April 23, 2004 Stake, Mission, and District Presidents and Directors ...

April 23, 2004 Stake, Mission, and District Presidents and Directors ...

April 23, 2004 Stake, Mission, and District Presidents and Directors ...


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Notice<br />

Date <strong>April</strong> <strong>23</strong>, <strong>2004</strong><br />

To<br />

From<br />

Subject<br />

<strong>Stake</strong>, <strong>Mission</strong>, <strong>and</strong> <strong>District</strong> <strong>Presidents</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Directors</strong> for<br />

Temporal Affairs in the United States <strong>and</strong> Canada<br />

Office of the Presiding Bishopric (Information <strong>and</strong> Communications<br />

Systems Department, 1-800-453-3860, extension 2-4357)<br />

Payment for Internet connections for family history centers<br />

Access to the Church communications network via Internet has been authorized for<br />

meetinghouses <strong>and</strong> other facilities with official family history centers. Effective immediately,<br />

local facilities management groups will coordinate installations <strong>and</strong> will pay monthly Internet<br />

charges for these centers. Monthly Internet charges for family history centers not on the official<br />

list will continue to be the responsibility of the sponsoring stake or district.<br />

Official Family <strong>and</strong> Church History Department centers have been assigned their own unit<br />

numbers. Enclosed is a list of these centers. If stake or district leaders have questions about why<br />

a center is not considered official, they are encouraged to contact family history center support<br />

at 1-800-346-6044.

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Abbotsford British Columbia Abbotsford British Columbia 33437<strong>23</strong><br />

Abilene Texas Abilene Texas 3339939<br />

Abilene Texas Brownwood Texas 3339955<br />

Abilene Texas Eastl<strong>and</strong> Texas 3359646<br />

Abilene Texas San Angelo Texas 3339947<br />

Afton Wyoming Afton Wyoming 3318176<br />

Akron Ohio Akron Ohio 3319075<br />

Akron Ohio Alliance Nebraska 3339254<br />

Akron Ohio Canton Ohio 3352544<br />

Akron Ohio Medina Ohio 3337898<br />

Akron Ohio Rootstown Ohio 3337871<br />

Akron Ohio Wooster Ohio 370622<br />

Alamogordo New Mexico Alamogordo New Mexico 3336980<br />

Alamogordo New Mexico Ruidoso New Mexico 3336964<br />

Alamosa Colorado Alamosa Colorado 3332411<br />

Alamosa Colorado Del Norte Colorado 427357<br />

Alamosa Colorado Salida Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>49<br />

Albany Georgia Albany Georgia 3333116<br />

Albany Georgia Bainbridge Georgia 419974<br />

Albany Georgia Moultrie Georgia 3332640<br />

Albany Georgia Tifton Georgia 3333167<br />

Albany Georgia Valdosta Georgia 3332888<br />

Albany New York Albany New York 3337502<br />

Albany New York Bennington Vermont 3337510<br />

Albany New York Buffalo New York 3337545<br />

Albany New York Gloversville New York 3371751<br />

Albany New York Schoharie Valley New York 3337529<br />

Albuquerque New Mexico Albuquerque New Mexico 3319067<br />

Albuquerque New Mexico Albuquerque New Mexico East 3337138<br />

East<br />

Albuquerque New Mexico Edgewood New Mexico 3337146<br />

East<br />

Albuquerque New Mexico Albuquerque New Mexico West 3337014<br />

West<br />

Alex<strong>and</strong>ria Louisiana Alex<strong>and</strong>ria Louisiana 3334864<br />

Alex<strong>and</strong>ria Louisiana Natchez Mississippi 3334872<br />

Alex<strong>and</strong>ria Louisiana Opelousas Louisana 3347281<br />

Alpine Utah North Alpine Utah North 3373339<br />

Altamont Utah Altamont Utah 3349276<br />

Altoona Pennsylvania Altoona Pennsylvania Ward 3338851<br />

Altoona Pennsylvania Johnstown Pennsylvania 3338878<br />

Altoona Pennsylvania State College Pennsylvania 3338843<br />

Amarillo Texas Amarillo Texas 3339866<br />

Amarillo Texas Borger Texas 3339874<br />

Amarillo Texas Childress Texas 420743<br />

Amarillo Texas Pampa Texas 3359689<br />

Amarillo Texas Tucumcari New Mexico 3339882<br />

American Falls Idaho American Falls Idaho 3356582<br />

American Fork Utah American Fork Assisted Living Center 433047<br />

American Fork Utah American Fork Utah 3341305<br />

Ames Iowa Ames Iowa 3333574<br />

Ames Iowa Fort Dodge Iowa 3348121<br />

Ames Iowa Marshalltown Iowa 3360024<br />

Ames Iowa Mason City Iowa 3333493<br />

Ames Iowa Newton Iowa 3360067<br />

Ammon Idaho Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon 3333736<br />

Anaheim California Anaheim California 3318001<br />

Anchorage Alaska Anchorage Alaska 3312011<br />

Anchorage Alaska Bush Bethel Alaska 3329666<br />

Anchorage Alaska Bush Nome Alaska 3329674<br />

Anchorage Alaska Chugach Eagle River Alaska 3329607<br />

Anderson California Anderson California 3331261<br />

Anderson California Corning California 3331296<br />

Anderson California Fall River California 3331288<br />

Anderson California Red Bluff California 3331318<br />

Ann Arbor Michigan Adrian Michigan 3371778<br />

Ann Arbor Michigan Ann Arbor Michigan 3335364<br />

Ann Arbor Michigan Howell Michigan 3335372<br />

Ann<strong>and</strong>ale Virginia Ann<strong>and</strong>ale Virginia 3327779<br />

Annapolis Maryl<strong>and</strong> Annapolis Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335062<br />

Anoka Minnesota Alex<strong>and</strong>ria Minnesota 371947<br />

Anoka Minnesota Anoka Minnesota 3335518<br />

Anoka Minnesota Buffalo Minnesota 3335550<br />

Anoka Minnesota Princeton Minnesota 3335534<br />

Anoka Minnesota St Cloud Minnesota 3335526<br />

Antioch California Antioch California 3331725<br />

Appleton Wisconsin Appleton Wisconsin 2nd Ward 3342689<br />

Appleton Wisconsin Fond du Lac Wisconsin 410578<br />

Appleton Wisconsin Oshkosh Wisconsin 3348040<br />

Appleton Wisconsin Sheboygan Wisconsin 33672<strong>23</strong><br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Appleton Wisconsin West Bend Wisconsin 3342611<br />

Arecibo Puerto Rico Arecibo Puerto Rico 3343111<br />

Arimo Idaho Arimo Idaho 33340<strong>23</strong><br />

Arlington Texas Arlington Texas 3356590<br />

Arvada Colorado Arvada Colorado 3332152<br />

Ashburn Virginia Ashburn Virginia 3372006<br />

Ashburn Virginia Warrenton Virginia 3341879<br />

Asheville North Carolina Asheville North Carolina 3336417<br />

Asheville North Carolina Cherokee North Carolina 3336433<br />

Asheville North Carolina Forest City North Carolina 3347346<br />

Asheville North Carolina Franklin North Carolina 3336425<br />

Asheville North Carolina Marion North Carolina 3372014<br />

Asheville North Carolina Murphy North Carolina 3347362<br />

Ashton Idaho Ashton Idaho 3334015<br />

Ashton Idaho Isl<strong>and</strong> Park Idaho 370703<br />

Ashton Idaho West Yellowstone Montana 427330<br />

Atlanta Georgia Atlanta Georgia 3347605<br />

Atlanta Georgia Tucker Georgia 3333183<br />

Auburn California Auburn California 3331512<br />

Auburn California Nevada City California 3331520<br />

Auburn Washington Auburn Washington 3300250<br />

Augusta Georgia Aiken South Carolina 3333248<br />

Augusta Georgia Augusta Georgia 3333221<br />

Augusta Georgia Barnwell South Carolina 373168<br />

Augusta Georgia Swainsboro Georgia 3347303<br />

Augusta Georgia Waynesboro Georgia 259985<br />

Augusta Maine Augusta Maine 3335097<br />

Augusta Maine Oxford Maine 3348156<br />

Augusta Maine Portl<strong>and</strong> Maine 3335119<br />

Augusta Maine Topsham Maine 3366464<br />

Aurora Colorado Aurora Colorado 3332454<br />

Austin Texas Austin Texas 3312429<br />

Austin Texas Bastrop Texas 3349403<br />

Austin Texas Marble Falls Texas 3339688<br />

Austin Texas Oak Hills Austin Texas Oak Hills 3340139<br />

Austin Texas Oak Hills San Marcos Texas 3340147<br />

Azua Dominican Republic Azua Dominican Republic <strong>District</strong> 389501<br />

Bakersfield California Bakersfield California 3330559<br />

Bakersfield California Delano California 3330567<br />

Bakersfield California Wasco California 3347443<br />

Bakersfield California East Bakersfield California East 3331555<br />

Bakersfield California East Kern Valley California 3330699<br />

Bakersfield California East Tehachapi California 3331563<br />

Bakersfield California South Bakersfield California South 3331946<br />

Bakersfield California South Frazier Park California 3347400<br />

Bakersfield California South Taft California 3331954<br />

Baltimore Maryl<strong>and</strong> Baltimore Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335038<br />

Bangor Maine Bangor Maine 3335127<br />

Bangor Maine Ellsworth Maine 427535<br />

Bangor Maine Farmington Maine 3335135<br />

Bangor Maine Machias Maine 427527<br />

Bangor Maine Rockl<strong>and</strong> Maine 3335143<br />

Bangor Maine Waterville Maine 3335151<br />

Barahona Dominican Barahona Dominican Republic <strong>District</strong> 3366855<br />

Republic<br />

Barstow California Barstow California 3318222<br />

Barstow California Big Bear California 3330664<br />

Basse-Terre Guadeloupe Basse-Terre Guadeloupe 438596<br />

Baton Rouge Louisiana Baton Rouge Louisiana 3334716<br />

Baton Rouge Louisiana Gonzales Louisiana 3334732<br />

Baton Rouge Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana 3334724<br />

Baton Rouge Louisiana Thibodaux Louisiana 3334740<br />

Bay City Texas Bay City Texas 3340074<br />

Bay City Texas Lake Jackson Texas 3340082<br />

Bay City Texas Victoria Texas 3340090<br />

Beaumont Texas Beaumont Texas 3339696<br />

Beaumont Texas Beaumont Texas Ward 3371883<br />

Beaumont Texas Silsbee Texas 3371875<br />

Beaumont Texas Woodville Texas 370576<br />

Beaver Utah Beaver Utah 3340287<br />

Beaverton Oregon Beaverton Oregon 3338304<br />

Beaverton Oregon West Beaverton Oregon West 3366324<br />

Bellevue Washington Bellevue Washington 3317927<br />

Bellingham Washington Bellingham Washington 334<strong>23</strong>36<br />

Bend Oregon Bend Oregon 3338452<br />

Bend Oregon Burns Oregon 3328546<br />

Bend Oregon La Pine Oregon 3338479<br />

Bennion Utah Bennion Utah 3353710<br />

Bessemer Alabama Bessemer Alabama 3347354

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Bessemer Alabama Demopolis Alabama 373133<br />

