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Three Milliners

Redefining Your Looks!

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Editor’s Letter

And so, the Governor, who threatened ‘body bags’

says the number of the dead is now 130. For

evidence, we are to take his words and a list? No trail

of blood or armature pictures, no crying mothers,

wives, bereaved fathers, as we see on television when

other parts of the states get attacked?

In a community that Channels Television describes

as ‘scarcely populated,’ 130 in one swoop would have

emptied the community and there should have been

no end to the outcry. Don’t get me wrong; we should

not tolerate the wanton killing of any Nigerian; every

Nigerian life matters. However, in this case of 130,

there are no bodies, only a media tour by the

Governor, the police, some army chiefs and a

promised list. As Olumide would say,’ story for the


To our story, the death of fashion icon, Karl

Lagerfeld, threw the fashion world into mourning.

Like Coco Chanel in her days, Karl had a significant

influence on the fashion direction from his early days,

and into the 21st Century. We celebrate the man Karl

in a tribute by Jemi Ekunkunbor, PP 4-5 and Five of

his iconic gowns, on p 3.

On our cover, we feature three

women who are peddling the hat

as a high fashion accessory. No

small thanks to these women, the

Western and African inspired gele

have become a must-have essential

accomplice for the fashion forward.

See pp for more.

It has been quite a week!

Have a great new one!















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Five Iconic Gowns By

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld: Home

Call Of A Fashion



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Three Milliners

Redefining Your Look!


“There is only one happiness

in this life, to love and be


- George Sand

“Either write something

worth reading or do

something worth writing”.

- Benjamin Franklin

“Never let a fool kiss you, or

a kiss fool you”.

- Joey Adams






By Karl Lagerfeld

By - Yemisi Suleiman

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died at the age

of 85 in Paris last Tuesday, February 19. The larger-thanlife

personality has been described as one of the most

successful and prolific designers in history, with an array

of credits to his name. The German-born Lagerfeld was

artistic director of three separate brands, Italy’s Fendi,

France’s Chanel, one of the world’s richest labels and his

eponymous line.

As Karl Lagerfeld passes, we look at five of his Iconic

dresses as seen on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga

American pop star Lady

Gaga is famous for her

standout looks, and for

the opening of Gaga’s

Workshop at Barneys

New York in 2011, she

went especially big in a

custom creation from

Karl himself: This fullskirted

white ballgown

(complete with petticoat)

was inspired by the

brand’s classic suits, plus

a matching Chanel bag.

Roos Abels

Roos Abels for Chanel

Haute Couture Spring

2017. The full ball gown

skirts that swish and

swirl was the centre of

attraction and Karl’s

reaffirmation of his

love for feminine frills.



had her Cinderella

moment at the 73rd

Academy Awards

in 2001, wearing a

silk ballgown skirt

and a sheer, offthe-shoulder


designed by Karl





actress Nicole

Kidman established

her reign as a

standout on the red

carpet in 2004, when

she arrived at the

Oscars in a strapless

blueish-grey gown

with beaded and

feather appliqués.




Sex and the City star

Sarah Jessica Parker

also embraced the

timeless creations of

Chanel. The actress

was lovely in lemonhued

silk-satin look

in 2010, at the 82nd

Annual Academy


February 24, 2019 /




Home call of a fashion


By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

The creative world was thrown into

mourning last Tuesday when news

broke of the death of German

Haute Couture designer, Karl


Lagerfeld, 85, one of the most acclaimed

fashion designers in the world, died in

American Hospital of Paris, following

complications from pancreatic cancer.

The fashion icon’s state of health had

become worrisome to industry practitioners

after he missed Chanel’s show in Paris

earlier last month.

Since his death on Tuesday, tributes

have continued to pour in for Chanel’s late

artistic director. For a man who bestrode

the global fashion world like a colossus for

over half a century, British Fashion Council

Chief Executive Caroline Rush noted: “We

are deeply saddened to learn the news of

Karl Lagerfeld’s passing today. His unique

contribution to the fashion industry changed

the way women dress and perceive fashion.

He inspired generations of young designers

and will continue to do so.”

Born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt in Hamburg,

Germany on September 10, 1933, to Christian

and Elizabeth Lagerfeldt, the young Karl

grew up in a wealthy home with his older

sister Martha and a half-sister Thea. Reports

indicate that intellectual activities were

encouraged at their home especially with his

mum who was an accomplished violin player.

From an early age, Karl Lagerfeld picked up

interest in fashion and often cut out pictures

from fashion magazines and was also critical

of what others wore to school. That early

experience seemed to set the tone for the

pursuit of his passion. At just 14 years old, he

made the decision, with the approval of his

parents, to move to Paris.

Two years later in 1954, he submitted

a series of sketches and fabric samples

to a design competition organised by

the Secrétariat International de la Laine

(International Wool Association), where he

emerged first place in the coat category.

In that competition, he met another winner,

Yves Saint Laurent, with whom he became life

long, close friend and associate.

The coat which Lagerfeld had sketched was

later produced by Pierre Balmain who offered

Karl Lagerfeld, a job as his assistant and then


/ February 24, 2019


Nigerian Designers

Pay Tribute To Karl


The death of Chanel and Fendi art director who passed on last

Tuesday, shook the fashion world, reverberating even here in

Nigeria. As the creative world mourns, designers back home

pay tribute to the fashion legend whose craft they all admired.

as an apprentice.

Between 1957 and 1967, he traversed several fashion houses

doing what he knows how to do best; Jean Patoux (1957), Fendi

(1965), Chloe (1964). He was also at one time, a freelance

designer shuttling fashion capitals; England, France, Italy and


One of his achievements included being the first fashion

designer to introduce perfume, CHLOE, without having his


Early in the ‘80s, he was named art director of the house of

Chanel. Here, he brought a near dead brand back to life.

And finally, in 1984, the fashion house, Karl Lagerfeld was

born. It became a label reputed for quality tailoring. In other to be

commercially accepted, Lagerfeldt drooped the “t” at the end of

his surname.

The visionary designer known for continually reinventing

himself in 1987, moved behind the lens to start shooting his

campaigns. He has since become renowned for his work as a

photographer, with many of his images published by Steidl in

book forms.

His track record of successes is unrivalled. He was a jewel

in the fashion world, and the press greatly celebrated him.

