GioMio Gioielli

The GioMio collection is an extraordinary diamond jewellery collection. Handmade in

Antwerp, the diamond capital. With his experienced team, the designer and artist Georges

Sabbagh develops both contemporary and traditional jewellery in 18 karat gold and carefully

selected diamonds.


The story of GioMio

The GioMio Atelier




Allure II

Diamonds according to GioMio

Avant-Garde II

Bella I

Dentelle III







The Perfect Moment



Desire II

Diamond Blossom

Diamond Hearts

Emerald Miracle III

Interview with Georges Sabbagh











Moments To Wait For



Jet Set

Majesty IV

Diamond Mania

Marquise Addiction

Royal I

Passion Diamonds

Love Charm

Bridal Collection












- 5 -

Antwerp. The City of diamonds. For over five centuries, Antwerp has been the largest and most reliable diamond

Traditional craftsmanship

capitol in the world. Four large diamond exchanges are located here while 80% of all rough diamonds and 50% of

all cut diamonds in the world pass through the city. The city of diamonds inspires. Here, experience meets creativity

and knowledge meets passion. There wasn’t a better place to launch my dream of creating my own brand of high-end

jewellery, back in 2015.

Working with 18 kt. Gold and diamonds is a privilege. The noble nature of these materials is inspiring, while the process of

designing, shaping and polishing the gold has a magic-like feeling. In order to get to the most beautiful results, you need to

feel the material and this is why I insist that each jewel we produce is handmade. There are mechanical procedures that make it

possible to produce jewels in a faster way than we do, but what we want to make jewels that shine like no other do. Our team

GioMio Gioielli is driven by passion. I know, it is a word that is so often used in the world of jewellery, but here is why

I think it fits GioMio in such a good way. As a young boy, growing up in Lebanon, I was fascinated by nature’s shapes,

takes all the time it needs to bring out the best in the diamonds and gold so that you can enjoy wearing the jewels to the most. The

warmth of the colour, the delicate shapes of the designs and the hand-set precious diamonds make the GioMio jewels stand out.

from leaves and flowers to branches. When I decided to come to Belgium and start a career in the jewellery industry,

I already had the dream of creating my own brand. I’ve always been very keen to gain experience and while I worked

as a goldsmith creating jewels for many brands, I started to put down ideas on paper in my spare time. After many

years in Belgium, working, meeting my wife and starting a family, in 2015 the time felt right to create GioMio Gioielli.

The passion that was building for several decades resulted in the first jewellery collections, putting the diamond in the

spotlights, once again. And ever since, the love for jewellery has grown exponentially, resulting in an unlimited creativity.

A mere four years later, GioMio has twenty different collections and has quietly revolutionised some aspects of 21st

Personality with distinctive designs

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself – this is why it was important for me to create so many collections as we did.

No matter your age or style, we try to design jewellery that fits your personality. This results in a wide variety of rings, pendants,

bracelets and earrings, ranging from discrete chic to exuberantly glamorous.

century jewellery.

- 6 - - 7 -

Listening to women that love wearing jewellery, I learned about the wishes and needs they have. One of the most recurring

comments regarded a limited flexibility and comfort of the jewels they wear. A tight-fitted ring or bracelet feels differently

when worn on different times of the day. An in the morning comfortably feeling ring can feel very tight in the evening, the

same way a bracelet worn in the summer can feel a little loose during the winter months. Making sure your ring or bracelet

fits you no matter what, is not an easy feat to accomplish. At GioMio, we studied the possibilities and thanks to some

creative thinking and technological innovation, we were able to develop a solution for both rings and bracelets. Gone are

the days where ladies had to select the size of their jewellery by the moment they wanted to wear them.

Hidden Tenderness

A jewel carrying diamonds brings a message of hidden tenderness. Wearing it reminds you of the special moment when it

was given and will always bring you a warm feeling. When our creations reflect a women’s personality, the reason why we

created it is rewarded. Noticing someone who wears one of our jewels fills us with tremendous pride and convinces us that

relentlessly continuing to create new shapes and ideas is the right way to go.

I truly hope that you enjoy wearing our jewels and invite you to discover our newest creations in this year’s publication.

Georges Sabbagh

- 8 - - 9 -


Creating GioMio was the result of being passionate and skilled as both a goldsmith and a designer. Both required hard

work and constant training for Georges Sabbagh and his team in order to come to the point of creating a confident brand.

