[PDF] Download Sheriff Dragon's Secret Baby (Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers #4) - Brittany White


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For a bachelor dragon shifter, one night of passion led to a secret baby whose identity has now been revealed.
The Irish MateMy father was a human.My mother was a Fae.I was a part of two worlds, but I truly belonged to neither.When my mother died, my Fae tribe shunned me.I left Ireland to escape my sister’s cruel words.I made a new home in Florida at a university, studying to be an engineer.I pretended to be human, and everything was easy.Until I met a gorgeous sheriff who was in town for only one week.We shared one passionate night.From that night, our child was born.But my child is not human, and that handsome sheriff is more than a man.He’s a dragon shifter from a close-knit clan.Terrified that he’ll want to raise my child, I keep the baby to myself. I care for him alone.Five years later, my sexy sheriff shows up again, but this time, he knows my secret.The little boy with me is his son.The Irish SheriffOver a decade ago, my home and my family were stolen from me by a group of evil witches.When my brothers chose to make our new home in Texas, I came to love the land.In the small town of Cedar Lake, I work as the sheriff.My brothers are all married with children.But I’ve never wanted a mate. I love my bachelor’s life.During a work conference in Florida, I feel the unexpected presence of a shifter.I track him down.I’m in for a shock — this isn’t a random dragon who escaped to the States.This young shifter is my son.Five years ago, I shared one passionate night with his beautiful mother.She’s captivating and ethereal, unlike anyone I’ve ever met.Terrified that I’ll take our child back to my family, she tries to run.But there is nowhere she can run — I will always find my hatchling.I want to be a father to my child.But I’m also falling for his mother.She wants to escape, but my dragon wants her as my mate.
Can an Irish dragon shifter forgive the mother of his child for concealing the truth about her identity and their son’s existence?
Note: Adults Only!

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[PDF] Download Sheriff Dragon's Secret Baby

(Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers #4) - Brittany


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Author : Brittany White

Pages : 173 pages

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Language : eng

ISBN-10 : B08H7PDM55

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Formats: PDF, EPub, Kindle, Audiobook

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