Karl Lagerfeld’s relevance laid in his cutting-edge approach

to style. His perspective on fashion and pop culture was novel,

original and refreshing. At the turn of the century in 2000,

he changed his look and redefined his image after losing 42

kilograms with a self- diet. A book, The 3D Diet, was published

about the experience.

The achievements of the award-winning designer are

legion. He was the first designer in the world to be asked by

fashion giant H&M to collaborate on a capsule collection of 30


In 2008, he made history when his name was added to Le

Petit Larousse Illustré, France’s most iconic dictionary.

Two years later, he received the Couture Council Fashion

Visionary Award from the Fashion Institute of Technology

(FIT) in New York.

In 2017, he designed two spectacular suites in the iconic

Hôtel de Crillon in Paris. He was also named the recipient of

the “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the British Fashion

Awards and the John B. Fairchild Award by WWD.

Karl Lagerfeld was a man of style. Years of working at

Chanel helped to shape his style which became iconic- a

classic men’s three-piece suit of black or grey colour, high,

stiff collars, leather gloves, white hair in a ponytail and

his compelling dark glasses that became renowned. He

maintained this signature looks till death.

He was, by all means, a man used to style and luxury.

He was a walking advert of his work, a true testament to

class and style. For him to have done fashion for over six

decades, he must have loved his craft. He had a significant

influence on many young designers.

Karl Lagerfeld never married. Fashion was his love and

life and perhaps, his cat chaupette, whom he became

devoted to since 2012.

His death left a high vacuum that will be hard to fill.


Karl Lagerfeld’s death Is a huge loss to the fashion world.

He was an iconic ,creative and brilliant designer,artist

and photographer who revitalized the famous house

of Chanel and remained the creative designer for 36

successful years. He was able to collaborate with other

design houses like Fendi and have his own eponymous

label. After dramatically loosing over 40 kilos of his weight,

he courted controversy criticizing models, singers,and popular

figures all geared towards drawing attention to himself and promoting

his fashion business. He definitely was a unique one, the fashion world

will miss his immense influence.

Frank Osodi

He was an unforgettable fashion icon and has left a void

no one can fill. He saw art in every form or shade and

was intensely passionate about creating something out

of nothing. He was a powerful piece of artwork himself

in the physical and in mannerism. Above all, his creative

prowess, I will miss him for all his unapologetic quotes!!!

Dame Zizi Cardow

I heard the news at the London fashion week about

taking a bow!!!!

He was for me an epitome of all things class, culture and

charisma. His love and appreciation of all art forms are

genuinely inspiring. A perfect, larger than life maestro,

whose works shaped and defined fashion as we know it. He

was the epitome of “man, know thyself”.

He had this dedication to his style and look that it became him: the

versatility in the interpretation of natural objects as seen through his

camera lens, to a breathing collection of his sunglasses!!!

Nikki Khiran

Karl Lagerfeld, the prolific designer, icon and curator of style

passed away last Tuesday. He defined luxury fashion in the

21st century, made black chic, and turned dark glasses and

ponytail into a stylish, fresh, creative force that never stood

still for 85 years; he presents a fashion god and will be missed.

Joan Ibuzo

Karl Lagerfeld was an epitome of his aristocratic world of

luxury, a dream achieved and maintained on his terms. I

appreciate his distinct approach to his art, his apt attention

to brand identity and quality. He reminded me of being

disciplined to attain and retain excellence.

A great Fashion page has just closed for life. May his soul rest

in perfect peace. Amen

Funmi Ajila Ladipo

Karl Lagerfeld was one of my greatest icons. He inspired me in

my growing up years as a designer. The fashion industry will

miss a legend. He was creativity itself.

He was one man that inspired me big time. No limit, no border.

February 24, 2019 /







/ February 24, 2019


Three Milliners

Redefining Your


Words By - Linda Orajekwe

The spotlight on the Nigerian fashion

industry, limited to fashion designers,

footwear and handbags do not pay

much attention to millinery.

The reason for this is not far fetched. Nigerians,

women especially, have not embraced the

glamorous headgear wearing culture. Hence, it

is no surprise that they haven’t received the

spotlight they rightly deserve.

In this edition of Allure, we spoke to three

milliners, whose innovative works are gradually

shaping the Nigerian millinery industry. Their

pieces are on your favourite celebrities on the

red carpet and glamorous events. In this

interview, they share their journey and striving

to be different from the rest of the fashion pack is

helping them grow their empire



Creative Director : Nelly Mesik

Photography : Ahmed Moore

Hair : Ifeanyi For Indulgence Hair Affairs

Styling : Styled By Seun

Makeup: For Abeke : Adamma Kenneth

Others : Debrene Beauty

Location : Trish O Luxury Interiors , VI, Lagos

All outfits are from Trish O Couture

February 17, 24, 2019 / 97


However, running a small business in Nigeria can be

challenging. Assuming my business operated in the

Western world, where the system worked effectively,

those challenged would not suffice because their system


What are some of the challenges you’re still facing?

The present challenges that my business is facing are

poor electricity, traffic; which can cause a delay in

delivery, difficulty in sourcing quality material and


What inspires you when you create your hats?

Because we offer bespoke services, clients’

personality come to play when creating products.

Secondly, nature and the environment inspire my

creativity, and I love crafting with feathers.

When you started as a hat maker, how did you

expand it to make it a structured business?

I restructured in terms of making it a separate entity

from myself. For instance, I outsourced the financial

account, created a business procedure, staffing and


What’s your greatest achievement so far since

starting this business?

Since I started this business, I’ve had series of

achievements that I’m grateful for and some of them are;

being able to increase my client base from 50 to

thousands, being able to establish strong customer trust,

and birthing other successful businesses.

What’s the most challenging time for you as a

creative businesswoman and how were you able to

handle it?

The most difficult times were when I experienced

insatiable customers, to the extent where I went extra

miles to create multiple pieces to please them.

What do you think of the Nigerian millinery industry,

compared to millinery industries in other parts of the


Although we are still behind when it comes to this

industry because they’re a lot of things done better than

we are doing, the truth is we’re gradually coming up and

hopefully; we will.

How do you differentiate your creations from other

works in the market?

The market is getting saturated with products like

mine, but with Ambassador 50, some things will always

stand out. Some of them are; quality, styles of my

products, and seamless finishing and this distinguishes

me from the rest.


