came from all across

the conference as well as some new staff. In total there were 53 campers who enjoyed the fun, fellowship and spiritual

focus. Activities included: Horse Riding, Street Art, Go-Karts, Mountain Bikes, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting,

Water Sports, a Service Activity and a Helicopter ride. As part of ANZAC day commemorations, a large group of teens

attended the dawn service in Jindabyne. It was sobering for the campers to hear the names of young people from the

local area who lost their lives fighting for their country.

For more information about upcoming events please visit the SNSW

Conference Website: or contact us on:

(02) 6249 6822.

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Juniors closing Sabbath Juniors on the Mountain Bikes Teen committments

The guest speaker at Teen camp was Pastor Christos Spero. The theme was “Definitive” and the key text was Romans

12:2. On Friday night Pastor Christos challenged the teens and staff to make a decision for Jesus and to exchange the

red ribbon they had been given for a white ribbon which was hanging on the cross at the front. 18 campers requested

bible studies,16 campers requested baptism, 16 campers wanted to help lead others to Jesus, 3 campers wanted to

find a church to attend and 7 campers wanted to join a Pathfinder club.

One special feature and a highlight of Teen camp was the baptism on Sabbath afternoon. 5 people publicly committed

their lives to Jesus and were baptised by Pr. Justin Lawman and Pr. Phil Yates in a sunset baptism in Lake Jindabyne.

Congratulations to Jasmine and Johanna Tooby, Malachi and Chaya Wells and Kayla Walkom.

To finish the day off the teens had a bonfire and a talent night with many great acts that included singing, cultural

dances, skits and the Haka.

Junior and Teen camps in 2018 were awesome! A big thank you to all the people who volunteered as staff giving of

their time, energy and resources to make the camps run. Special thanks Stan and Bron and all the AAV staff and the bus

drivers all of whom went above and beyond the call of duty. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Junior and

Teen camps in the 2019 Easter school holidays!

- Pr. Rick Hergenhan



An exciting opportunity has become

available for three members of the SNSW

Conference who would like to join an

ADRA Connections team from Victoria

(December 9-19 2018).

This trip will involve working along side

community members to construct play

areas and shelters in one of ADRA Cambodia’s

projects, as well as installing much needed latrines and water tanks. If you would like

to have a unique cross-cultural experience while making a difference, please contact

Sarina Taituave ASAP:

Pr. Mike Faber handing ordination certificate to Pr. Ellis

Pr Ellis lights the candle of Ellis Foley

Pr. Faber and Pr. Pratt light the candle of Pr. Ellis



On Sabbath, April 14 Pr Owen Ellis was ordained at Bowral Church and what a wonderful service it was. Many had

come from the surrounding churches to celebrate this special day in Pr Owen’s life.

The church had been beautifully decorated with a table on the platform displaying the spiritual gifts of Pastor Ellis as

recognised by his church members.

Bowral Church had been thinking of many creative ways to make the ordination service very special. A number of

musical items were presented and for the prayer of ordination by Pr Mike Faber (the President of our Conference) the

church family was invited to surround the pastoral couple in order to show their support and appreciation.

Later in the service Pr Faber and Pr Brendan Pratt (AUC Ministerial Secretary who took the sermon) each lit a

candle and passed the light on to the candle Pr Ellis was holding who then lit the candles of different church members

representing various groups of the church from children to the elderly. This was a lovely idea showing that we all need

each other and if we each light our candle, together we can light the world and make a difference in our church and in

the community around us.

We wish Pastor Owen Ellis and his family God’s richest blessings as they continue their ministry in our Conference.

- Pr Mike Faber

Ordination Prayer by Pr. Mike Faber with church

members surrounding Pr. Ellis and his family

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From left to right Mr Calvin Drinkall General Secretary, Pr Mike Faber

President, Pr Owen Ellis with wife Debbie, Partners in Ministry

Coordinator Doris Faber, Ministerial Secretary

AUC Pr Brendan Pratt



What a wonderful spot, scenery fantastic - all agreed we will come back

at another time and explore more of the surrounding area.

