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® UK<strong>Banff</strong>FilmFest<br />

#<strong>Banff</strong>2021<br />

COVER PHOTO © Christian Pondella<br />



Nimsdai Purja<br />

/ Everest / April 2021<br />

The outdoors is a sanctuary, a playground,<br />

a place of wonder, it can be a place of solace<br />

for quiet reflection or an adrenaline-packed<br />

adventure. It fuels the wanderlust in all of us,<br />

whoever you are and wherever you are,<br />

The Outdoors Beckons – Discover It!<br />

The Outdoors Beckons<br />

Discover It<br />

Dispatches from the field / 2021<br />

Directly from the field, our ambassadors share<br />

their experiences of the people and places<br />

which inspire them – to view these stories<br />

scan the QR code.<br />

Where will your<br />

adventure take you?<br />

Sofia Jin & Aslan Steel<br />

/ Oban Scotland<br />

/ May 2021<br />

Aldo Kane<br />

/ South West UK / April 2021

WELCOME!<br />

Get set for a night of nail-biting adventure! Thank you so much<br />

for joining us for the Winter Series of virtual <strong>Banff</strong> events – we’re<br />

delighted to be back in living rooms across the UK and Ireland<br />

with four different virtual <strong>Banff</strong> shows to choose from this winter!<br />

Film programmes in the Winter Series are the 2021 <strong>Banff</strong><br />

Mountain Film Festival Yellow and Green Film Programmes,<br />

featuring two collections of the latest <strong>Banff</strong> films. Highlights<br />

include an investigative expedition up Everest in The Ghosts<br />

Above, to captivating journeys through lesser-known parts of the<br />

world, such as trail running though Tajikistan in Running the Roof,<br />

and more. The Yellow and Green Film Programmes were shown in<br />

some theatres in autumn 2021, and we’re delighted to offer them<br />

virtually for anyone that the tour didn’t reach.<br />

We’re also thrilled to introduce two Best of <strong>Banff</strong> film<br />

programmes, with audience favourites and <strong>Banff</strong> classics from the<br />

last decade of the <strong>Banff</strong> tour. Starring <strong>Banff</strong> legends such as Alex<br />

Honnold, Hazel Findlay and Simone Moro, witness outrageous<br />

adventure, stunning cinematography and <strong>Banff</strong> nostalgia in these<br />

epic adventure throwbacks!<br />

The outdoors is for everyone and it’s what we make it.<br />

But it’s not just about where we go or what we do.<br />

What makes an adventure great is finding the right<br />

kit and the right fit. We’ll help you find kit made for<br />

adventure, not for landfill and help you care for it,<br />

so together we can reduce our impact and protect<br />

the places we love.<br />

The <strong>Banff</strong> <strong>Tour</strong> and virtual events are made possible thanks to<br />

our brilliant partners, who are once again providing fantastic<br />

prizes for our live virtual prize draws – don’t forget to enter in the<br />

virtual foyer to be in with a chance of winning.<br />

The Winter Series also includes the 2021 Ocean Film Festival (7-<br />

10 January and 28-31 January), with a collection of the latest films<br />

about seafaring adventure and mind-blowing marine life. And<br />

for inspirational film evenings on-demand, check out the Encore<br />

Channel for a choice of film programmes from the <strong>Banff</strong>, Ocean<br />

and Top Dog Film Festivals.<br />

Szabi & Magda, in-store experts, London<br />

#maketherightchoice<br />

Thank you again for joining us and we hope to see you in<br />

person at a <strong>Banff</strong> event soon. We are enormously grateful for all<br />

the positive feedback about our virtual shows, and the feeling is<br />

mutual: staying connected with such an inspirational community<br />

of adventure lovers has been a huge boost. Thank you for your<br />

continued support of the <strong>Banff</strong> Mountain Film Festival during<br />

uncertain times, and happy adventuring.<br />

The <strong>Banff</strong> Film Festival Team<br />

9<br />

PHOTO © Alex Mundt

L I V E M O R E<br />


BUFF ® is a registered trademark property of Original Buff, S.A. (Spain)



It’s the last day of summer and 13-year-old Julia is at the<br />

local bike shop hoping that her bike can be fixed. While<br />

checking out the flashy displays of new bikes and shiny<br />

components, a comic book catches her eye and she finds<br />

herself on a ride like no other. A dynamic and fresh vision<br />

of riding and the freedom it brings to an amazing young<br />

rider, My Last Day of Summer won the award for Creative<br />

Excellence at the <strong>Banff</strong> Festival.<br />

Filmmakers: Kristina Wayte & Luke Humphrey, 9 minutes<br />


It’s one of the greatest mysteries in exploration: did George<br />

Mallory reach the summit of Everest? National Geographic<br />

photographer Renan Ozturk joins an expedition on a quest<br />

to find out. Turning stereotypes on end, The Ghosts Above<br />

also reflects on commercialisation of this sacred peak, the<br />

relationship between Sherpas and expeditioners, and the<br />

rigors of climbing in the death zone.<br />

Filmmakers: Renan Ozturk, Taylor Rees & Jay Macmillan,<br />

36 minutes<br />


Not many people celebrate turning 70 with a remote river<br />

trip, but after some ‘gentle’ persuading from his sons,<br />

Jamie Thompson and his family embark on an expedition<br />

deep into the Canadian wilderness. Navigating a notorious<br />

river in an antique, hand-built wooden canoe, the<br />

Thompsons tackle technical rapids and extreme portages<br />

through dense forest – and the journey reminds them of<br />

the importance of living in the moment, and of the bonds<br />

formed in the great outdoors<br />


Filmmaker: Niobe Thompson, 17 minutes<br />

Jump aboard for three minutes of thundering skiing with<br />

Sam Favret through the Aiguilles Rouges of Chamonix. With<br />

no gimmicks, tricks or music, the sound of the elements<br />

immerse you into the tracks of this legendary local<br />

Chamonix rider. Big mountain skiing at its finest.<br />

Filmmakers: Maxime Moulin & Sam Favret, 3 minutes<br />


The humble chairlift is often over-looked, but it could be<br />

the single greatest invention in the history of modern<br />

skiing. A celebration of the under-appreciated device<br />

that brings skiers together, The Chairlift shares stories of<br />

connections forged while passing the time back to the top<br />

of the slopes. An ode to the creation that enabled a sport<br />

and acts as a central pillar of ski culture.<br />

Filmmakers: Mike Douglas & Mike Gamble, 12 minutes<br />


Four friends (three Canadians and a rogue Brit) travel<br />

to Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle on a human-powered<br />

