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Casting a

Vision for

the future

-- Pr Rick Hergenhan -

One of the best things about being a youth director is to work with young people who are full of energy and have a passion to

change the world. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done for the kingdom of heaven when a young person has a vision

and then sets about to make that vision a reality. Vision is very important. In fact the bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no

vision, the people perish”, so on Friday night the 21st of September youth and young adults from across the conference gathered at

Adventist Alpine Village in Jindabyne for the “Youth Round Table” to seek direction from God. Unlike most other youth gatherings

there was no speaker and the main aim was to come together to seek the will of God for the future of youth ministries across the

conference. A lot of time was spent in prayer and seeking God’s will with the aim to collectively work out three main things:

1. Purpose - what do the youth of the South NSW conference exist for?

2. Picture of the future - What will youth ministry in South NSW look like by 2021?

3. Values - What are the five most important values that we will live by to achieve our purpose?

On the next page you can see what was collectively agreed upon during the weekend. So many times through the process we saw God’s

hand leading the discussion and it was very affirming for everyone present that God was leading the process.

The big challenge now is making the vision a reality. If young people from your church attended the weekend ask them to tell you

about the weekend. Also ask them how they would like to be involved in building your local church.

If you are a young person I want to encourage you to prayerfully seek God’s guidance as to how you can build the kingdom of heaven

right where you are.

If you would like to donate to help make this vision a reality, you can donate at the egiving website, It’s three

easy steps:

Step 1: Select your local church

Step 2: Select the offering “SNSW Youth Donations”

Step 3: Donate



December 2018

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South New South Wales

SNSW Youth


prayer of

thanks after

forming the

new vision

for Youth in

the SNSW


Youth share

a vision of

what they

want church

to look like


worship with

Phil Yates








To value youth by giving them the

authority and means to pursue their

ministry passions to bring more

people home.

By the end of 2021, South NSW youth

and young adults will be actively

involved in local church and Conference

ministries. This will include;

1. All youth know and understand their

spiritual gifts and have the authority

to bless the church with them.

2. Local churches and the Conference

investing in youth to provide

purposeful training and mentoring

(i.e. creative ministries program and

how to lead someone to Christ).

3. As many youth as possible and

practical involved in all aspects

of church leadership (including

eldership) and evidenced by a

minimum 100% increase over the 3


4. As a result we want to see growth,

including tripling in number of youth,

an organized presence on every

university campus in our Conference

and have one functioning life hub

where youth and young adults can

bless the community with their gifts

and talents.

We believe these five values reflect

our purpose in living a Christ-centred,

prayer soaked, Bible based life


Genuine Love









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My Local Youth Group


Written By Naomi Oberson

Our young adults group in Albury consists of about

30+ active youth ranging from 18-30 years of age.

Each week there is always something on for the youth.

Jesus encourages us to meet and “break bread from house

to house...” (Acts 2:46) together on a regular basis. We

do this both spiritually and physically. On a fortnightly

basis we engage in bible study at various houses and

on the alternate week we have our Foodie Fortnights.

These involve each person bringing an ingredient along

to a themed cuisine night, which has included Greek,

Indian, Italian, sushi, chocolate making, Mexican,

bao bun nights and so many more themes yet to be


We plan to use these well established events to reach out

to the community and particularly to uni students as we

prepare to make a presence at O week early next year.

Please pray for our Albury youth as we continue to find

ways to outreach to our own youth and those of the

community and universities.

Foodie Fortnight Feast

Youth Bible Study

Some of the youth from Albury Church

Camping weekend

Weekly youth get together


December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine




Currently there are some new pathfinder clubs

starting across the conference that are in need of your


If you have any camping equipment eg. Tents,

backpacks, sleeping bags, UHF radios, or uniform

components that you are willing to donate, please

contact the Youth Director, Pr Rick Hergenhan.


Phone: (02) 6249 6822.

Thankyou for your support.