Unexpectedly we had a change of speaker: Akhil Ashtaputre, a young

man who is very enthusiastic about spreading the “Good News.” Akhil is

currently working as bible worker with Pastor Justin Lawman at Canberra

National Church. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentations and wish him

well in his plans for the future.

2019 Bible and


Lands Study


We particularly liked Akhil’s Sunday morning worship where he presented 7

steps to assist in the resistance of temptation. One of the ladies kindly took

notes and I have the details. If anyone would like a copy just send a request

to my contact email below.

We had a number of new faces from Wagga, Parkes, Bathurst, Canberra,

Yass, Albury, Southern Illawarra, and familiar faces from Sydney joining us

once again as well as faithful attendees from SNSW.

Views from “The Lookout”, spectacular. Grounds of the Holiday Park

are also wonderful being on the Lake Edge and trees surrounding this

facility. The outdoor fully equipped kitchen with balcony eating area was a

fantastic venue for our Sabbath afternoon discussion/snack time and later our

evening BBQ. We had several cabins and 2 bungalows one of which we

used for the morning meetings on Sabbath and later Sabbath night for the

entertaining items after our BBQ.

If you haven’t yet attended any of the events for singles held in our

conference you are missing out on a great time of spiritual blessing and

fellowship and the opportunity to make lots of new friends who are on the

same path.

If you would like your name added to our contact list or wish to know more

about future events contact me either on email: or

mobile: 0403 519 878

- Christine Sosnovsky

Traveling through the Bible and the

Reformation lands starting June 2019

This is the chance of a lifetime to visit many of

the sites that you have read about in the Bible.

Gain an historical, geographical and on-site

perspective of the Protestant Reformation

through-out Europe.

For Bookings or Enquiries Contact:

Dr Wayne French

Mobile: 0401 277 398



Singles Group at the “Lookout”

Sponsored by the Australian

Union Conference

People getting ready for baptism


Evangelisitic series in India

In February/March 2018 my wife and I conducted an evangelistic series in India. This was the 4th mission we run in

Andhra Pradesh, and it was the most rewarding by far. We had been invited by the Secretary for NEAS (North East

Andhra Section), Pr MG Rao, whom we worked with in 2015.

We financed the evangelistic series which was held in a village about 45 minutes’ drive from Parvatipuram where we

stayed with Pr MG and his wife. The meetings were held outdoors alongside the SDA church in the village – matting

was spread out and most people sat on the ground though there were chairs at the rear for the older folk. As it was not

the monsoon time there was little risk of rain.

Nine villages having a SDA presence were invited to the meetings which ran for 15 consecutive nights. We arranged for auto

rickshaws to transport the people to the location. One of the wonders of “incredible India” is how they manage to pack

so many people into these small vehicles. We were led to believe there would be around 400 people attending each

night but including those listening in the village a count revealed an attendance of 700 – 750 each meeting.

Life in India is not easy. The village people work in the fields from 6am to 6pm then go home to bathe and eat. In order

to get to the meetings which started at around 7.15pm and finished around 9.45pm, they then had to take a 30 minute

to 1-hour ride. It never ceases to amaze and inspire us to witness the enthusiasm both young and old have for hearing

the great truths of the Bible.

Each night my wife Angela started the meetings with a children’s story power point (on the theme of the message to the

adults) followed by a short health talk. Then an offering was taken up while a (usually long) special item was featured.

The Christians in the villages love to sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. We had power point presentations

that were in the Telegu language and my words were translated, which meant I had to keep the messages short and

“waffle-free”. We had very good feedback indicating that the people understood what was presented. One Science

teacher came to me after one meeting and thanked me – in good English – for making the messages so clear that he

could now explain them to his Sunday-keeping friends.

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Toward the end of the evangelistic series the pastors

baptized 102 people – male and female, young and

not so young. My wife and I were happy to present the

candidates Bibles in their Telegu language.

On the last night the President of the

Conference made a gracious speech, thanking us for

coming such a long way to bring such clear messages

to the people. He also thanked us for making the

financial sacrifice. Then he made this amazing statement

– “We Indians believe that the white people from

Australia have a much closer walk with God than we

do. We covet that relationship with Jesus.”