Bessemer Alabama Indian Springs Alabama 3329976<br />

Bessemer Alabama Jasper Alabama 373141<br />

Bessemer Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama 3329968<br />

Billings Montana Billings Montana 3336042<br />

Billings Montana East Colstrip Montana 33361<strong>23</strong><br />

Billings Montana East Hardin Montana 3336131<br />

Birmingham Alabama Anniston Alabama 3329801<br />

Birmingham Alabama Birmingham 2nd Alabama 373052<br />

Birmingham Alabama Birmingham Alabama 3329798<br />

Birmingham Alabama Gadsden Alabama 3347311<br />

Birmingham Alabama Gardendale Alabama 373117<br />

Birmingham Alabama Leeds Alabama 373036<br />

Birmingham Alabama Locust Fork Alabama 373125<br />

Birmingham Alabama Talladega Alabama 373044<br />

Bismarck North Dakota Bismarck North Dakota 3336573<br />

Bismarck North Dakota Dickinson North Dakota 3336581<br />

Bismarck North Dakota Minot North Dakota 3336565<br />

Bismarck North Dakota Williston North Dakota 3336603<br />

Blackfoot Idaho Blackfoot Idaho 3333744<br />

Blackfoot Idaho West Blackfoot Idaho West 3333671<br />

Bl<strong>and</strong>ing Utah Bluff Utah 3340414<br />

Bl<strong>and</strong>ing Utah West Bl<strong>and</strong>ing Utah 3340406<br />

Bloomfield Hills Michigan Bloomfield Hills Michigan 3327841<br />

Bloomfield Hills Michigan Roseville Michigan 3335208<br />

Bloomington Indiana Bedford Indiana 3363198<br />

Bloomington Indiana Bloomington Indiana 3328341<br />

Bloomington Indiana Linton Indiana 3366391<br />

Bloomington Indiana Martinsville Indiana 3366383<br />

Bloomington Indiana Terre Haute Indiana 3334384<br />

Bloomington Utah Bloomington Utah 416576<br />

Boise Idaho North Boise Idaho 3333582<br />

Boston Massachusetts Boston Massachusetts 3334902<br />

Boston Massachusetts Worcester Massachusetts 3335003<br />

Bothell Washington Woodinville Washington 370789<br />

Boulder Colorado Boulder Colorado 3332128<br />

Bountiful Utah Heights Bountiful Utah Heights 3368025<br />

Bountiful Utah North Canyon South Davis 3340953<br />

Bozeman Montana Bozeman Montana 3336107<br />

Bozeman Montana Ennis Montana 372145<br />

Bozeman Montana Livingston Montana 3367<strong>23</strong>1<br />

Bozeman Montana Three Forks Montana 3352765<br />

Bozeman Montana Yellowstone Montana 3360032<br />

Brampton Ontario Barrie Ontario 3366480<br />

Brampton Ontario Brampton Ontario 3344096<br />

Br<strong>and</strong>on Florida Bradenton Florida 3332993<br />

Br<strong>and</strong>on Florida Br<strong>and</strong>on Florida 3359778<br />

Br<strong>and</strong>on Florida Sarasota Florida 3332705<br />

Bremerton Washington Bremerton Washington 3342204<br />

Bremerton Washington Bremerton Washington 1st 337<strong>23</strong>40<br />

Brigham City Utah Brigham City Utah 3340309<br />

Brigham Young University Center For Family History &<br />

3366146<br />

1st<br />

Genealogy-JSB<br />

Brigham Young University Center For Family History &<br />

3366138<br />

1st<br />

Genealogy-KMB<br />

Brigham Young University BYU 8th 3356817<br />

8th<br />

Brigham Young University BYU 11th 368989<br />

11th<br />

Brigham Young University BYU 17th Utah 3341348<br />

17th<br />

Brigham Young University BYU 18th 3369188<br />

18th<br />

Brigham Young University BYU 20th 410543<br />

20th<br />

Brooklyn New York Brooklyn New York 33377<strong>23</strong><br />

Brooklyn New York Staten Isl<strong>and</strong> New York 3352552<br />

Buckeye Arizona Ajo Arizona 370533<br />

Buckeye Arizona Buckeye Arizona 3330346<br />

Buena Vista Virginia Buena Vista Virginia 3341828<br />

Buena Vista Virginia Lynchburg Virginia 3352749<br />

Buena Vista Virginia White Sulpher Springs Virginia 438421<br />

Buffalo Grove Illinois Buffalo Grove Illinois 3334287<br />

Buffalo Grove Illinois Crystal Lake Illinois 3334295<br />

Buffalo New York Buffalo New York - Inner City 421065<br />

Buffalo New York Orchard Park New York 3337561<br />

Burnsville Minnesota Bloomington Minnesota 3335453<br />

Burnsville Minnesota Burnsville Minnesota 427365<br />

Burnsville Minnesota Faribault Minnesota 3335607<br />

Burnsville Minnesota Mankato Minnesota 3335585<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Butte Montana Butte Montana 3336069<br />

Butte Montana Deer Lodge Montana 419850<br />

Butte Montana Dillon Montana 3336077<br />

Butte Montana Lima Montana 427373<br />

Butte Montana Sheridan Montana 3344371<br />

Caguas Puerto Rico Caguas Puerto Rico <strong>District</strong> 3357953<br />

Caldwell Idaho Caldwell Idaho 3333760<br />

Caldwell New Jersey Caldwell New Jersey 3336859<br />

Caldwell New Jersey Emerson New Jersey 3336867<br />

Caldwell New Jersey Fardale New Jersey 3336875<br />

Caldwell New Jersey Union City New Jersey 3348113<br />

Calgary Alberta Calgary Alberta 3327868<br />

Calgary Alberta Foothills Okotoks Alberta 3352781<br />

Calgary Alberta North Calgary Alberta North 372153<br />

Calgary Alberta North Drumheller Alberta 3352773<br />

Calgary Alberta South Calgary Alberta South 372137<br />

Calgary Alberta West Banff Alberta 419737<br />

Calgary Alberta West Cochrane Alberta 429309<br />

Camarillo California Camarillo California 3331083<br />

Camarillo California Oxnard California 2nd 436593<br />

Cambridge Massachusetts Belmont Massachusetts 3334937<br />

Cambridge Massachusetts Cambridge Massachusetts 3334929<br />

Cambridge Massachusetts Lynnfield Massachusetts 3334910<br />

Canada Edmonton Yellowknife Northern Territory 372129<br />

Canada Halifax Corner Brook Newfoundl<strong>and</strong> 3348164<br />

Canada Halifax St Johns Newfoundl<strong>and</strong> 3343782<br />

Canoga Park California Canoga Park California 33314<strong>23</strong><br />

Cape Girardeau Missouri Cape Girardeau Missouri 3335852<br />

Cape Girardeau Missouri Carbondale Illinois 3335860<br />

Cape Girardeau Missouri Farmington Missouri 3335879<br />

Cape Girardeau Missouri Poplar Bluff Missouri 3367258<br />

Cape Girardeau Missouri Sikeston Missouri 3367266<br />

Cardston Alberta West Cardston Alberta 3318842<br />

Carey Idaho Carey Idaho 3333906<br />

Carey Idaho Carey Idaho Ward 370711<br />

Carey Idaho Shoshone Idaho 370738<br />

Carlsbad California Carlsbad California 3331113<br />

Carrollton Texas The Colony Texas 3340015<br />

Carson City Nevada Carson City Nevada 3337316<br />

Carson City Nevada South Lake Tahoe NV 3337324<br />

Casa Gr<strong>and</strong>e Arizona Casa Gr<strong>and</strong>e Arizona 3330427<br />

Casper Wyoming Casper Wyoming 3342832<br />

Casper Wyoming Douglas Wyoming 3353168<br />

Casper Wyoming Glenrock Wyoming 3360040<br />

Casper Wyoming Lusk Wyoming 3357139<br />

Castle Dale Utah Castle Dale Utah 3340538<br />

Cedar City Utah Cedar City Utah 3340422<br />

Cedar City Utah North Cedar City Utah North 3367169<br />

Cedar Rapids Iowa Cedar Falls/Waterloo Iowa 33335<strong>23</strong><br />

Cedar Rapids Iowa Cedar Rapids Iowa 3333515<br />

Cedar Rapids Iowa Fayette Iowa 419796<br />

Cedar Rapids Iowa Mount Vernon Iowa 3367274<br />

Central Point Oregon Central Point Oregon 3338681<br />

Centralia Washington Centralia Washington 334<strong>23</strong>60<br />

Centralia Washington Morton Washington 3349292<br />

Centreville Virginia Centreville Virginia 3341984<br />

Centreville Virginia Woodbridge Virginia 3341844<br />

Cerritos California Cerritos California 3330850<br />

Champaign Illinois Champaign Illinois 3334031<br />

Champaign Illinois Danville Illinois 3367282<br />

Champaign Illinois Mattoon Illinois 3361853<br />

Ch<strong>and</strong>ler Arizona Mesa Arizona 3302784<br />

Ch<strong>and</strong>ler Arizona Alma Ch<strong>and</strong>ler Arizona Alma 3371859<br />

Ch<strong>and</strong>ler Arizona West Ch<strong>and</strong>ler Arizona West 3367037<br />

Charleston South Carolina Charleston South Carolina 3339033<br />

Charleston South Carolina Georgetown South Carolina 373060<br />

Charleston South Carolina Moncks Corner South Carolina 3372685<br />

Charleston South Carolina Walterboro South Carolina 373079<br />

Charleston West Virginia Charleston West Virginia 3342794<br />

Charleston West Virginia Huntington West Virginia 3342719<br />

Charleston West Virginia Parkersburg West Virginia 3342808<br />

Charlotte NC Central Charlotte North Carolina Central 3336298<br />

Charlotte North Carolina Gastonia North Carolina 3336301<br />

Central<br />

Charlotte North Carolina Kannapolis North Carolina 3336328<br />

Central<br />

Charlotte North Carolina Lake Norman North Carolina 3366774<br />

Central<br />

Charlotte North Carolina<br />

South<br />

Albemarle North Carolina 3352889

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Charlotte North Carolina Charlotte N Carolina South 3336506<br />

South<br />

Chattanooga Tennessee Athens Tennessee 3339327<br />

Chattanooga Tennessee Chattanooga Tennessee 3339300<br />

Chattanooga Tennessee Fort Payne Alabama 370665<br />

Cherry Hill New Jersey Cherry Hill New Jersey 3336832<br />

Cherry Hill New Jersey Linwood New Jersey 426709<br />

Cherry Hill New Jersey Vinel<strong>and</strong> New Jersey 3336840<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Albemarle Virginia 3341933<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Bennetts Creek Virginia 3349144<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Chesapeake Virginia 3341909<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Deep Creek/Portsmouth Virginia 3372022<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Elizabeth City North Carolina 3341917<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Franklin Virginia 438448<br />

Chesapeake Virginia Nags Head North Carolina 3341925<br />

Cheyenne Wyoming Scottsbluff Nebraska 3342859<br />

Cheyenne Wyoming Sidney Nebraska 3360059<br />

Cheyenne Wyoming Torrington Wyoming 3342867<br />

Chicago Illinois Chicago Illinois 371939<br />

Chicago Illinois Hyde Park Illinois 3334112<br />

Chicago Illinois Orl<strong>and</strong> Park Illinois 3334104<br />

Chicago Illinois Westchester Illinois 3372294<br />

Chico California Chico California 3330761<br />

Chico California Willows California 3330788<br />

Chinle Arizona Chinle Arizona 3330508<br />

Chino California Chino California 3331970<br />

Cincinnati Ohio Batesville Indiana 3337758<br />

Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati Ohio 3337731<br />

Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati Ohio 5th & 7th 3352560<br />

Cincinnati Ohio Northern Kentucky Wards 3337766<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Adams Ohio 3337995<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Cincinnati Ohio North 3337979<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Fairfield/Hamilton Ohio 3366502<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Georgetown Ohio 3366510<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Oxford Ohio 3366499<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North West Chester Ohio 3366529<br />

Cincinnati Ohio North Wilmington Ohio 3337987<br />

Clevel<strong>and</strong> Ohio Clevel<strong>and</strong> Ohio 3337790<br />

Clevel<strong>and</strong> Ohio S<strong>and</strong>usky Ohio 3337804<br />

Coalville Utah Coalville Utah 3365263<br />

Cocoa Florida Cocoa Florida 3332667<br />

Cody Wyoming Burlington Wyoming 3342883<br />

Cody Wyoming Cody Wyoming 3342875<br />

Cody Wyoming Meeteetse Wyoming 3344355<br />

Cody Wyoming Powell Wyoming 3342891<br />

Coeur d'Alene Idaho St Maries Idaho 3366316<br />

College Station Texas College Station Texas 3339831<br />

College Station Texas Conroe Texas 3339858<br />

Colorado Springs Co N Colorado Springs Colorado North 3332462<br />

Colorado Springs Colorado Canon City Colorado 3361527<br />

Colorado Springs Colorado Colorado Springs Colorado 3328376<br />

Colorado Springs Colorado Calhan Colorado 337<strong>23</strong>24<br />

East<br />

Colorado Springs Colorado Colorado Springs Colorado East 337<strong>23</strong>16<br />

East<br />

Columbia Maryl<strong>and</strong> Columbia Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335046<br />

Columbia Maryl<strong>and</strong> Hampstead Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3362868<br />

Columbia Missouri Columbia Missouri 3335631<br />

Columbia Missouri Fulton Missouri 3335682<br />

Columbia Missouri Jefferson City Missouri 3347907<br />

Columbia Missouri Moberly Missouri 3335690<br />

Columbia Missouri Tipton Missouri 3348059<br />

Columbia South Carolina Camden South Carolina 3366790<br />

Columbia South Carolina Columbia South Carolina 3339017<br />

Columbine Colorado Columbine Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>22<br />

Columbus Georgia Columbus Georgia 3333108<br />

Columbus Georgia La Grange Georgia 3359786<br />

Columbus Georgia Opelika Alabama 3333124<br />

Columbus Ohio Chillicothe Ohio 3337960<br />

Columbus Ohio Columbus Westl<strong>and</strong>/Scioto OH 3337944<br />

Columbus Ohio East Athens Ohio 3372030<br />

Columbus Ohio East Columbus Ohio East 3337774<br />

Columbus Ohio East Zanesville Ohio 3337782<br />

Columbus Ohio North Columbus Ohio North 3337928<br />

Columbus Ohio North Galion Ohio 3366766<br />

Columbus Ohio North Mansfield Ohio 3337952<br />

Columbus Ohio North Marion Ohio 3363783<br />

Columbus Ohio North Mount Vernon Ohio 3366758<br />

Columbus Ohio North Westerville Ohio 3337936<br />

Colville Washington Colville Washington 3342522<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Colville Washington Republic Washington 427594<br />