Although modern day technology enables GioMio to work in an efficient way, designing and creating jewellery is mostly a

craft done by hand. Like an artist carefully making his oils with pigments, a jewel designer selects the best materials such as

gold and diamonds for his creations. In the GioMio atelier, the ideas become reality, beauty is paired with practicality and

gems are set to perfection. And although the team is rather limited in numbers, the years of experience and craftsmanship

are impressive. The same instruments that have been used by jewelers and goldsmiths for many generations are part of the

GioMio atelier; working with fire to perfect the golden parts, with an eye for precision when setting diamonds.

- 10 - - 11 -

Allure II

Diamond flowers spinning in the most beautiful way, ranging from exuberant rings

to discrete earrings; this is the best way the Allure II collection by GioMio can be

described. The Allure II collection also incorporates one of the signature features

that women will adore about GioMio: the flexible mounting. The size a ring can

sometimes be a worry for ladies - imagine a ring which has a flexible size, you

could wear it at any moment, even in warm conditions. At the heart of the white

gold Allure II collection are 8 diamonds surrounding a larger brilliant cut solitaire


White Gold earrings 0,92 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 0,95 ct diamonds

- 12 - - 13 -

“The most important thing is to enjoy life”

White Gold flex bracelet 1,42 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 0,75 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,91 ct diamonds

White Gold necklace 0,91 ct diamonds

Allure II

- 14 - - 15 -

In a stylish variation to the brilliant cut diamonds, these white

golden rings sport a pear-shaped and oval-shaped diamond,

surrounded by 10 smaller diamonds in different sizes.

Allure II

“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls”

White Gold necklace flex 1,92 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,89 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,93 ct diamonds

- 16 - - 17 -


Allure II

White Gold necklace 0,70 ct diamonds, Sapphire 1,18 ct

White Gold ring 0,49 ct diamonds, Sapphire 1,08 ct

White Gold earrings 0,74 ct diamonds, Sapphire 1,45 ct

- 18 - - 19 -


Georges Sabbagh :

“Diamonds are a remarkable product to work with. They enforce respect simply because upon

handeling them, you realise it took millions of years and tons of pressure for them to form. It takes a lot of

knowledge and experience to select, cut and polish them. At GioMio Gioielli, we use different shapes of

diamonds for our jewellery, but mostly we select brilliant cut diamonds because they ensure the most beautiful

reflection of light. All of the 4 C’s are important to us; carat, colour, cut and clarity. And the designs we create

are always as such that the diamonds come to life and make you shine the way you should. We have created

what we call “a Flexible Diamond Design”, which in itself is a timeless concept, yet utterly modern in execution.

This concept makes it possible for rings and bracelets to slightly adapt their size; eighter by a flexible core or

flexible mounted links to the jewels, they can be worn at any given time, no matter the temperature or condition.

Today, your ring size is 50, tomorrow, it can be 50,5 - our flex rings and bracelets adapts themselves effortlessly.

Products with our Flexible Diamond Design or “flex”, are indicated throughout this brochure.”


White Gold flex ring 1,43 ct diamonds

- 20 - - 21 -

Avant-Garde II

The Asscher cut is one of the most noble cuts for diamonds. It is classic and still

highly modern. The diamond company Asscher, which designed the shape of this

cut, became famous in 1908 when King Edward VII chose it to split and polish the

largest diamond in the world: the Cullinan Diamond. The two largest diamonds

coming from Cullinan are part of the British Crown Jewels. GioMio Gioielli

proudly uses the Asscher cut diamonds in its Avant-Garde II collection.

Pink Gold necklase with 2,28 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 1,01 ct diamonds

- 22 -

- 23 -

“If I get married, I want to be very married”

Avant-Garde II

White Gold ring 1,27 ct diamonds

White Gold bracelet 0,95 ct diamonds

- 24 -

- 25 -

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others”

Avant-Garde II

White Gold necklace 0,65 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,63 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 0,92 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 1,03 ct diamonds

- 26 - - 27 -

Bella I

When diamonds are placed in such a way that they almost are as one, something

magical happens. GioMio Gioielli’s Bella I collection combines a contemporary

design of golden drops with the most brilliant side of diamonds. Bracelets, earrings,

extravagant necklaces and rings that take the shape of your fingers in a design that

seems to grow in lushious 18 kt. pink gold. Ultimately Bella.

