Collection of events and happenings of the Al Menah Shriners, Nashville, TN

Collection of events and happenings of the Al Menah Shriners, Nashville, TN


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VOLUME 36 • 37 NUMBER • NUMBER 4 8 • • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT JUNE & JULY) & JULY) • • <strong>OCTOBER</strong> APRIL <strong>2018</strong> 2017<br />

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Shrine Hurricane<br />

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76th ANNUAL<br />

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I AM R U?<br />

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Imperial Cruise 2019<br />

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Center News<br />

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Calendar of Events<br />

Maury County<br />

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Ladies Shopping Feztival<br />

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Demolay Courtyard Project<br />

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News from Lexington<br />

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Al Menah Shriner’s<br />

Toy Run<br />

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Imperial Message<br />

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Ray Stephens<br />

Golf Tournament<br />

LOH Parade<br />

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Clown Paper Sale Auction<br />

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Black Camel<br />

Imperial Session<br />

<strong>OCTOBER</strong> 5 - 7, <strong>2018</strong><br />


Al Menah Al Menah Temple Temple<br />

Oasis of Nashville<br />

Oasis<br />

Desert<br />

of Nashville<br />

of TennessEE<br />

Desert of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 78545 • Nashville, TN 37207<br />

P.O.Box 78545 Phones • Nashville, 1.615.226.7766 TN 37207<br />

Phones 1.615.226.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Divan/Board of Directors<br />

Potentate .................... Horace Frank Perkins Hester III<br />

The Chief Divan/Board Rabban. ..........Randy of Directors Horace Perkins Williams III<br />

otentate Assistant .................... Rabban ........... .........Randy Frank Hester Scott Williams Jones<br />

hief Rabban High Priest ........... & Prophet. Horace .......... Donny Perkins Scott Drayton IIIJones<br />

ssistant Oriental Rabban Guide ..........Randy . Vernon Donnie Williams Blackburn Drayton<br />

igh Priest Treasurer & Prophet . ....................... Scott Jones Wes Frye<br />

riental Recorder. Guide ...................Robert Donnie Drayton<br />

Daniel<br />

reasurer Editor. ........................ Maurice Wes Frye Smmith Smith<br />

ecorder ...................Robert Published monthly except June Daniel and July<br />

ditor ..................... www.almenahShriners.org<br />

Maurice Smith<br />


Published monthly except June and July<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

*Charles Barham<br />

*John E. Patton<br />

*V. *Charles K. Stevenson Barham<br />

*John D. E. Patton Whalley<br />

*V. K. Stevenson<br />

*John D. Whalley<br />

PAST *W. *W. F. F. Hunt Hunt POTENTATES<br />

Jack Norman, Jr.<br />

*J. Pink Lawrence *Albert Jack Norman, Bennett Jr.<br />

*J. Pink Lawrence<br />

*Albert Bennett<br />

Charles Barham *Ed R. Burr<br />

*Ed R. Burr *John E. *Clyde<br />

*Clyde Patton R. Watson<br />

R. Watson<br />

V. K. Stevenson<br />

*J. Harry Murphy<br />

*J. Harry Murphy *John D. *Marshall<br />

*Marshall Whalley S. Whitley<br />

*Charles N. Rolfe *James J. White S. Whitley<br />

W. F. Hunt*Charles N. Rolfe Jack Norman, *James Jr.<br />

*Paul DeWitt<br />

*G. Cooper J. White Holt<br />

J. Pink Lawrence *E. *Paul M. DeWitt Kelly *Albert Bennett<br />

*J. *G. Coleman Cooper Holt Hayes<br />

Ed R. Burr *Joseph *E. M. Kelly Higgins *Clyde R. *Donald<br />

*J. Watson Coleman<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Hayes<br />

J. Harry Murphy *Ira *Joseph E. Parker Higgins *Marshall *J.<br />

*Donald S. P. Whitley Foster<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Charles N. *Martin<br />