Concord California Concord California 3331814<br />

Concord New Hampshire Concord New Hampshire 3336719<br />

Concord New Hampshire Lebanon New Hampshire 3352579<br />

Concord New Hampshire R<strong>and</strong>olph New Hampshire 3336727<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Brookings Oregon 3338371<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Coos Bay Oregon 3338363<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Florence Oregon 3338398<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Gold Beach Oregon 337<strong>23</strong>59<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Port Orford Oregon 370797<br />

Coos Bay Oregon Reedsport Oregon 3338401<br />

Corona California Corona California 3331407<br />

Corpus Christi Texas Alice Texas 427675<br />

Corpus Christi Texas Beeville Texas 335<strong>23</strong><strong>23</strong><br />

Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi Texas 3339548<br />

Corpus Christi Texas Kingsville Texas 335<strong>23</strong>31<br />

Corvallis Oregon Corvallis Oregon 3338428<br />

Corvallis Oregon Newport Oregon 3338436<br />

Cottonwood Arizona Cottonwood Arizona 3328554<br />

Cottonwood Arizona Spring Valley Arizona 3330117<br />

Council Bluffs Iowa Atlantic Iowa 3352498<br />

Council Bluffs Iowa Council Bluffs Iowa 427381<br />

Council Bluffs Iowa Glenwood Iowa 3358178<br />

Council Bluffs Iowa Kanesville Iowa 3360148<br />

Council Bluffs Iowa Shen<strong>and</strong>oah Iowa 3352846<br />

Cranbrook British Columbia Cranbrook British Columbia 3343480<br />

Cranbrook British Columbia Creston British Columbia 3343510<br />

Cranbrook British Columbia Nelson British Columbia 3344363<br />

Cranbrook British Columbia Sparwood British Columbia 3343499<br />

Cranbrook British Columbia Trail British Columbia 3343502<br />

Cypress California Cypress California 3331091<br />

Cypress Texas Cypress Texas 3339963<br />

Cypress Texas Magnolia Texas 3347702<br />

Dallas Texas Corsicana Texas 3339564<br />

Dallas Texas Dallas Texas 3339556<br />

Dallas Texas East Dallas Texas East 3339718<br />

Dallas Texas East Wills Point Texas 3339726<br />

Danville California Danville California 3332020<br />

Dartmouth Nova Scotia Bridgewater Nova Scotia 3343804<br />

Dartmouth Nova Scotia Dartmouth Nova Scotia 3343790<br />

Dartmouth Nova Scotia Yarmouth Nova Scotia 419907<br />

Davenport Iowa Davenport Iowa 3333566<br />

Davenport Iowa Dubuque Iowa 3333531<br />

Davis California Davis California 3331679<br />

Dayton Ohio Centerville Ohio 370614<br />

Dayton Ohio Dayton Ohio 331<strong>23</strong>05<br />

Dayton Ohio Middletown Ohio 3317773<br />

Dayton Ohio East Dayton Ohio East 3337901<br />

De L<strong>and</strong> Florida Bunnell Florida 3332845<br />

De L<strong>and</strong> Florida Daytona Beach Florida 3332810<br />

De L<strong>and</strong> Florida Del<strong>and</strong> Florida 3332829<br />

Delta Utah Delta Utah 3326322<br />

Denham Springs Louisiana Baker Louisiana 3359794<br />

Denham Springs Louisiana Denham Springs Louisiana 3334880<br />

Denham Springs Louisiana Liberty Mississippi 3347338<br />

Denton Texas Decatur Texas 3359654<br />

Denton Texas Denton Texas 3340007<br />

Denton Texas Gainesville Texas 33400<strong>23</strong><br />

Denver Colorado Denver Colorado 3332071<br />

Denver Colorado North Brighton Colorado 3372286<br />

Denver Colorado North Denver Colorado North 3332160<br />

Derby Kansas Emporia Kansas 3334481<br />

Derby Kansas Wichita Kansas 3334465<br />

Des Moines Iowa Centerville Iowa 427403<br />

Des Moines Iowa Des Moines Iowa 3354369<br />

Des Moines Iowa Knoxville Iowa 3353176<br />

Des Moines Iowa Osceola Iowa 3348083<br />

Detroit Michigan Palmer Park Michigan 429147<br />

Dothan Alabama Dothan Alabama 3329909<br />

Dothan Alabama Enterprise Alabama 3329917<br />

Dothan Alabama Eufaula Alabama 3329941<br />

Dothan Alabama Marianna Florida 3329933<br />

Dothan Alabama Ozark Alabama 3329925<br />

Dothan Alabama Troy Alabama 438618<br />

Douglas Georgia Douglas Georgia 3333140<br />

Douglas Georgia Waycross Georgia 3333159<br />

Draper Utah Draper Utah 3341399<br />

Driggs Idaho Driggs Idaho 3333698<br />

Driggs Idaho Jackson Wyoming 3343049

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Dubois Pennsylvania Dubois Pennsylvania (Kane) 3338991<br />

Dubois Pennsylvania Dubois Pennsylvania Ward 3348172<br />

Duchesne Utah Duchesne Utah 3340376<br />

Duluth Minnesota Askov Minnesota 371920<br />

Duluth Minnesota Barron Wisconsin 3335496<br />

Duluth Minnesota Brainerd Minnesota 3335542<br />

Duluth Minnesota Duluth Minnesota 3335569<br />

Duluth Minnesota Thunder Bay Ontario 3343936<br />

Duluth Minnesota Virginia Minnesota 3352803<br />

Duncan Arizona Animas New Mexico 3330362<br />

Duncan Arizona Clifton Arizona 3371891<br />

Duncan Arizona Duncan Arizona 3330354<br />

Durango Colorado Cortez Colorado 3332136<br />

Durango Colorado Durango Colorado 3332292<br />

Durango Colorado Pagosa Springs Colorado Branch 333<strong>23</strong>06<br />

Durango Colorado Redmesa Colorado Ward 333<strong>23</strong>14<br />

Durango Colorado Silverton Colorado 3371905<br />

Durham North Carolina Durham North Carolina 3336492<br />

Eagar Arizona Eagar Arizona 3330400<br />

Eagar Arizona Luna New Mexico 3352714<br />

Eagle Idaho Eagle Idaho 3348067<br />

Eagle Pass Texas Del Rio Texas 3340171<br />

Eagle Pass Texas Eagle Pass Texas 3340198<br />

East Brunswick New Jersey East Brunswick New Jersey 3336794<br />

East Brunswick New Jersey Eatontown New Jersey 3336824<br />

East Brunswick New Jersey Princeton New Jersey 3336816<br />

East Brunswick New Jersey Toms River New Jersey 3336808<br />

East Los Angeles Ca (Sp) Los Angeles California East 3330702<br />

Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Cherry Grove Alberta 3343243<br />

Doon<br />

Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Doon 3343<strong>23</strong>5<br />

Doon<br />

Edmonton Alberta Bonnie Lloydminster Alberta 3343286<br />

Doon<br />

Edmonton Alberta Millwoods Drayton Valley Alberta 419788<br />

Edmonton Alberta Millwoods Wetaskiwin Alberta 427411<br />

Edmonton Alberta North Barrhead Alberta 3343391<br />

Edmonton Alberta North Fort McMurray Alberta 3343251<br />

Edmonton Alberta North St Paul Alberta 3343278<br />

Edmonton Alberta Riverbend Edmonton Alberta Riverbend 3343383<br />

El Cajon California Alpine California 370460<br />

El Cajon California El Cajon California 3318729<br />

El Cajon California Jamul California 373001<br />

El Centro Ca Imperial Vly El Centro California 3312097<br />

El Dorado California El Dorado California 3331768<br />

El Paso Texas El Paso Texas 3328457<br />

El Paso Texas <strong>Mission</strong> Trail/Socorro Texas 3371913<br />

El Paso Texas Mount Franklin El Paso Texas 1st & 3rd 3359662<br />

El Paso Texas Mount Franklin El Paso Texas Mount Franklin 3340201<br />

El Paso Texas Mount Franklin Hondo Pass Texas 335<strong>23</strong>58<br />

Elk Grove California Elk Grove California 333<strong>2004</strong><br />

Elko Nevada East Elko Nevada East 3367045<br />

Elko Nevada East Wells Nevada 3337243<br />

Elko Nevada West Elko Nevada West 3337<strong>23</strong>5<br />

Elma Washington Elma Washington 3342417<br />

Elma Washington Ocean Shores Washington 3366227<br />

Elma Washington Raymond Washington 3366<strong>23</strong>5<br />

Elma Washington Shelton Washington 3361454<br />

Elma Washington Westport Washington 370754<br />

Ely Nevada Ely Nevada 3337170<br />

Emmett Idaho Cascade Idaho 3333892<br />

Emmett Idaho Emmett Idaho 3333884<br />

Emmett Idaho Garden Valley Idaho 3348075<br />

Enterprise Utah Enterprise Utah 3341283<br />

Enterprise Utah Newcastle Utah 427713<br />

Ephraim Utah College 2nd Ephraim Utah 3349063<br />

Ephrata Washington Coulee Dam Washington 3342220<br />

Ephrata Washington Ephrata Washington 3342212<br />

Ephrata Washington Omak Washington 3342<strong>23</strong>9<br />

Ephrata Washington Oroville Washington 3342247<br />

Ephrata Washington Quincy Washington 3342255<br />

Escalante Utah Boulder Utah 3348938<br />

Escalante Utah Escalante Utah 3349241<br />

Escalante Utah Escalante Utah Ward 3349268<br />

Escondido California South Escondido California 3344312<br />

Eugene Oregon Oakridge Oregon 3338266<br />

Eugene Oregon West Cottage Grove Oregon 3338274<br />

Eugene Oregon West Eugene Oregon West 331<strong>23</strong>72<br />

Eureka California Crescent City California 3330745<br />

Eureka California Eureka California 1st Ward 3330729<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Eureka California Fortuna California 3354377<br />

Eureka California McKinleyville California 3366707<br />

Eureka California Mir<strong>and</strong>a California 3330737<br />

Evanston Wyoming Evanston Wyoming 3342824<br />

Evansville Indiana Evansville Indiana 3334422<br />

Evansville Indiana Madisonville Kentucky 3349179<br />

Evansville Indiana Owensboro Kentucky 3362876<br />

Evansville Indiana Vincennes Indiana 3349187<br />

Everett Washington Everett Washington 3342166<br />

Exeter New Hampshire Exeter New Hampshire 3336735<br />

Fair Oaks California Sacramento California Regional 3312615<br />

Fairbanks Alaska Delta Junction Alaska 3329453<br />

Fairbanks Alaska Denali Alaska 337<strong>23</strong>67<br />

Fairbanks Alaska Fairbanks Alaska 3329445<br />

Fairbanks Alaska North Slope Alaska 3329461<br />

Fairfield California Fairfield California 3330966<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Buckhannon West Virginia 3342735<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Clarksburg West Virginia 438456<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Elkins West Virginia 3342743<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Fairmont West Virginia 3342727<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Masontown West Virginia 3342778<br />

Fairmont West Virginia Morgantown West Virginia 3342751<br />

Fairmont West Virginia New Martinsville West Virginia 3342786<br />

Fajardo Puerto Rico Fajardo Puerto Rico 3359808<br />

Fallon Nevada Austin Nevada 3337219<br />

Fallon Nevada Fernley Nevada 3359670<br />

Fallon Nevada Silver Springs Nevada 3367053<br />

Fallon Nevada Yerington Nevada 3347648<br />

Fallon Nevada South Fallon Nevada South 3352692<br />

Fallon Nevada South Hawthorne Nevada 3337197<br />

Fallon Nevada South Smokey Valley Nevada 3337227<br />

Fallon Nevada South Tonopah Nevada 3337200<br />

Fargo North Dakota Aberdeen South Dakota 3336549<br />

Fargo North Dakota Bemidji Minnesota 3336522<br />

Fargo North Dakota Detroit Lakes Minnesota 3336557<br />

Fargo North Dakota Fargo North Dakota 3336514<br />

Fargo North Dakota Gr<strong>and</strong> Forks North Dakota 3336530<br />

Fargo North Dakota Jamestown North Dakota 419761<br />

Fargo North Dakota Wahpeton North Dakota 3360075<br />

Farmington New Mexico Farmington New Mexico 3336891<br />

Farmington Utah Farmington Utah 3341437<br />

Fayetteville North Carolina Fayetteville North Carolina 3326160<br />

Fayetteville North Carolina Pembroke North Carolina 3326128<br />

Fayetteville North Carolina Pinehurst North Carolina 3326039<br />

Federal Way Washington Federal Way Washington 334<strong>23</strong>52<br />

Ferron Utah Ferron Utah 3340597<br />

Filer Idaho Twin Falls Idaho 3333590<br />

Fillmore Utah Fillmore Utah 3340449<br />

Firth Idaho Firth Idaho 3333752<br />

Flagstaff Arizona Flagstaff Arizona 3330206<br />

Florence South Carolina Florence South Carolina 3339068<br />

Florence South Carolina Myrtle Beach South Carolina 3339076<br />

Florence South Carolina Sumter South Carolina 3344339<br />

Fontana California Fontana California 3331776<br />

Fort Collins Colorado Fort Collins Colorado 3332144<br />

Fort Frances Ontario Bergl<strong>and</strong> Ontario 419753<br />

Fort Frances Ontario Dryden Ontario 3344088<br />

Fort Frances Ontario Fort Frances Ontario 3344061<br />

Fort Lauderdale Florida Miami Shores Florida 3359816<br />

Fort Lauderdale Florida Plantation Florida 3318354<br />

Fort Macleod Alberta Fort Macleod Alberta 3343405<br />

Fort Myers Florida Fort Myers Florida 3332691<br />

Fort Myers Florida Naples Florida 3352897<br />

Fort Myers Florida Port Charlotte Florida 3332721<br />

Fort Smith Arkansas Clarksville Arkansas 3347699<br />

Fort Smith Arkansas Fort Smith Arkansas 3312135<br />

Fort Smith Arkansas McAlester Oklahoma 335<strong>23</strong>66<br />

Fort Smith Arkansas Mena Arkansas 370541<br />

Fort Smith Arkansas Muskogee Oklahoma 3338185<br />

Fort Stockton Texas Monahans Texas 3359700<br />

Fort Stockton Texas Pecos Ward 3339653<br />

Fort Walton Beach Florida DeFuniak Springs Florida 3332772<br />

Fort Walton Beach Florida Fort Walton Beach Florida 3344258<br />

Fort Wayne Indiana Decatur Indiana 3372057<br />

Fort Wayne Indiana Fort Wayne Indiana 3334325<br />

Fort Wayne Indiana Huntington Indiana 3334333<br />

Fort Wayne Indiana Marion Indiana 3334341<br />

Fort Wayne Indiana Peru Indiana 3334368<br />

Fort Worth Texas Azle Texas 3371921

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Fort Worth Texas Cleburne Texas 3347621<br />