In my reply speech I tried to put things in their

correct bearings. I said – “In fact we are the ones

who are blessed by being with the village people as

we can learn how to have a walk with Jesus that is as

strong as yours.” I expressed the view that we were

so fortunate to be with a people that Jesus would

call “the salt of the earth”. As the President spoke

I thought of the Beatitudes – “blessed are they that

hunger and thirst after righteousness”, “blessed are

the pure in heart” etc.

Roger Kerr presenting a bible after the baptism

We left India refreshed and humbled –

and in wonder that a people who have so

little of the “things” of this world are so blessed

(happy, fortunate). Yes, we can explain the Bible

to the people and make His message clear and

simple - but we have much to learn when it comes to

having “the peace that passes understanding” that is

evident in the lives of these dear people. They asked

us “when will you come back”? Well, God-willing

we will come back – because we “covet” their walk

with the Lord and we can learn much from them!

- Roger and Angela Kerr

Children enjoying the program

SNSW Singles Floriade Weekend

Sept 21-22, 2018


• Worship at Canberra National Church

• Potluck Lunch

• Visit Stromlo Observatory

• Afternoon Program: Arboretum (Justin Lawman)

• War Memorial - the last post service

• Dinner in the City


• Floriade!

Applications available from July 25th - Sept 13th

For more information contact Christine Sosnovsky:


Canberra National

Bible Workers

Canberra National is sponsoring two Bible workers this year who are working with the pastoral

team in the community studying the bible.

Akhil, born in India, grew up in USA and has spent the last 7 years living in Australia. He has

joined us from Kingscliff/Tweeds area where he has been working as a Bible Worker for the

last two years. Akhil has quickly integrated himself into the Canberra

National Community sharing his passion for people and sharing his

love of Jesus and has been networking across the community working

with the pastors and elders in visiting and studying with people.

Akhil is planning to stay in Canberra for a few years as he studies

Theology via distance education.

Ruth, born in Buenos Aires in Argentina, has graduated from a Theology Degree as well as a

degree in Medicine. Ruth, though shy, has a passion for sharing Jesus, loves being here and

is studying with people in the local community. God speaks to Ruth through nature and she

enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

At present the Pastoral team together with the Bible Workers have approximately 53 people that they are studying with.

Exciting things are happening at Canberra National.

- Sheryl Barnes

Ruth Inochea


Akhil Ashtaputre

Naw Eh being baptised by Pr. Justin Lawman

Shaun Luan being baptised by Pr. Justin Lawman

On Sabbath 28 April the Canberra National Church

community celebrated the baptisms of three people:

Pawgay Hay Kae Mu, Naw Eh and Shaun Luan. The timing of

the Baptism was scheduled so that both services could join

together to enjoy this occasion.

Pawgay Hay Kae Mu being baptised

by Pr. Justin Lawman

Later on that same Sabbath, another five young people from

the Canberra community were baptised at the Teen camp in

Jindabyne. Those who were baptised are Chaya Wells, Malachi

Wells, Johanna Tooby, Jasmine Tooby and Kayla Walkom.

- Sheryl Barnes

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Baptism at Jindabyne


Ride 4 Rescue

Registrations now open

Thirty six charity riders conquered their fears and ate courage for breakfast

by riding from Parliament House in Canberra to Mt Kosciuszko which was

over 420 kms for the ‘Guns’ with plenty of elevations between. The causes,

firstly the ADRA Blossom Project for teenage girls in Vanuatu to help with education

and services to prevent early pregnancy and provide support services

for teens who get pregnant so they can finish their education. The second

charity involved in the ride is Restore One which seeks to break the cycle of

poverty in Cambodia through housing, education, employment and health

initiatives. As a team the goal was to raise $50,000 for the Charities ($25,000

per Charity) which was reached just a week after the ride with money still

coming in.