*Ira Rolfe E. Parker<br />

S. Roberts *James J. *Gale<br />

*J. White P. Foster<br />

Robinson<br />

Paul DeWitt *R.<br />

*Martin<br />

C. Derivaux<br />

S. Roberts *G. Cooper *C.<br />

*Gale<br />

V. Holt Robinson<br />

Cramb<br />

E. M. Kelly *Oren<br />

*R. C.<br />

A.<br />

Derivaux<br />

Oliver *J. Coleman *J.<br />

*C.<br />

Nelson<br />

V. Hayes Cramb<br />

Bryan<br />

Joseph Higgins *Lee<br />

*Oren<br />

L.<br />

A.<br />

Gamble<br />

Oliver<br />

*Donald*Robert *J.<br />

R.<br />

Nelson<br />

Dunning Battle<br />

Bryan<br />

*Lee L. Gamble<br />

*Robert Battle<br />

Ira E. Parker *R. R. Clark<br />

*R. R. Clark<br />

*J. P. Foster *Jerry N. Tate<br />

*Jerry N. Tate<br />

Martin S. *William Roberts Raine<br />

*William Raine *Gale Robinson *Fred H. Gay, Jr.<br />

*Fred H. Gay, Jr.<br />

R. C. Derivaux *Hugh F. Smith, Jr.<br />

*Hugh F. Smith, Jr. *C. V. Cramb James A. Campbell<br />

James A. Campbell<br />

Oren A. Oliver *W. A. Bryan<br />

*W. A. Bryan *J. Nelson *Claude<br />

*Claude BryanG. G.<br />

Southall<br />

Southall<br />

Lee L. Gamble *Charles L. Cornelius<br />

*Charles L. Cornelius*Robert *W. Battle *W. B.<br />

B.<br />

Lawson<br />

Lawson<br />

R. R. Clark<br />

*W.<br />

*W.<br />

Bush<br />

Bush Herbert<br />

Herbert<br />

*Jerry N.<br />

*Gale<br />

*Gale Tate Robinson<br />

Robinson<br />

*Marshall<br />

*Marshall<br />

Hotchkiss<br />

Hotchkiss<br />

J.<br />

J.<br />

Dudley<br />

Dudley Phillips<br />

Phillips<br />

William Raine<br />

*Jess<br />

*Jess<br />

B.<br />

B.<br />

Templeton<br />

*Fred H.<br />

Hugh F. Smith, Jr. Templeton<br />

*M.<br />

Gay,<br />

*M.<br />

Norris<br />

Jr.<br />

Norris Jenkins<br />

Jenkins<br />

*T.<br />

W. A. Bryan *T.<br />

A.<br />

A.<br />

Springfield James A.<br />

Springfield<br />

*James Campbell<br />

*James F.<br />

F.<br />

Scalf,<br />

Scalf,<br />

Jr.<br />

Jr.<br />

*James<br />

Charles L. *James<br />

G.<br />

Cornelius G. Stahlman<br />

Stahlman *Claude*William G. Southall<br />

*William B.<br />

B.<br />

Jones<br />

Jones<br />

*J.<br />

W. Bush Herbert<br />

*J.<br />

Clark<br />

Clark<br />

Akers *W. B. Lawson<br />

Akers<br />

Jack<br />

Jack<br />

C.<br />

C. Phelps<br />

Phelps<br />

*R.<br />

*R.<br />

E.<br />

E.<br />

Baulch *Gale Robinson<br />

Baulch<br />

*David P. P. Brumfield Brumfield<br />

Marshall *Thomas Hotchkiss<br />

*Thomas<br />

E.<br />

E.<br />

Doss<br />

Doss<br />

J. Dudley *Zack Phillips<br />

S. S. Parrish, Parrish, Sr. Sr.<br />

Jess B. Templeton Kerbela Kerbela Temple ‘28 ‘28 *M. Norris *Robert Jenkins E. Newman<br />