Fort Worth Texas Fort Worth Texas 3339890<br />

Fort Worth Texas Graham Texas 3359697<br />

Fort Worth Texas Granbury Texas 335<strong>23</strong>74<br />

Fort Worth Texas Stephenville Texas 335<strong>23</strong>82<br />

Fort Worth Texas Weatherford Texas 3347680<br />

Fountain Colorado Fountain Colorado 426768<br />

Franklin Tennessee Columbia Tennessee 3339432<br />

Franklin Tennessee Dickson Ward Tennessee 3339424<br />

Franklin Tennessee Franklin Tennessee 3339416<br />

Frederick Maryl<strong>and</strong> Frederick Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335054<br />

Fredericksburg Virginia Fredericksburg Virginia 3341836<br />

Fremont California Fremont California 3331792<br />

Fresno California Fresno California 3330532<br />

Fresno California East Fresno California East 3331202<br />

Fresno California North Auberry California 3348857<br />

Fresno California North Fresno California North 3331571<br />

Fresno California West Fresno California West 3331539<br />

Fresno California West Oakhurst California 3331547<br />

Friendswood Texas Alvin Texas 3339785<br />

Friendswood Texas Clear Lake Texas 3339777<br />

Friendswood Texas Friendswood Texas 3339769<br />

Friendswood Texas Galveston Texas 3339793<br />

Friendswood Texas League City Texas 3339807<br />

Gainesville Florida Chiefl<strong>and</strong> Florida 427624<br />

Gainesville Florida Gainesville Florida 3332659<br />

Gainesville Florida Lecanto Florida 3327884<br />

Gainesville Florida Ocala Florida 3368742<br />

Gallup New Mexico Gallup New Mexico 3336999<br />

Gallup New Mexico Ramah New Mexico 3337006<br />

Garden City Kansas Burlington Colorado 438383<br />

Garden City Kansas Colby Kansas 3334538<br />

Garden City Kansas Kansas West <strong>District</strong> 3312100<br />

Garden City Kansas Liberal Kansas 3360105<br />

Garden Grove California Garden Grove California 3330990<br />

Gillette Wyoming Gillette Wyoming 3343057<br />

Gillette Wyoming Newcastle Wyoming 432830<br />

Gillette Wyoming Sheridan Wyoming 3342956<br />

Gilmer Texas Gilmer Texas 3340031<br />

Gilmer Texas Paris Texas 3367096<br />

Gilmer Texas Tyler Texas 3340058<br />

Glendale Arizona Glendale Arizona 3330419<br />

Glendale California Glendale California 3317757<br />

Glendive Montana Ekalaka Montana 379808<br />

Glendive Montana Glasgow Montana 3336263<br />

Glendive Montana Glendive Montana 3336220<br />

Glendive Montana Jordan Montana 3336<strong>23</strong>9<br />

Glendive Montana Miles City Montana 3336255<br />

Glendive Montana Sidney Montana 3336247<br />

Glendora California Covina California 3319822<br />

Glendora California Glendora California 3347451<br />

Globe Arizona Globe Arizona 3330214<br />

Golden Colorado Frisco Colorado 3332438<br />

Golden Colorado Golden Colorado 372110<br />

Goldsboro North Carolina Goldsboro North Carolina 3336484<br />

Goldsboro North Carolina Roanoke Rapids North Carolina 3352900<br />

Goldsboro North Carolina Rocky Mount North Carolina 3373819<br />

Goshen Utah Elberta Utah 3340325<br />

Goshen Utah Eureka Utah 3340368<br />

Goshen Utah Genola Utah 3340341<br />

Goshen Utah Goshen Utah 3340333<br />

Grace Idaho Bancroft Idaho 3333809<br />

Grace Idaho Grace Idaho 3372960<br />

Granada Hills California Granada Hills California 3331393<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Blanc Michigan Blue Water Michigan 3335348<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Blanc Michigan Flint Michigan 3362884<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Blanc Michigan Gr<strong>and</strong> Blanc Michigan 3335321<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Blanc Michigan Rochester Michigan 3371786<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Junction Colorado Gr<strong>and</strong> Junction Colorado 3332101<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Big Rapids Michigan 3352595<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan 3335283<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Greenville Michigan 420727<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Hastings Michigan 3335313<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Ludington Michigan 3335291<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Rapids Michigan Muskegon Michigan 3335305<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Chetwynd British Columbia 3367436<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Dawson Creek British Columbia 372102<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Fairview Alberta 3343367<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Fort St John British Columbia 3343626<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta 3343359<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta High Prairie Alberta 419745<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong>e Prairie Alberta Peace River Alberta 419826<br />

Grants New Mexico Grants New Mexico 3337081<br />

Grants New Mexico Thoreau New Mexico 427683<br />

Grants Pass Oregon Cave Junction Oregon 3359425<br />

Grants Pass Oregon Grants Pass Oregon 3312607<br />

Grantsville Utah West Grantsville Utah West 3340600<br />

Great Falls Montana Chester Montana 3352811<br />

Great Falls Montana Choteau Montana 3335976<br />

Great Falls Montana Conrad Montana 3360083<br />

Great Falls Montana Cut Bank Montana 3335968<br />

Great Falls Montana Great Falls Montana 3335941<br />

Great Falls Montana East Belt Montana 3336204<br />

Great Falls Montana East Chinook Montana 371912<br />

Great Falls Montana East Fort Benton Montana 3336190<br />

Great Falls Montana East Great Falls Montana East 3336174<br />

Great Falls Montana East Havre Montana 3336212<br />

Great Falls Montana East Lewistown Montana 3336182<br />

Great Falls Montana East Malta Montana 3352870<br />

Greeley Colorado Fort Morgan Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>73<br />

Greeley Colorado Greeley Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>65<br />

Greeley Colorado Sterling Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>81<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Escanaba Michigan 3335410<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Green Bay Wisconsin 3342670<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Houghton Michigan 3352854<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Iron Mountain Michigan 3348091<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Manitowoc Wisconsin 429244<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Marquette Michigan 3335402<br />

Green Bay Wisconsin Shawano Wisconsin 3342662<br />

Green River Wyoming Green River Wyoming 3342921<br />

Green River Wyoming Manila Utah 3342948<br />

Greensboro North Carolina Ashboro North Carolina 427497<br />

Greensboro North Carolina Caswell North Carolina 3336476<br />

Greensboro North Carolina Danville Virginia 3373827<br />

Greensboro North Carolina Eden North Carolina 3352919<br />

Greensboro North Carolina Greensboro North Carolina 3336468<br />

Greenville South Carolina Anderson South Carolina 438626<br />

Greenville South Carolina Gaffney South Carolina 3347788<br />

Greenville South Carolina Greenville South Carolina 3312275<br />

Greenville South Carolina Greenwood South Carolina 3344347<br />

Greenville South Carolina Seneca South Carolina 3339041<br />

Greenville South Carolina Spartanburg South Carolina 3359824<br />

Gresham Oregon Gresham Oregon 3338444<br />

Gresham Oregon South Gresham Oregon South 3338673<br />

Gridley California Gridley California 3330540<br />

Gridley California Oroville California 3347427<br />

Guayama Puerto Rico Guayama Puerto Rico 3357961<br />

Gulfport Mississippi Gulfport Mississippi 3335917<br />

Gunnison Utah Gunnison Utah 3363007<br />

Hacienda Heights California Hacienda Heights California 3331105<br />

Hamilton Ontario Burlington Ontario 3343855<br />

Hamilton Ontario Hamilton Ontario 3343839<br />

Hamilton Ontario Simcoe Ontario 3352609<br />

Hamilton Ontario St Catharines Ontario 3343847<br />

Hanford California Caruthers California 372196<br />

Hanford California Coalinga California 3331504<br />

Hanford California Corcoran California 372218<br />

Hanford California Hanford California 3331490<br />

Hanford California Reedley California 372188<br />

Hanford California Selma California 372161<br />

Hanford California Sequoia California 3359972<br />

Harlingen Texas Brownsville Texas 3347842<br />

Harlingen Texas Harlingen Texas 3328406<br />

Harlingen Texas Raymondville Texas 3357120<br />

Harlingen Texas Weslaco/Mercedes Texas 3347850<br />

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Carlisle Pennsylvania 3362892<br />

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Harrisburg Pennsylvania 3339009<br />

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Harrisburg/Hershey Pennsylvania 3371794<br />

Hartford Connecticut Goshen Connecticut 3332470<br />

Hartford Connecticut Hartford Connecticut 3312496<br />

Hartford Connecticut Manchester Connecticut 3332489<br />

Hattiesburg Mississippi Columbia Mississippi 373087<br />

Hattiesburg Mississippi Hattiesburg Mississippi 3335909<br />

Hattiesburg Mississippi Meridian Mississippi 3347753<br />

Hayden Lake Idaho Hayden Lake Idaho 3333787<br />

Hayden Lake Idaho Kellogg Idaho 3359417<br />

Hayward California Hayward California 3331857<br />

Heber City Utah East Heber City Utah 3340473

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Helena Montana Boulder Montana 427454<br />

Helena Montana Helena Montana 3336050<br />

Helena Montana Townsend Montana 3372278<br />

Hemet California Anza California 411949<br />

Hemet California Hemet California 3330982<br />

Hemet California Idyllwild California 3366715<br />

Henderson Nevada Lake Boulder City Nevada 3337154<br />

Mead<br />

Henderson NV Black Black Mountain Nevada 3337332<br />

Mountain<br />

Hermiston Oregon Boardman Oregon 337<strong>23</strong>75<br />

Hermiston Oregon Hermiston Oregon 3338630<br />

Hialeah Gardens Florida (Sp) Hialeah Gardens Florida 3372707<br />

Hickory North Carolina Boone North Carolina 3336409<br />

Hickory North Carolina Hickory North Carolina 3336360<br />

Hickory North Carolina Lincolnton North Carolina 379948<br />

Hickory North Carolina Morganton North Carolina 3336379<br />

Hickory North Carolina North Wilkesboro North Carolina 3336387<br />

Hickory North Carolina Statesville North Carolina 3336395<br />

Highl<strong>and</strong> California Highl<strong>and</strong> California 3348989<br />

Highl<strong>and</strong> Utah West Highl<strong>and</strong> Utah 3363015<br />

Hillsboro Oregon Hillsboro Oregon 3338657<br />

Hillsboro Oregon Tillamook Oregon 3338665<br />

Hillsboro Oregon Vernonia Oregon 370746<br />

Hilo Hawaii Hilo Hawaii 3333329<br />

Hilo Hawaii Ka'u Hawaii 3333337<br />

Hingham Massachusetts Brewster Massachusetts 3362906<br />

Hingham Massachusetts Cape Cod Massachusetts 373818<br />

Hingham Massachusetts Foxboro Massachusetts 3334953<br />

Hingham Massachusetts Hingham Massachusetts 3334996<br />

Hingham Massachusetts Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts 3334961<br />