adventure, featuring big wall first ascents, white-water<br />

paddle descents and a surprising number of Arctic<br />

flamingos. The 40-day expedition sees the team pioneer<br />

a new climb on the legendary Mount Asgard, capsize<br />

packrafts in glacial waters and more, in a true grassroots<br />

expedition.<br />

Filmmaker: Heather Mosher, 34 minutes<br />

12<br />




FKT<br />

At 1,788 metres, Mount Brunswick is the highest peak of<br />

the North Shore Mountains in British Columbia – a rugged,<br />

spectacular climb that takes regular hikers seven to eight<br />

hours complete. Enter trail runner Jeanelle Hazlett, who’s<br />

attempting to set a Fastest Known Time (FKT) record on<br />

the mountain. This is not only an almighty challenge, but<br />

on the knife-edge ridge, one wrong step could mean<br />

serious injury or death.<br />

Filmmaker: Brice Ferré, 11 minutes<br />

CHARGE 2<br />

Team Charge are back – and more charged than ever! Five<br />

top freeskiers and one world champion drone pilot have a<br />

week in British Columbia with the instructions: charge as<br />

hard as you can every day. With unique angles, high flying<br />

trickery and impressive jumps between tight treelines,<br />

Charge 2 ups the level of difficulty on the original film…<br />

high energy and epic powder guaranteed.<br />

Filmmakers: Anthony Bonello, Mike Douglas, Mike<br />

Gamble, 4 minutes<br />


Ben Stookesberry, Rafa Ortiz and Lane Jacobs attempt<br />

the first descent of one of Colombia’s wildest rivers: El Rio<br />

Guayas. Paddling into the unknown, the team face rumours<br />

of armed groups in an unstable security situation, and<br />

raging rapids from torrential rain. Navigating by satellite<br />

imagery, this is an expedition deep into the South American<br />

jungle, with roadless beauty, powerful white-water and<br />

extreme adventure.<br />

Filmmaker: Ben Stookesberry, 32 minutes<br />


Bonded by a love of running, three friends from the UK<br />

and Canada are desperate to ditch their desks and go on<br />

an adventure. One night, after a few too many drinks, they<br />

place a bet. They spin a globe and wherever their finger<br />

lands, they will run. Tajikistan. This is not a story about<br />

finish lines or medals, but about what happens when you<br />

trust in nothing but your own two feet to carry you across<br />

one of the last truly wild landscapes on earth.<br />

Filmmakers: Alexis Tymon & Ben Crocker, 45 minutes<br />


K2, the Savage Mountain, holds a mythical place in the<br />

hearts of climbers – one in four do not return from it. On<br />

22 July 2018, Polish ski-mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel<br />

makes ‘the impossible descent’ from its summit. He does<br />

it solo, and without supplemental oxygen. Join Andrzej<br />

across knife-edge ridges, above 1,000m cliffs and down<br />

75-degree slopes in a nail-biting accomplishment of one of<br />

mountaineering’s most coveted firsts.<br />

Filmmakers: Slawomir Batyra, Michal Zamencki, Sławomir<br />

Richert & Tom Fish, 23 minutes<br />

1416<br />





24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is the wildest event in the<br />

climbing world. Picture an ultramarathon crossed with<br />

a rave, where elite climbers and wannabes alike go for<br />

broke in a sunrise-to-sunrise mash-up of lactic acid and<br />

beer. But all fun aside, the competition is real. Can the<br />

team of Nik Berry and Mason Earle stand up against the<br />

all-powerful Alex Honnold?<br />

20 minutes<br />


Eighteen years after an accident left him partially<br />

paralysed, climber Paul Pritchard returns to the Totem Pole<br />

in Tasmania to find out if he has recovered enough to finish<br />

the climb. Doing it Scared documents Paul’s continuing<br />

recovery and his never-waning desire for adventure. It’s<br />

a film about determination and acceptance, patience and<br />

humility, grace, and ultimately, freedom. A reminder that<br />

disabled never means unable.<br />

9 minutes<br />

EDGES<br />

Yvonne Dowlen has been ice skating for as long as she<br />

can remember – and she insists that, at 90, it’s easier to<br />

skate than it is to walk! Skating helped her recover from<br />

the most challenging times of her life, and the message<br />

here is simple: keep doing what you love. Edges is a<br />

celebration of a life lived well.<br />

9 minutes<br />


It was a ridiculous idea from the start. Photographer<br />

Reuben Krabbe’s grand vision is to capture an image of<br />

a skier against a total solar eclipse in the high arctic. The<br />

weather is bad, the pressure is on – and to add to the<br />

difficulties, the guide is sketchy, the polar bears are out,<br />

and the skiers just want to ski…<br />

31 minutes<br />


Tucked between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the rocky<br />