- Defining Your Look With Every Creation...

From being a wealth manager to managing her wealth, CEO of Ambassador

50, Ulasi-Onwughalu Onyinyechi has carved a path for herself in the

millinery industry, through what used to be her love for headpieces.

Started in 2014, the Managing Director of Ambassador 50, through

consistency and keen observation of the industry and fashion has grown not

just as a creator but also as an innovator in the craft, feeding her market that

is in dire need of her services.

In this interview with Allure, Onyinyechi takes us through her journey,

challenges the Nigerian Milliners face and how the Nigerian Millinery industry

can grow to a global standard.

How can you compare the millinery industry in

Nigeria, then and now?

What are some of the things you think have changed

and things that can improve?

We’ve come a long way in terms of market

acceptance and appreciation. Nigerians have begun to

appreciate locally made crafts unlike before. However,

we need to be more innovative and original.

Who are some of the women that inspire you, to


Over the years I’ve been inspired by a lot of great

women, but two of them stand out. They’re Mrs Nkiru

Anumudu and the late Princess Diana.

How do you find time to balance family and work

with your businesses?

Over time, living in Lagos has made me more

discipline in terms of time allocation. I have developed a

work-life balance that has enabled my work efficiently

during the day, and to care for my family when I return

from work.

What would you say is the place of a hat in the

styling of a woman?

A hat is like the spice in your jollof/pepper soup

(Laughs). It can take your look from a 60 to 100, in a


How did you start millinery?

My love for headwear prompted me to learn it. I often

got compliments from people who asked where I bought

them, and that’s how a business opportunity came.

What were some of the challenges you faced, trying

to make people believe in your brand as a hat


In the beginning, there was the challenge of flawless

and seamless execution. It was initially difficult to

persuade customers to accept my pricing, but over time,

my clients didn’t see my products as expensive, because

they realized that I used quality materials.

How’s the experience so far and how do you think it

would’ve been different in other countries?

Generally, I’m pleased with the acceptance and

appreciation that my clients have shown for my products.

Consequently, I’m motivated to increase my innovation

and keep them interested.

What’s the favourite piece of work you’ve created?

My favourite piece of work would have to be

The Wand Fan, (hand fan with the long handle). The

wand fan was a piece I created in January 2017. It

became quite popular; I didn’t expect it would gain much

market recognition and acceptance.

How would you describe your eating habit?

Hahaha. I nibble a lot, but I’m a healthy eater.

How fashionable would you say you are, and what’s


/ February 24, 2019

your style?

I’m moderately fashionable. However, I relish wearing

excellent pieces. My style is modern chic.

You have the opportunity to start all over again, what

are you changing and what are you keeping?

I probably wouldn’t change much other than my time.

I would have started earlier. On the other hand, I would

still keep my organic growth rate; that is, my ability to start


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received while

running your business?

“Maintain a great customer relationship, because they

are the best marketers.”

What are some of the things you’ve learned over the

years as a businesswoman?


Some of the things I’ve learned over the years in this

business is “honesty;’ gaining customer‘s trust is

essential, and being consistent.

What’s the grand plan for your brand?

The grand plan for Ambassador50 is to be a global

bridal and millinery brand to reckon.


- Redefining The Art Of Gele...

The heart of a successful business lies an innovative

mind which continually wants to disrupt the norm,

deform the usual to reform and create something new

and extraordinary, and it is on this foundation Funmi

Olorinola of Abeke Makeover has created her Avante

Garde headpieces popularly known as, the auto-gentle.

Starting her business with the makeup part of beauty,

Funmi Olorinola has evolved into an innovator in the

beauty sector, through her innovation of the ‘auto

gentle.’ This innovation was born out of the need to

create variety for African women in every part of the

world, who want to look African, yet chic. Who wants to

make a statement without going through the stress of

time the traditional gele would take.

This creation has gone on to be her signature in the

beauty and millinery industry. In this interview, she

talks about the inspiration behind every autogele, and

how she can differentiate her creation to the copycats

in the market.

make people believe in your brand as a makeup artist and also as an auto

gele producer, considering the auto gele was new to the scene?

Initially, when the autogele was first rolled out, Bellanaija did a post about us.

We got great reviews from clients who loved the idea of having their gele ready to

wear, and we also got critics who tried all they could to deride the autogele and

what it stands for.

In the midst of all these, I decided to ignore all adverse reactions surrounding

my autogele brand, and instead focus on being the best Makeup artist I could be

and perfect my autogele until it becomes a MUST-HAVE item in the wardrobe of

every lady, who is fashion forward. This mindset helped me, and now, almost every

female celebrity is a proud owner of one or two Abeke Autogele.

How has the experience so far been having a business like yours in Nigeria

and how do you think it would’ve been different in other countries?

In Nigeria, the challenges facing businesses like mine are just too numerous to

mention. However, I have always been a firm believer in the fact that anything that

happens to anyone of us is pre-destined and happened that way for a reason.

Funding is a preeminent challenge affecting business in Nigeria. Because the

hope of every business owner is to run the company to a level that it can take off on

its own and start generating significant profit after a period of time, but when the

market is affected by a lot of many other factors like lack of government’s support,

inefficient logistics, lack of raw materials; running the business becomes a

herculean task.

Whereas if one were to run the same business in a western country, one would

have easy access to grants and other support the company may need.

Despite all these, however, I knew that God who gave me the idea of the

autogele did so, knowing He will equip me with every strength and resources to

So, tell us about your journey and how you started the auto gele.

It wasn’t that I specifically came up with the idea of auto gele out of the blues.

I have been a makeup artist & I’ve been offering gele services for a while, but at

a point, I got fed up of seeing the same gele style used irrespective of the

occasions. For instance, imagine the generational gap between a 22-year-old

bride and a 70-year-old Grandma, we usually end up tying the same styles due

to lack of variations. Being the proactive person I am, I started thinking of what I

could do that is different from the usual, but still appear stylish, unique and

beautiful. To begin with, I started switching up the styles of my more matured

clients, by tilting it to the side or moving it forward a bit, all the while working with

the same common gentle pattern. I made finding a solution to the lack of gele

variations my intention; after I watched a TV programme. Soon enough, the

opportunity to showcase what I created, came in the form of a call from a

wedding magazine. They wanted me to make up and tie gele for a celebrity they

were featuring on their cover on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary.