Hingham Massachusetts North Dartmouth Massachusetts 3334988<br />

Holbrook Arizona Holbrook Arizona 3330176<br />

Holbrook Arizona Woodruff Arizona 3330184<br />

Homestead Florida Homestead Florida 3332578<br />

Homestead Florida Key West Florida 3332586<br />

Homestead Florida Marathon Florida 3352927<br />

Honolulu Hawaii Honolulu Hawaii 3333345<br />

Honolulu Hawaii West Honolulu Hawaii West 3333310<br />

Hopkinsville Kentucky Clarksville Tennessee 3334694<br />

Hopkinsville Kentucky Hopkinsville Kentucky 3334678<br />

Hopkinsville Kentucky Morgantown Kentucky 3334651<br />

Houston Texas (Spanish) Houston Texas 3339610<br />

Houston Texas East Baytown Texas 3339505<br />

Houston Texas East Houston Texas East 3339491<br />

Houston Texas North Houston Texas North 3339750<br />

Houston Texas South Houston Texas South 3340066<br />

Huntington Beach Ca N Huntington Beach California North 3347826<br />

Huntington Beach California Huntington Beach California 3331482<br />

Huntington Park Ca W (Sp) Huntington Park CA West 3331415<br />

Huntington Utah Huntington Utah 3341542<br />

Huntsville Alabama Athens Alabama 3329712<br />

Huntsville Alabama Byrd Springs Alabama 3329755<br />

Huntsville Alabama Cullman Alabama 3329704<br />

Huntsville Alabama Decatur Alabama 3329763<br />

Huntsville Alabama Fayetteville Tennessee 3329720<br />

Huntsville Alabama Guntersville Alabama 3329747<br />

Huntsville Alabama Huntsville Alabama 3329690<br />

Huntsville Alabama Madison-Harvest Alabama 3329771<br />

Huntsville Alabama Scottsboro Alabama 3329739<br />

Hurricane Utah Hurricane Utah 3340554<br />

Hurst Texas Hurst Texas 3339661<br />

Hyde Park Utah Logan Utah Regional 3319199<br />

Hyrum Utah North Hyrum Utah North 3341453<br />

Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon Idaho Falls Idaho 3326136<br />

West<br />

Idaho Falls Idaho East Idaho Falls Idaho East 3333728<br />

Independence Missouri Independence Missouri 3327760<br />

Independence Missouri Riverview Missouri 372099<br />

Indianapolis Indiana Columbus Indiana 3334317<br />

Indianapolis Indiana Indianapolis Indiana 3334309<br />

Indianapolis Indiana North Brownsburg Indiana 3334414<br />

Indianapolis Indiana North Fishers Indiana 3334392<br />

Indianapolis Indiana North White River Indiana 427306<br />

Iowa City Iowa Fairfield Iowa 3334<strong>23</strong>6<br />

Iowa City Iowa Iowa City Iowa 3333558<br />

Iowa City Iowa Keosauqua Iowa 3372790<br />

Iowa City Iowa Muscatine Iowa 337<strong>23</strong>08<br />

Iowa City Iowa Ottumwa Iowa 3333507<br />

Ivins Utah Ivins Utah 368962<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Jackson Mississippi Jackson Mississippi 3319121<br />

Jackson Mississippi Philadelphia Mississippi 3347745<br />

Jackson Mississippi Raytown Mississippi 3366812<br />

Jackson Mississippi Red Star Mississippi 3347761<br />

Jacksonville Florida East Jacksonville Florida East 3317609<br />

Jacksonville Florida East St Augustine Florida 3366820<br />

Jacksonville Florida West Jacksonville Florida West 3326543<br />

Jacksonville Florida West Palatka Florida 373095<br />

Jamestown New York Erie Pennsylvania 3338908<br />

Jamestown New York Franklin Pennsylvania 3338916<br />

Jamestown New York Fredonia New York 3338924<br />

Jamestown New York Jamestown New York 3337685<br />

Jamestown New York Meadville Pennsylvania 3338932<br />

Jamestown New York Olean New York 3338959<br />

Jamestown New York Warren Pennsylvania 3338940<br />

Joliet Illinois Bourbonnais Illinois 3334090<br />

Joliet Illinois Joliet Illinois 3334074<br />

Joliet Illinois Morris Illinois 3367304<br />

Joliet Illinois Ottawa Illinois 3360091<br />

Jonesboro Georgia Jonesboro Georgia 3333191<br />

Jonesboro Georgia Newnan Georgia 3333213<br />

Jonesboro Georgia Thomaston Georgia 348791<br />

Joplin Missouri Joplin Missouri 3335836<br />

Joplin Missouri Monett Missouri 3335844<br />

Joplin Missouri Nevada Missouri 3319261<br />

Juneau Alaska Haines Alaska 3329496<br />

Juneau Alaska Juneau Alaska 3329488<br />

Juneau Alaska Ketchikan Alaska 33296<strong>23</strong><br />

Juneau Alaska Petersburg Alaska 3329631<br />

Juneau Alaska Sitka Alaska 3329682<br />

Juneau Alaska Whitehorse Yukon 3329518<br />

Juneau Alaska Wrangell Alaska 3329658<br />

Juneau Alaska Yakutat Alaska 3329526<br />

Jurupa California Jurupa California 3331849<br />

Kahului Hawaii Hana Hawaii 372994<br />

Kahului Hawaii Kahului Hawaii 3333450<br />

Kahului Hawaii Kalaupapa Molokai Hawaii 438650<br />

Kahului Hawaii Kihei Hawaii 372471<br />

Kahului Hawaii Lahaina Hawaii 372226<br />

Kahului Hawaii Lanai Hawaii 3348865<br />

Kahului Hawaii Molokai Hawaii 3333469<br />

Kahului Hawaii Pukalani/Makawao Hawaii 372<strong>23</strong>4<br />

Kalamazoo Michigan Battle Creek Michigan 3366375<br />

Kalamazoo Michigan Benton Harbor Michigan 3353451<br />

Kalamazoo Michigan Kalamazoo Michigan 3335380<br />

Kalamazoo Michigan South Haven Michigan 3335399<br />

Kalamazoo Michigan Sturgis Michigan 3363767<br />

Kalispell Montana Eureka Montana 3352838<br />

Kalispell Montana Kalispell Montana 3336085<br />

Kalispell Montana Polson Montana 3336093<br />

Kalispell Montana Thompson Falls Montana 3349136<br />

Kamas Utah Kamas Utah 3341402<br />

Kanab Utah Glendale Utah 3349047<br />

Kanab Utah Kanab Utah 3340384<br />

Kaneohe Hawaii Kaneohe Hawaii 3333302<br />

Kansas City Missouri Blue Springs Missouri 3352536<br />

Kansas City Missouri Clinton Missouri 33356<strong>23</strong><br />

Kansas City Missouri Sedalia Missouri 3335674<br />

Katy Texas Katy Texas 3340104<br />

Katy Texas Old Katy Texas 3344320<br />

Katy Texas Sealy Texas 3340112<br />

Katy Texas Shadowdale Texas 3347540<br />

Katy Texas Waller Texas 3340120<br />

Kauai Hawaii Hanalei Hawaii 3347478<br />

Kauai Hawaii Kauai Hawaii 3333477<br />

Kauai Hawaii Kekaha Hawaii 3348997<br />

Kaysville Utah East Kaysville Utah East 3340864<br />

Kaysville Utah South Kaysville Utah South 3340856<br />

Kearney Nebraska Gr<strong>and</strong> Isl<strong>and</strong> Nebraska 3336654<br />

Kearney Nebraska Hastings Nebraska 3336689<br />

Kearney Nebraska Kearney Nebraska Ward 3336670<br />

Kearney Nebraska McCook Nebraska 3336700<br />

Kearney Nebraska North Platte Nebraska 3336662<br />

Kearney Nebraska O'Neill Nebraska 3372170<br />

Kearney Nebraska Phillipsburg Kansas 3336697<br />

Kearns Utah Central Kearns Utah Central 3340929<br />

Kearns Utah West Kearns Utah West 3340961<br />

Keizer Oregon Salem Oregon East 3328481<br />

Keizer Oregon Woodburn Oregon 3349071

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Kemmerer Wyoming Big Piney Wyoming 3343006<br />

Kemmerer Wyoming Kemmerer Wyoming 3342999<br />

Kemmerer Wyoming R<strong>and</strong>olph/Woodruff Utah 3343014<br />

Kennewick Washington Kennewick Washington 3359492<br />

Kennewick Washington Prosser Washington 3342050<br />

Killeen Texas Killeen Texas 3339971<br />

Killeen Texas Waco Texas 3367134<br />

Kingman Arizona Bullhead City Arizona 420735<br />

Kingman Arizona Dolan Springs Arizona 370525<br />

Kingman Arizona Kingman Arizona 3330273<br />

Kingsl<strong>and</strong> Georgia Jesup Georgia 3333094<br />

Kingsl<strong>and</strong> Georgia Kingsl<strong>and</strong> Georgia 3332926<br />

Kingsl<strong>and</strong> Georgia Kingsl<strong>and</strong> Georgia Ward 3347737<br />

Kingsport Tennessee Bristol Tennessee 438472<br />

Kingsport Tennessee Johnson City/Watauga Tennessee 438464<br />

Kingsport Tennessee Kingsport Tennessee 3339408<br />

Kingston Jamaica Kingston Jamaica 3343162<br />

Kingston Ontario Brockville Ontario 3352625<br />

Kingston Ontario Campbellford Ontario 3371840<br />

Kingston Ontario Kingston Ontario 3343979<br />

Kingston Ontario Smiths Falls Ontario 3343898<br />

Kingston Ontario Trenton Ontario 3343928<br />

Kingwood Texas Clevel<strong>and</strong> Texas 335<strong>23</strong>90<br />

Kingwood Texas Kingwood Texas 3339912<br />

Kingwood Texas Livingston Texas 3347591<br />

Kingwood Texas Pine Trails Texas 3339920<br />

Kinston North Carolina Greenville North Carolina 3359832<br />

Kinston North Carolina Harkers Isl<strong>and</strong> North Carolina 3336352<br />

Kinston North Carolina Kinston North Carolina 3336344<br />

Kinston North Carolina Morehead City North Carolina 370606<br />

Kinston North Carolina New Bern North Carolina 3359840<br />

Kinston North Carolina Washington North Carolina 427500<br />

Kirkl<strong>and</strong> Washington Kirkl<strong>and</strong> Washington 3348016<br />

Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio Ashtabula Ohio 3352641<br />

Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio 3337855<br />

Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio Sharon Pennsylvania 379921<br />

Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio Solon Ohio 410586<br />

Kirtl<strong>and</strong> Ohio Warren/Youngstown Ohio 3337863<br />

Kitchener Ontario Brantford Ontario 3344029<br />

Kitchener Ontario Cambridge Ontario 3344010<br />

Kitchener Ontario Kitchener Ontario 3343995<br />

Kitchener Ontario Owen Sound Ontario 3344002<br />

Kitchener Ontario Walkerton Ontario 3344053<br />

Kitchener Ontario Woodstock Ontario 3344037<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Alturas California 3361535<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Cedarville California 3338584<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Chiloquin Oregon 3366243<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Klamath Falls Oregon 3338568<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Lakeview Oregon 3338576<br />

Klamath Falls Oregon Yonna Valley Oregon 427608<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Crossville Tennessee 3352943<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Knoxville Tennessee 3339335<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Loudon Tennessee 370630<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Maryville Tennessee 3372618<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Sevierville Tennessee 3359859<br />

Knoxville Tennessee Clinch River Tennessee 370649<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Gap Tennessee 3339351<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Grove Park Tennessee 3359867<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Jamestown Tennessee 3339343<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee LaFollette Kentucky 438480<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Morristown Tennessee 370657<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Oak Ridge Tennessee 3339378<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Knoxville Tennessee Whitley City Kentucky 410<strong>23</strong>3<br />

Cumberl<strong>and</strong><br />

Kona Hawaii Honokaa Hawaii 3333361<br />

Kona Hawaii Keei Hawaii 3333418<br />

Kona Hawaii Kohala Hawaii 3333388<br />

Kona Hawaii Kona Hawaii 3333353<br />

Kona Hawaii Waimea Hawaii 3333396<br />

Kuna Idaho Kuna Idaho 3366197<br />

La Crescenta California La Crescenta California 3330869<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon Baker Oregon 3338290<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon Elgin Oregon 3359433<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon Enterprise Oregon 3347982<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon John Day Oregon 3338614<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon 3338282<br />

La Gr<strong>and</strong>e Oregon Pine Valley Oregon 427349<br />

La Romana Dominican La Romana Dominican Republic 357243<br />

Republic<br />

<strong>District</strong><br />

La Vega Dominican Republic La Vega Dominican Republic 277665<br />

Lacey Washington Yelm Washington 3349322<br />

Lafayette Indiana Crawfordsville Indiana 3347915<br />

Lafayette Indiana Kokomo Indiana 3334457<br />

Lafayette Indiana Lafayette Indiana 3334449<br />

Laguna Niguel California Laguna Niguel California 3332039<br />

Laie Hawaii North Laie Hawaii 3333299<br />

Lake City Florida Lake Butler Florida 3352951<br />

Lake City Florida Lake City Florida 3332853<br />

Lake City Florida Live Oak Florida 3332861<br />

Lake City Florida MacClenny Florida 3332896<br />

Lake City Florida Starke Florida 3332918<br />

Lake Havasu City Arizona Blythe California 3331156<br />

Lake Havasu City Arizona Lake Havasu City Arizona 3331016<br />

Lake Havasu City Arizona Needles California 3331008<br />

Lake Havasu City Arizona Parker Arizona 3331164<br />

Lake Havasu City Arizona Quartzsite Arizona 3369730<br />

Lake Mary Florida Lake Mary Florida 3332802<br />

Lake Mary Florida Leesburg Florida 3332837<br />

Lake Oswego Oregon Lake Oswego Oregon 3338622<br />

Lake Oswego Oregon Wilsonville Oregon 3359441<br />

Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida Arcadia Florida 3332713<br />

Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida 3371484<br />

Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida Sebring Florida 3319105<br />

Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida Wauchula Florida 3359964<br />

Lakel<strong>and</strong> Florida Winter Haven Florida 3319113<br />

Lakewood Colorado Lakewood Colorado 3347974<br />

Lakewood Washington Tacoma Washington 3328449<br />

Lancaster California Lancaster California 3330907<br />

Lancaster California East Lake Los Angeles California 3331067<br />

Lancaster California East Lancaster California East 3331997<br />

Lancaster California East North Edwards California 3331075<br />

Lansing Michigan Jackson Michigan 3335186<br />

Lansing Michigan Jonesville Michigan 3335194<br />

Lansing Michigan Lansing Michigan 3335178<br />

Lansing Michigan Owosso Michigan 3335356<br />

Lansing Michigan Pontiac Michigan 3352587<br />

Laramie Wyoming Hanna Wyoming 372072<br />

Laramie Wyoming Laramie Wyoming 3343081<br />

Laramie Wyoming Saratoga Wyoming 371971<br />

Laramie Wyoming Wheatl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming 372080<br />

Laredo Texas Laredo Texas 3347532<br />

Las Cruces New Mexico Hatch New Mexico 3371948<br />

Las Cruces New Mexico Las Cruces New Mexico 3336972<br />

Las Vegas Nevada East Las Vegas Nevada East 3352404<br />

Las Vegas Nevada Lone Beatty Nevada 3367126<br />

Mountain<br />

Las Vegas Nevada<br />

Las Vegas NV S<strong>and</strong>stone 3337340<br />

S<strong>and</strong>stone<br />

Las Vegas Nevada South Pahrump Nevada 3337162<br />

Las Vegas Nevada Sunrise Las Vegas Nevada Regional 3311937<br />

Las Vegas Nevada Warm Las Vegas NV Warm Springs 3337359<br />

Springs<br />

Lawton Oklahoma Lawton Oklahoma 3338169<br />

Lawton Oklahoma Wichita Falls Texas 3338177<br />

Layton Utah Layton Hills Layton Utah Layton Hills 3363708<br />

Layton Utah Valley View Layton Utah Valley View 3341356<br />

Lebanon Oregon Lebanon Oregon 3338738<br />

Lebanon Oregon Sweet Home Oregon 3359476<br />

Lehi Utah Lehi Utah 3340589<br />

Lenexa Kansas Kansas City 2nd Kansas 3312291<br />

Lenexa Kansas Lenexa Kansas 3360113<br />

Lethbridge Alberta Lethbridge Alberta 3343227<br />

Lethbridge Alberta East Coutts Alberta 3347990<br />

Lewiston Idaho Grangeville Idaho 3333655<br />

Lewiston Idaho Kamiah Idaho 3333663<br />

Lewiston Idaho Lewiston Idaho 3318974<br />

Lewiston Idaho Orofino Idaho 337<strong>23</strong>91<br />

Lewisville Texas Lewisville Texas 3334597<br />

Lexington Kentucky Corbin Kentucky 3334627<br />

Lexington Kentucky Lexington Kentucky 3334619<br />

Liberty Missouri Adam-ondi-Ahman 3353036<br />

Liberty Missouri Cameron Missouri 3360121<br />

Liberty Missouri Excelsior Springs Missouri 3353419

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Liberty Missouri Liberty Missouri 3335763<br />

Liberty Missouri Trenton Missouri 3335798<br />

Lilburn Georgia Conyers Georgia 3333205<br />

Lilburn Georgia Lawrenceville Georgia 3359956<br />

Lilburn Georgia Lilburn Georgia 3372693<br />

Lincoln Nebraska Beatrice Nebraska 3367312<br />

Lincoln Nebraska Columbus Nebraska 3372219<br />

Lincoln Nebraska Lincoln Nebraska 3336646<br />

Lincoln Nebraska Nebraska City Nebraska 371955<br />

Lindon Utah Lindon Utah 3347397<br />

Little Rock Arkansas Hot Springs Arkansas 3330036<br />

Little Rock Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas 3330028<br />

Little Rock Arkansas Monticello Arkansas 3372677<br />

Littleton Colorado Littleton Colorado 3326594<br />

Livermore California Livermore California 3331881<br />

Loa Utah Hanksville Utah 3340511<br />

Loa Utah Loa Utah 3340503<br />

Loa Utah Ticaboo Utah 427721<br />

Lodi California Jackson California 3331938<br />

Lodi California Lodi California 3363090<br />

Lodi California Murphys California 416568<br />

Log<strong>and</strong>ale Nevada Log<strong>and</strong>ale Nevada 3337251<br />

Lompoc California Lompoc California 3328465<br />

Lompoc California Solvang California 3348873<br />

London Ontario Chatham Ontario 3317838<br />

London Ontario London Ontario 3317846<br />

London Ontario Sarnia Ontario 3317803<br />

London Ontario St Thomas Ontario 3317781<br />

London Ontario Windsor Ontario 3317811<br />

Long Beach California Long Beach California 3349004<br />

Long Beach California East Long Beach California East 3330842<br />

Longmont Colorado Longmont Colorado 3332446<br />

Longview Texas Longview Texas 3339513<br />

Longview Texas Lufkin Texas 3339521<br />

Longview Washington Longview Washington 3342174<br />

Los Altos California Los Altos California 3331474<br />

Los Altos California Santa Clara California 3317919<br />

Los Angeles California Los Angeles California 3312593<br />

Los Lunas New Mexico Los Lunas New Mexico 3336905<br />

Los Lunas New Mexico Socorro New Mexico 3336913<br />

Louisville Kentucky Br<strong>and</strong>enburg Kentucky 3356809<br />

Louisville Kentucky Elizabethtown Kentucky 3334600<br />

Louisville Kentucky Lebanon Kentucky 3366456<br />

Louisville Kentucky Louisville Kentucky 3347656<br />

Lovel<strong>and</strong> Colorado Berthoud & Big Thompson Colorado 371904<br />

Lovel<strong>and</strong> Colorado Lovel<strong>and</strong> Colorado 3332403<br />

Lovell Wyoming Lovell Wyoming 3342816<br />

Lubbock Texas Lubbock Texas 3339734<br />

Lubbock Texas Plainview Texas 3339742<br />

Lubbock Texas Seminole Texas 427691<br />

Lyman Wyoming Lyman Wyoming 3343065<br />

Lynbrook New York Lynbrook New York 3366413<br />

Lynnwood Washington Lynnwood Washington 334<strong>23</strong>44<br />

Macon Georgia Cochran Georgia 3333019<br />

Macon Georgia Dublin Georgia 427632<br />

Macon Georgia Macon Georgia 3333000<br />

Macon Georgia Milledgeville Georgia 3333027<br />

Macon Georgia Perry Georgia 3372669<br />

Madison Wisconsin Baraboo Wisconsin 420778<br />

Madison Wisconsin Beaver Dam Wisconsin 427462<br />

Madison Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin 3328309<br />

Madison Wisconsin Monroe Wisconsin 420751<br />

Madison Wisconsin Sun Prairie Wisconsin 438391<br />

Magna Utah Central Magna Utah Central 3340848<br />

Magna Utah East Magna Utah East 3340821<br />

Magrath Alberta Magrath Alberta 3343413<br />

Makakilo Hawaii Makakilo Hawaii 3347494<br />

Malad Idaho Malad Idaho 3333647<br />

Manassa Colorado Manassa Colorado 3332098<br />

M<strong>and</strong>eville Jamaica M<strong>and</strong>eville Jamaica 438634<br />

Manteca California Manteca California 3331717<br />

Manteca California Tracy California 3371727<br />

Manti Utah Manti Utah 3340732<br />

Maple Valley Washington Maple Valley Washington 3359514<br />

Mapleton Utah Mapleton Utah 3340724<br />

Marietta Georgia East Cartersville Georgia 427640<br />

Marietta Georgia East Ellijay Georgia 419990<br />

Marietta Georgia East Marietta Georgia East 3333256<br />

Marietta Georgia East Rome Georgia 3339319<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Mayaguez Puerto Rico Mayaguez Puerto Rico 3343103<br />

McAllen Texas McAllen Texas 3339904<br />

McCammon Idaho McCammon Idaho 3333965<br />

McKinney Texas Bonham Texas 379905<br />

McKinney Texas Durant Oklahoma 419966<br />

McKinney Texas Greenville Texas 33398<strong>23</strong><br />

McKinney Texas McKinney Texas 3347710<br />

McLean Virginia McLean Virginia 3341860<br />

McMinnville Oregon McMinnville Oregon 3338649<br />

McMinnville Oregon Newberg Oregon 3366251<br />

McMinnville Tennessee Cookeville Tennessee 3318192<br />

McMinnville Tennessee McMinnville Tennessee 3318206<br />

McMinnville Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee 3318419<br />

McMinnville Tennessee Smyrna Tennessee 3359875<br />

McMinnville Tennessee Tullahoma Tennessee 3312062<br />

Medford Oregon Etna California 3338320<br />

Medford Oregon Medford Oregon 3338312<br />

Medford Oregon Yreka California 370800<br />

Medicine Hat Alberta Bow Isl<strong>and</strong> Alberta 3372251<br />

Medicine Hat Alberta Brooks Alberta 3343340<br />

Medicine Hat Alberta Medicine Hat Alberta 3343332<br />

Medicine Hat Alberta Rosemary Alberta 3352862<br />

Meeker Colorado Aspen Colorado 419818<br />

Meeker Colorado Baggs Wyoming 3332241<br />

Meeker Colorado Eagle Valley Colorado 3332195<br />

Meeker Colorado Glenwood Springs Colorado 3332187<br />

Meeker Colorado Meeker Colorado 3332179<br />

Meeker Colorado Meeker Colorado Ward 3332225<br />

Meeker Colorado Rangely Colorado 3332217<br />

Meeker Colorado Rifle Colorado 3332<strong>23</strong>3<br />

Meeker Colorado Steamboat Springs Colorado 3332209<br />

Memphis Tennessee Memphis Tennessee 3339270<br />

Memphis Tennessee Oxford Mississippi 3339297<br />

Memphis Tennessee Senatobia Mississippi 3339289<br />

Memphis Tennessee North Blytheville Arkansas 3339475<br />

Memphis Tennessee North Jackson Tennessee 3339459<br />

Memphis Tennessee North Jonesboro Arkansas 3339483<br />

Memphis Tennessee North Memphis Tennessee North 3339440<br />

Memphis Tennessee North Pocahontas Arkansas 3339467<br />

Menifee California Lake Elsinore California 3331873<br />

Menifee California Menifee California 3331636<br />

Menlo Park California Menlo Park California 3328295<br />

Merced California Los Banos California 33667<strong>23</strong><br />

Merced California Mariposa California 3349012<br />

Merced California Merced California 3331644<br />

Meridian Idaho East Meridian Idaho East 3318427<br />

Meridian Idaho South Meridian Idaho South 3333876<br />

Meridian Idaho West Meridian Idaho West 3366200<br />

Mesa Arizona Kimball East Mesa Arizona Kimball East 370509<br />

Mesa Arizona Salt River Mesa Arizona Salt River 3330516<br />

Mesquite Nevada Mesquite Nevada 3337367<br />

Miami Florida (Spanish) Miami Florida 3332985<br />

Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Caro Michigan 420247<br />

Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan 3335<strong>23</strong>2<br />

Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Mount Pleasant Michigan 3335240<br />

Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Saginaw Michigan 373796<br />

Midl<strong>and</strong> Michigan West Branch Michigan 3335267<br />

Midvale Utah Union Fort Midvale Utah Union Fort 3341690<br />

Milford Utah Milford Utah 3362981<br />

Mililani Hawaii Mililani Hawaii 3333434<br />

Milwaukee Wisconsin North Parkway Wisconsin 3342638<br />

Milwaukee Wisconsin South Elkhorn Wisconsin 3342654<br />

Milwaukee Wisconsin South Kenosha Wisconsin 3342646<br />

Milwaukee Wisconsin South Kettle Moraine Wisconsin 3372243<br />

Milwaukee Wisconsin South Milwaukee Wisconsin 3342603<br />

Milwaukie Oregon Milwaukie Oregon 3347893<br />

Minneapolis Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota 3335445<br />

<strong>Mission</strong> Viejo California <strong>Mission</strong> Viejo California 33309<strong>23</strong><br />