Pink Gold earrings 0,95 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 1,24 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 1,10 ct diamonds

- 28 -

- 29 -

“I believe in overdressing”

Bella I

Pink Gold ring 0,35 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,59 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,35 ct diamonds

Pink Gold bracelet 1,02 ct diamonds

- 30 - - 31 -

Dentelle III

Dentelle III is the newest collection by GioMio Gioielli. The jewels in this

collections sport carefully selected diamonds draped delicately like lace on white

or pink gold. For everyday life or for cocktails at night - with Dentelle III a lady

portrays elegance and frivolity.

White Gold necklase with 2,25 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 1,47 ct diamonds

- 32 - - 33 -

“The beauty of a woman

grows with the passing years”

Dentelle III

Pink Gold flex ring 1,08 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex bracelet 1,08 ct diamonds

White Gold bracelet 0,53 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,35 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,71 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,05 ct diamonds

- 34 - - 35 -

Marquise Addiction

P. 98




- 36 - - 37 -

Diamond Hearts

P. 54

- 38 - - 39 -


P. 32

- 40 - - 41 -

Marquise Addiction

P. 98

- 42 - - 43 -


P. 32

- 44 - - 45 -

Desire II

The things we want the most are driven by desire. The Desire collection by GioMio

symbolises the beauty of diamonds by placing them abundantly in concentric

shaped white gold jewels. The combination of diamonds and white gold enhances

the clarity and the light reflected by the rings, earrings and necklaces of this

collection. When a lady feels desirable, the designs from this collection will make

her even more elegant than she already is.

White Gold necklace 0,82 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,28 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,95 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 1,62 ct diamonds

- 46 -

- 47 -

Diamond Blossom

Imagine diamonds growing on the jewels you wear. Our Diamond Blossom

collection was inspired by the natural forms of young branches with flowers

growing inside the knot, ready for spring. The pink golden designs seem to grow in

a frivolous way and drape naturally on wrists,

fingers, ears and more.

Pink Gold bracelet 2,98 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 1,08 ct diamonds

Pink Gold Earrings 1,48 ct diamonds

- 48 - - 49 -

“Beauty is the caring that she lovingly gives

the passion that she shows”

Pink Gold flex ring 1,48 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,30 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,51 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 1,42 ct diamonds

Diamond Blossom

- 50 - - 51 -

“I love people who make me laugh”

Diamond Blossom III

White Gold necklace 0,30 ct diamonds

White Gold flex bracelet 0,94 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 0,40 ct diamonds

- 52 - - 53-

Diamond Hearts

Some say that diamonds reflect the affairs of the heart. There is no better way to

express your love than by either offering diamonds or wearing them. The Diamond

Hearts collection by GioMio Gioielli reinvents the famous, classical shape in a

contemporary and creative fashion. The diamonds are intertwined with the highly

polished pink gold, used for the flexible settings. In the center of the heart, is an

oval shaped diamond, ensuring a maximum of reflection. Hold still, my heart...

Flexibility is what defines GioMio; not only does GioMio propose multiple flexible

rings, it also offers flexible bracelets.

Pink Gold flex bracelet 0,51 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,40 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,73 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 0,51 ct diamonds

- 54 - - 55 -

Emerald Miracle II

The emerald cut diamond has always been worn by the most noble of women.

GioMio Gioielli brings the classic shaped diamonds back in a modern way, by

placing them in uneven numbers on the most beautiful bracelets, rings and earrings.

A traditional elegance surrounded by carefully selected brilliant cut diamonds,

which enhance the sparkle of the jewels favoured by

ladies of all ages.

White Gold ring 1,22 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 1,39 ct diamonds

White Gold bracelet 2,39 ct diamonds

- 56 - - 57 -

“I believe in kissing. Kissing a lot.”

Emerald Miracle II

White Gold necklace 0,34 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,12 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,55 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex duo rings 0,82 ct and 0,26 ct diamonds

- 58 - - 59 -

Interview with Georges Sabbagh

He is a man with a vision, someone who know what he wants. Exactly what he wants, whether it is for the jewels in his

collections or the packaging, marketing or even this publication for that matter. Perfection in every aspect of the brand and its

products; it is a reassurance that clients - and dealers - enjoy and appreciate. GioMio is still growing, so an informal conversation

with the man behind the brand might give an insight in the products presented in these pages. We met Georges Sabbagh in the

place where he probably feels most at home: in his atelier, facing a desk filled with equipment and his back to a window, oblivious

for what is happening outside...