T. A. Springfield *Maurice Weinberger<br />

*James F. *George Scalf, Jr. Cook Cook<br />

James G. *S. Stahlman *S. N. N. Allen<br />

*William*R. *R. B. Parker Jones Graham<br />

J. Clark Akers *W. *W. B. B. Hager<br />

Jack C. Phelps H. H. Parker Toler<br />

R. E. Baulch *O. *O. Lynn Meek<br />

*David P. *R. Brumfield T. T. McNaney<br />

Thomas E. *Jack *Jack Doss Norman<br />

*Zack S. James Parrish, L. Ham Sr.<br />

erbela Temple<br />

*James ‘28<br />

J. J. Vaughn<br />

*Robert*Charles E. Newman H. H. Williams Williams<br />

*C.<br />

Maurice Weinberger<br />

*C. H. H. Smith<br />

William<br />

*George Cook<br />

D. Jones<br />

*Fred<br />

S. N. Allen<br />

C. C. Laskey<br />

John<br />

*R. Parker L.<br />

Graham<br />

Weaver, III<br />

*Ivo<br />

W. B. Hager<br />

A. A. Burton<br />

Gale<br />

H. Parker Toler<br />

B. Robinson<br />

*T.<br />

O. Lynn Meek<br />

*T. W. W. Bray, Jr.<br />

Joe<br />

*R. T. McNaney<br />

Bell<br />

*James R. Cox<br />

Ronny L. Greer<br />

Jack Norman *Paul R. R. Jarratt<br />

James L. Charles Ham<br />

E. Cardwell<br />

James J. Vaughn *J. *J. Sumpter Anderson<br />

Charles J. H. J. Franklin Williams “Jay” Scalf, III III<br />

C. H. Smith *Hugh W. Robertson<br />

William Conley D. Jones<br />

Dykes<br />

Fred C. Laskey *M. T. T. Gossett<br />

John L. Weaver, David Smith III<br />

Ivo A. Burton *Joe C. Carr<br />

Gale B. Robinson Jim Cain<br />

T. W. Bray, *James Jr. T. Hayes<br />

Joe Bell *Mike Martin<br />

James R. Cox *E. Lee Bennett<br />

Ronny L. *Johnny Greer Dudley<br />

Paul R. Jarratt *Orris E. E. Davis<br />

Charles David E. Cardwell Wantland<br />

J. Sumpter *Raymond AndersonH. Leathers J. Franklin Melvin “Jay” Meadows Scalf, III<br />

Hugh W.<br />

*Hilry<br />

Robertson<br />

H. Shaffer<br />

Conley Dykes<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N. Stansell<br />

M. T. Gossett<br />

*James<br />

David<br />

N. David<br />

Smith<br />

Vaughn<br />

Stansell Carl E. Barnes<br />

Joe C. Carr<br />

Jim CainMike Van Sant<br />

James T. Hayes<br />

*Mike Martin Jeff Head<br />

E. Lee Bennett<br />

*Johnny Frank Dudley Hester<br />

Orris E. Davis<br />

David Wantland * Deceased<br />

Raymond H. Leathers Melvin Meadows<br />

Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

2<br />

* Deceased<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N. David Vaughn<br />

Another busy month at Al Menah, thanks to all the<br />

Nobles for attending the August Stated meeting. We had<br />

a great crowd of around a hundred. Thanks to the Divan<br />

and everyone who attended the Cincinnati Hospital<br />

Divan Days. A special thanks to Chairman Tim Mason,<br />

and Board Members Randy “Slappy” Slapak and Jack<br />

Patterson for all y’all do for Al Menah and our hospitals!<br />

The Ceremonial on September 15 th was outstanding.<br />

33 new Nobles, thanks to Kris Fisher and his ritual<br />

team and the Directors Staff for all their work. GREAT<br />

JOB! When you see Dennis Belford P.P., please congratulate<br />

him for this class being named in honor of<br />

him. Special thanks to all the Nobles who attended the<br />

September Stated Meeting. We had over 200 Nobles to<br />

welcome our new member William Lee Golden of the<br />

Oak Ridge Boys. Don’t forget the Circus October 5-7.<br />

Then the parades start.<br />


Horace Perkins, III<br />


From the desk of...<br />


<br />


For taking the time to be a part of the <strong>2018</strong> Al<br />

Menah Shrine Circus.<br />

This is a major under taking each year and<br />

it takes EVERONE to pull off our Temple<br />

Fundraiser. From our Office Staff to Units<br />

& Clubs selling Ads to Nobles buying<br />

their tickets to selling programs, picking<br />

up & selling tickets, bring food, being at<br />

the doors, security, clowning AND YES,….<br />

“TAKING A PIE IN THE FACE”. Once Again<br />

THANK YOU !!!<br />

As we start getting ready for the up coming parades REMEMBER<br />

what better way to keep our <strong>SHRINER</strong>S HOSPITALS in front of<br />

people than a PARADE of <strong>SHRINER</strong>S. As we go down the streets<br />

the BEST PART is when you hear someone along the parade yelling<br />

out ..”Thank You For What Y’all Do” or when you see them telling<br />

their own children about what we do for Kids. So come out and take<br />

apart with us.<br />

REMEMBER wear that FEZ with Pride…..<br />

.<br />

Chief Rabban<br />

Randy Williams<br />


Fall is off to a great start! Congratulations to all<br />

the new nobles in the September class. Hope<br />

you all can get involved in a unit or a club,<br />


but most of all, I hope you get involved<br />

in our paper sale raising money for our<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children.<br />

The Al Menah Shrine Circus is upon<br />

us. Hope to see everyone out supporting<br />

our great fraternity. Please, remember that<br />

this is our biggest fundraiser for Al Menah<br />

Shrine Center, so let’s get out and support this<br />

event the best way you can. Contact any Divan<br />

member, if you want to know how you can support our circus this<br />

year. Thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication to<br />

the circus. We couldn’t do it without your help!<br />

I want to give a Big thanks to all the Shriners that came out to<br />

your Tennessee State Fair of <strong>2018</strong> to sell tickets, cook, perform skits<br />