1-6 AUC Camporee

11-19 SNSW Big Camp


8-11 Converge

13 Leaders Forum


1-3 Pathfinder & Masterguide

Leaders Training

9 Coastal Youth Rally

16 Global Youth Day

29-31 Western Youth Muster


10 Leaders Forum

14-15 Staff Camp

16-21 Junior Camp

23-28 Teen Camp


13-17 Childrens and Family



1-2 Adventurer & Family Camp

12 Leaders Forum

15 Southern Youth Rally


1-14 Share Him Trip


2-5 SHRED It

14 Leaders Forum

17 Central Youth Rally


6-8 Youth Round Table

27-30 Pathfinder Expedition


16 Leaders Forum

26 Western Youth Rally


Pathfinder Investitures


Pathfinder Investitures



From the Presidents Desk

Being a president comes with joy and also with many challenges and a good amount of stress. In October this year my 8th year as

President of the SNSW Conference has started and I have to admit that the older I get the heavier the role weighs on me. God has

blessed our conference in many ways and I want to thank each one of you for the contribution you have made to take this conference

to where it is today.

I have been contemplating and praying for a couple of months if I should go back to pastoral ministry and God has opened a door

for me in a way I had not expected.

A position as chaplain for one of our SDA retirement villages has come up and was offered to me. My wife and I brought this before

God and after many weeks of prayer Doris and I feel at peace to move to Queensland and to enjoy the new adventure offered to us.

Of course, there is also a lot of sadness connected with the decision as the SNSW Conference has been home to us for over 7 years.

On the other hand, I believe that the new position will be far less stressful and is something to look forward to.

Due to prior commitments I will only be taking up the new role Mid-March next year and Doris and I will still be attending camp

meeting and will take the opportunity to personally say “Good Bye” to the many campers who will attend.

May God bless you and keep you and may He guide your ways – always.

Kind regards,

Mike Faber


December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Pastoral Moves

Phil Yates

About three years ago Phil started his work as an Intern in our Conference and South Canberra Church will have many good

memories of his ministry.

A few weeks ago, Phil received a call from the Greater Sydney Conference to work as Youth Director for Pathfinders, Adventurers

and Adventist Outdoors. Phil has accepted the call and we sadly have to say good bye to Phil and his family as they will soon move

to Sydney.

We pray that God will bless Phil in his new role and that he and his family will have a smooth transition and quickly make new friends

in that big city.

Andrew Layland

As Phil Yates has accepted a call as Youth Director to the Greater Sydney Conference

our Board of Directors has been searching for a suitable replacement.

We have placed a call for Andrew Layland who has been working in various forms

of ministry since 2002. He served as a missionary in South Korea for 6 years and as

Youth Pastor at London’s largest International church and the Camp Hill Adventist

church, Birmingham, England. He served as Chaplain and Campus Ministries

Director at Newbold College of Higher Education, London, England and Senior

Pastor of the Southampton Central Church (The First Adventist church established

in the UK in 1880). Presently, Andrew is completing his second missionary

assignment at the Adventist University in Seoul, South Korea before he takes up his

position at the South Canberra Adventist Church.

Andrew has directed two church plants in the UK, one of which was a digital online

church, the first of its kind in the UK. His passion is to make known to all people

of all backgrounds the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make the gospel accessible to

all people.

Andrew Layland and family

Andrew is a native of England where he was raised as a third generation Adventist. He studied Politics and History at the University

of Wolverhampton, England and Newbold College Seminary, from which he earned a Master in Ministry degree.

He and his wife, Soon-im, have been married since 2004. They are proud parents of two daughters, Olivia (11 years old) and Rebekah

(7 years old).

We trust that all will go well with immigration and that Andrew and his family can be with us early 2019. We wish them God’s richest

blessing as they prepare for their move and we are looking forward to them joining our team in SNSW.

December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 7

Pastoral Moves

Shaun van Eyssen

Shaun has only been working for our Conference for a short time and will be leaving us in 2019. He and his wife Shahna have been

ministering in the Narromine area.

