Design Your Own Face Mask Catalogue


Create your own designs or choose from one of our many colors, designs, or patterns to go along with your business, even, program, or party!


Centrally located in the heart of New York

City’s Midtown District, LMNT Health is a

global leader in manufacturing, sourcing, and

distributing compliant personal protective

equipment (PPE) to the general population and

essential workers on the frontlines. LMNT has

quickly leveraged its strong factory-direct

relationships and lean supply chain to deliver

high-quality in-demand products and

exceptional service at competitive prices.

Quality & Control

Quality control and social compliance are

integral parts of LMNT’s operations. The

company prides itself in adhering to each

customer’s quality control expectations and

takes measures to continuously ensure that

the working conditions in the factories exceed

industry standards. LMNT also has experience

with various testing protocols and agencies to

ensure products are manufactured according

to specifications.

Our family owned manufacturers overseas

gives us the leading edge in terms of price,

distribution, transparency and priority.


Lawrence Lin


Navin Nathan

Chief Operating Officer

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