or support your spouses. It takes hundreds of people to produce this<br />

event very year. We have FFA, 4-H, Master Gardeners, Quilting<br />

Guilds, photography clubs, AG clubs, and Shriners... just to name<br />

a few. I am so very proud that we support our Shriners’ hospitals<br />

and our communities, too. May our presence be known in our<br />

communities so they will support and contribute to our purpose!<br />

.<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Scott Jones<br />


<br />

Saturday, September 15th we had our<br />

ceremonial for all the guys who wanted to<br />

become Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. We<br />

had about 33 good guys and one loser<br />

retread go through the second section<br />

proving their devotion to the children<br />

and their interest in the brotherhood.<br />

The loser retread was none other than our<br />

Listerious Possumtate Horace Perkins the<br />

3rd who endured the loving attentions of<br />

the Directors Staff with firm determination.<br />

We only had to hog tie him and drag him from<br />

his office to convince him of our brotherly intentions. When you<br />

see him, ask him if he knows how to make an ice cream sundae.<br />

The Class was full of great guys who could take a joke and<br />

some really good hula dancers, that is, if you can call a prancing<br />

bull a good dancer. If you didn’t come you missed some good<br />

“clean” fun at the candidates’ expense.<br />

The Circus may have come and gone by now but if it hasn’t,<br />

you still have time to come see the amateur hour hosted by the<br />

Clowns and their sure shot goofball pie parade. DON’T MISS<br />

IT! For myself, I plan to wear my rubbers since one never quite<br />

knows when one may need them.<br />

That’s all from the lofty heights of wisdom and BS provided by<br />

your High Priest and No Profit .... Until next time,<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />


I simply want to say Thank you to the<br />

ORIENTAL GUIDE nobles <br />

of Al Menah. September was<br />

a very busy month and each one of<br />

you jumped right in and MADE A<br />

DIFFERENCE. The units opened<br />

their doors to welcome each and every<br />

new noble and demonstrated how<br />

great it is to be an Al Menah Shriner.<br />

The wait is over. The Circus has<br />

arrived and Al Menah is ready! The<br />

nobility has been preparing for this moment<br />

and now it’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work!<br />

Thank you for all that you do in support of our annual circus.<br />

This is your Circus so please be involved when and where<br />

you are able.<br />

I promised an update from my last article and have some<br />

very interesting news to share. It seems our High Priest &<br />

Profit Donnie Drayton II is hoping that some divine guidance<br />

will help the Clowns hit their targets this year at the Circus.<br />

We all know the Lord has a soft spot for clowns. After all, the<br />

man with the direct connection, the Imperial Chaplain Dennis<br />

Belford himself, is a clown. So, I’d say the chances of some<br />

divine intervention would be highly likely if needed. I admit,<br />

the odds do seem a little stacked in the Clowns favor.<br />

Enjoy the Circus everyone! It’s Circus time, Donnie<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Vernon Blackburn<br />

3<br />


As you are probably aware, Hurricane Florence<br />

recently hit North Carolina and the surrounding states<br />

resulting in 36 deaths, widespread flooding and massive<br />

damage to homes and businesses. There is an immediate need to assist Masons and<br />

their families as the result of this storm.<br />

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina placed an appeal through the<br />

Masonic Service Association of North America (MSA) for disaster relief. In response, the<br />

MSA established a disaster relief fund for North Carolina, with all donations received to<br />

be transferred directly to the Grand Lodge of North Carolina for distribution to those in<br />

need. You and I remember the obligation we share related to relief of a distressed worthy<br />

brother. However, I hope you will contribute to this relief effort more as a result of<br />

brotherly love than from a sense of duty. The way you and I respond to the needs of our<br />

brothers and their families defines what we believe “fraternity” means.<br />

I called the Grand Master of North Carolina and expressed our concerns about the<br />

well-being of North Carolina Masons and pledged to work cooperatively with him in<br />

supporting his efforts to bring relief to those in need. Please donate generously today.<br />

How to help Masons and Nobles affected by the hurricane:<br />

Make a check payable to “MSA Disaster Relief Fund” and send them to:<br />

Masonic Service Association<br />

3905 National Drive, Suite 280<br />

Burtonsville, MD 20866<br />

Please write on the memo portion of the check, “North Carolina Disaster Appeal”.<br />

Contributions to Masonic Service Association of North America are tax-deductible to the extent<br />

allowed by law<br />

Sudan Shriners temple of New Bern, North Carolina took a direct hit from Hurricane<br />

Florence and experienced severe flooding and major damage to its building. They are<br />

currently working with restoration crews, contractors and their insurance company and<br />

have moved temporarily to another location. Sudan Shriners are not currently operating<br />

but are working hard to get back on their feet. The accompanying photos show some of<br />

the damage that Sudan Shriners experienced.<br />

Shriners International leadership remains in contact with the Grand Lodge of North<br />