Jared Bentley was new to Ride4Rescue this year. Jared is an experienced

mountain biker who has participated in many previous charity rides and yet he

found this to be one of the most enjoyable and challenging rides he has experienced. Jared Bentley says “The comradery was

second to none, heaps of fun, fantastic scenery, everyone is there for a common cause, and the organisers are not only passionate

about the cause but also passionate about riding and having fun as a group. The support crew made you feel like a sponsored rider

and this is a seriously challenging ride so be well prepared.”

Day one of the ride is 94 kms and 1,631m climbs and includes a team photo at Parliament House in Canberra, morning tea at

Stromlo Mountain Bike Park before heading out of mobile service range to Cotter Dam for lunch. Then there was the killer climb up

to Piccadilly Circus which was anything but a circus, but the afternoon tea at the top was worth it. Dinner, bed & breakfast was at a

private 100+ year old homestead and property in the beautiful Brindabella Ranges.

Day two was 65 kms with 1,601m climb and took us through National Parks all day with lunch at the historical Cooinbil Hut on

Long Plain Road with plenty of wild Brumies along the way before heading for a luxurious overnight stay in the newly renovated

Yarrangobilily Caves House. Day three was 98kms and 1,892m climb starting on Long Plain Road, lunch at the Murrumbidgee River

Trail before riding into Angler’s Reach on the Lake Eucumbene. Dinner was with the locals in the friendly small town of Adaminaby

near the base of Mt Selwyn.

Day four was 98 km and 1,556m climb around Lake Eucumbene Dam with a long haul up to Eucumbene Lookout for morning tea.

A nice ride downhill to lunch at Eucumbene Dam Observation Point before riding into Jindabyne to test out the new mountain bike

tracks around Jindabyne Lake all the way into town. There is one last killer hill on Tinworth Drive as you head into the Adventist

Alpine Village functioning as a cool down after a very long day. The riders said this was the toughest day. Riders always had the

option of jumping on the faithful school bus provided by Avondale School with the trusty driver of Mr Graham Head also towing the

Central Coast Adventist School bike trailer.

Our hosts at the Adventist Alpine Village in Jindabyne had the chalets prepared for everyone, delicious food with a large comfortable

lounge room for debriefing and fun after dinner. The ride organisers acknowledge the generous support of the Adventist

Alpine Village in their support of this ride.

Day five was the last day of the ride including a 64km ride, 1,631m climb. Morning tea at Spencers Creek, ride through Charlotte’s

Pass and onto Rawson’s Pass before leaving the bikes there for the last 1.6 walk to the top of Mount Kosciuszko. Celebrations at the

top and remembering how God had protected the group and given strength to everyone on the team. Then for the long ride back

down to the Adventist Alpine Village which was anything but cruisy. Lara Hawkins aged 14 rode all the way back to the village from

the summit and arrived back with a big smile, after enjoying some sweeping downhill runs and feeling ecstatic at the accomplishment

of the week.

Nathaniel Ginn did the very first Ride4Rescue with his Mum back in 2015 when they rode over 1,000 kms for the ADRA Blossom

project in Vanuatu. Now after the 3rd Ride4Rescue which is now a joint charity ride between Restore One (Cambodia) and the

Blossom Project of Vanuatu, Nathaniel Ginn says “It started with just Mum & I, now Ride4Rescue is an annual event that has grown

rapidly into 36 riders that range in abilities from young enthusiasts to the some super experienced mountain bike riders.” Evidence

again that God’s ideas may start small but they grow bigger and better than we ever could imagine.

A very big thank you to Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing who have been Ride4Rescue’s main sponsor with all 3 events. Registration

is now open for Ride4Rescue in 2019. This is set to be an unforgettable experience. Each rider commits to

fundraising $1,500 each prior to the ride commencing.

- Louise Ginn & Tanya Lawrence

Ride4Rescue Co-Founders



Church Working Bee

Country Cootamundra church members had a huge surprise mid-week visit in March

from SNSW President, Pr. Michael Faber. The president was coming back from

meetings in Albury and Narromine and thought that he would simply catch up with a

couple of ministers in the area on his way back through to Canberra. It was a surprise

for everyone as Pr. Faber didn’t expect to see the church so busy on a Wednesday


The church members were certainly surprised to have Pr. Faber on the doorstep of

their small country church, but they were happy to see the interest that he had in them

and their church. While members were certainly buoyed by the visit they are doing this

not just for their church but for the love of God. Cootamundra church members over

the last month have been working ‘every week’ to improve their church both inside

and out. Everything is on the hit list from church kitchen to the organ; from the roof to

the floor nothing will escape some attention.