slopes of a remote, arctic island, two young Norwegian<br />

adventurers discover their own private playground. They<br />

build a cabin out of flotsam while clearing the beach of<br />

debris, then spend the long winter skiing and surfing in<br />

the haunting low light. This captivating film won both the<br />

<strong>Banff</strong> Grand Prize and People's Choice Award.<br />

46 minutes<br />


Imagination taps into the beauty of a child’s daydreams.<br />

Sitting in the back of his parents’ car, he imagines being<br />

a skier doing all sorts of crazy tricks down the snow-filled<br />

urban landscape drifting past the car, when suddenly, his<br />

imagination comes to life! A beautiful, heart-warming and<br />

nostalgic film with some mind-blowing skiing, made in<br />

memory of Canadian freeskier JP Auclair.<br />

5 minutes<br />

16 16<br />





The first woman to climb grade E9, British climber Hazel<br />

Findlay is a connoisseur of loose rock, dodgy gear and<br />

big runouts. At just 5’2” and with a philosophy degree<br />

from the University of Bristol, she’s busting stereotypes<br />

of the UK trad climbing scene being dominated by<br />

machismo men… and heading to Morocco to tackle a<br />

2,800ft big wall called Babel.<br />

24 minutes<br />


When ordinary people share a singular passion, the<br />

extraordinary emerges. WildWater is a journey into the<br />

mind and soul of white-water river runners, and the<br />

wild places their obsession takes them, which are often<br />

places of discovery, solitude and risk. Visually stunning<br />

and an expedition into new ideas, WildWater is a classic<br />

adventure film that captures the soul of adventure sports.<br />

24 minutes<br />


High above the dramatic Gorges du Verdon, a group<br />

of daredevils known as the Flying Frenchies recruit<br />

musicians and aerial dancers to perform a symphony<br />

devoted to risk. The artists are perhaps not accustomed<br />

to such hair-raising exposure, but dive into the most<br />

extreme situations that the Frenchies can dream up...<br />

and the result is a high-adrenaline treat for the senses.<br />

6 minutes<br />

COLD<br />

Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards attempt<br />

to become the first people to make a winter ascent of<br />

Gasherbrum II, one of Pakistan’s 8,000m peaks. Cold<br />

is a frank and personal portrayal of the risks of highaltitude<br />

mountaineering, with chilling first-hand footage<br />

of the harrowing descent that amplifies their isolation and<br />

exposure to extreme cold… and then avalanche strikes.<br />

19 minutes<br />



Australian adventurer Tim Cope, his dog Tigon and a band<br />

of horses take on a 10,000km journey from Mongolia to<br />

Hungary, following in the footsteps of legendary warrior<br />

and nomad Genghis Khan. Having travelled through<br />

remote communities on the cusp of modernity yet proud<br />

of nomadic traditions, The Last Frontier captures the<br />

culmination of Tim’s stunning three-year journey: the<br />

crossing of the Carpathian Mountains.<br />

45 minutes<br />

ALL I CAN<br />

A special <strong>Banff</strong> edit of a legendary ski film that combines<br />

thought-provoking issues with mind-blowing snow sports<br />

action. Highlights include stunning timelapse sequences,<br />

deep powder and an incredible urban downhill skiing<br />

scene, plus world-class skiers delivering inspirational<br />

performances to a cracking soundtrack.<br />

7 minutes<br />

1816<br />




At last, the first freeze. The landscape changed. Obscured. But the restless see new<br />

routes revealed. The possibilities of winter, fresh footprints, and untouched lines.<br />

Demanding, fickle and often fleeting, nothing offers challenge like the winter season.<br />

We’ve designed our range to help you thrive in this hostility, to embrace<br />

the opportunities of winter head on.<br />




ABOVE<br />

It’s the greatest mystery in mountaineering. On 8 June 1924,<br />

renowned climber George Mallory and his young apprentice<br />

Sandy Irvine were spotted as tiny specks ascending Everest’s<br />

Northeast Ridge, just a few hundred metres from the summit.<br />

The mist closed in and they were never seen alive again, with<br />

Mallory’s frozen body finally discovered on the north face of<br />

the peak in 1999. Did one or both of the pair reach the summit<br />

before they died? If they had, it would rewrite the history of the<br />

Roof of the World – and the film The Ghosts Above is about an<br />

expedition to try and find out.<br />

“A lot of folks in our team had conflicting feelings about the<br />

mountain. But at the end of it all, I think those feelings changed<br />

and we experienced a lot,” says Renan Ozturk, one of the film’s<br />

directors who joined the expedition up Everest.<br />

The team were hoping to find the body of Sandy Irvine, who<br />

might have been carrying a camera that could hold the key<br />

to the mystery. They were aiming for ‘Holzel’s spot’ – GPS<br />

coordinates pinpointed by American Everest historian Tom<br />

Holzel, who believed that he had found the location of Irvine’s<br />

remains by using high-resolution photography. But filmed in<br />

2019, described as the ‘year that Everest broke,’ with bottleneck<br />

queues of climbers on the Hillary Step and 11 deaths, The Ghosts<br />

Above is about more than the search for Sandy Irvine. There are<br />

reflections on the history of Everest expeditions, the fraught<br />

relationship between indigenous guides and expeditioners, the<br />

rigors of high-alpine mountaineering and the commercialisation<br />

of this sacred mountain.<br />

“The 1920s British expeditions were inventing not only highaltitude<br />

climbing as we know it, but also the art of sharing these<br />

high-mountain cultures with the world,” says Renan. “Their<br />

efforts to conquer Everest were also the beginning of a complex<br />

cultural relationship with the Himalayan people.<br />

“And after 20 years of telling Himalayan stories and thinking<br />

that I knew what this mountain was all about, this was the climb<br />

that changed everything,” he adds.<br />

"<br />

The 1920s British<br />

expeditions were<br />

inventing not only highaltitude<br />

climbing as we<br />

know it, but also the art<br />

of sharing these highmountain<br />

cultures with<br />

the world<br />

"<br />

Who were Mallory and Irvine?<br />

An expedition to solve one of the<br />

greatest mysteries in exploration –<br />

and a brutally honest investigation<br />

into the controversies surrounding<br />

world’s highest peak<br />

Born in 1886, George Mallory was the only climber to take part in all three<br />

of the British expeditions to Everest in the 1920s. He was a schoolmaster<br />

by profession, and had also served as a gunner during World War I. He was<br />

reportedly unsure whether to join the final expedition to Everest as he had<br />

settled in Cambridge with his wife, Ruth, and their three young children.<br />

Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine was the youngest member of the 1924 Everest team,<br />

aged just 22. He was a gifted rower, but had limited climbing experience,<br />

having scaled modest peaks in Wales, the Alps and Spitsbergen in the Arctic<br />