Carolina and the Potentates of the temples impacted by the storm and asks that you please<br />

keep your fellow brothers and nobles in your thoughts and prayers.<br />

Yours in the faith,<br />

Jim Cain<br />

Imperial Potentate<br />



I AM R U?<br />

Noble William Lee Golden<br />

Do you know our next Shriner?<br />


Imperial Cruise 2019<br />


CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

Fabulous Al Menah Clowns have been<br />

busy this last month with performances at<br />

the Tennessee State Fair. If you haven’t<br />

been fortunate enough to witness our<br />

show you are definitely missing out.<br />

Three half-hour shows Saturday and<br />

Sunday, over two weekends! We had the<br />

crowds in stitches!<br />

Our Annual Clown Auction will be<br />

held October 13th with all money raised<br />

to go to our Shriner Hospitals. Come for<br />

the steak dinner, stay and bid on some<br />

great stuff. Clown Auction Tickets are<br />

$15.00 in advance from any of the Clown<br />

Officers, $20.00 at the door. We look<br />

forward to a big crowd and big donations<br />

for our kids!<br />

The Al Menah clowns have a new<br />

“rookie” within our ranks. We welcome<br />

Patrick Lee “Smokie” Doyle into our fold<br />

having approved his membership. He hit<br />

the ground running and off to an impressive<br />

start by already dressing out twelve<br />

times helping out with the State Fair<br />

performances.<br />

We’ll soon be getting ready for a<br />

busy parade season. Veterans day parades<br />

and Christmas parades give us the opportunity<br />

to put our best foot forward in<br />

front of the public to show who we are as<br />

Shriners. Let’s make ourselves proud.<br />

Thanks to all of you for supporting our<br />

children’s hospitals. Without your dedication<br />

we couldn’t do for these kids what<br />

needs to be done. Please keep those that<br />

are sick and unable to attend our events<br />

in your prayers.<br />

“Clowns and elephants are the pegs on<br />

which the circus is hung”<br />

- P.T. Barnum<br />

Keep on Clowning!<br />

8<br />

Jim “Snips” Lee<br />

Secretary<br />

Director’s Staff<br />

The Director’s Staff have had a start to<br />

a busy fall with lots of planning and unknowns<br />

that have happened and several<br />

still to overcome. In the near future, after<br />

all the hard work, all these events will be<br />

memories as we face new challenges.<br />

Some of these challenges include:<br />

The Ceremony, which had a few surprises<br />

with the new stunts but seems to<br />

have gone over very well. It looks like<br />

we have been successful in gaining 4<br />

new members to the unit from the 33 that<br />

went through. We appreciate and give<br />

our thanks to Randy Byram, Ceremony<br />

Director, who has accepted being the<br />

Director again next year.<br />

The Directors Golf Tournament also<br />

went very well with some winners that<br />

like usual are suspects, or that we are<br />

jealous of. The list of winners due to 3<br />

flights is a little long to list. Those that<br />

want to see contact me and I will let you<br />

know who the sandbaggers were.<br />

Thanks to Director of Golf Eddie Hill<br />

for organizing the event, who obviously<br />

must have the connection, as we managed<br />

to escape any rain although the heat was<br />

noticeable.<br />

For those that missed the chance to<br />

see Imperial Sir Jim Cain install William<br />

Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys into<br />

Al Menah, it was a very enjoyable meeting.<br />

William went around to all the unit<br />

rooms before hand where many had their<br />

photo’s taken with him.<br />

We still have many functions ahead,<br />

all you have to do is scan through the<br />

Shriner or look at the list below:<br />

Al Menah car Show Sept 29<br />

• Oct 5 The Shrine Circus<br />

• Oct 20 Annual Toy Run<br />

• Oct 11 The Scottish Rite Golf Tournament<br />

at the Nashboro Golf Club<br />

• The Ray Stevens Charity Golf Classic<br />

Oct 21& 22<br />

• Nov 3 Ladies Extravaganza<br />

And our very important Director’s Staff Auction<br />

Nov 10 that you do not want to miss.<br />

Please note these dates, plan to<br />

attend, and help out as needed.<br />

Fred Lysak<br />

Lt Directors Staff<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

While the Temple was dark, the Legion<br />

of Honor was very busy representing Al<br />

Menah Temple at numerous sites with the<br />

formal presentation of Colors.<br />

In July, the LOH was called on to<br />

present the colors for the installation of<br />

Jim Cain as the new Imperial Potentate in<br />

Daytona. Also, in July the LOH presented<br />

the colors at<br />

the TVA Labor Management Safety<br />

