Freedom Festival, Portugal – Hub for all the Trance Music Lovers


The 7th Edition of the remarkable Portugal Freedom Festival is back at a new venue. Apply for Portugal Visa today to ensure your presence at this stupendous event.

This August, the Coimbra district of Portugal will be transformed into a giant

music festival destination. The astounding & unique Portugal Freedom Festival

will be organized by the Crystal Matrix with lush green forest & trees in the


We have complied all the necessary information that you must know before

heading to the Portugal Freedom Festival 2019.

How & when did Freedom Festival Started?

The history of Freedom Festival dates back to the late 90s. A group of enthusiastic

friends & active members of psychedelic artwork & music decided to start some

creative & private parties for them & like-minded people.

Irrespective of being layman, the group carried a passion to launch parties that

would meet their collective tastes for trance-music. As a result of their consistent

efforts, the first DM team event was launched in year 2001. The event marked an

intriguingly tranceition of Goa Trance to Psytrance & embraced the extensive

international panorama.

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