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Arts, culture contents of tourism – Runsewe

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of NCAC. “He is making more

than an impact and pushing the

frontiers.” Tourism, he said, is not

an industry that should be

neglected in any way.

Bankole also said that tourism

was wrongly tucked under the

Ministry of Information because

the Federal Government did not

consider it to be important. It is

time, he said, we took our position

and write an open letter to the

President, to let him know the

importance of tourism in the

economics of Nigeria, and that the

ministerial position for tourism

shouldn’t be given to anybody but

a person who has been part and

parcel of tourism.

Akerri Prosper, representative of

Oliver Enwonwu, President of

Society of Nigeria Artists:

Akerri said for a successful

project to excel, it first starts from

the vision of one man and then

gets supported by so many other

people. He went on to say that if a

president of the country is not

interested in tourism, there won’t

be any development in tourism.

He expressed his reservations

about journalists’ reports of the

daily crisis in the country, saying

negative report kills and buries

the country’s tourism because

tourism develops from people

outside, not within.

Mr. Tarzan Ganiyu Balogun,

CEO, Tarzan Boat & Jetty Services

He appreciated Otunba

Runsewe for his kind gesture in

donating 500 live jackets to his

company, then went on to stress

the need for Otunba Runsewe to

be appointed tourism minister.

Hajia Bilikisu Abdul, President

of Nigeria Association of Tour

Operators, NATOP

She asked: “How many of us

have our country Nigeria at heart?

When we tell good stories about

our country, we promote our

tourism,” she said, urging citizens

to love their country. “To make it

right in tourism, people need to

have their country at heart and

stop travelling for pleasure but as

tourists. You don’t necessarily

have to be a tour operator or be in

government (to make a

difference). The D-G travelled to

Dubai and saw something

interesting and nice that he

couldn’t hold to himself. Now he

is trying to sell it to us. I think if

every one of us emulates him, I

believe the government would

look into this matter.”

To the media, Hajia Bilikisu

said: “This is the time to sell our

country with good news.”

John Likita Best

He commended the D-G for

always leaving a good mark, and

urged him to do more. “Tourism

is a huge alternative for financing

the country. Showing us Dubai is

not enough unless we can make a

Dubai in Nigeria.”

Onifiok O. Ekong

Tourism needs law and order to

move forward, he argued. “These

are little things that matter

because a visitor will not condone

the disorderliness we condone in

his country, especially in the

transport sector.” He went on to

say that the government is not

making good use of our natural

tourist attractions, such as Aso

Rock, Zuma Rock and Gurara


Alhaji Badaki Aliyu, former

National President, Hospitality

and Tourism Management

Association of Nigeria,


When the drum is beaten, it

brings out a tone whether it

is wanted or unwanted we leave

it in the hands of the drummer.

The Bata, Omele or Agbamole, the

story being told is better defined

through the steps of the dancer”

– Olumide Akande



Amphitheatre in Okelewo,

Abeokuta, Ogun State, venue for

the African Drum Festival is filled

to capacity and those in the

overflow jostle to have a glimpse

of the action taking place on the

stage. The stage is glamorous, lit

up magnificently and has three

other mini platforms from which

the drummers can perform. The

stage also has two large screens

from which the audience receive

additional information on the

performers introduced by the

masters of ceremony who were

smartly dressed in white and ash

native attires.

As the audience waits patiently

for the event to kick off, one could

tell that many have been through

this exciting experience before

from the way they comported


The African Drum Festival is an

initiative of the Government of

Ogun State and has been

celebrated since the year 2016

when it first held in the state.

Originally dubbed as the

Nigerian Drum Festival, it has

quickly metamorphosed to

African Drums Festival because of

the reception and participation it

received from other African

countries like Benin Republic,

Ivory Coast, Uganda, DR Congo

and a host of others.

This year’s theme is Drumming

the Future and it is premised on

looking at the potential socioeconomic

contribution of

Drumming to the future of Africa.

Senator Ibikunle Amosun,

Governor of Ogun State and the

convener of the festival says that

for development to be meaningful,

the potentialities of culture to spur

social and economic

emancipation and empowerment

of the people must be


The festival celebration

received sponsorships in different

forms from corporate bodies and

one of such is the sponsorship

•Otunba Runsewe and other stakeholders

He encouraged the private

sector to come together and

support the vision of improving

•9ice performing at the African Drum Festival

from International Breweries via

one of its brand, Trophy. Trophy

Lager is popularly referred to as

the pride of the South-West and

widely accepted as the

Honourable beer that is deeply

rooted in the region’s sociocultural

values which explains its

sponsorship of the event.

Legal and Corporate Affairs

Director, International Breweries,

Otunba Michael Daramola

tourism in Nigeria. “It is the duty

of tour operators and tour

agencies to put pressure on

How Trophy Lager drove the African Drum Festival

remarked that “The African Drum

Festival is a cultural showpiece

which demonstrates our

uniqueness, attributes, our rich

culture and tradition of the black

people. Trophy is a beer that is

closely linked with culture and a

brand that believes in celebrating

life and always rising to the

occasion to make connections and

bring people together.” We are so

honoured to be part of this

government to see the importance

of tourism,” he said.

Andrew Okungbowa, President,

Association of Nigerian

Journalists and Writers of

Tourism, ANJET:

He said: “Creative content

drives tourism. With the absence

of content, we have nothing to

entice people with.” Andrew

talked about the manner

government reacts to crisis and

killings in the country, including

travel operators. “In our industry,

tourists have been kidnapped, and

three weeks after, government

didn’t make any pronouncement.

It was some of us that had to force

the government to make a


Otunba Runsewe concluded by

thanking everyone for their

presence and thoughtful

contributions. “There is no

country that doesn’t have its own

Boko Haram or its own slum. The

only strategy of selling any

country in the world is through the

SWOT analysis and focus on

building these tourist facilities in

three or four states.

international epoch-making

event,” he added.

It is now 7p.m. and the

drumming performances are

about to start, but not without the

recital of the National Anthem

first. The Egbedere Band

comprising young boys and girls

with an average age of 12 set the

ball rolling at the concert. They

are smartly dressed for the

occasion and they did not

disappoint the audience. They got

down to their drums and

xylophone from which they gave

scintillating sounds which drew

intermittent applause from the

crowd. The highpoint of their

performance was the rendition of

a cover of Teni the Entertainer’s

hit song Case. While the band

played, the song’s chorus

reverberated from the audience

as they sang “My papa no be

Dangote or Adeleke but we go dey

okay yeah”.

The performance of Moyo Black

Troupe of Ivory Coast was

exceptional. The beats they

produced were so good that the

crowd sang songs that rhymed

with the beats. Showing the crowd

their superb knowledge of

Nigerian music, they played

Abami Eda’s evergreen song

Lady. They achieved this feat by

combining the beats of drums

with the amazing sound of a

Saxophone. The audience

appreciated their efforts by

singing along the refrain “She go

say I be lady oh”.

The Anambra State Troupe

came prepared for the event as

they got dignitaries who graced

the event dancing. Notably, Sally

Mbanefo, a former Director-

General of Nigeria Tourism

Development Corporation danced

with so much zeal that she got

ovation coming her way from the

audience. With the help of two

dancers and local flute players,

their performance left many in


As part of its sponsorship,

Trophy organised a music concert

which was headlined by two

music greats, Pasuma and 9ice

whose genres resonate with the

culture of the Ogun people. They

performed to resounding

applause of acceptance and joy for

the opportunity to watch both

artistes perform.

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