I saw this as a challenge, which I readily took up. On the D-day, we did the

whole shoot, and everything went very well. Once the shoot was over, I asked

the celebrity in question if I could try a new gele style on her. She readily agreed.

I tied what later became known as the “Abeke Gele” on her head. Everyone

loved it, but I knew I had not finished. I wanted the gele to be durable and stay

perfect throughout the whole day. I had to go back to the basics and come up

with a way to make it better. Later on, when orders started coming in from

abroad and knowing I have no control over how the outcome will be when it is

not done correctly, especially when tied, I knew I had to come up with something

better- like a hat, that you use over and over again. So, I came up with the idea

of using a Velcro strap in the gele. Velcro look took us about four months of

going back and forth, and some extra fine tuning, before we finally got it right. It is

not to say; we are resting on our oars. We will continually look for ways to still

make the auto gele the best there is anywhere.

What sets us apart is our Innovativeness. We always show our clients that:

whenever they hire us, we always go out of our way to make sure that we make

everything work; this includes providing quick solutions to any issues or

challenges that may arise. All these boils down to us giving our clients the very

best value for what he/she paid.

What were some of the challenges you faced, in the beginning, trying to

February 24, 2019 / 9


surmount all obstacles that will arise in the course of

running the brand.

What are some of the challenges you’re still


We still have challenges with government’s support

via loans /grants, easy access to raw materials for the

autogele production, epileptic power supply- we run

output of the autogele on gele for the significant part of

the time. We also have other factors that involve

clients. Some are indecisive, some no matter what you

do, you can’t seem to satisfy them, in the end, there

will be a lot of back and forth before the business

concludes. It is what sets us apart. However; we have

to meet our customer’s expectations before we can

find that the business transaction between them and

us is complete.

What inspires the different kind of gele you


The inspiration for me usually comes when I’m

working. Most of the styles that we eventually end up

making into autogeles are styles that come about

while tying a gele style on someone’s head; taking my

cue from the kind of makeup on her face and the outfit

she had on at the time. Whenever this happens, the

styles come out fantastic, and everyone around

usually wants the styles recreated.

This demand is what prompts my team and me to

make that particular style into an autogele; from there,

we can come up with variations of the gele techniques.

Who was your first celebrity client in both makeup

and auto gele and how did that happen?

My first Celebrity in makeup is Mrs Yemisi

Suswam, wife of the then Benue State Governor, that

was in 2008. For Autogele; specifically, the Icon Gele,

my first celebrity client was Temi Dollface; she was the

reason I created the icon Gele, before any other gele


What’s your greatest achievement so far since

starting this business?

I feel my greatest achievement is still way ahead of

me. I’m forever grateful though for all what I’ve

achieved so far like the Innovation & creation of

Autogele and opening the first online Autogele School.

These achievements have earned us public

recognition and awards like the ‘Hottest Makeup Artist

in Nigeria’ at the City People Awards (2010) as well as

the ‘Best Makeup Artist’ at the Glam & Essence

Awards in 2015.

What do you think of the Nigerian creative

industry compared to creative industries in other

parts of the world?

We are amazingly creative & talented in Nigeria

despite our limitations, and when compared to other

countries worldwide, I think we hold our own

fantastically well. And by God’s Grace, when we have

a better structure in place, there will certainly be room

for better improvement and a broader avenue for us to

unleash our full potential. Right now, the future

creatives are the accountants, the bankers, the

customer representatives who for lack of funding to

start their businesses have to make do with whatever

they can find.

I, however, have faith that very soon Nigeria will get

to the same level as other developed countries.

Your creation of auto gele has made the craft

famous in the market. How can one differentiate

your piece from other copies of auto geles in the


My creation of auto gele has made the craft

famous in the market because through it we have

brought about numerous job opportunities, to

previously unemployed graduates out there. Some of

these graduates now have their autogele brands and

staff who work for them.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have made such

a positive impact on people and by extension the

world at large. In regards to copycats, there will always

be one of these, however, what sets Abeke autogeles

apart is our signature styling of the geles. We make

sure our autogeles, irrespective of the style always sit

effortlessly on the wearer’s head, like a perfectly tied

gele, such that, people who see you won’t get to know,

unless you tell them; unlike other ones out there, that

resembles a cap and it’s quite apparent it is an


How can you compare the beauty industry in

Nigeria then and now, what are some of the things

you think have changed and things to improve?

The difference between the beauty industry of then

and now, is that we have significantly evolved, unlike

before when we import practically all our makeup

products and encountered difficulties in finding

suitable ones for specific skin types. Now, with

innovations, some of our makeup industry pioneers

like House of Tara, Zaron, BMPro etc. have taken

steps to produce beauty products that match all skin

types, caters to all our needs, suits our weather and

colouring as well.

Today, there is also the fact that creativity is very

much alive. We are beginning to step out of our

comfort zones and willing to explore the makeup and

the beauty industry in general. Every lady irrespective


- Creating Wealth From Her

Love For Unique Headpieces


/ February 24, 2019


fficially started in April 2010, Doris Chii

Nwagwu had no idea she will be that

businesswoman who found a means of wealth

in what she considers a hobby but fate as we

know it comes with its agenda. With the desire

to enhance the style of every woman, Doris

created in a hobby, Omoge Collections, a

millinery brand that caters to the fashionable

need of women from beautifully handcrafted

couture hats, ready to wear


pieces,bridal bouquet,bridal hand fans,beaded

jewelry and turbans which have graced

celebrities and personalities in Nigeria and

other parts of the world.

In this interview, the CEO of Omo Couture

highlights the cultural shift the classic African

gele experienced with the introduction of hats

and fascinating headpieces and also on how

African women have embraced both fashion

culture as a weapon to enhance their styles in

various occasions.

of status wants to look beautiful, so basically, we have a

larger client base of clients, who appreciate makeup

and are willing to pay for it.

Who are some of the women that inspire you from

beginning to date?

Some of the women that inspired me are: Tara Fela

Durotoye, Mrs Bukky George, Mrs Oluwole, who,

although not a very popular name, has been a great

inspiration. Women who are doing great stuff and who

refuse to let circumstances define or stop them; these

set of people are my inspiration.