We wish both of them God’s blessing as they look for new opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Jameson Pulelisi

Jay and Hayley Pulelisi are a passionate ministry team, who love Jesus and

love to work together to build God’s kingdom. They both have a treasured

Adventist heritage. Hayley comes from a Pastoral family who has served

in a variety of places around the Australian Union and the New Zealand

Pacific Union. Jay, a New Zealand-born Samoan spent most of his childhood

in Melbourne, before moving to the San to study Nursing. During

his time there, Jay was called by God into Ministry and has spent his last

years at Avondale training for this ministry purpose. Hayley also comes

with a nursing background. They love mission trips and the opportunities

to serve others. Jay has a contagious enthusiasm and has a huge heart

for people, community connections and young people. Hayley loves to

support him through hospitality and creative arts. They are excited about

their new adventure to move to South New South Wales were Jay will be

starting his Internship in the Western Planes district and as chaplain for

our school at Narromine.

Hayley and Jameson Pulelisi

God bless you, Jay and Hayley, and we are excited about you coming to our conference.

Russ and Shirl Alsop

Russ and Shirl have been working for our Conference in a special ministry role. While Russ was working as the Assistant Manager

for the Adventist Alpine Village at Jindabyne Shirl was working in housekeeping making sure the guest were looked after well and

accommodated comfortably.

While working at the Alpine Village they have blessed the visitors with their friendliness and kindness. They were also able to start a

bible study group in their home with close to 10 people in attendance from the village. Russ and Shirl have seen the Adventist Alpine

Village as a centre for mission and God has blessed them in reaching out to others. We will miss their smiles but wish them God’s

blessing as they move to Albury.


JANUARY 11 - 19, 2019

SNSW Singles Network

Warrambui Retreat

29 - 31 March, 2019





Location: 322 Greenwood Road,


Cost: $160

Registrations Coming Soon!


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oken Hill // Volunteer award for culture

Marilyn Harris, from Broken Hill, recently organised with her students a concert for

Drought Relief with proceeds going to ADRA. Because she and her husband, John,

work closely with the local Theatre 44, the venue was made available free of charge and a total

of $1550 was raised.

At a recent Volunteers Award dinner in Broken Hill, Marilyn was given a Volunteer Award for

Culture in the city. It was stated that Marilyn has worked with the local Eisteddfod Society for

nearly 40 years, and that she is their current Secretary. Marilyn is also Secretary of Broken Hill

Repertory Society and organises 3 or 4 concerts a year to benefit Theatre 44. She is pianist for the

BH Philharmonic Choir, and for the Morgan Street Public School choir. Marilyn also teaches

singing and piano, and runs Moxie theatre group for children each week, and the Expression

Glee singing Ensemble.

Around the churches

This senior lady is also the treasurer for the Broken Hill Adventist Church for 30 years, preaches

once a month, teaches the Sabbath school lessons, plays the piano every Sabbath and is also the

technical person for that local church.

Marilyn with her husband John and

their son holding the volunteer award

Marilyn is a living example to what a difference senior people can make in their church and the society they live in. Congratulations

Marylin!! Well done!! May God give you many more years in service for Him and the people in your community.

canberra national // Baptisms and Baby dedication // Maia French

October 13 2018 was a particularly special Sabbath for Canberra National

Church as six new members were welcomed into the church family as they

proclaimed their love for Christ. The combined service commenced with hymns

before Pr. Justin joined with parents Chomba and Mwikisa, and siblings, Mbuyoti

and Musonida to dedicate their little daughter Thapelo to the Lord.

Akhil then preached on the story of Naaman (2 Kings 5). He focused on

the marvellous ability God has to transform the lives of the troubled and

suffering when they accept Him into their lives. Following this inspiring message,

Johanna was welcomed into church membership by profession of faith. She has been

baptised previously and has been having bible studies by Pr. Justin.

Pr. Justin dedicating baby Thapelo to the Lord

After this, Pr. Justin read out the baptismal vows in preparation for an astounding

five baptisms. Francis, who has been having bible studies with Pr. Justin, was first to

be baptised. Francis gave some clues as to her difficult journey but praised God for

His continual care and guidance. Eliza, Lyndon, Rebecca and Rebecca performed

the beautiful Latin song, Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels). Next was Eva who

has been having bible studies together with Johanna by Pr. Justin and who felt

convicted through the Scriptures to follow Jesus’ example. As she was baptised,

Elijah sang, ‘I Desire Jesus’. Finally, Pr. Justin had the pleasure of conducting a family

baptism. Ling, a teacher from Canberra Christian School, has been having family bible

studies by Pr. Justin with her husband Qiang and her daughter Amanda each

Sabbath afternoon. She shared inspiring words about her family’s journey to Christ.