Circle. A talented engineer and tinkerer, he had earnt the nickname ‘Superman’<br />

from his teammates by redesigning their new-fangled oxygen gear, to<br />

make it lighter and less prone to breaking.<br />


23 21

Outdoor Instructor Training<br />

15 Weeks. 15 Qualifications. Dorset.<br />

Soul-stirring careers do exist. Start training THIS November and<br />

you’ll be working as a qualified outdoor instructor by next Spring.<br />

Fast track instructor training costs £8350 and includes 15 weeks of<br />

professional full-time coaching, accommodation, food and transport.<br />

Make the change. Do something you love.<br />

Thomas Evans - 24<br />

OIT 2017 - 2018<br />

“University wasn’t for me. This<br />

course was a really fast, cost<br />

effective way to get qualified<br />

for a job I loved. I’m now Head<br />

of Coaching at White Spider<br />

climbing wall in Surbiton.”<br />

Suzie Dearn - 27<br />

OIT 2020 - 2021<br />

“After travelling the world, I<br />

craved a career that kept me<br />

outdoors. Land & Wave offered<br />

the fastest way to get qualified<br />

and I absolutely love my job”<br />

Jason Roberts - 45<br />

OIT 2015 - 2016<br />

“The course was a ‘career<br />

break’ from 20 years+ in IT<br />

Consultancy. After spending<br />

a winter training and summer<br />

working, I went back to the<br />

corporate world, working in the<br />

outdoors as a freelancer. After<br />

this I went full time and now<br />

look forward to work every day”<br />

Book a<br />

FREE<br />

open day<br />

01929 423 031 | info@landandwave.co.uk<br />




THE ROOF<br />

An extreme<br />

running<br />

expedition across<br />

the ‘roof of the<br />

world’<br />

People make drunken bets all the time,<br />

but once the pint glasses are drained<br />

and the hangover sets in, these wagers can<br />

become a foggy memory. There are few who<br />

would follow through on a bet that involves<br />

spinning a globe and travelling thousands of<br />

kilometres to wherever their finger lands –<br />

particularly when that destination ends up<br />

being Tajikistan, a part of the world that is<br />

unfamiliar to many. Even fewer would commit<br />

to running ultramarathon distances in remote,<br />

high altitude terrain, with extreme temperature<br />

swings – but Jody Bragger (JB) and his friends<br />

Gabriel (Gabe) Ghiglione and Jodie Gauld<br />

are not like most people. Running the Roof<br />

chronicles just what amazing adventures can<br />

occur when people turn their drunken ideas<br />

into reality.<br />

Though the bet was initially made between<br />

JB and Gabe, the pair quickly realised they<br />

couldn’t do it alone. “We needed a tribe to<br />

bring this dream to life,” says Gabe. “So we<br />

reached out to our friends that live for the ‘outthere’<br />

ideas: Jodie, our badass ultra runner<br />

friend from London and, of course, Ben and<br />

Alexis – a pair of mega-talented filmmakers<br />

who have the ability to make just about every<br />

situation more fun. Together, we became this<br />

crazy little team who weren't going to be<br />

stopped.”<br />

“Because this bar bet was so ridiculous, I<br />

felt like it needed more attention,” says JB.<br />

“It kind of encapsulated my mantra: if it’s not<br />

epic, it’s not worth doing.” All of the group<br />

agree that without JB, the trip wouldn’t have<br />

happened. In the weeks following their bet, he<br />

obsessively pored over maps of Tajikistan and<br />

ultimately plotted their border-to-border route,<br />

which followed the Bartang River through the<br />

stunning Pamir mountain range, ending at Lake<br />

Karakul. This challenge was not for the faint of<br />

heart – it covered roughly 400km in just seven<br />

days, with elevation gains of nearly 4,500m.<br />

Though JB and Jodie were seasoned longdistance<br />

runners, Gabe only had a handful of<br />

short distance races and one marathon under<br />

his belt prior to this expedition.<br />

Going into the trip Jodie knew very little<br />

about their destination. “Like the others, I want<br />

to see the world and, embarrassingly, I hadn't<br />

even heard of Tajikistan, so what better way<br />

is there to educate myself than exploring this<br />

place on two feet with friends?” Once there she<br />

was “warmed by locals who were always very<br />

friendly, interested in what we were doing and<br />

clearly so proud and passionate about their<br />

country.” She reminisces, “I was also surprised<br />

at how delicious their homemade breads and<br />

jam were – I could have that every day for the<br />

rest of my life and be happy.”<br />

"<br />

If it's not epic,<br />

it's not worth<br />

doing<br />

"<br />




K2:<br />




WANT IT.<br />

Explore British Columbia, Canada with the<br />

ultimate escape of guided heli-access hikes,<br />

family-friendly adventures, glacier treks,<br />

zip-lines and sky-high via ferrata climbing.<br />

Whether you’re an easy-going explorer or<br />

a seasoned adventure seeker, we know the<br />

perfect place.<br />



Achieving the unthinkable on the Savage Mountain<br />

Start planning your adventure<br />

and visit cmhsummer.com/bmff<br />

or phone +44 (0)20 7736 8191.<br />

or many climbers, getting to the peak<br />

“Fof K2 would be their goal. But for me, it<br />

was where the real challenge began,” says Polish<br />

ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel. “The moment I<br />

clicked into my skis, I realised that the worst part<br />

was ahead.”<br />

At 8,611m, the world’s second highest peak is<br />

