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Move/Copy Utility

Move/Copy Utility (Option 3.3) El siguiente Panel Muestra las diferentes opciones de Copiado o Movimiento de archivos o members. +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ --------------------------- MOVE / eOPY UTILITY ------------------------------- OPTION ===> e e - eopy data set or member(s) M - Move data set or member(s) L - eopy and LMF lock member(s) P - LMF Promote data set or member(s) ep - eopy and print MP - Move and print LP - eopy, LMF lock, and print PP - LMF Promote and print SPEeiFY "FROM" DATA SET BELOW, THEN PRESS ENTER KEY FROM ISPF LIBRARY: ------- Options e, CP, L, and LP only - - ---- PROJEeT ===> ISPFDEMO 1 1 GROUP ===> MYLIB ===> TEST ===> STAGE === > BASE TYPE ===> PLI MEMBER ==> (Blank or pattern for member selection list, '*' for all members) FROM OTHER PARTITIONED OR SEQUENTIAL DATA SET: DATA SET NAME ===> VOLUME SERIAL ===> (If not cataloged) DATA SET PASSWORD ===> (If password protected) +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ CP--Copy and Print Con esta opción el archivo o member es copiado y además un listado fuente es grabado en el archivo ISPF LIST de su sesión. +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1 1 COPY --- FROM ISPFDEMO_MYLIB_PLI ---------------------------------------------- : COMMAND ===> SPEeiFY "TO" DATA SET BELOW. TO ISPF LIBRARY: PROJEeT ==> ISPFDEMO GROUP ===> MASTER TYPE ===> PLI TO OTHER PARTITIONED OR SEQUENTIAL DATA SET: DATA SET NAME === > VOLUME SERIAL ===> (If not cataloged) DATA SET PASSWORD ===> (If password protected) "TO" DATA SET OPTIONS: IF PARTITIONED, REPLACE LIKE - NAMED MEMBERS IF SEQUENTIAL, "TO" DATA SET DISPOSITION SPECIE'Y PACK OPTION FOR "TO" DATA SET ===> YES ===> OLD ===> NO (YES or NO) (OLD or MOD) (YES, NO or blank) +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Página 93 de 105

Data Set List Utility (Option 3.4) Cuando esta opción es seleccionada, usted puede Desplegar ó Imprimir listados de Bibliotecas, archivos e Información de volúmenes de disco (VTOC). +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ -------------------------- DATA SET LIST UTILIT Y -----------------------------­ OPTION ===> blank - Display data set list * P - Print data set list V - Display VTOC information only PV - Print VTOC information only Enter one or both of the parameters below: DSNAME LEVEL ===> USER VOLUME === > INITIAL DISPLAY VIEW CONFIRM DELETE REQUEST ===> VOLUME ===> YES (VOLUME,SPACE,ATTRIB,TOTAL) (YES or NO) * The following line commands will be available when the list is displayed: B - Browse data set E - Edit data set D - Delete data set R - Rename data set I - Data set information S - Information (short) e - Catalog data set U - Uncatalog data set P - Print data set X - Print index listing M - Display member list - Z Compress data set F - Free unused space - Repeat last command TSO cmd, CLIST or REXX exec +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Blank--Display Data Set List +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ DSLIST - DATA SETS BEGINNING WITH USER -------------------------- ROW 1 OF 17 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> PAGE COMMAND NAME MESSAGE VOLUME USER.AVERAGE.ASM TSOPK1 USER.AVERAGE.LOAD TSOPK6 USER.AVERAGE.OBJ TSOPK6 USER.AVERAGE.TEXT TSOPK3 USER.CLIST TSOPK2 USER.CLISTS TSOPK6 USER.COMPARE.LISTING TSOPK6 USER.CUT.CLIST TSOPK6 USER.DATA.FILE TSOPK4 USER.DBA2P010.CLIST TSOPK4 USER.DBA2T010.CLIST TSOPK4 USER.ISAPISPF.CLIST TSOPK4 USER.SMITH.CLIST TSOPK4 USER.SMITH.MSGS TSOPK4 USER.SMITH.PANELS TSOPK4 USER.SMITH.SKELS TSOPK4 *************************** END OF DATA SET LIST ****************************** +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Página 94 de 105