She was then baptised with her husband Qiang and eldest daughter, Amanda.

From left, Pr Justin, Francis, Johanna, Eva and

son Titian, Amanda, Ling , Qiang and their

youngest daughter Grace, Akhil

The church then joined in singing, ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘Because He Lives’ and ‘Trust and Obey’. The congregation praised God for these

new members and committed to helping them in their spiritual journeys. There was a pot luck lunch after to celebrate the baptisms.

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Around the churches

Mandurama // community bonfire and dinner // raymon paletua

Building the bonfire Food and fellowship with the Community Bonfire fully ablaze

On the 22nd of September 2018, the members of Mandurama Church held a dinner and bonfire night at the home of Dean &

Jan Platt in Lyndhurst. It was planned to be a community event with some 75 invitations going out to friends, neighbours, and

family in the local community. If was a fantastic evening with a beautiful feast laid out for all to enjoy, followed by a huge bonfire, with

a wonderful community atmosphere. It was a tremendous opportunity for the local church to introduce itself to the community, in a

relaxed and enjoyable environment. As members mingled and connected with the 40 plus guests, it became evident that our church

can provide care and support to so many in our community. Mandurama Church will be running a Depression Recovery Program

early 2019, and we believe that our community will greatly benefit from the program.

Community social events such as these, certainly help breakdown the preconceived perceptions people have, not only about Christians,

but about the Adventist Church. This event is a great example that God doesn’t always work with big numbers, or mega churches.

He only needs a handful (the 6 Mandurama members) of faithful people willing to step out of their comfort zones, and into where

God has called them to witness.

Milton-Ulladulla // connecting with the community // Gina Siracusa

Milton Ulladulla Company held vegan

cooking classes on the 3rd of October

with 13 people in attendance.

Everybody enjoyed the classes & we will be

holding 2 more in December with Christmas


Display of the food prepared

Participants of vegan cooking classes


December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Around the churches

Orange // celebrating women // trish moffitt

At Orange we celebrated our Women’s Ministries 21st birthday with a special

service on 25th August 2018. The theme was “How Very Royal” based on

the life of Hadassah who became Queen Esther in the palace of the pagan King


The song service and the sermon told the whole story of how Esther risked her

life and faced this powerful king and prevented the annihilation of her people

the Jews across the whole Persian empire. During the service, photos from events

over the past years were shared with the congregation. The service ended with a

hymn of praise to our wonderful God followed by a celebratory lunch with lots

of great food and a huge 21st Birthday cake!

Ladies with 21st birthday cake

Young & Cowra // chip program // ben kosmeier

In the last week of June, ten members from Young and

Cowra churches were trained as facilitators for the CHIP health

program. As a practice run the Cowra church members planned

to immediately start an in-house program for their church

members to work out the details of the program.

One of our church members was talking to someone in the

community about the CHIP program and the conversation was

overheard by another lady. The second lady asked if she could join

the CHIP program as she had some very serious health issues she

needed assistance with. She was welcomed and whole-heartedly

committed herself to the program.

The first blood tests revealed some concerning results for a number

of the participants but after just 30 days following the optimal

diet, daily exercise and lifestyle changes the second blood test results

showed amazing improvements.

Pr. Kosmeier on right with CHIP participants

Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and weight had all lowered and were returning to recommended levels. Under the

supervision of their local medical practitioners medications were able to be reduced and in some cases eliminated completely.

After letterboxing 9000 brochures, mailing personal invitations to contacts from other health programs and door knocking the Young

church commenced their program on Sunday 7 October with 10 participants (2 community contacts). The 2 community contacts

came one from a personal invitation and the other from door knocking. The participants are enjoying the group support and noticeable

increasing health benefits.

Both of the churches have received a great blessing not only benefiting ourselves from the program but ministering to the health of

some in our community. This is what Jesus did when he blended the health and spiritual ministry together.