justifiably known as the Savage Mountain: while<br />

Everest is higher, K2 is far more dangerous. One<br />

in four climbers do not return from an attempt on<br />

the summit, and at the time of Andrzej’s expedition,<br />

only 367 had ever made it to the top (for Everest,<br />

the number is over 10,000). And Andrzej’s goal<br />

was more extreme than summiting: he planned<br />

to not only climb the treacherous peak without<br />

any supplementary oxygen, but to ski down from<br />

the summit – a feat that would redefine modern<br />

mountaineering. So what’s the story behind this<br />

extraordinary mountaineer?<br />

Born in 1988, Andrzej grew up in the Polish village<br />

of Łętownia, helping out on his parents’ farm with<br />

his 10 brothers and sisters (his siblings and his<br />

parents had all signed their initials on the skis he<br />

used on K2). Andrzej’s older brother Grzegorz was<br />

a keen mountaineer and took the eager Andrzej<br />

with him on skiing and climbing trips – and it<br />

wasn’t long before Andrzej was taking his passion<br />

to the next level. He went on to become a threetime<br />

Polish ski mountaineering champion and<br />

holds numerous records and firsts from the world’s<br />

highest peaks, although his achievement on K2 will<br />

surely be his most stunning.<br />

“This movie is my personal journey and my dream<br />

that came true,” Andrzej says. >><br />


Find the<br />

adventure<br />

you’re<br />

seeking<br />


"<br />

Technology played a part in the expedition’s<br />

success: Andrzej and his team used drones to<br />

assess terrain to see if it was ski-able, and to<br />

monitor Andrzej’s progress. “There have been<br />

expeditions that have used drones before. But<br />

nobody has succeeded in getting a drone above<br />

an 8,000er,” says Andrzej’s younger brother<br />

Bartek, who was drone operator on the trip. “I<br />

changed the drone's software to remove the height<br />

restrictions and increased its speed. You want to<br />

use everything in your advantage to achieve your<br />

goal.”<br />

The moment I clicked into<br />

my skis, I realised that the<br />

worst part was ahead<br />

After 67 hours on the mountain above base<br />

camp, including more than 20 in the death zone<br />

above 8,000m, Andrzej achieved a goal that many<br />

30<br />

"<br />

thought impossible – the first solo ski descent of<br />

K2, entering mountaineering history books and<br />

pushing the boundaries of human potential. What<br />

does he think of his astonishing achievement?<br />

“My mum gave birth to 11 children,” laughs<br />

Andrzej. “That challenge can't be compared to<br />

skiing down K2!”<br />


As well as helping Andrzej succeed with his challenge,<br />

the team used their drone to locate and help rescue<br />

Scottish climber Rick Allen, who had become lost and<br />

injured on K2’s perilous slopes. They were also able<br />

to send a drone carrying a small package of medical<br />

supplies to their own team member Janusz Gołąb,<br />

who got stuck at a high camp with significant back<br />

pain.<br />




RETURN<br />

TO EL<br />

GUAYAS<br />

10%<br />

10%<br />

10%<br />

10% OFF OFF<br />

10% OFF<br />

YOUR 2021<br />


OFF<br />

OFF<br />

OFF<br />

YOUR YOUR 2021<br />

2021<br />



YOUR 2021<br />


Three kayakers attempt a first descent of one of Colombia’s<br />

wildest rivers – El Guayas<br />

o one can give us a straight answer on<br />

“Nthe security situation – we’ve had a 50/50<br />

response about it being safe and dangerous. And<br />

that’s the deal breaker for me – I need better odds<br />

than 50/50."<br />

film-maker Ben Stookesberry. “Huge amounts of<br />

natural habitat is disturbed, not to mention tracks<br />

of forest and other previously undisturbed land that<br />

is trammelled by transmissions lines. These dams in<br />

remote places are especially detrimental because<br />

their construction most often is intended to power<br />



CYCLING & ,<br />

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Colombia should be a white-water kayaker’s<br />

mining activities in mineral-rich mountainous terrain.<br />

paradise. With the Andes funnelling rainfall in three<br />

directions – west into the Pacific, north into the “I want to show the world the value of the<br />

Caribbean and east into the Amazon – the country environment of these rivers, in order to preserve<br />



has an abundance of spectacular rivers, packed them for the generation of the future,” he continues.<br />

with rapids and canyons. But as well as remote,<br />

CYCLING & ,<br />

& ,<br />


After attempting a first descent of El Guayas in<br />

technical paddling, there are other challenges for<br />

2017, abandoned because of extreme rainfall, Ben<br />


explorers. Until recently the majority of Colombia<br />

CYCLING & TR<br />

is back with teammates Rafa Ortiz and Lane Jacobs<br />

was unsafe because of armed rebels, paramilitaries<br />

to tackle this daunting but beautiful river once again.<br />


CY<br />

and government fighters. With that threat easing, it’s<br />

With the rain pouring down and miles from the<br />

» Book » Book before before 30 June 30 June 2021 2021 & receive & receive 10% 10% off your off your trip trip price* price*<br />

been replaced by a new one: hydroelectric dams.<br />

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as clean, it is far from that,” says kayaker and<br />

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worldexpeditions.com/banff-offer<br />