Mississauga Ontario Mississauga Ontario 3343812<br />

Missoula Montana Missoula Montana 3335984<br />

Missoula Montana Seeley Lake Montana 3336018<br />

Missoula Montana Superior Montana 3335992<br />

Moab Utah Castle Valley Utah 3340694<br />

Moab Utah Green River Utah 3340708<br />

Moab Utah Moab Utah 3340686<br />

Mobile Alabama Atmore Alabama 3329879<br />

Mobile Alabama Grove Hill Alabama 3329844<br />

Mobile Alabama Mobile Alabama 3329836<br />

Mobile Alabama Monroe Alabama 3329860

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Mobile Alabama Robertsdale Alabama 3329887<br />

Mobile Alabama Toxey Alabama 3329852<br />

Modesto California Modesto California 3330648<br />

Modesto California North Modesto California North 3331342<br />

Modesto California North Sonora California 3331350<br />

Monmouth Oregon Lincoln City Oregon 3338797<br />

Monmouth Oregon Monmouth Oregon 3347885<br />

Monroe Louisiana El Dorado Arkansas 3334848<br />

Monroe Louisiana Greenville Mississippi 3334856<br />

Monroe Louisiana Monroe Louisiana 3334813<br />

Monroe Louisiana Ruston Louisiana 3359883<br />

Monroe Louisiana Winnfield Louisiana 3334821<br />

Monroe Utah Monroe Utah 3347389<br />

Monterey California Monterey California 3330575<br />

Montgomery Alabama Montgomery Alabama 3329828<br />

Montgomery Alabama Wetumpka Alabama 3352978<br />

Monticello Utah La Sal Utah 3373347<br />

Monticello Utah Monticello Utah 3340716<br />

Montpelier Idaho Bear Lake Idaho 3333612<br />

Montpelier Idaho South Cokeville Wyoming 3333620<br />

Montpelier Vermont Essex Vermont 438537<br />

Montpelier Vermont Montpelier Vermont 3341992<br />

Montpelier Vermont Newport Vermont 427543<br />

Montpelier Vermont Rutl<strong>and</strong> Vermont 3366553<br />

Montpelier Vermont South Royalton Vermont 3366545<br />

Montréal Québec Laval Quebec 430382<br />

Montréal Québec Mascouche Quebec 430358<br />

Montréal Québec Mont St Hilaire Quebec 430374<br />

Montréal Québec Montreal Quebec 3344126<br />

Montréal Québec Sherbrooke Quebec 430331<br />

Montréal Québec St Jean Quebec 430390<br />

Montréal Québec Valleyfield Quebec 430366<br />

Montréal Québec Mount Cornwall Ontario 3344169<br />

Royal<br />

Montréal Québec Mount Montreal Quebec Mt Royal 3344142<br />

Royal<br />

Montrose Colorado Delta Colorado 3332284<br />

Montrose Colorado Montrose Colorado 3332268<br />

Montrose Colorado Naturita Colorado 33479<strong>23</strong><br />

Montrose Colorado Paonia Colorado 3332276<br />

Moore Idaho Moore Idaho 3333639<br />

Moreno Valley California Moreno Valley California 3331628<br />

Morgan Hill California Hollister California 3328414<br />

Morgan Utah Morgan Utah 3341704<br />

Moroni Utah Moroni Utah 3340546<br />

Morristown New Jersey Clinton New Jersey 3352668<br />

Morristown New Jersey Ledgewood New Jersey 3336751<br />

Morristown New Jersey Morristown New Jersey 3336743<br />

Moses Lake Washington Moses Lake Washington 3342077<br />

Mount Pleasant Utah Mount Pleasant Utah 3340244<br />

Mount Pleasant Utah North Mount Pleasant Utah North 368954<br />

Mount Vernon Virginia Mount Vernon Virginia 3319296<br />

Mount Vernon Washington Mount Vernon Washington 3342093<br />

Mount Vernon Washington Oak Harbor Washington 370770<br />

Mount Vernon Washington San Juan Washington 3342107<br />

Mountain Home Idaho Glenns Ferry Idaho 3333930<br />

Mountain Home Idaho Gr<strong>and</strong> View Idaho 3333922<br />

Mountain Home Idaho Mountain Home Idaho 3333914<br />

Muncie Indiana Anderson Indiana 3347818<br />

Muncie Indiana Muncie Indiana 3334406<br />

Muncie Indiana Richmond Indiana 3337812<br />

Murray Utah Little<br />

Murray Utah Little Cottonwood 3341097<br />

Cottonwood<br />

Murray Utah South Murray Utah South 3340937<br />

Murray Utah West Murray Utah West 3340791<br />

Murrieta California Murrieta California 3359980<br />

Nampa Idaho East Nampa Idaho 3333779<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Campbell River British Columbia 3343669<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Courtenay British Columbia 3328511<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Nanaimo British Columbia <strong>Stake</strong> 3343537<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia North Isl<strong>and</strong> British Columbia 3343642<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Port Alberni British Columbia 3343650<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Powell River British Columbia 3343634<br />

Nanaimo British Columbia Qualicum British Columbia 3343677<br />

Napa California Napa California 3331121<br />

Napa California Sonoma California 3347435<br />

Naperville Illinois Naperville Illinois 3334120<br />

Nashua New Hampshire Nashua New Hampshire 3326314<br />

Nashville Tennessee Bowling Green Kentucky 3339394<br />

Nashville Tennessee Gallatin Tennessee 3347672<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Nashville Tennessee Nashville Tennessee 3339386<br />

Nashville Tennessee Sulphur Well Kentucky 3352986<br />

Nashville Tennessee Tompkinsville Kentucky 3359891<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Burlington Iowa 3334201<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Hannibal Missouri 3334228<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Kirksville Missouri 3335658<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Macomb Illinois 3334198<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Nauvoo Illinois 3334171<br />

Nauvoo Illinois Quincy Illinois 3347796<br />

Nephi Utah Nephi Utah 3340457<br />

New Albany Indiana New Albany Indiana 3334430<br />

New Glasgow Nova Scotia Charlottetown PEI 3343774<br />

New Glasgow Nova Scotia New Glasgow Nova Scotia 3362914<br />

New Glasgow Nova Scotia Sydney Nova Scotia 373494<br />

New Haven Connecticut Madison Connecticut 3332519<br />

New Haven Connecticut New Haven Connecticut 3332500<br />

New Haven Connecticut Southington Connecticut 3332497<br />

New Orleans Louisiana New Orleans Louisiana 3334791<br />

New Providence Bahamas Nassau Bahamas 33727<strong>23</strong><br />

New York New York Inwood New York 422584<br />

New York New York New York 14th Street 422622<br />

Newburgh New York Kingston New York 3337537<br />

Newburgh New York Middletown New York 3337669<br />

Newburgh New York Newburgh New York 3337650<br />

Newburgh New York Poughkeepsie New York 3337634<br />

Newbury Park California Newbury Park California 3331148<br />

Newport News Virginia Gloucester Virginia 3348180<br />

Newport News Virginia Kilmarnock Virginia 370681<br />

Newport News Virginia Newport News Virginia 3341852<br />

Norman Oklahoma Ada Oklahoma 3371964<br />

Norman Oklahoma Ardmore Oklahoma 3338088<br />

Norman Oklahoma Chickasha Oklahoma 3371956<br />

Norman Oklahoma Norman Oklahoma 3338061<br />

Norman Oklahoma Seminole Oklahoma 3338096<br />

Norman Oklahoma Shawnee Oklahoma 3338118<br />

North Hollywood California Burbank California 3331903<br />

North Hollywood California Sylmar California 3331695<br />

North Little Rock Arkansas Conway Arkansas 3372650<br />

North Little Rock Arkansas Jacksonville Arkansas 3329992<br />

North Little Rock Arkansas Mountain View Arkansas 3352994<br />

North Little Rock Arkansas Quitman Arkansas 3359905<br />

North Little Rock Arkansas Russellville Arkansas 3330001<br />

Nyssa Oregon Nyssa Oregon 3338347<br />

Oakdale Minnesota Eau Claire Wisconsin 3342700<br />

Oakdale Minnesota Oakdale Minnesota 3335461<br />

Oakdale Minnesota Red Wing Minnesota 419842<br />

Oakl<strong>and</strong> California Oakl<strong>and</strong> California 3312666<br />

Oakton Virginia Oakton Virginia 3312534<br />

Odessa Texas Big Spring Texas 3339637<br />

Odessa Texas Midl<strong>and</strong> Texas 3339645<br />

Odessa Texas Odessa Texas 3339629<br />

O'Fallon Illinois Alton Illinois 3334279<br />

O'Fallon Illinois Centralia Illinois 3334252<br />

O'Fallon Illinois O'Fallon Illinois 3334244<br />

Ogden Utah Mount Ogden Ogden Utah 3340252<br />

Ogden Utah University Ogden Utah University 376647<br />

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Clinton Oklahoma 379913<br />

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Oklahoma City Oklahoma 3338010<br />

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Woodward Oklahoma 3338029<br />

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Oklahoma City Oklahoma South 3338193<br />

South<br />

Olathe Kansas Iola Kansas 3334511<br />

Olathe Kansas Kansas City Missouri 3335615<br />

Olathe Kansas Mound City Kansas 3372<strong>23</strong>5<br />

Olathe Kansas Olathe Kansas 3312224<br />

Olathe Kansas Ottawa Kansas 3372227<br />

Olathe Kansas Paola Kansas 3312127<br />

Olympia Washington Olympia Washington 3342158<br />

Omaha Nebraska Blair Nebraska 3336638<br />

Omaha Nebraska Omaha Nebraska 3318346<br />

Omaha Nebraska Papillion Papillion Nebraska 3317641<br />

Ontario Oregon Fruitl<strong>and</strong> Idaho 3338711<br />

Ontario Oregon Ontario Oregon 3338703<br />

Orange California Orange California 3318028<br />

Orange Texas Jasper Texas 3367088<br />

Orange Texas Orange Texas 3339998<br />

Oregon City Oregon Molalla Oregon 3349381<br />

Oregon City Oregon Oregon City Oregon 3338509<br />

Orem Utah Geneva Heights Orem Utah Geneva Heights 3341720

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Orem Utah Lakeridge Orem Utah Lakeridge 3347869<br />

Orem Utah Park Orem Utah Park 3341569<br />

Orem Utah Sharon Park Orem Utah Sharon Park 3341593<br />

Orem Utah Sunset Heights Orem Utah Sunset Heights 3341267<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida Clermont Florida 3359913<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida 3332594<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida South Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida South 3359921<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida South South Chase Florida 373109<br />

Orl<strong>and</strong>o Florida South St Cloud Florida 348783<br />

Oshawa Ontario Bancroft Ontario 3371832<br />

Oshawa Ontario Cobourg Ontario 419893<br />

Oshawa Ontario Oshawa Ontario 3319008<br />

Oshawa Ontario Peterborough Ontario 3343901<br />

Othello Washington Othello Washington 334<strong>23</strong>79<br />

Othello Washington Royal Washington 334<strong>23</strong>87<br />

Othello Washington Wahluke Washington 3342409<br />

Othello Washington Warden Washington 334<strong>23</strong>95<br />

Ottawa Ontario Chapel Hill Ontario 3366448<br />

Ottawa Ontario Gatineau Quebec 3344266<br />

Ottawa Ontario Ottawa Ontario 3343863<br />

Ottawa Ontario Petawawa Ontario 3343871<br />

Owego New York Elmira New York 3337413<br />

Owego New York Ithaca New York 3337391<br />

Owego New York Owego New York 3337421<br />

Owego New York Vestal New York 3337383<br />

Owingsville Kentucky Ashl<strong>and</strong> Kentucky 3352676<br />

Owingsville Kentucky Beattyville Kentucky 3372065<br />

Owingsville Kentucky Martin Kentucky 3334708<br />

Owingsville Kentucky Owingsville Kentucky 3334635<br />

Paducah Kentucky Eldorado Illinois 3349160<br />

Paducah Kentucky Foxcroft Illinois 3335887<br />

Paducah Kentucky Fulton Kentucky 3334686<br />

Paducah Kentucky Paducah Kentucky 3334643<br />

Paducah Kentucky Paris Tennessee 3352935<br />

Page Arizona Page Arizona 3330265<br />

Palm Springs California Palm Springs California 3331024<br />

Palmdale California Agua Dulce California 3331059<br />

Palmdale California Palmdale California 3331040<br />

Palmyra New York Fayette New York 3337480<br />

Palmyra New York Hornell NY Branch 434418<br />

Palmyra New York Palmyra New York 3337464<br />

Palmyra New York Palmyra New York Ward 427586<br />

Palmyra New York Wellsville New York 3337472<br />

Palos Verdes California Palos Verdes California 3331326<br />

Panaca Nevada Alamo-Hiko Nevada 3337278<br />

Panaca Nevada Panaca Nevada 3341291<br />

Panama City Florida Apalachicola Florida 3332799<br />

Panama City Florida Bonifay Florida 3332756<br />

Panama City Florida Bristol Florida 3332764<br />

Panama City Florida Mexico Beach Florida 3332780<br />

Panama City Florida Panama City Florida 3332748<br />

Panguitch Utah Circleville Utah 3348946<br />

Panguitch Utah Panguitch Utah 3341003<br />

Paradise Valley Arizona Paradise Valley Arizona 3330443<br />

Paris Idaho Laketown Utah 3333973<br />

Park City Utah Park City Utah 3341682<br />

Parker Colorado Parker Colorado 3367320<br />

Parowan Utah Parowan Utah 3340562<br />

Pasadena California Pasadena California 3330931<br />

Pasco Washington Basin City Washington 3342069<br />

Paterson New Jersey Paterson New Jersey 3366421<br />

Payson Arizona Payson Arizona 3328562<br />

Payson Utah Payson Utah 3347877<br />

Pembroke Virginia New River Virginia 3341895<br />

Penasquitos California Penasquitos California 3331822<br />

Pensacola Florida Navarre Florida 3372642<br />

Pensacola Florida Pensacola Florida 3312003<br />

Peoria Arizona North Peoria Arizona 3330303<br />

Peoria Arizona North Wickenburg Arizona 3330311<br />

Peoria Illinois Normal Illinois 1st & 2nd 3372200<br />

Peoria Illinois Peoria Illinois 3334155<br />

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Doylestown Pennsylvania 3328384<br />