Conference in Nashville. A nice donation<br />

was given, and will be presented to the<br />

Potentate at the September meeting.<br />

In August, the LOH was in Gatlinburg<br />

providing support to Noble Dunn<br />

as he finished his year as Commander<br />

of the SESA LOH, and to help welcome<br />

Noble Silva as the new Commander<br />

of the SESA Legion of Honor. The Al<br />

Menah LOH presented Colors at the main<br />

banquet - first time this has been done in<br />

a number of years. The Al Menah team<br />

also took first place for the in-line inspection<br />

completion.<br />

On Sept. 15th, the LOH Drill Teams<br />

presented Colors at the Al Menah Ceremonial<br />

and marched in a “Welcome<br />

Home Veterans” parade in Clarksville.<br />

Efforts will continue to prepare for<br />

Color presentation at the Circus. The<br />

LOH plans to be very busy this fall in a<br />

number of parades and activities.<br />

Art De Vooght<br />

Commander <strong>2018</strong><br />

Provost Guard<br />

The Provost Guard has been busy the<br />

past couple months. Last month we went<br />

to Daytona Beach Fla. to the Shriners<br />

International and escorted our Illustrious<br />

Imperial Sir Mr. Jim Cain and his Lady<br />

Patsy up to the stage.<br />

The Provost Guard drill team won first<br />

place at Dixie in Panama City Fla. Last<br />

week at S.E.S.A 1st place competition<br />

drill and second place obstacle course. 1st<br />

place Provost Guard uniform inspection.<br />

Gordon Macdonald won Provost Guard<br />

of the year.

We want to thank our illustrious potentate<br />

Horace Perkins and Chris Johnson<br />

and brother Leo for joining us at the<br />

Provost Guard banquet.<br />

Now the parade season is about to<br />

begin so we be looking forward to that.<br />

Secretary<br />

Ken Loftis<br />

Shrine Club News<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

We have a little drawing at our meetings<br />

and you do have to be present to win. If<br />

we don’t have a winner, the pot carries<br />

over to the next meeting. For our next<br />

meeting we have a carry-over of $360.00.<br />

Come on out to the meeting and see<br />

if you’re a winner? attend the WCSC<br />

Meeting! Our meetings are normally on<br />

the third Thursday of the Month at the<br />

Brewhouse South in Cool Springs.<br />

We have been getting some complaints<br />

about the noise level at the Brewhouse.<br />

Our President is looking at two locations<br />

where we might move the meetings. They<br />

are The Sportsman’s Grill and Millers Ale<br />


which opens on September third. We will<br />

be at the Brewhouse for our September<br />

meeting and will probably vote on a new<br />

meeting place at that time. Watch your<br />

e-mail and the E-Vite for updates on this!<br />

Come on out and let’s have some fun!<br />

Please remember to keep those who<br />

have lost loved ones and our sick list in<br />

your prayers. Remember to thank God<br />

every day for this great Country of ours..<br />

Butch Mayes<br />

WCSC Ambassador<br />



<strong>OCTOBER</strong><br />

Oct 5-7 Al Menah Shrine Circus<br />

Oct13 Clown Dinner & Auction<br />

Oct 20 Fall Party<br />

Oct. 20 Toy Run – Clowns / Motor Corp – all invited<br />

Oct. 27 DAMT Buddy Walk – Hermitage<br />


Nov 3 Ladies Extravaganza<br />

Dec 1 Macon County Christmas parade – 1:00 PM<br />

Nov 10 Directors Staff Auction<br />

Nov. 10 Gallatin Veterans Day parade – 11:00 AM<br />

Lewisburg Christmas parade – 12:00 PM<br />

Portland Christmas parade – 5:30 PM<br />

Lafayette Veterans Day parade – 11:00 AM Dec 2 Smyrna Christmas parade – 2:00 PM<br />

Murfreesboro Veterans Day parade –11:00 AM<br />

Nov. 12 Nashville Veterans Day parade – 11:00 AM<br />

Nov. 24 Manchester Christmas parade – 6:30 PM<br />

Dec 8 Cookeville Christmas parade – TBA<br />

Granville Christmas parade – 2:00 PM<br />

Hartsville Christmas parade – 10:00 AM<br />

Maury County<br />

Shrine Club<br />

Gives To Special<br />

Needs Children<br />

Maury County Shriners Club<br />

gave gift of 99 circus tickets to<br />

special needs children at<br />

King Daughters.<br />

Pictured are from left to right: Shriners-Joey Allen,Ronnie Thurman,<br />

Jimmy Rodgers,(pres)Mac Mcvay. King Daughters kids-Austin Wilson,<br />

Shannon Neff (director), Dylan Moyer, Anna Pool, Marissa McCann<br />



DeMolay International<br />

Henry E. “Hank” Stickney<br />

Service & Leadership Center<br />

November 8, 2019 Imperial Sir Jim Cain will be in Kansas City, MO for a ground breaking<br />

ceremony at the DeMolay International Henry E. “Hank” Stickney Service & Leadership<br />

Center. This Centennial Courtyard will commemorate the 100th anniversary of DeMolay.<br />

Dad Frank S. Land, is both the founder of DeMolay and a Past Imperial Potentate, making<br />