WO<br />


BEST OF BANFF #1<br />

WHERE<br />

ARE<br />

THEY<br />

NOW?<br />

BEST OF BANFF #1<br />

Alex Honnold | Showdown at Horseshoe Hell<br />

Alex Honnold was already a climbing legend<br />

when he starred in the <strong>Banff</strong> film Showdown<br />

at Horseshoe Hell in 2016, and he’s cemented<br />

that status even more firmly since. Alex’s nondwindling<br />

list of achievements includes setting<br />

the speed record up The Nose on El Capitan (one<br />

hour 58 minutes) with climbing partner Tommy<br />

Caldwell in 2018, and the first free solo ascent<br />

of El Capitan via the Freerider route in 2017. The<br />

film of that achievement, Free Solo, plunged him<br />

into the spotlight when it won an Oscar for best<br />

documentary – and our loveable hero collected<br />

his prize in a tuxedo designed by The North Face.<br />

Class.<br />

Away from the walls, Alex and his partner Sanni<br />

got married during lockdown, and the couple are<br />

expecting a baby in February 2022. And it’s not all<br />

about the younger generation. Alex’s mum Diedre<br />

took up climbing at the age of 60 to better relate<br />

to her son, and it’s going quite well: now 70, she’s<br />

34<br />

just become the oldest woman to climb El Capitan,<br />

celebrating with champagne and cupcakes at the<br />

top. What a family.<br />


Inge Wegge | North Of The Sun<br />

Nine months on a remote arctic island seemed<br />

to suit Norwegian adventurer Inge Wegge<br />

– after the 2013 <strong>Banff</strong> Grand Prize-winning film<br />

North of the Sun, he spent two months on Bear<br />

Island (between mainland Norway and Svalbard),<br />

with his two brothers, a surfboard, a snowboard,<br />

a paraglider and food liberated from supermarket<br />

wheelie bins back home in Norway.<br />

After becoming a father, Inge began to look for<br />

marginally less-remote adventures, and the result<br />

was Playground Lofoten, a four-part TV series<br />

that featured adventures such as skiing with the<br />

northern lights dancing overhead, and paragliding<br />

and highlining with his brothers and sister above<br />

Lofoten. Inge is now a full-time filmmaker, and is<br />

currently working on a documentary about a beluga<br />

whale called Hvaldimir that came to Norway two<br />

years ago.<br />

Paul Pritchard | Doing it Scared<br />

S<br />

ince the 2017 <strong>Banff</strong> film Doing<br />

it Scared, Paul Pritchard<br />

has continued to adventure and<br />

climb, notably putting up his first<br />

first ascent in 21 years, close to<br />

his home in Hobart, Tasmania.<br />

The two-time Boardman Tasker<br />

mountain literature prize winner<br />

has also continued to write, and<br />

Paul’s new book The Mountain Path<br />

has just been published. Described<br />

as an exploration of a healing<br />

brain, a journey into philosophy<br />

and psychology, a test of will and<br />

a triumph of hope, it’s available<br />

from Vertebrate Publishing: www.vpublishing.co.uk.<br />


BEST OF BANFF #2<br />

Hazel Findlay | Spice Girl<br />

Since her appearance in Spice Girl in 2014,<br />

British climber Hazel Findlay has continued<br />

to notch up impressive trad, sport and big wall<br />

climbs, as well as continuing her interest in the<br />

mental process of climbing. She has free climbed<br />

El Capitan four times on four different routes, and<br />

also made the third ever ascent (and first female)<br />

of the 5.14c route Magic Line in Yosemite Valley.<br />

Writing about this 2019 achievement in her blog<br />

(www.hazel-findlay.com), Hazel says that the real<br />

challenge was finding the limits of what she was<br />

capable of, while managing to enjoy the journey.<br />

"I watched other climbers around me collect<br />

multiple-year projects. Problem was, none of<br />

them seemed happy. You’d see them dragging<br />

their heels on the way to the crag, skin sallow<br />

from dieting and an intolerance for conversing<br />

about anything other than ‘the proj’. This wasn’t<br />

a reason to go climbing in my mind, this was an<br />

advertisement to start a new hobby.”<br />

Away from Yosemite, Hazel went to Mongolia<br />

to search out unclimbed lines with long-term<br />

climbing partner Maddy Cope, as documented in<br />

their joy-filled 2020 film First Ascent / Last Ascent.<br />

Based in North Wales, Hazel is also a climbing<br />

coach, specialising in helping people overcome<br />

their fears and limitations, and she runs The<br />

Curious Climber podcast with fellow elite climber<br />

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk.<br />

Tim Cope | On the Trail of Genghis Khan<br />

Since his ground-breaking journey<br />

featured in On the Trail of Genghis<br />

Khan, Tim Cope has continued to spend<br />

time in Mongolia, leading remote trekking<br />

and cultural tours in the country. The rest of<br />

the time he’s based in Melbourne, where he<br />

regularly works in schools, exploring topics<br />

such as courage, curiosity and taking risks<br />

using the Nomads’ unique approach to life<br />

as a basis.<br />

After 14 years of waking up together,<br />

Tim’s beloved dog Tigon died in August<br />

2018, and Tim said that he’d lost his friend,<br />

companion and brother. But Tigon’s memory<br />

lives on in Tim’s most recent book, Tim and<br />

Tigon, telling the story of their unique fouryear<br />

journey aimed at younger readers and<br />

explorers (10-14 years).<br />

Flying Frenchies | Metronomic<br />

Our favourite group of<br />

acrobats, wingsuit<br />

flyers, artists and performers<br />

are still making us smile with<br />

their ridiculous and terrifying<br />

antics. Since Metronomic<br />

on the 2017 <strong>Banff</strong> tour, the<br />

Flying Frenchies have been<br />

wingsuit flying through<br />

caves; slacklining between<br />

paragliders and surfing along<br />

a 1km long zip line, 600m<br />

above the ground (as shown<br />

in the 2018 <strong>Banff</strong> film Surf the<br />

Line). We can’t wait to see<br />

what they get up to next!<br />

BEST OF BANFF #2<br />





ENCORE<br />


OCEAN TO<br />

ASGARD<br />

38<br />

Inspirational <strong>Banff</strong> films – now available on-demand<br />

What do the <strong>Banff</strong> Mountain Film Festival<br />

team do when they can no longer<br />

celebrate the spirit of adventure with audiences<br />

around the country? Celebrate the spirit of<br />

adventure with audiences around the country<br />

(albeit in a slightly different way!).<br />

The covid lockdowns may have ground the<br />

<strong>Banff</strong> Mountain Film Festival van wheels to a<br />

halt, but they didn’t stop our passion for sharing<br />

inspirational films with our adventure-loving<br />

audiences. With broadcasting locations ranging<br />

from the glorious French Alps to our equally<br />

glorious Backyard Theatre in Northamptonshire,<br />

we went on to create Encore Channel – a virtual<br />

platform where you can watch all of our film<br />

festivals on demand.<br />

Encore Channel features the 2020 Red and<br />

