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Guide to the New 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Guide to the New 18th Edition Wiring Regulations


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Can I use another brands circuit protection in a Cudis consumer unit?<br />

Cudis, as the original manufacturer, do not recommend the use of another manufacturers circuit<br />

protection product be used in our enclosures, as they have not been designed or tested for use<br />

in our enclosures, therefore we cannot guarantee compatibility.<br />

As per the <strong>18th</strong> <strong>Edition</strong>, if incompatible products are installed inside a Cudis consumer<br />

unit, then the person introducing the product becomes the original manufacturer with the<br />

corresponding obligations.<br />

(BS 7671 Chapter 536.4.203)<br />

Do I need to install AFDD’s?<br />

No. Arc Fault Detection Device’s at the moment are only recommended as a means of providing<br />

additional protection against fire caused by arc faults in AC final circuits.<br />

Although they may be specified in an electrical installation design, if so they should be<br />

installed at the origin of the final circuit to be protected and in AC single phase circuits not<br />

exceeding 230V.<br />

(BS 7671 Chapter 421.1.7 & 532.6)<br />

Do the provided clip in plastic blanks, to cover unused ways in a consumer<br />

unit, comply with the <strong>18th</strong> <strong>Edition</strong> Regulations?<br />

Yes. All of our consumer units conform to BS61439-3 and we ensure that the blanks are firmly<br />

secured in place with sufficient stability and durability to maintain the required degrees of<br />

protection and appropriate separation from live parts under normal service conditions, taking<br />

account of relevant external influences.<br />

However, we also offer an MCB Blank which clips into the din rail offering greater levels of<br />

stability and durability which may be more suitable in some circumstances.<br />

(BS 7671 Chapter 416.2.3)<br />

Do I have to install an SPD in a domestic single dwelling?<br />

No. Not always. If a risk assessment is carried out and there are NO unacceptable<br />

consequences that exist and there is not an increased risk of lightning present. Then an SPD<br />

only has to be installed where the total value of the installation and equipment therein, justify<br />

having an SPD installed.<br />

This will involve a conversation with the customer to determine whether an SPD is required,<br />

however it should be considered that the cost of an SPD is usually far less than even one<br />

electronic device that may be attached to the installation.<br />

(BS 7671 Chapter 443.4)<br />


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