How do you find time to balance family and work

with your businesses?

Balance for me is permanently a work in progress,

but it’s certainly much better than before.

When I initially started, I missed out on a lot of

together time with my family. I barely saw them; I was

asleep when they were up, or they had slept before I

returned. It was a learning curve for me, I knew I

couldn’t go on like this, and I have to find a balance

between my business and my family, not allow one to

suffer at the expense of the other, so I moved my

business closer to my home.

Right now, although still a work in progress, I feel

like I have things fairly balanced out. I’m the one who

decides where I want to be, or what I want to do and at

what time in particular, and my business, family life is all

the better for it.

Do you have a skincare/beauty routine? Please tell

us about it.

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I’m

cautious with whatever I eat, or anything at all that I

bring into my body. I believe that whatever I consume,

excellent or bad has a way of reflecting on my skin; so I

try to eat healthy and well. I always make sure I

exfoliate regularly and use tons of moisturizer to

lubricate my skin.

What’s that makeup product you’ll always have in

your purse and why?

No matter where I go, it’s a must I have my powder,

my Lipgloss and maybe some tissue to dab at my face

whenever it’s feeling oily.

How would you describe your eating habit?

Due to the nature of my work as a makeup artist, my

eating habits can sometimes be erratic especially when

I’m on the go. I, however, ensure that I detox with warm

water & Lemon first thing very early in the morning. I

then have my first meal of the day around 11 am, which

will hold me till approximately 5 or 6 pm before I have

my final meal of the day.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received while

running your business?


“In any business transaction, the client is supposed

to win, and you as the vendors feel good”. As a result, I

always try to ensure that everyone involved in our

transaction wins and is satisfied. For instance, I often

come across people who can’t afford to buy my

products & services, rather than just let them go, I try to

suggest an alternative that they will be happy with and

which will suit what they need.

It’s this “extra care” that we show that has helped us

with our brand as some of them end up becoming our


What are some of the things you’ve learned over

the years as a businesswoman?

I’ve learned to always aim for the sky instead of a

tree because if at all I’m to fall from the sky, I can still

land on the tree, but if I choose the tree to aim at, I’ll

end up on the ground while falling.

For me, IT means that with my brand, I aim for the

highest standard I can achieve; I strive for excellence

and ensure I create value.

What’s the grand plan for your brand?

My Grand plan is to be the best go-to brand when it

comes to making up and autogele Production, to raise

the bar in terms of innovations in the beauty Industry

and become a known name in every household.

How did you start millinery and why the name Omoge Collection?

Being a creative person millinery started as a hobby for me. Asides “Omoge”

being a pet name I’ve always had, I decided to use it as a brand name because

in the Yoruba word “Omoge” which means Style, Fashion and trendy. Hence the

brand name Omoge Collections.

What were some of the challenges you faced, in the beginning, trying to

make people believe in your brand as a hat maker?

Like every other business with its teething problems, I had issues with

convincing, first off my family and friends that I was creative enough to make a

living out of a hobby. It was hard but I’m glad they came around.

How’s the experience so far having a business like yours in Nigeria and

how do you think it would’ve been different in other countries?

Basically the culture difference. Here in Nigeria, we’re used to our ‘Gele’ so it

takes a lot of convincing to go contemporary with the hats and fascinators.

What are some of the challenges you’re still facing in your business/


An important one to mention would be the availability of the materials to

create and make some trendy hats and not being available will affect production

and chains of supply which might affect the costing.

What inspires you when you create your hats?

My two major inspiration will be God and Nature, just seeing the things around

me can spark up something new.

When you started as a hat maker, how did you expand it to make it a

structured business?

Being Creative enough to meet up with clients demands, making quality hats

at reasonable and affordable prices, training, exhibitions, and shows.

What’s your greatest achievement so far since starting this business?

My greatest achievement since I started Omoge Collections are seeing my

customers satisfied, that brings great joy, increased clientele base, recognition,

and Awards.

What’s your most difficult time for you as a creative businesswoman and

how were you able to handle it?

Having a picture/Imaginations in my head and trying to interpret and bring it

to life, that can be really difficult but I try my best to get past that block and focus

on what needs to be done.

What do you think of the Nigerian millinery industry compared to millinery

industries in other parts of the world you’ve been opportune to know


As earlier said Culture difference, millinery is a borrowed trend in this part of

the world and people are yet to place value on our works thus we get

underpaid for it.

How do you differentiate your creations from other works in the market?

Our Hats and fascinators are known for their uniqueness in designs and

most of our materials are sourced from outside the country.

How can you compare the millinery industry in Nigeria then and now,

what are some of the things you think have changed and things that can

be improved on?

More Awareness, now an average fashion conscious Nigerian woman

knows she can fuse the “gele “ her culture is known for and the hat of the

western world depends on the occasion and that versatility is beautiful to


Who are some of the women that inspire you from beginning till date?

I’ve always been Inspired by my mother and some other amazing women

like Folorunso Alakija, Oprah Winfrey and Ibukun Awosika mention but a few.

How do you find time to balance family and work with your businesses?

I try to put a balance so as to come out winning in all so I create time for

work when I’m at work and family when I’m home or not working. It’s not easy

to do but you have to find time so that one don’t suffer because of the other.

What would you say is the place of a hat in the styling of a woman? What

vibe does a hat give your look?

A hat is the crowning glory of a woman’s look. When a good hat is donned,

you’ll see Elegance, Classique, Regal and Panache, attributes that most

women love to associate themselves with.

What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created and how?

I wouldn’t say I have a special piece because I’m emotionally attached to

all my works/creations, so no special one, no favorite.. they’re all special.

How would you describe your eating habit?

I’m not particularly a heavy eater, I prefer eating light and healthy.

How fashionable would you say you are and what’s your personal style


My style is similar to my eating habit, I aim for simplicity and comfortability

You have the opportunity to start all over again, what are you changing

and what are you keeping starting back with?

My journey has been a learning process for me so far so I don’t think I’ll

want to change anything. It has been a learning process that made me a

better person and “Omoge Collections” the brand that it is.

February 24, 2019 / 11

By - Rita Okoye

Shile Ismaila is a digital marketing

expert with over eight years of


She is a married mum of one, who

created ‘African Mommy;’ a free forum

platform, where moms and women of

African origin can collaborate, share

experiences, create their groups,

empower, celebrate, educate and

support each other.