Eventough GioMio Gioielli is a young company, you offer a lot of experience. Are all your creations made by hand?

“Every jewel in our collection is completely made by hand. I get inspired by many things and it all starts with a simple drawing

of an idea. Today, we have quite a few collections, which gives me the possibility to combine some concepts, shapes and colours

- which I love doing. The work on each creation is extensive: forging the gold according to the design and in the correct size for

the woman that it is intended for, polishing it to obtain a maximum of reflection and carefully setting the diamonds or sapphires so

that they will shine as bright as possible. Our flex-system for rings and bracelets, so that ladies can wear their jewels at all times,

complicates the production intensely, but its practicality is much appreciated by our clients and gives them a unique feature.”

Pink Gold flex ring and bracelet with white and

champagne coloured diamonds

- 60 -

- 61 -

Ever since GioMio Gioielli started, you have created an enormous amount of collections.

“True, but when the inspiration is flowing, why stop, right? I found it important to create a large spectrum of designs, offering

jewels for a large group of women. Some designs are rather classic or traditional, like our Avant-Garde or Majesty collections,

others are more contemporary or even frivolous, like the Diamond Blossom collection which has rings and earrings shaped like

little branches that grow diamonds. Lately, I have been experimenting with mother of pearl, which resulted in a new collection

called Love Charm. Mother of Pearl is a wonderous material, adding a lot of warmth to the jewels, in an ever changing range of

colours, going from black and metal grey to green and blue. It is my aim for GioMio to create a range of jewels in which every

women finds a creation that fits her personality.”

What attracts you to diamonds?

“So many aspects. Of course the

way they shine like nothing else does

is an important aspect. A diamond

only needs the slightest bit of light

to come to life and when they do, it

is as if time stops for just a second.

Then there is the fact that each diamond is different. To create a diamond jewel, you not only need to select the best diamonds,

you also need to make them match; that is one of the most challenging and important aspects of creating a living jewel. I set all

Do you remember the first jewel you designed for GioMio Gioielli?

“I do and I remember how proud I was when I saw the idea becoming a reality. And eventhough the style of the jewels has

the diamonds myself by hand, one by one. Only then will I be sure that the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings will reflect a

maximum of light.”

evolved rapidly since, for me that first jewel represents the start of our adventure. We have seen many changes since that first

creation - and have learned a lot the hard way to build up our own brand - but it is truly rewarding when you get the opportunity to

speak to womeone who is wearing one of our jewels or even just to spot someone wearing a GioMio piece.”

What are the future plans for GioMio Gioielli and its collections?

GioMio is based in Antwerp, the diamond capitol of the world and since we started, we have been building our network of

dealers from this city. Having built up a good relationship with jewellers in Belgium, we are now looking to expand into Europe

and the Middle East, where we have met many interested prospects during our presentations on international jewel fairs. When

it comes to our collections, we continue to design new creations, either in existing collections or in completely new ones. I guess

that is what we love and enjoy the most.”

- 62 - - 63 -


This stylishly modern collection is made for ladies of all ages, but with a keen sence

of fashion. The shape and finish of the golden jewellery is undeniably contemporary

and is somewhat of a contrast to the glittering center of diamonds. The flexible rings

and bracelets are a blend of innovation and craftsmanship, perfectly underlining the

modern day jewel.

Pink Gold flex necklace 0,35 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 0,40 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 0,35 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,22 ct diamonds

White Gold flex bracelet 0,35 ct diamonds

- 64 - - 65 -


The GioMio Hypnotic collection got her name when we noticed the way ladies

were looking at the designs when they were shown for the first time. A large

brilliant cut diamond is surrounded by several rounds of diamonds, ensuring a

maximum effect when the light hits the jewel. Several designs of earrings can be

combined creatively in this collection, giving the ensemble a truly hypnotic look.

White Gold flex necklace 0,65 ct diamonds

White Gold pendant 0,65 ct diamonds

White Gold flex bracelet 0,65 ct diamonds

- 66 -

- 67 -

“I was born with an enormous

need for affection and a

terrible need to give it.”