Pr. Mike Faber outside the church

The program has been helped by material donations made by its sister church at Wagga Wagga with a future offer to

help replace some kitchen shelving. Maintenance is good stewardship as we have learned from last quarter’s lessons.

Unlike the story in 2 Chronicles 24 with King Joash rebuilding the temple; everyone is excited to help, and we don’t

have to put a big chest outside the church to fundraise at this stage. Age is no barrier and fortunately their local

Minister is a little younger than Judah’s chief priest Jehoidah was at the time, so he is able to help lend a hand as well.

This is just the first step to improve our church as we look at growing our church. All of the churches in our SNSW

Conference have been developing at the local church level, a 4-year strategic plan in line with the goals that we as

members most felt would benefit each of our churches from the last session. Even the retired Cootamundra members

don’t want to be left behind.

- Pr Tharren Hutchinson


Endless Praise

Endless Praise one of Australia’s longest operating Christian

vocal band is celebrating their 34th anniversary by

touring across the country in 2018. On Sabbath, April 21 the group

visited Nowra Seventh-day Adventist Church for a live performance.

It was a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family members

along to church to hear a special worship service in music. A buffet

lunch was enjoyed after the service by all who attended.

Over the last 34 years various singers have joined the group - often for 2-year periods. Their performances have also

included concerts internationally. Currently there are 6 members in the group - Mikayla, Hailey, Anthony, Nelson, Steve

& Spencer who come from Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New Zealand. Their music and shared life

experiences are truly inspirational. Endless Praise offers a variety of Christian music styles including Traditional, Blend

or Contemporary. The group also conducts school music workshops that focus on encouraging a positive behavioural

attitude for all the students.

If you are interested to have Endless Praise at your church or school contact Sandra Maletin (02) 4998 0312 or

- Vicki Chalain

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Endless Praise singing at Nowra



Carwash Fundraiser

Children washing cars

Our Children’s Sabbath School Rooms were in need of a bit

of a make-over. So, in March a car washing fundraiser was

organised by the parents and teachers. Adam Blandin de Chalain,

Christine Duff, Samantha Hobson and our Church Pastor Bogdan

Petrovic worked alongside the 10 children.

Light refreshments were provided inside the church cottage for the

car owners by Christine Johnston and Allison Blandin de Chalain while

the children were busy out in the church carpark. It was a very hot

day so the kids got just as wet as the cars while hosing themselves

down at the same time. Over $200 were raised for the much-needed

improvements of our Children’s Sabbath School Rooms. Well done


- Vicki Chalain

Easter Blessings

Chocolate Easter Eggs were donated by church members so that the

children could make up some small sachet gift bags with coloured

designs. Over 80 of these gifts attached with a bible text were taken

to the children’s ward of the local hospital, the women’s refuge centre

and a nearby nursing home.

The nursing home residents and the staff were very happy to have

such a lively young bunch of visitors and were very thankful for the

friendly and caring visit from the children and their parents.

- Vicki Chalain

Lucas and Tyler with a happy resident at the Nursing Home

ACA Health Benefit Fund, a Private Health

Insurance company which solely

exists to benefit the health and well-being

of Seventh-day Adventist Church employees

and their families, announced last April that

the fund is now available to Local Church

Officers. ACA Health has been supporting the

work(ers) of God for 84 years.

“We are thrilled to now offer Local Church

Officers and their families our products,” said

Jody Burgoyne, ACA Health’s Fund Manager.

“We work hard to continually provide our

members with value for money health cover at

a great price.”

ACA Health offer a range of Hospital and Extras

products within the market. ACA Health are

committed to its members and its values:

• Unbeatable Extras – We listen to our

members when they tell us what is most

important to them.

• Members First – Our interactions and

service will exceed expectations.

• Ethics before Profits – We will be fair and

do the right thing every time.