December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine 11

Prison Ministries

Central Pathfinders go to prison // Raymon Paletua

On the 7th of October 2018, six young people of the

Central Tablelands Pathfinders, and three parent

leaders, accompanied Pr. Raymon Paletua to Bathurst

Correctional Centre for a prison visit. It was an idea

that was birthed from seeing how eager young people

are to witness in our community, and wanting real life

ministry examples and situations. The group bravely

took up the opportunity to enter the minimum

security section of Bathurst prison, to visit with an

inmate who had not had a visit from family or friends

in the 8 months of his incarceration. It was a wonderful

opportunity for the group to not only see what it was

like inside prison walls, but also to witness, and offer

hope, and prayers, for the inmate. The inmate

gave the group a glimpse of what prison life was like,

and shared how the consequences of bad life choices

brought him to prison, into depression, and thoughts

of suicide. However, the visit from the group was

such an uplifting experience for the inmate, who

could hardly believe that complete strangers would be

willing to visit him, and pray over his life.

Pr. Raymon on left with Pathfinder team that visited the prison

The two Bathurst Prison Chaplains have both expressed their gratitude to the group for the positive impact their visit has had on the

inmate. The following paragraphs are the personal reflections of the children and parents who bravely stepped out of their comfort

zones, and brought light and hope into a dark place.

Christopher - 13yrs old:

Today I went to prison to visit an inmate. I thought it was going to be scary but it was not like I thought. I thought it was a good

experience to visit an inmate. He was a nice guy and so friendly.

Lucy - 16yrs old:

I found the experience interesting and eye opening. It was what I expected but it was still quite sad. The main thing that I saw was that

if people wanted to change to become a better person it would be very hard being surrounded by such a negative environment every

day. Although jails aren’t very happy places they can also really help some people to come closer with God through the chaplains and

local pastors, such as Pr. Ray. I think more people should visit prisoners and try to be more involved. I would be happy to do this sort

of thing again if it would be helpful to another prisoner.

Giaan - 10 yrs old:

A few days ago, I went to prison to see an inmate. At first, I was so excited and very comfortable because I was not the only one going.

But as I went in I was a bit scared. When we all sat down to wait for the inmate I had mixed emotions. When the inmate came in and

sat with us he told us his story and that was really sad that there are people in the world that are been treated like that. That just made

me want to do something about it. I will go again with my dad to see another inmate and help turn them to God.

Jacob - 15 yrs old:

This experience was amazing. I was a little scared at first as I had never been to a working jail before but when I got to know Logo I

was calm. The thing that mostly stood out to me was how God can change people’s lives no matter how good or bad a person’s life is

before meeting God.


December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine

Prison Ministries

Leo - 13 yrs old:

We got to see how scary jail is and the way the guards sometimes treat the prisoners can be unfair, like taking someone’s bible away.

It surprised me how prisoners can be such good people who just got in with the wrong crowd. The inmate we visited told us he would

sometimes think about suicide but instead he decided to find God.

Tara - 15 yrs old:

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength”

Going to the jail showed us that some of the inmates serve their time simply putting the entirety of their trust and hope in the Lord

without any knowledge of what is going to happen in the future. Prior to the visit I was completely blind to what happens behind the

jail walls. One inmate in particular expressed to us his daily struggle of uncertainty and hopelessness. He shared that one of the main

things that gets him through the long days is his faith. Being able to talk with a prisoner allowed all of us to really know how some

people struggle but can always come back to their faith, no matter what. He has asked that we pray for strength, hope and his family.

Dee - parent:

When Pastor Ray first asked us to visit the jail with him I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.

I was surprised to find that once we were inside the jail and got chatting to the inmate the more comfortable we all became. The

inmate opened up to us and I was honoured to be a part of the visit. I would love to visit again as seeing the enjoyment it gave to the

inmate was well worth it. Seeing the kids come out positive and excited to do it again was a blessing.