Shriners International the perfect partner for this endeavor.<br />

To signify the partnership, the famous “Silent Messenger’’ statue depicting a Shriner<br />

carrying a child will be placed in the courtyard in memory of Imperial Sir and Dad Jack<br />

Jones, Past Imperial Potentate and an Honorary Grand Master of DeMolay.<br />

Imperial Sir Jim Cain has chosen this as his project during his year as Imperial Potentate.<br />

Paver Bricks are available in two sizes, $1000 for the larger size and $200 for the small<br />

size. Imperial Sir Cain would like to present 250 of the bricks sold on November 8.<br />

To purchase the brick, go to demolay.org/courtyard/<br />


Children's playground coming to the Lexington Shriners Medical<br />

Center<br />

Coming soon to the Lexington Shriners Medical Center<br />

In April 2017, Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center -— Lexington opened a stateof-the-art<br />

ambulatory care center. The original construction plans for the back section of the<br />

medical center included a landscaped area for patients, families and staff to find hope and<br />

healing through organized play, scenery and relaxation. Due to financial constraints, $170,000<br />

was cut from the facility’s construction budget, and the planned space had to be reduced to a<br />

fenced grassy area. With input from medical staff, rehabilitation and recreational therapists, and<br />

orthotists and prosthetists, the need for a playground and landscape area has been re-established.<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center -— Lexington is excited to announce that<br />

fundraising for the design and creation of a<br />

playground is underway! The fundraising<br />

goal is $200,000, and $186,000 has been<br />

received to date. This is due largely in part to<br />

an event that has been held the last two<br />

years, An Evening in a Magic Garden. All<br />

proceeds from this fundraiser have gone<br />

directly toward this need. The event was held<br />

again this year on August 24, and over 200<br />

business and community leaders donated<br />

$56,000.<br />

Why is a playground so important to the medical center?<br />

Physical and occupational therapists at the Lexington Shriners Medical Center will be able to<br />

utilize the area to help patients feel safe, and have fun while working to strengthen specific gross<br />

and fine motor skills. They will be able to practice walking on uneven ground, taking stairs,<br />

balancing and jumping. Other skills that patients will be able to practice include sensory<br />

integration, motor planning and navigating a wheelchair, walker or crutches so that when<br />

patients are at school, they will be able to participate in functions alongside their peers.<br />

In addition to the therapy component, the space will be utilized by our pediatric orthotic and<br />

prosthetic department for observation of patients who have newly fitted braces or prosthetic<br />

limbs. The patient and parent will be guided to this area and encouraged to walk and explore.<br />

The patient will be observed by staff members from the orthotic and prosthetic department, who<br />

will have a view from the medical center’s third floor windows allowing the patient to walk<br />

without any bias due to being observed.<br />

How can you help?<br />

We are approximately $14,000 from our fundraising goal that is needed to start construction on<br />

this area. Please consider helping us with the remaining total! Make a donation by sending a<br />

check payable to the Lexington Shriners Medical Center, and designating that it is for the<br />

playground project. Please mail checks to: Dale Wallenius, 110 Conn Terrace, Lexington, KY<br />

40508. If you prefer to donate by credit card, call 859-268-5770.<br />

12<br />

*All proceeds raised above the goal of $200,000 will go toward caring for the thousands of children and<br />

teens that seek care at Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center -— Lexington, regardless of their

Al Menah Shriner's<br />

ANNl:JAL<br />

RAIN OR SMINE !!<br />

SATURDAY ~ OCT. 20, <strong>2018</strong><br />

$10.00 per person, plus a Toy! <br />

Registration - 9 am Vision Bldg<br />

Leave Shrine Center - 10 am<br />

All Welcome! Bikes & Cars<br />

I<br />

Join us for a great backroads ride for<br />

lunch to Montgomery Bell State Park.<br />

Al Menah Shrine Center~ 1354 Brick Church Pike, Nashville, TN<br />

For more info contact Frank Wilson @ 615-290-0915 or<br />

Van Miller @ 423-414-8536 or Fat Rabbit @ 615-268-6547<br />

Fat Rabbit @ 615-268-6547<br />


From the Imperial Sir<br />

Imperial Session is such an important event for our organizations, and takes months of<br />

preparatory work by so many people that I want to say “thank you” one more time. I want to<br />

thank everyone involved for ensuring the success of this huge convention, and I want to<br />

especially thank the nobility for entrusting me with the incredible responsibility and honor of<br />

leading Shriners International. I also want to express my gratitude for your generous support of<br />

Patsy’s program, Little POPS of Love.<br />

At the 2016 Imperial Session, a resolution was passed permitting the Imperial Potentate to<br />

have a fundraising program similar to the well-known First Lady’s program. This year, I ask for<br />

your support of DeMolay International’s Charity Enshrined - Centennial Courtyard project.<br />