• Supporting Each Other – We will

support each other to get the job done and

meet our goals.

This year ACA Health’s premium increase

came in at 1.23% lower than the industry average

of 3.95%. In the 2017 financial year ACA

Health Benefits Fund paid $22.2 million in

benefits to members. ACA Health pay higher

benefits per service than the industry in most

ancillary areas.

ACA is based in Wahroonga, NSW.

Founded in 1934, ACA Health has designed

competitive products which services over

5,000 members nationally. ACA Health has

an impressive 99% member satisfaction from

surveys performed from Discovery Australia.

For further media information contact Nadene

Caputo at:


Southern Illawarra

Farewells and Welcomes

This past quarter we have

said farewell, to our

beloved Pastor, Tony Moala and

wife Ann, children Drusilla and

Desmond who had been with

us for more than 7 years. Tony

is now caring for churches in the

Albury/Wodonga area.

We welcome our new Pastor,

Bogdan Petrovic and wife Libby

whom we are enjoying getting

to know. On Sabbath March

10th we also said farewell to

Helen Blake who has been an

active member and big contributor to the ongoing running of our church for approx. 15 years, together with her son

Alan and his wife Marlene who are also longtime early members when the group first met as “The Shed” at Yallah just

south of Dapto. On the same day, we also welcomed into membership Dayal Kumerage and wife Delain Fernando who

are a lovely addition to our church family.

Visitors are always welcome at the Southern Illawarra Church and apart from the first week of the month we usually

have a potluck lunch. Every Sabbath we can be found worshipping at the Ribbonwood Centre Dapto, in the Heininger

Hall, carpark entrance is off Princes Hwy into Fowlers Road then into Heininger Street. Lesson Study commences at

10.30AM and Church Service at 11.30AM.

- Christine Sosnovsky

Communications Secretary

Delain & Dayal welcomed into membership

by Pr. Bogdan

Farewelling Helen Blake

Wallaga Lake

A sad goodbye

George came to live with Paul and Marion Campbell and their family in July

2016. After a short amount of time George Joseph Charles Campbell decided

that he wanted to be baptized. He was very adamant about this. Arrangements

were made for his baptism. He studied with Pr. Dragan Kanazir and was baptized

at Handkerchief Bay, near Narooma in NSW, with other Wallaga Lake people – in

November of 2017. George was a young man for whom being baptized was ‘my

dream come true’ as he said to the pastor on his baptism day. Then not too many

Sabbaths ago George had died.

Just 5 months after his public acknowledgment of his love for Jesus, Jesus love

for him and his desire to let others know about that love. He was a prankster and

tormenter, funny and fun-loving. He was a willing worker and helper around

Wallaga Lake Koori Village. His passing has touched many Aboriginal communities

across NSW. He lived knowing that Jesus was coming soon to take with Him all

who love Jesus. George loved Jesus.

- Julie Nagle

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ministries

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George Campbell

Registrations now open.

Book your ticket today!

All Registrations Close July 27


2 - 4 November, 2018

Youthworks Conference Centre

439 Koloona Drive,

Cambewarra NSW

Speaker: Kylie Cullinan

“Life off the Script”

Cost: $145.00

Fully catered. Meals include:

Friday Supper - Sunday Lunch

Applications open from:

August 28th - October 24th, 2018

For more information contact Christine Sosnovsky:



August 10 - 12, 2018


4 August 2018

Sport and Recreation Centre

Kanangra Drive,

Gwandalan NSW

Speaker: Toni Marsh

“Mission Impossible”

Cost from: $110.00

Includes Catered Lunch and Dinner Sat. & Suppers,

Morning and Afternoon Tea on Saturday

BYO: Dinner - Friday & Breakfast for Satuday and


Applications open from:

June 13th - August 2nd, 2018

To register and obtain account details for deposit of

fees before closing date 2nd August, 2018

Contact: Heather Steed

For more information contact Christine Sosnovsky:

You are invited to join us at Avondale School Reunion,

4 August, as we celebrate being “Together Again”.

Featured honour years are:

1938, 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 & 2008.

For more information or to register,


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