White Gold earrings 0,76 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,08 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 1,26 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 0,55 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,65 ct diamonds

- 68 - - 69 -


P. 32

- 70 - - 71 -

Diamond Jet Set


P. 28

Diamond Majesty

P. 90

- 72 - - 73 -

Diamond Jet Set

P. 86

- 74 - - 75 -

Marquise Addiction

P. 98

- 76 - - 77 -

Emerald Miracle

Emerald Miracle

P. 56


P. 22

- 78 - - 79 -


P. 12

- 80 - - 81 -


P. 104


P. 46

- 82 - - 83 -

Diamond Blossom

P. 48


P. 12

- 84 - - 85 -

Ready for an extraordinary night out on the town? These occasions inspired GioMio

to create the Jet Set collection: extravagant jewellery in pink gold or white gold,

with circular placed diamonds in rings, earrings of an exuberant necklace. Another

cocktail for the lady, please...

Jet Set

Pink Gold ring 1,62 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,85 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex bracelet 2,38 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 1,94 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 1,65 ct diamonds

- 86 -

- 87 -

“I’m an introvert… I love being by myself”

Jet Set

White Gold ring 1,75 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 1,32 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,30 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 1,18 ct diamonds

- 88 - - 89 -

Majesty IV

Every women should be treated like a queen and be wearing jewels accordingly.

The GioMio Majesty collection consists of pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings

with a truly noble character in pink or white gold. In the centre of the jewels is

a round or teardrop shaped diamond, spirally surrounded by smaller brilliant cut


Pink Gold earrings 1,01 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 1,60 ct diamonds

Pink Gold bracelet 2,99 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 1,28 ct diamonds

Pink Gold pendant 0,55 ct diamonds

- 90 - - 91 -

“I decided, very early on,

just to accept life unconditionally”

Majesty IV

White Gold pendant 0,74 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,91 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 1,02 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,65 ct diamonds

Pink Gold bracelets, 0,86 ct and 0,75 ct diamonds

- 92 -

- 93 -


Mania III

When is elegant chique not the best choice to go with in any occasion?

Diamond shapes in different sizes give the jewels in the Diamond Mania

collection a dynamic and versatile look.

Pink Gold ring 0,39 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,89 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,70 ct diamonds

Pink Gold pendant 0,44 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 0,50 ct diamonds

- 94 - - 95 -

Diamond Mania III

White Gold pendant 0,33 ct diamonds

White Gold pendant 0,33 ct diamonds

White Gold earrings 0,64 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,45 ct diamonds

“Forgive Quickly. Kiss slowly.

Love truly”

- 96 - - 97 -

The Marquise cut diamond is one of the most sensual shapes a diamond can have.

It ‘s origin goes back to the French King Louis XV, who asked a jeweller to cut

a diamond in the shape of the lips of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de

Pompadour. At the centre of the jewels in the Marquise Addiction collection of

GioMio, a Marquise cut diamond is placed.

Marquise Addiction

Pink Gold necklace 0,92 ct diamonds

Pink Gold pendant 0,38 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 0,98 ct diamonds

- 98 - - 99 -

“I believe that tomorrow is

another day and I believe in


Marquise Addiction

White Gold flex ring 0,67 ct diamonds

White Gold ring 0,58 ct diamonds

White Gold flex bracelet 1,35 ct diamonds

Pink Gold pendant 0,88 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 1,32 ct diamonds

- 100 - - 101 -

Marquise Addiction

“For me the only things of

interests are those linked to the


Pink Gold flex ring 0,40 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 1,05 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 1,06 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 1,05 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex bracelet 1,79 ct diamonds

- 102 -

- 103 -

With the Royal Diamonds collection, GioMio

reinvents a classic theme and makes it available

for any lady. From traditionally shaped pink gold

jewels to contemporary designs with our renowned

Royal I

flexible rings and bracelets; this collection is

quintessentially GioMio.

Pink Gold necklace 0,65 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,65 ct diamonds

Pink Gold necklace 1,63 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 1,08 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,95 ct diamonds

- 104 -

- 105 -

Royal I

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man

really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.”

Pink Gold earrings 0,88 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,73 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex bracelet 0,81 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 1,55 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 1,78 ct diamonds

Pink Gold ring 0,90 ct diamonds

- 106 -

- 107 -

Royal I

“Anyone who does not believe

in miracles is not a realist.”