The forum also provides information

to women, on pregnancy, fitness,

growth mindset, parenting, beauty,

relationships, African culture and

many more, through experts in this


In this interview, the United Kingdombased

Nigerian shares her plans and

visions for her new project, African


What is African Mommy ?

African Mommy is a forum for moms and

women of African origin. The platform aims to

provide a support network that empowers and

celebrates mothers and women for who they

are and encourages them to be the best version

of themselves. At African Mommy, we laugh

together, we cry together and we take life’s

journey together. Every woman finds an equal

place. Their hopes, dreams and fears matter to


Women get the opportunity to connect

with our medical practitioners, stay fit with

other African moms, get pregnancy tips and be

inspired by different African cultures, fashion

and food.

Also, there is a chance for women to create

their own tribe by starting a group, connect

with like-minded women and summon the

courage to speak their truth.

How do you intend to achieve all these?

My aim is to communicate this to the

world and passionately as possible focusing

on the benefits women get from the platform.

At the moment we have a website forum,

where people can go and find out insightful



Shile Ismaila

/ February 24, 2019

shile ismaila

information on all the areas I mentioned earlier.

African Mommy works with amazing

professional contributors in the medical, fitness,

parenting, beauty and growth mindset field, who

provide us with helpful tips, article and videos in

this area.

On the forum, women can log in to share

their experiences, while also encouraging others.

They share, connect, inform and educate one

another, and my aim is to ensure the community

thrives and succeeds at it.

What gave birth to such a project?

The first reason I started the project was

to make my little contribution to improving

maternity mortality. Maternal mortality in Sub-

Saharan Africa is still the highest in the world,

with low-income countries having 1 in 41 women

being affected as reported by Unicef. When I was

pregnant, I did a lot of reading and heard lots of

stories from people who had experienced this

tragedy, through friends and families.

After so much research, it came to light that

some of the reasons for these deaths could

have easily being avoided and in some cases, if

women were equipped with enough information

about their pregnancy, this may have helped.

It could be something as simple as knowing

what they should do at a particular time of the

pregnancy, or finding out they have gestational

diabetic and knowing how to treat it, and many


My husband is a medical doctor, so I thought

to combine my digital skills with his medical

knowledge, tap into his network to provide

helpful information, contribute my own quota to

assisting mothers and women in general.

The second reason I created African Mommy

was to create a forum community for women

with common backgrounds and origin. A place

where everyone feels proud and comfortable

discussing their heritage and experiences

without being judged.

I’m an African living in the diaspora and

things from experience, become complicated

when discussing my culture with non-Africans.

African Mommy was created as a nonjudgmental

forum where women and moms of

African origin are comfortable speaking about

their culture, heritage, relationships, wellbeing,

growth mindset and also get a chance to

connect with other moms and women, learn

about other cultures and support themselves

in their journey to being the best version of


What happens in a situation where a

troubled mom wants to relate with a

medical doctor one on one, is there any

arrangement for that?

We have medics available online and they

would be willing to help. Please note we don’t

pay any fees to our medics as they are only

volunteering their time, they can only help

with providing basic support and for serious

cases, the mom would be referred to see her

doctor as we don’t have such services for now.

How long has African Mommy been on?

We kicked off in February 2017.

How has the journey been?

Yeah. It’s almost over a year now and it

has been as fantastic as it?s been difficult. We

have grown from zero to 34,000 following

on Instagram worldwide for example. The

connection has been so awesome as well. We

are rapidly building stronger and supportive

African women community globally.

There is this saying that women of these

days don’t support themselves, how

true is that in a relationship with your

vision for African Mommy?

People say that a lot, but I don’t necessarily

agree or disagree with the notion because I

know people speak about this from their own

experience. My take on it is to do what you

have to do to support women and that will

add one more woman to the list of women

supporting women. Be the change you

want to see and be that woman making the


You are based in the United Kingdom,

how often do you come to Nigeria?

I try to come once a year.

There are women in some rural areas

that don’t have access to the internet,

some that do don’t even know how to

use it, how do you plan to reach out to

such people?

These women are also part of our key

target audience. They are our priority. What

I want to do is to create this platform first

and let it stand on its own. Then go round

Africa, focusing on the rural areas. Organise

road shows, seminars, create awareness, and

support them in all they need to know about

the different aspect of their lives. If they can’t

come to me, I’ll go to them. All these would

come when I am rest assured, I can stand on

my own financially with the African Mommy

platform. This with then is the next phase.

I want to be able to reach out to several

women in rural areas, educate them and

provide support for some of their basic needs.

African Mommy’s main objective is educating,

informing, empowering and supporting

African women all over the world.

Helping them to be the best version of

themselves in the areas of health, career,

fitness, relationship, motherhood, parenting,

anything and everything that concerns them.

Healing FOODS & Herbs

Health Benefits of Ginger

By - Tobi Ayodele Keeney

Ginger root, a common kitchen spice used in

cooking is packed with a lot of nutrients and

possesses medicinal qualities. Ginger

originates from China, and has a very long

history of use in traditional medicine

worldwide. In Nigeria, ginger is also known as

‘ata-ile’ in Yoruba, ‘jinja’ in Igbo and ‘cithar’ in

Hausa. Ginger root can be used fresh, dried,

powdered, or extracted as oil. In this article, we

will discuss the wonderful, hidden benefits of

ginger and see how the plant can benefit our

health in so many ways.

There are several natural oils in ginger

that gives the spice its pungent flavor and smell;

however the main active ingredient in ginger is

called GINEROL. Gingerol is also responsible

for giving ginger its potent medicinal qualities.

Ginger possesses powerful anti-inflammatory

and anti-oxidant properties. This means that

people with conditions such as arthritis,

menstrual pain and muscle pain can benefit

from consuming ginger. Just adding ginger to

their daily diet can significantly reduce or

eliminate the need for pain medication. Ginger

is also good for reducing nausea and improving

digestion. Pregnant women who experience

morning sickness can benefit from drinking

ginger tea, as ginger can help reduce nausea

they might be experiencing. Ginger is as

effective as some prescription nausea

medications so ginger can also be given to

cancer patients experiencing nausea from

chemotherapy. Additionally, ginger relieves

nausea and vomiting after surgery. Ginger is

also very effective against indigestion.