Blue Film Programmes, plus a host of bonus<br />

<strong>Banff</strong> film programmes only available virtually.<br />

You can also catch our sister events the Ocean<br />

Film Festival and the Top Dog Film Festival<br />

- which celebrates the unbreakable bond<br />

between dogs and humans. All this, available to<br />

watch in your own time, from your own sofa.<br />

The virtual events were a fantastic way to stay<br />

connected with audiences throughout lockdown,<br />

and we’re delighted to now offer shows all year<br />

round.<br />

If you want to catch up with a film programme<br />

you missed, or to try one of our other<br />

inspirational film festivals, see www.banff-uk.<br />

com/virtual.<br />


t's a big, scary place on Baffin Island,” says<br />

“Ipro climber Jacob Cook. “Everything is on<br />

a huge scale.”<br />

Off the northeastern tip of Canada, next stop<br />

Greenland, Baffin Island is the world’s fifth<br />

largest island, with a population of just over<br />

13,000. With sheer cliff faces, steep fjords, 24-<br />

hour daylight in summer and the chance to see<br />

the Northern Lights in winter, it’s been described<br />

as an Arctic playground for the adventurous –<br />

and this expedition was certainly adventurous.<br />

“Coming on this trip with our friend Thor, the<br />

obvious goal was to climb Mount Thor with<br />

Thor,” Jacob continues.<br />

Jacob, his wife and fellow pro-climber<br />

Bronwyn, plus two childhood friends Zack and<br />

Thor, spent 40 days in Baffin Island’s immense<br />

wilderness, on a human-powered trip to make<br />

big-wall first ascents, travelling by inflatable<br />

packraft. As well as hardcore climbing, the<br />

journey captures the spirit of friendship, fun and<br />

An extreme humanpowered<br />

expedition<br />

on the world’s fifth<br />

largest island<br />

adventure… and there are a surprising number<br />

of wild Arctic flamingos.<br />

“We knew we wouldn't have the highest<br />

production value, but the main thing that I<br />

wanted to present with this film was the human<br />

relationships, and the feeling of being out there,<br />

moving through a giant landscape like that in<br />

our small team,” Jacob says.<br />


the stats<br />

Size: 507,451km²<br />

Population: 13,148<br />

People: Baffin Island Inuit (also known as<br />

Nunatsiarmiut), who have inhabited Baffin Island<br />

for thousands of years<br />

Wildlife: includes polar bears, caribou, Arctic foxes<br />

and lemmings<br />

Mount Thor: has the greatest purely vertical drop<br />

of any mountain on earth (1,250m)<br />



FKT<br />

An attempt at the Fastest<br />

Known Time up spectacular<br />

Mount Brunswick in British<br />

Columbia, Canada<br />

KTs have always fascinated me because<br />

“Fthey force you to challenge yourself.<br />

You don't have someone to chase, you don't<br />

have someone chasing you, it's you against the<br />

clock,” says athlete Jeanelle Hazlett.<br />

Jeanelle is attempting a female Fastest Known<br />

Time on Mount Brunswick, the highest peak in<br />

the North Shore Mountains in British Columbia.<br />

The route is a 7km trail each way, culminating<br />

in a daunting knife-edge ridge, where one slip<br />

could result in serious injury or death. Regular<br />

hikers take seven to eight hours to complete to<br />

trip: Jeanelle is aiming for under 2.5 hours.<br />

40<br />

“At times I was on all fours, so it took a lot of<br />

calculated risks, but that's what this is all about,”<br />

she says.<br />

The concept of FKTs has been around for<br />

years, but recording official times has taken off<br />

in the last decade. And during the pandemic,<br />

when races were cancelled, runners took to<br />

racing the clock on routes all over the world:<br />

the website www.fastestknowntime.com saw a<br />

400% increase in the number of FKTs submitted<br />

in 2020. FKT routes are trails that already exist,<br />

ranging from routes up and down mountains, to<br />

longer trails such as the Pennine Way in the UK<br />

– but they have to be at least five miles long, or<br />

involve at least 500ft of climbing.<br />

“It's a mountain athlete's sport where you<br />

confront a mountain and it's quite intense and<br />

real out there,” finishes Jeanelle. “You're leaving<br />

everything on the mountain and taking many<br />

risks.”<br />



An ode to...<br />

THE<br />


Mike Douglas’s new<br />

film The Chairlift<br />

celebrates the<br />

invention that has<br />

revolutionised modern<br />

skiing, and cherishes<br />

the friendships formed,<br />

routes scouted and<br />

memories made on<br />

the humble lift. To<br />

take it even further,<br />

we’ve rounded up<br />

some top facts about<br />

this often-overlooked<br />

contraption…<br />

W<br />

e are delighted to support the <strong>Banff</strong> Mountain<br />

Film Festival 2021. If you’d like to know more<br />

about how our investment professionals could track<br />

down Profits for you, please contact your financial<br />

adviser, call 0800 092 2051 or visit artemisfunds.com.<br />

WORLD’S HIGHEST CHAIRLIFT: The world’s highest gondola is at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain<br />

resort in the Yunnan province of China, reaching a dizzying altitude of 4,506m – but we’re not here to<br />

talk about gondolas. The world’s highest chairlift proper is the majestically named Imperial Express in<br />

Breckenridge, Colorado, unloading at 3,914m. Drink in the thin air. Both of these pale in comparison<br />

to the world’s former highest ski resort, the 5,421m-high Chacaltaya resort in Bolivia, but this has now<br />

been abandoned as climate change caused its glacier to disappear.<br />

WORLD’S FIRST CHAIRLIFT: The first ever chairlifts opened in December 1936 at Sun Valley Resort<br />

in Idaho in the USA. They were built by Union Pacific Railroad based on a design by their lead bridge<br />

engineer, in the hope that a resort-style ski area would encourage rail travel. The first two chairlifts<br />

have been replaced, but the world’s third ever chairlift has been preserved, and still stands among<br />

the mansions and holes of the Sun Valley Golf Course.<br />

WORLD’S LONGEST CHAIRLIFT: Wrap up warm and get out the thermos: the world’s longest chairlift<br />

takes you on a 3.4km journey between the Sugarbush resort’s two ski areas – Lincoln Peak and<br />

Mount Ellen – in Vermont. Closer to home, the longest chairlifts in Europe are both in France and each<br />

2.8km in length: the Coulouvrier chairlift in the Grand Massif, and the Pré St Esprit chairlift in Les Arcs,<br />

which even has heated seating to warm the derrière.<br />

DID YOU KNOW? You can get a mix of gondolas and chairlifts all on one cableway, and this indigenous<br />

design is known as a chondola. Found in resorts in Austria, France and Sweden, choose your ride and<br />

travel in style.<br />


Capital at risk.<br />

Issued by Artemis Fund Managers Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.<br />

For your protection calls are usually recorded.