Pink Gold sautoir 2,96 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,52 ct diamonds

Pink Gold bracelet 3,04 ct diamonds

- 108 -

- 109 -

“Paris is always a good idea.”

The flexible rings of the Passion Diamonds collection

of GioMio are white gold, contemporary designs with

leaves of diamonds. What can be more beautiful than a

shining wave of diamonds on white gold jewels, worn on

a slightly tanned skin? Elegance, signed GioMio.



Royal I

White Gold ring 1,11 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 1,52 ct diamonds

White Gold flex ring 1,09 ct diamonds

- 110 -

- 111 -

This is the newest collection of GioMio, combining white or pink gold with

diamonds and mother of pearl. With each jewel carrying a unique colour of the

slow growing Tahitian black mother of pearl, the rings, necklaces, bracelets

and earrings are all one of a kind -just like you!

Love Charm

White Gold flex ring 1,18 ct diamonds

White Gold necklace 1,42 ct diamonds

- 112 -

- 113 -

Love Charm

Pink Gold necklace 0,38 ct diamonds

Pink Gold flex ring 0,25 ct diamonds

Pink Gold earrings 0,50 ct diamonds

Pink Gold bracelet 0,60 ct diamonds

- 114 -

- 115 -



For the most important question of your life and the most important engagement

a couple can make, the ring which symbolises the love felt between two people

should be picked with care. This ring, worn with pride, shown more than any other,

will remind her that she has a partner by her side for whom nothing is to hard to

make her happy. The Bridal Collection is one of the favourite for GioMio, because

it connects. The rings of the Bridal Collection are carefully designed and made in

White Gold Engagement ring 0,64 ct diamonds

White Gold Engagement ring 0,88 ct diamonds

White Gold Wedding band 0,24 ct diamonds

order to remain special an entire lifetime.

White Gold Wedding band 0,34 ct diamonds

White Gold Engagement ring 0,83 ct diamonds

White Gold Engagement ring 0,34 ct diamonds

- 116 - - 117 -

White Gold Engagement ring 0,86 ct diamonds

White Gold wedding band 0,52 ct diamonds

White Gold wedding band 0,29 ct diamonds



White Gold engagement ring 0,77 diamonds

White Gold wedding ring 0,30 ct diamonds

White Gold Engagement ring 0,78 ct diamonds

White Gold wedding band 0,24 ct diamonds

- 118 - - 119 -

P. 32

P. 98

P. 32

P. 32

P. 54

P. 98

P. 28

P. 90

P. 12

P. 98

P. 86

P. 56

P. 22

P. 104

P. 46


- 36-37 - - 38-39 -

- 72-73 - - 74-75 -

Marquise Addiction

Diamond Hearts

Diamond Jet Set




Photos: Jessica

Make-up: Sarah

Model: Marieke

Fashion: Miss-M


Diamond Majesty

Diamond Jet Set

- 36 - - 37 -

- 38 - - 39 -

- 72 - - 73 -

- 74 - - 75 -

Marquise Addiction - p 98 Diamond Hearts - p 54

Bella I - p 28

Diamond Majesty - p 90

Jet Set - p 86

- 40-41 - - 42-43 -

- 76-77 - - 78-79 -

Marquise Addiction


Marquise Addiction

Emerald Miracle

Emerald Miracle


- 40 - - 41 -

- 42 - - 43 -

- 76 - - 77 -

- 78 - - 79 -

Dentelle - p 32 Marquise Addiction - p 98

Marquise Addiction - p 98 Emerald Miracle - p 56

Avant-Garde - p 22

- 44-45 - - 70-71 -

- 80-81 - - 82-83 -






- 44 - - 45 -

- 70 - - 71 -

- 80 - - 81 -

- 82 - - 83 -

Dentelle - p 32 Dentelle - p 32

Allure - p 12 Royal - p 104

Desire II - p 46

- 120 -

- 121 -

GioMio Gioielli

Antwerp - Belgium


For further information, please contact your official GioMio dealer

All illustrations and specifications are based upon current information available as of September 2018.

GioMio reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

The GioMio Gioielli name and logo are registered trademarks.

Collections: GioMio

Concept: C2A Belgium

Photos: Jessica

Product photos: INK

Make-up: Sarah

Model: Marieke

Quotes: Audrey Hepburn

Fashion: Miss-M

- 122 -

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