Indigestion is directly related to food digesting

too slowly in the stomach, and ginger works to

speed up digestion thereby relieving the


The anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger

means that ginger can be used in preventing

cancer, most especially cancer of the colon.

Studies have shown that consuming raw ginger

is especially useful in inhibiting the formation

of colon cancer cells. Individuals who have are

at high risk of developing colon cancer should

endeavor to consume raw ginger at least daily

as a preventative measure. Did you also know

that ginger can help to lower cholesterol levels?

Having a high level of bad cholesterol also

known as LDL cholesterol can lead to heart

attacks and even death. Taking ginger extract

or powder can help lower bad cholesterol in the

blood almost as efficiently as prescription

cholesterol medication. Finally new research

has shown that ginger can be useful in

combating diabetes as it helps to lower blood

sugar! The list goes on and on about this super

herb but the final take home message is this;

use ginger as much as possible! Use it to cook

your food. You can include it raw in your spices

when you are boiling your animal proteins as it

works well as a tenderizer to soften the meat or

chicken. Add powdered ginger to your soups

and stir-fries. If you can tolerate it, munch on a

pinch of raw grated ginger before every meal to

aid digestion. You can also make simple tea by

boiling 2 teaspoons of grated ginger (including

the skin) in a cup of water and drinking it twice

a day. You will be surprised at the big difference

it makes in your health!

Tobi Ayodele Keeney is the Managing Director of

Quincy Herbals, a natural health and skincare

company based in Nigerian and the United States

of America. She has a Bachelor in Psychology and

Biochemistry as well as a Master’s of Science in

Nursing with a speciality in critical care from the

University of Maryland. For questions on Healing

Foods & Herbs-email


Semolina: What Are

They Made Of?

Durum wheat was made artificially and is the hardest wheat

of all types of grain. By hard, I mean it has more quantity of

resistant starch.

Resistant starch is that content of foods that are resistant to

digestion. All the carbohydrates(fruits, vegetables, wheat

made products) we eat do not digest, some of it skips the

metabolism and pass out as it is. Many studies have shown

the benefits of durum wheat.

Durum wheat on adding water forms a dough that is called

semolina. Semolina is later used to make spaghetti, pasta and

By - Temitope Onafowokan

vermicelli. But semolina is a soft dough that is why you can use

for flour purposes.

Instead of white flour made pasta and macaroni,

durum wheat can give so many benefits like:

• Durum wheat has a higher content of protein (17%) than the

usual kind of grain (14%).

• Durum wheat can be a big help to diabetic and cardiovascular

patients due to its high content of resistant starch.

• You can use durum made products for those who want to lose


Long story short, durum wheat can be a substitute for white

flour. I use it to make bread and other pastries for my family.

Durum wheat flour is rich in B-complex vitamins, especially the

foliate and thiamine. In general, B-complex vitamins needed for

healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver.

-Durum wheat is also a good source of essential minerals, such

as selenium and iron.

-Products made from durum flour digest slowly. It helps you feel

full longer and prevent you from overeating. Eating slices of

white bread or a bowl of spaghetti give your entirely different

feeling of satiety

Products made from durum wheat are becoming increasingly

popular - not surprising since they are much better alternatives

to the ones made from white flour. However many people

don’t know the benefits of durum wheat, and what is the

difference between durum and other types of flour?

At first glance, durum wheat is not different from ordinary

wheat. Why should you choose the dishes made from durum

flour instead of others?

Unlike any other wheat, durum is high in fibre and rich in

essential vitamins (such as A, B and E vitamins) and minerals,

its protein content is higher too, due to this high protein

content pasta made from durum wheat is flexible - that’s why

it is an essential ingredient in the Italian gastronomy.

Durum wheat is your thing if you...

• Have diabetes: unlike ordinary wheat, the durum wheat has

less impact on blood glucose level since the digestion of its

starch is slower. In this case, you can add products made from

durum wheat to your diet in small portions.

• Play sports regularly: products made from durum wheat

have higher protein content than the ones made from white

flour. They can contribute to providing your recommended

daily protein intake.

• Are having trouble with your cholesterol level, or you are

allergic to eggs: pasta from durum wheat is flexible enough

without adding eggs.

• Are dieting or merely eating consciously: due to its low

glycemic index and high protein content, durum wheat is the

perfect choice for you.

February 24, 2019 / 13

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Reasons Why Couple

Should Use Sex Toys

Adult toys have gained popularity over the years.

Research has this to say that,’’ the taboo surrounding

vibrators and other devices intended to increase

individual or mutual pleasures are dissolving as more

individuals [and couples] reach for a far more intimate

type of technology.

It is true that enhancing physical pleasure undoubtedly

enhances sexual enjoyment, so what is the role of sex

toys in impacting sexual satisfaction that couple gained

from their overall relationship. Some novel research

were carried out on the prevalence and demographics

of sex toys and the findings indicated that pleasure in

bed and pleasure in relationship differ slightly depending

on the couple’s gender.

The belief that ‘’using a sex toy means your partner

is not good enough lover is one of the most common

misconception people have about sex toys,’’ says

certified sex therapist, licensed marriage and family

therapist, and resident relationship and sex expert at, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D. ‘’One partner

may also fear that another partner’s use of sex toy will

replace them or that they’ll become overly reliant on

them for arousal and/or orgasm.’’ This is not saying that

every man who uses vibrator with his spouse feel

inferior or unsatisfied. It was also showed by other

research, that guys who frequently use vibrators [on

themselves, on their partners or both] scores higher on

measures of erectile function, orgasm function, sexual

desire and sexual satisfaction than men who rarely use

them. If you are yet to indulge in sex toys with your

spouse, then now is the time to spice things up in the

other room. Below are actually some reasons why you

should introduce them in to your love life.

Most times, it is very difficult for women to achieve

orgasm irrespective of how much your partner is giving.

According to the Kinsey Institute, 70 percent of women

need some sort of clitoral stimulation in order to achieve

orgasm, this could be gotten with the aid of fingers or

the tongue. For you, this might not be options hence

you get that extra help from a vibrator as it take the

pressure off you and this can help to open all kinds of

doors to orgasm with your man.