WHERE<br />

ARE<br />

THEY<br />

NOW?<br />

Catch up with adventurers who starred in<br />

recent <strong>Banff</strong> Mountain Film Festival tours<br />

Kai Lightner | Young Guns<br />

Kai Lightner is a climbing powerhouse. <strong>Banff</strong><br />

audiences might remember him from the<br />

tour film Young Guns, where he tackled one of<br />

the largest caves in Europe aged just 16; or 5.14c,<br />

which featured in our lockdown Handpicked<br />

Adventure collection. Kai is now aiming to use his<br />

climbing skills to support and encourage others<br />

in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of<br />

Colour) community to explore the sport he loves<br />

by making it more accessible.<br />

“I decided to create a non-profit organisation<br />

called Climbing for Change, which aims to connect<br />

underserved communities with organisations<br />

seeking to provide opportunities and diversify<br />

the outdoors,” says Kai, who was also part of the<br />

Climbing Through Barriers panel discussion at the<br />

2019 <strong>Banff</strong> Mountain Film and Book Festival.<br />

“After talking with my sponsors and different<br />

organisations about their plan for DEI [Diversity,<br />

Equity and Inclusion] initiatives, I realised that<br />

many of them didn’t know how to facilitate the<br />

long-term changes that society was demanding<br />

from them. One-time donations were not going<br />

to cut it – a sustainable model had to be created<br />

that would establish long-term connections<br />

between corporate businesses, grassroots DEI<br />

organisations, and community leaders seeking<br />

change in their areas.”<br />

Climbing for Change aims to provide funding for<br />

competitions and community groups, support for<br />

climbing gyms to help lower membership rates,<br />

and even money for climbing expeditions. “Idle<br />

time is never good for young people,” adds Kai.<br />

“We wanted to provide alternatives to traditional<br />

sports like basketball and football for BIPOC<br />

communities. We wanted them to know that there<br />

are alternative sports that will get them outside.”<br />

we believe the closer we are to nature<br />

See www.climbing4change.org for more.<br />

the more likely we are to care for it<br />

underwear and tees made from trees<br />

sueme.com • @wearesueme<br />

144 145<br />

Photography: Martin Hartley | Locations & Production: Good Spaces<br />

44<br />






WANT IT.<br />

Explore British Columbia, Canada with the<br />

ultimate escape of guided heli-access hikes,<br />

family-friendly adventures, glacier treks,<br />

zip-lines and sky-high via ferrata climbing.<br />

Whether you’re an easy-going explorer or<br />

a seasoned adventure seeker, we know the<br />

perfect place.<br />

Leo Houlding | Spectre:<br />

Mission Antarctica<br />

Known as the face of modern British adventure,<br />

Leo Houlding has been busy since we saw<br />

him in the gripping <strong>Banff</strong> film Spectre: Mission<br />

Antarctica. In late 2019 he led an expedition to free<br />

climb a new route on Mount Roraima in Guyana,<br />

trekking 53km through untracked jungle before<br />

climbing the spectacular, overhanging 600m wall.<br />

Between lockdowns in 2020 he celebrated his 40th<br />

birthday with a four-day expedition up the iconic<br />

alpine peak Piz Badile, joined by his wife Jessica<br />

and their children, seven-year-old Freya and threeyear-old<br />

Jackson – bring on the next generation<br />

of explorers! Leo is also writing his autobiography,<br />

Closer to the Edge, due out in September 2022, and<br />

we can’t wait to hear his next expedition plans too.<br />

Catch Leo’s film Spectre: Mission Antarctica as<br />

part of the 2020 Red Film Programme, available on<br />

demand via the <strong>Banff</strong> Encore Channel.<br />

Start planning your adventure<br />

and visit cmhsummer.com/bmff<br />

or phone +44 (0)20 7736 8191.<br />



Nouria Newman | The Ladakh Project<br />

With big plans in store for 2020 (which<br />

involved running a +30-metre waterfall<br />

and doing another expedition in the Himalayas),<br />

kayaker Nouria Newman of The Ladakh Project<br />

had to pivot when the pandemic ground the world<br />

to a halt. Rather than mope about her foiled plans,<br />

Nouria started scoping out local lines and every<br />

runnable river in the area near her father’s home<br />

in the French Alps where she was living. After<br />

days of bushwhacking and waiting for favourable<br />

conditions, she said she ended up “running the<br />

hardest rapid of my career, pretty much in my dad’s<br />

garden!” Once strict lockdown conditions were<br />

eased, Nouria shot a short piece of her paddling<br />

the Verdon River and spent three weeks exploring<br />

the amazing rivers in Norway with friends. Though<br />

she does not know what the future holds, she is<br />

“trying to be an opportunist, and go on every trip<br />

possible.” The Ladakh Project filmmaker Corrina<br />

Halloran has also been keeping busy, and has<br />

just started her Masters in Creative Writing. She<br />

is hoping that the future brings more adventures<br />

with amazing athletes (hint hint Nouria!).<br />


The outdoors is for everyone and it’s what<br />

we make it. But it’s not just about where<br />

we go or what we do. What makes an<br />

adventure great is finding the right kit and<br />

the right fit. We’ll help you find kit made<br />

for adventure, not for landfill and help you<br />

care for it too, with our sustainable in-store<br />

services. Extend the life of the kit you love<br />

with Repair & Care and Recycle My Gear,<br />

and together we can reduce our impact<br />

and protect the great outdoors.

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