Megan - parent:

When Pastor Ray first suggested that we take some of the Pathfinders to the prison to visit an inmate I loved the idea, as far as the

impact it would have on our young people, but was also a bit hesitant about taking kids to a prison! I wasn’t sure how they would react

and what they would see, but I said yes, and started praying. Pastor Ray briefed us when we arrived at the prison on what to expect,

and explained the whole process to us, which helped make it less daunting. Being minimum security, it didn’t feel too much like a

prison, and the man we visited was a lovely, quiet, friendly guy. I think we were all surprised at how comfortable we felt once we were

visiting him. It was a privilege to have this opportunity, and I would be more than happy to visit prison again in the future. I look

forward to seeing what doors God opens for us, and for the inmates, as a result of this visit.

Kylie - parent

As soon as I read the email from Pr. Ray about this amazing opportunity I knew I couldn’t say no. I also knew there would be people

who wouldn’t understand why I would be willing to take my children into a prison with convicted criminals. The words of Jesus in

the book of Matthew rang clearly in my head, “I was in prison and you visited me”. I just knew it was the right thing to do.

Ray prepared us well before going in but there was still some nervous laughter from the group as we were being processed by the

guards upon arrival. One guard in particular seemed quite grumpy which I found slightly unnerving. Others were nicer and I relaxed

a little. Surprisingly it wasn’t until I met the prisoner we were booked in to see that I relaxed fully. He wasn’t what I expected at all. He

shared what his experience in jail had been like so far. He was very open and honest with us but never once did he complain. Although

each day begins and ends much the same as the last for him I couldn’t help but sense a strong feeling of uncertainty troubling him.

Uncertainty about who he could trust within the prison system, uncertain of when he will be moved on to the next prison, uncertain

of what life after prison looks like. We can pray that through all the uncertainty he can be certain that he has a Heavenly Father who

loved him before all this, loves him now and will love him eternally. As for the grumpy prison guard, we can pray for her too. By the

time we were leaving, I could see God was already softening her heart.

December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine



ATSIM Visits local churches // Julie Nagle

from left Dean Platt, Pr Ray Paletua, Pr Darren Garlett,

Pr Errol Webster

Over the last couple of months ATSIM has visited

some churches around the conference.

Thanks for the generosity and hospitality. Wallaga Lake

church members are prayer partnering with retired Pr Ray

Jackson, for the area prison ministry and contacts.

Wallaga Lake, Moruya and Bega

Church members were blessed to receive ADRA Disaster

Relief Training from Janice Frey (ADRA).


This visit included sharing the gospel with the local

church members and attending the local NAIDOC Day

of which Ann-Louise and Sharon Milnes were part of the

key organizing team. It was a great day with lots of fun.

The ABS stats advise that Narromine has 1282 Indigenous

people in its area.


The ATSIM team shared the gospel and showed how we can take it to the world with an intentional focus on Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islanders. The ABS stats advise that Albury has 1412 Indigenous people in its area. A great question was asked - how do I meet

Aboriginal people if we don’t walk the same paths? The response was - go where God leads, move as God leads, speak as God directs.

Prayer was made for the congregation to see, to hear and follow God’s leads as they unfold.

Please continue to support ATSIM with your prayers and by making local contacts. If you would like to receive the Good News

Magazine to support your local ministry please contact


December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine


ATSIM Visits local churches // Julie Nagle

Janice Frey on left with Marion Campbell from Wallaga Lake

Julie Nagle in green top with Ann Loise Stonestreet on her left

and Sharon Milnes on Julie’s right with friends and family

ADRA - Bowral Spring Fest // Sarina Taituave

The ADRA Four Seasons Community

Garden – Bowral was alive with activity on

Sunday 21 October as Bowral church members

and the garden working team pulled together to

make Spring Fest a success.

A mild, calm day encouraged a steady trickle of

people to come to the garden where they listened

to short talks on gardening themes, browsed an

array of stalls, and enjoyed lunch or a snack.

The goals for the event were amply achieved, as

people discovered that we have a community

garden in Bowral, enjoyed the activities of the

day and contributed towards our fundraising

goals. Also a number of people expressed an

interest in becoming a member of the garden

team or in receiving information about upcoming

events. We believe that God had his hand

over this event and that He will prosper our

garden to the honour of His name.

December 2018 | IMPRINTmagazine



18+ Festival

8-11 February, 2019

// Stuarts Point, NSW


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