Being with your spouse for years does not necessary

mean they will be hitting the G-spot same way you do

when you masturbate, as you can take off the pressure

from them by bringing in sex toys in to the intimacy of

bedroom. With pressure out of the way means orgasms

will be easier, even multiple orgasms. Intercourse will be

very relaxing and tingly for the two of you like it is

supposed to be, it is a scientific fact that vibrators

enhance sexual satisfaction, between your spouse and

toys, you will be setting yourself for intense situation full

of more orgasms.

Exploring sex toys in the sexual life makes

lovemaking hotter and not only open doors to things you

never knew you could possibly enjoy instead it will

create an even powerful sexual connection.

With the toys exploration, you can never tell exactly what

kind of twisted positions that you might find yourself.

Though the Kama Sutra may have just 64 positions but

with the right creativity and sex toy as your guide, you

man would just discover that they can be more than that.

Sex devices are awesome for mutual masturbation as it

could be exciting to watch each other and it is really

educating too. Having to masturbate with toys in the

presence of your significant other get to show them what

you like and this is great for foreplay, they help to bring

fantasies to your sex life. So using toys as your props is

the best way to take your fantasizing out of your head

and into the real life.

Though the use of toys is pretty common these days,

they still get wrong stigma for being used by lonely ladies

and even handful of men still get intimidated by the idea

of competing with sex toys. Actually, you and your

partner indulging in sex toys will be giving the finger to

those old fashioned myths which really make

lovemaking more fun.

Shopping and buying the toys with your partner is a

bonding experience as you can both decide which ones

you fancy that will be nice for the both of you. There is a

huge range of varieties, with a little trial and error you

would finally find the ones that work for both of you, this

will make sex even more fun.

Couples who generally experiment the novel ways of

getting intimate tend to perform better in maintaining

passion and desire in addition to relationship satisfaction

on the long run and were more likely to use toys

together including other activities such as taking

shower together, trying new sexual positions

and planning a date night for lovemaking.

The success of using sex toys to enhance your

relationship or causing conflict depends on the

level of openness and communication between

spouses. Van Kirk believes that incorporating

toys can boost the relationship and sexual

satisfaction of anyone open to and respectful of

their own and their partners’ inclinations and

boundaries. ‘’If there is a sense of openness

and non judgmental that can be cultivated most

people can learn to incorporate new experts in

to their repertoire versus being resistant.

Talking about the resistance can help in

dispelling myths your partner has had about sex

toy use. And some education always helps. For

instance, the fact that most women do not

orgasm through penile/vaginal alone should be

enough to invest in a sex toy.’’



By - Yemisi Suleiman

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“So, sometimes, I’m

reminded of the old

times, and I just smile

and say, thank you

God for those you’ve

brought my way.

Now being

comforted by where

I’m at, I know it only

happened because I

had a good past.”

Movie producer

and Hon. Member

of the Lagos State

House of Assembly,

Desmond Eliot,

reminisces on his


“Whatever your

hands find to do,

do it WELL”.

Nollywood diva

Dakore Akande

knows there’s

dignity in labour.

“Not excusing bad behavior but

as I grow and learn, I realize this

thing called love cannot be

forced. Love yourself enough to

swallow that jagged little pill

called truth and walk away with

your head high. You’ll meet your

own king and you won’t need to

beg or force him to treat you


Ladies this one is for you. From

on air personally and the author

of ‘Unbecoming‘ Toke


“You can’t

control what

others do; you

can only control

your response.”.

Wise words

from Actor



14 / February 24, 2019




By - Yemisi Suleiman

It is evident that ancient Greek costume has

influenced modern fashion outfits in a number of

ways. Red carpets, galas, and Awards Shows are

always flowing with Grecian-inspired dresses.

The drapery of the modern day

Grecian-inspired ensembles is most

flattering and complimentary, as are

comparable to the drape dresses of

ancient Greece, known as the doric

peplos and iconic Chiton.

Take your style inspiration

from the enlightened ancients,

with one-shoulder dresses,

gladiator sandals, gold jewelry

and a Greek key print suit. There

are many different styles that will suit

every taste, but the concept remains the



dark Blue Laurel

Leaf crown Greek

hair band


casual look


Swirling Arm Bracelet

gracian casual

look sandals


Chiffon Gown

with Embroidered


dorcas sholafapson

Greek inspired

party clutch

Gold Patent Gladiators

Heeled Sandal

February 24, 2019 /




With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed these were the most Interesting pictures and

stories on Instagram last week as posted by your favourite celebrities.

Adesua is 33

Our makeup inspiration for this week is actress

Adesua Wellington. We love her bold lips,

complimenting her clear skin, and the headwrap

is everything. Adesua turned 33years last Friday;

she posted this photo on her page with a note of

gratitude to God.

Tiwa returns, as Star

Radler Ambassador

After taking a break off social media, music

star Tiwa Savage returns last week, with

great news, for her fans and followers.

She sent out words on social media

platform explaining her need for a

break, while subtly announcing her

exciting new endorsement deal with

Star Radler- the female choice drink

from the stables of Nigerian Breweries.

She reposted some tweets about

the endorsement on her page. Tiwa

Savage’s support comes just a few

weeks, after Burnaby announcement as

Star Lager beer’s brand ambassador.

Alex Gets a Car

It was an exciting and most fulfilling week for Ex-

Big Brother Naija Housemate Alexandra Amuche,

known merely as Alex, who got a brand new car gift

from friends, as she celebrated her 23rd birthday.

The occasion marked with a glamorous photo

shoot, as well as, a surprise party organised by her

friends and support system.

Gbenro and Osas

Ajibade’s Dirty Linen

These are trying times for Nollywood couple,

Gbenro Ajibade and wife Osas, whose

matrimonial squabbles was the hot topic on

Instagram last week.

Earlier in the week, Gbenro had taken to his

Instagram handle to criticise his wife and

actress Osas Ighodaro for always leaving

their baby with a nanny ‘’all night long,’ to

attend parties with friends.’

He went further to state that it wasn’t the first,

second or third time, but that it often happens,

asking “what responsible woman does that?”

Gbenro’s tantrum, however, did not go down

well with some of their friends and other

critics on social media, who slammed him

for bringing the issue into the public space;

calling him all kinds of unprintable names.

Others advised Osas to work things out with

her husband and be a responsible mother to

their daughter.

More magazines by this user