Shriners International has also committed to sponsor the Silent Messenger statue that will be in<br />

the new courtyard at DeMolay Headquarters to honor the legacy of Imperial Sir Jack H. Jones,<br />

Past Imperial Potentate and Honorary Grand Master of DeMolay International. A partnership<br />

between DeMolay International and Shriners International is a natural fit, as we share many of<br />

the same goals. I will be attending the official groundbreaking on Nov. 8. Please visit<br />

demolay.org/courtyard to purchase your bricks and to learn more about this project.<br />

Any organization is only as strong as the dedication, commitment and<br />

participation of its employees – or its members. So I encourage every one<br />

of you to attend your association meetings. Important information is shared<br />

at these meetings – we make every effort to make sure we provide you<br />

with the latest and most important information available.<br />

The strength and health of an organization also depends to a certain extent<br />

on its ability to grow and its willingness to change and adapt. It’s critically<br />

important that each of you, and your temples, work every day on<br />

improving our membership numbers by sharing your story, and the stories of our two great<br />

organizations, with those you know and those you meet. And it is very important that you use the<br />

membership development tools that we have in place, including the I AM R U program, and the<br />

resources available through the office of membership development.<br />

The closer we get to fall, the busier our fraternal calendars become! The Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children Open will be here soon enough, and as always, this event depends on our Shriners<br />

to assist as volunteers. The event, which will be held Oct. 29-Nov. 4 at TPC Summerlin in Las<br />

Vegas, is the perfect time for groups from your temple to spend time together and help a great<br />

cause – so please consider volunteering or just plan on attending.<br />

Remember that Together We Can! Together we can meet the challenges facing our two great<br />

and beloved organizations. Together we can have a great time participating in all these important<br />

events, while supporting the goals and missions of Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children.<br />

Thank you for all you do for Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children.<br />

Yours in the faith,<br />

Jim Cain<br />

Imperial Potentate<br />

Editor’s note: this message was edited for space.<br />


Ray Stevens Charity Golf Classic<br />

October 21st and 22nd, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Schedule of Events<br />

Sunday, October 21 st<br />

CabaRay<br />

5724 River Rd,<br />

Nashville TN 37209<br />

5:00pm to 7:00pm - Silent Auction and Heavy Hors d'oeuvres, Wine & Beer<br />

7:00pm to 7:30pm - Live Auction<br />

7:30pm to 9:00pm - Ray Stevens Concert (Dress attire is casual)<br />

Price is $75.00 per person<br />

Monday, October 22nd<br />

Temple Hills Country Club<br />

6376 Temple Rd<br />

Franklin TN 37069<br />

9:00am to 11:00am - Golfers Check In & Practice Tee/Practice Putting Green<br />

11:00am to 11:45am -<br />

Lunch inside clubhouse<br />

11:45am to Golf Cart Staging Announcements and National Anthem<br />

12:00pm<br />

Scramble begins<br />

Immediately following play - Heavy Hors d'oeuvres & awards inside clubhouse<br />

Price is $200.00 per person<br />

To attend the auction/concert, please register at the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Office. (cash or check only)<br />

Alec Cabacungan, the face of Shriners Hospitals for<br />

Children will be our special guest at CabaRays!!<br />

Picture of the LOH team<br />

(Nobles Singleton - Capt., Ornes, Silva,<br />

Lindsey and Massey) marching in large<br />

“Welcome Home Veterans” parade<br />

Sat. (Sept. 15th) in Clarksville.<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />




NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />




Nonprofit<br />

Organization<br />

Nobles Nobles Visited By Visited By<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />

The Black The Camel Black Camel Nobles Visited By A.A.O.N.M.S. A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />


The Black Camel<br />

A.A.O.N.M.S. PAID<br />

P. O. Box 78545 P. O. Box 78545 Nashville, TN<br />



P. O. Box 78545<br />

TN 37207<br />

Roy A McCaslin<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

Dickson<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

02/06/35 – 08/25/18<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

Eugene F. Summers<br />

Sebastian, FL<br />

10/24/42 – 08/26/18<br />

Bobby W. Taylor<br />

Gallatin<br />

08/18/41 – 09/14/18<br />

DEADLINE FOR NOVEMBER <strong>2018</strong> <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS <strong>OCTOBER</strong> 17 TH<br />

Hubert P. Boyd<br />

McMinnville<br />

08/04/25 – 09/05/18<br />

John A. Bragg<br />

Franklin<br />

03//20/25 – 08/19/18<br />

Richard C. Emmett<br />

Goodlettsville<br />

06/01/44 – 08/22/18<br />

Paul G. Gunn<br />

Nashville<br />

05/08/54 – 09/12/18<br />


Permit No. 1731<br />

www.almenahshriners.<br />


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