Inner Boost and Balance PIP

Inner Boost and Balance PIP

Inner Boost and Balance PIP


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Make a Shift <br />

Reset Kit Guide<br />

Use this guide to help you <strong>and</strong> your team through a 14-day reset.


when running your own NingXia Reset<br />

1<br />


Get familiar with the NingXia Reset<br />

resources <strong>and</strong> complete your own personal<br />

NingXia Reset<br />

to gain your unique reset experience.<br />

Resources:<br />

• Make a Shift Reset Kit<br />

• NingXia Reset L<strong>and</strong>ing Page<br />

• NingXia Reset Daily Checklist<br />

• NingXia Red E-Book<br />

• NingXia Reset Facebook Group<br />

• NingXia Reset Social Media<br />

Engagement Guide<br />

2<br />


Use the Social Media Engagement Guide<br />

to prepare others to join you in their own<br />

personal NingXia Reset. In other words,<br />

start warming up your warm market.<br />

3<br />



Be sure you’re helping new people define<br />

their “why” — the reasons they want<br />

to build new habits. Then, find ways to<br />

remind them of their why.<br />

4<br />


Whether they’re trying to eat better,<br />

exercise more, or simply build healthy<br />

habits like better sleep, make it exciting<br />

for them to try new things. Talk about<br />

your plans!<br />

5<br />


Create a space where your participants<br />

can feel supported. Whether it’s on social<br />

media or a text group, this can make the<br />

experience much more fun. Don’t forget,<br />

we have set up a Facebook Group that you<br />

can invite them too.<br />


6 PEOPLE’S WINS:<br />

Recognize the small wins your participants<br />

have while doing this Reset.<br />

(Example: Completed their water intake<br />

goal for the first time or went on a 45 min<br />

walk instead of the 30 mins they<br />

had planned)


What to say when<br />

they say YES<br />

When someone says they want more information on the<br />

NingXia Reset, continue the conversation with them by using<br />

the following prompts:<br />

1st:<br />

Ask them about their goals. Let them know you want to<br />

make sure this is a good fit for them.<br />

Start asking questions -- Why do you want to do the Reset<br />

in the first place?<br />

2nd:<br />

You're going to want to relate to those goals. Be sure<br />

to listen to them, hear their struggles <strong>and</strong> what they<br />

want to accomplish in their health journey.<br />

3rd:<br />

After you have had some good conversation about their<br />

goals, let them know that you feel this 14-day Reset is<br />

perfect for them. Share this with passion <strong>and</strong> confidence<br />

knowing that this can change their life. Share some before<br />

<strong>and</strong> after pictures <strong>and</strong> screenshots of testimonies.<br />

EXPERT TIP: When striking up these conversations, make<br />

sure you are using open-ended questions to create trust <strong>and</strong><br />

genuine connection with your potential participant.

(DAY 1) (DAY 3)<br />

START<br />

Share with your participants the Daily<br />

Checklist sheet for them to print off<br />

<strong>and</strong> hang on their fridge.<br />

Make sure to add your new<br />

participants to our NingXia Reset<br />

Facebook group.<br />

CHECK IN<br />

Reach out to your participants <strong>and</strong> remind<br />

them to fill out their daily checklist.<br />

Share a prompt for them to create a journal<br />

sharing about their experiences & feelings.<br />

Items to help you start<br />

your Reset:<br />

Make a Shift Reset Kit<br />

Water bottle<br />

Accountability partner<br />

Journal or notebook to<br />

record experience<br />

Before photo<br />

(DAY 5)<br />

CHECK IN<br />

Hydration is key to optimal wellness! Make<br />

sure your participant is staying hydrated.<br />

Ask your Reset member how they are<br />

making their water fun? Maybe share some<br />

suggestions on what has helped you.

(DAY 7) (DAY 9)<br />


Ask your participants what they have<br />

noticed so far.<br />

ASK<br />

Ask your participants about their exercise<br />

goals.<br />

Better sleep patterns?<br />

More energy?<br />

Less daily stress?<br />

What is working for them?<br />

What is something new they could try?<br />

(DAY 10)<br />

SHARE<br />

Share a healthy recipe with your<br />

participants.<br />

BONUS TIP: Check out the NingXia Red<br />

e-book or the Young Living Pinterest<br />

page for exclusive recipes!<br />

(DAY 12)<br />

CHECK IN<br />

Check in again <strong>and</strong> see how their progress is going.<br />

Suggest purchasing the NingXia Red ® Loyalty<br />

Rewards Bundle on their next monthly order<br />

to continue their progress.<br />

If they don’t know about the monthly Loyalty<br />

Rewards program, this is a great opportunity<br />

to share your excitement on why you love the<br />

program <strong>and</strong> other benefits.<br />

Ningxia Loyalty Bundle:<br />

4 – NingXia Red 750ml Bottles<br />

1 – 30 ct. NingXia Red Singles<br />

Wholesale $210<br />

PV 210

(DAY 14)<br />

LAST DAY<br />

It’s the last day of the Reset; send a fun GIF<br />

or meme to help them finish their last day.<br />

(DAY 15)<br />

YOU DID IT!<br />

Congratulate them on completing the Reset <strong>and</strong> set up a time to talk through how it went.<br />

What results did they experience?<br />

Better sleep patterns?<br />

More energy?<br />

Less daily stress?<br />

Take note of their results so that you can continue guiding them on their wellness journey.

Reset with a friend <strong>and</strong> earn!<br />

Help others get started with a Make a Shift Reset Kit :<br />

$129 Wholesale Cost, 129 PV | INCLUDES 51 NingXia Sachets<br />

SHARE WITH 2<br />

Earn up to $129 back each time!<br />

x 51 x 51<br />

First-time shoppers can save 10% at checkout<br />

when they apply the promo code: SHAREYL<br />

Applicable PV & Fast Start Bonuses will be reduced by<br />

10% as a result.<br />

Click here for more information.<br />

or check out our ShareYL video on the YL Digital Library for more details!<br />

*The Br<strong>and</strong> Partner sales earnings disclosed are potential gross earnings <strong>and</strong> not net of other business expenses <strong>and</strong> not necessarily<br />

representative of the actual income, if any, that a Br<strong>and</strong> Partner can or will earn through the Young Living Sales Compensation Plan.<br />

A Br<strong>and</strong> Partner’s earnings will depend on individual diligence, work effort, sales skill, <strong>and</strong> market conditions. Young Living does not<br />

guarantee any income or rank success. See the Income Disclosure Statement for detailed earnings information per rank.

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