Why Frozen Products?

When you want to offer your customers fresh products, consider the frozen

products and their ADVANTAGES compared to the traditional ones:


Our company supplies a large range of frozen products guaranteed by Panovia

registered trademarks:

Save money Save time Save space Enjoy diversity

You will buy only the

products you need, in the

quantities you need,

managing stocks


The baking lasts just a

few minutes, with no

additional time needed

for each separate stage

of preparation.

Frozen products require

reduced storage space

and you no longer need

special areas for the

various ingredients

necessary in traditional


Think of the variety you

can present in your


“Morarita” products offer anyone the chance

of showing their creativity. From fillo dough or

puff pastry dough one can create the most

original and delicious products, from

traditional pies to cakes, strudels or other

sweet and salty recipes.

Who doesn't like to be different, sophisticated,

talented in the kitchen but also thoughtful with his

friends? Choose "Ema" when you want to invite your

friends to dinner and offer them something special,

unique, that represents you. And notice their

admiration glances when they taste any of the

goodies you have just taken out of the oven!


By observing strict hygiene procedures and by closely monitoring manufacturing

procedures, we have implemented:

ISO 9001:2008 (TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 100 74383)

ISO 22000:2005 (TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 154 10058)

FSSC 22000 (TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 160 13015)


Is the guarantee of a delicious, authentic Romanian

product, made with the best ingredients.

Panovia is the brand for our professional segment,

the "oven" where we “bake” together the best

solutions for offering your customers fresh pastry

and bakery products.


This is one of our permanent concerns and we always have in mind

sustainable development when grounding the company's decisions.

Having over 80 employees, our company provides jobs for the

inhabitants of Oltenita and surrounding areas. Most of the ingredients

we use at Panovia are made in Romania, thus supporting local



PANOVIA is the ideal partner for small and large consumers, providing a large range

of frozen pastry, viennoiseries and bakery products.

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