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Morrisville Pennsylvania 373761<br />

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania Metro 3327825<br />

Phoenix Arizona Montana Del Sur Arizona 3330<strong>23</strong>0<br />

Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona 3330222<br />

Phoenix Arizona Deer Valley Phoenix Arizona Deer Valley 3330486<br />

Phoenix Arizona East Phoenix Arizona East 3330338<br />

Phoenix Arizona North Phoenix Arizona North 3330125<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Phoenix Arizona West Phoenix Arizona West 3330168<br />

Pierre South Dakota Gettysburg South Dakota 3339<strong>23</strong>8<br />

Pierre South Dakota Pierre South Dakota 3339106<br />

Pierre South Dakota Rosebud South Dakota 3339211<br />

Pierre South Dakota Valentine Nebraska 419834<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Monongahela Pennsylvania 421243<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 3326268<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Washington Pennsylvania 3362922<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Wintersville Ohio 3338002<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beaver Valley Pennsylvania 373753<br />

North<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Butler Pennsylvania 3348105<br />

North<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Greensburg Pennsylvania 427551<br />

North<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Indiana Pennsylvania 3362930<br />

North<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Lisbon Ohio 3352684<br />

North<br />

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 3rd 373745<br />

North<br />

Plainview New York Plainview New York 3337375<br />

Plainview New York Terryville New York 3363902<br />

Plano Texas Plano Texas 3339815<br />

Platte City Missouri Leavenworth Kansas 3335828<br />

Platte City Missouri Maryville Missouri 3335771<br />

Platte City Missouri Platte City Missouri 3367339<br />

Platte City Missouri St Joseph Missouri 3335801<br />

Pleasant Grove Utah East Pleasant Grove Utah East 368946<br />

Pleasant Grove Utah Grove Pleasant Grove UT Grove Creek 3347370<br />

Crk<br />

Pleasant Grove Utah Manila Mount Timpanogos Utah 3341550<br />

Pleasanton California Pleasanton California 3359999<br />

Pocatello Idaho East Pocatello Idaho 3312216<br />

Pocatello Idaho Tyhee Fort Hall Idaho 410942<br />

Pompano Beach Florida Boca Raton Florida 3332624<br />

Pompano Beach Florida Coral Springs Florida 3369064<br />

Pompano Beach Florida Palm Beach Florida 3347729<br />

Ponce Puerto Rico Ponce Puerto Rico 3343170<br />

Port Angeles Washington Forks Washington 3342557<br />

Port Angeles Washington Port Angeles Washington 3342549<br />

Port Angeles Washington Port Townsend Washington 3342565<br />

Port of Spain Trinidad Port of Spain Trinidad 371831<br />

Port-au-Prince Haiti Port-au-Prince Haiti 3718<strong>23</strong><br />

Porterville California Porterville California 3327914<br />

Portl<strong>and</strong> Oregon Portl<strong>and</strong> Oregon 3326004<br />

Portl<strong>and</strong> Oregon East Portl<strong>and</strong> Oregon East 3338355<br />

Potsdam New York Lake Placid New York 3342018<br />

Potsdam New York Plattsburg New York 3342026<br />

Potsdam New York Potsdam New York 3344150<br />

Poway California Poway California 3331784<br />

Powder Springs Georgia Douglasville Georgia 3358259<br />

Powder Springs Georgia Powder Springs Georgia 3333043<br />

Prescott Arizona Bagdad Arizona 3330109<br />

Prescott Arizona Prescott Arizona 3330095<br />

Preston Idaho South Preston Idaho South 3333957<br />

Price Utah North Price Utah 331<strong>23</strong>48<br />

Prince George British 100 Mile House British Columbia 3366286<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British Bella Coola British Columbia 3366278<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British Burns Lake British Columbia 3343596<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British Prince George British Columbia 3343561<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British Quesnel British Columbia 3348024<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British V<strong>and</strong>erhoof British Columbia 3343588<br />

Columbia<br />

Prince George British Williams Lake British Columbia 3343618<br />

Columbia<br />

Providence Rhode Isl<strong>and</strong> Groton Connecticut 3319040<br />

Providence Rhode Isl<strong>and</strong> Providence Rhode Isl<strong>and</strong> 3319032<br />

Provo Utah Bonneville Provo Utah Bonneville 33416<strong>23</strong><br />

Provo Utah East Provo Utah East 3341674<br />

Provo Utah Edgemont Provo Utah Edgemont 3341119<br />

Provo Utah Edgemont North Provo Utah Edgemont North 3341615<br />

Provo Utah Gr<strong>and</strong>view Provo Utah Cove Point 3367177<br />

Provo Utah Gr<strong>and</strong>view East Provo Utah Gr<strong>and</strong>view East 3367185<br />

Provo Utah North Park Provo Utah North Park 3365212<br />

Provo Utah North Park Utah South Hispanic 3369129

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Provo Utah South Provo Utah South 3341607<br />

Provo Utah Sunset Provo Utah Sunset 3341631<br />

Pueblo Colorado La Junta Colorado 3367347<br />

Pueblo Colorado Pueblo Colorado 333<strong>23</strong>30<br />

Pueblo Colorado Raton New Mexico 333<strong>23</strong>57<br />

Pueblo Colorado West Cliffe Colorado 427470<br />

Puerto Plata Dom Republic Puerto Plata Dominican Republic 356<strong>23</strong>9<br />

<strong>District</strong><br />

Pullman Washington Colfax Washington 3372405<br />

Pullman Washington Pullman Washington 3342298<br />

Puyallup Washington Puyallup Washington 3342190<br />

Puyallup Washington South Puyallup Washington South 3342514<br />

Québec Québec Alma Quebec 4199<strong>23</strong><br />

Québec Québec Chicoutimi Quebec 419885<br />

Québec Québec Drummondville Quebec 3344134<br />

Québec Québec Quebec Canada <strong>District</strong> 3344177<br />

Québec Québec Rimouski Quebec 3357104<br />

Québec Québec Trois-Rivieres Quebec 419915<br />

Québec Québec Victoriaville Quebec 427578<br />

Queens New York West Queens New York West 3337693<br />

Quincy California Portola California 3331180<br />

Quincy California Quincy California 3331172<br />

Quincy California Susanville California 3331601<br />

Rainier Oregon Astoria Oregon 3338754<br />

Rainier Oregon Long Beach Washington 370762<br />

Rainier Oregon Rainier Oregon 3338770<br />

Rainier Oregon Seaside Oregon 3338762<br />

Rainier Oregon St Helens Oregon 3338746<br />

Raleigh North Carolina Raleigh North Carolina 3336271<br />

Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Cucamonga California 3371700<br />

California<br />

Rapid City South Dakota Belle Fourche South Dakota 3339092<br />

Rapid City South Dakota Chadron Nebraska 3339262<br />

Rapid City South Dakota Gordon Nebraska 3339246<br />

Rapid City South Dakota Hot Springs South Dakota 3339114<br />

Rapid City South Dakota Rapid City South Dakota 3339084<br />

Raymond Alberta Raymond-Magrath Alberta 3343375<br />

Reading Pennsylvania Allentown Pennsylvania 3338894<br />

Reading Pennsylvania Pottstown Pennsylvania 3362949<br />

Reading Pennsylvania Reading Pennsylvania 3338886<br />

Red Deer Alberta Olds Alberta 3343308<br />

Red Deer Alberta Red Deer Alberta 3343294<br />

Red Deer Alberta Rocky Mountain House Alberta 3343316<br />

Redding California Mount Shasta California 3318869<br />

Redding California Redding California 3318877<br />

Redding California Weaverville California 3318885<br />

Redl<strong>and</strong>s California Redl<strong>and</strong>s California 3331385<br />

Redmond Oregon Prineville Oregon 3338606<br />

Redmond Oregon Redmond Oregon 3349330<br />

Redmond Washington Redmond Washington 3359506<br />

Regina Saskatchewan Moose Jaw Saskatchewan 331<strong>23</strong>99<br />

Regina Saskatchewan Regina Saskatchewan 3312410<br />

Reno Nevada Reno Nevada 3312461<br />

Renton Washington Tiffany Park Washington 421073<br />

Renton Washington North Bellevue Washington North 3348229<br />

Renton Washington North Renton Washington North 3342433<br />

Rexburg Idaho North Rexburg Idaho 277177<br />

Rialto California Rialto California 3348903<br />

Richardson Texas Richardson Texas 3347613<br />

Richardson Texas Rockwall Texas 3347559<br />

Richfield Utah Richfield Utah 3340260<br />

Richl<strong>and</strong> Washington Richl<strong>and</strong> Washington 3342042<br />

Richmond Virginia Richmond Virginia 3341739<br />

Richmond Virginia Tappahannock Virginia 3352722<br />

Richmond Virginia<br />

Buckingham Virginia 3352730<br />

Chesterfield<br />

Richmond Virginia<br />

Richmond Virginia Chesterfield 3348148<br />

Chesterfield<br />

Ridgecrest California Bishop California 3330680<br />

Ridgecrest California Ridgecrest California 3330672<br />

Rigby Idaho Rigby Idaho 3333981<br />

Rigby Idaho East Rigby Idaho East 3333949<br />

Riverside California Riverside California 3330753<br />

Riverside California West Riverside California West 3330834<br />

Riverton Utah South Riverton Utah 3341089<br />

Riverton Wyoming Dubois Wyoming 3352528<br />

Riverton Wyoming L<strong>and</strong>er Wyoming 3343030<br />

Riverton Wyoming Riverton Wyoming 3343022<br />

Riverton Wyoming Shoshoni Wyoming 371890<br />

Roanoke Virginia Martinsville Virginia 3341887<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia 3341755<br />

Roberts Idaho Roberts Idaho 3334007<br />

Rochester Minnesota Austin Minnesota 3360156<br />

Rochester Minnesota LaCrosse Wisconsin 3335593<br />

Rochester Minnesota Rochester Minnesota 3335577<br />

Rochester New York Brockport New York 3337715<br />

Rochester New York Rochester New York 3337707<br />

Rochester New York Warsaw New York 438553<br />

Rock Springs Wyoming Farson Wyoming 3347524<br />

Rock Springs Wyoming Pinedale Wyoming 3342913<br />

Rock Springs Wyoming Rawlins Wyoming 3343073<br />

Rock Springs Wyoming Rock Springs Wyoming 3342905<br />

Rockford Illinois Beloit Illinois 438405<br />

Rockford Illinois Dekalb Illinois 3367355<br />

Rockford Illinois Freeport Illinois 371882<br />

Rockford Illinois Rockford Illinois 3334139<br />

Rockford Illinois Sterling Illinois 3334147<br />

Rocklin California Loomis California 3331709<br />

Rocklin California Rocklin California 3373142<br />

Rogers Arkansas Jones Family Center, Springdale AR 3349195<br />

Rogers Arkansas Rogers Arkansas 3312194<br />

Roosevelt Utah East Tridell Utah 3349055<br />

Roosevelt Utah West Roosevelt Utah 3340430<br />

Roseburg Oregon Myrtle Creek Oregon 3338495<br />

Roseburg Oregon Roseburg Oregon 3338487<br />

Roswell Georgia Roswell Georgia 3333035<br />

Roswell New Mexico Carlsbad New Mexico 3336921<br />

Roswell New Mexico Clovis New Mexico 3336948<br />

Roswell New Mexico Hobbs New Mexico 3336956<br />

Roswell New Mexico Roswell New Mexico 3325725<br />

Round Rock Texas Georgetown Texas 3326195<br />

Round Rock Texas Rockdale Texas 335<strong>23</strong>15<br />

Round Rock Texas Round Rock Texas 370584<br />

Rupert Idaho Burley Idaho 3319865<br />

Safford Arizona Safford-Thatcher Arizona 3330044<br />

Saint John New Brunswick Caribou Maine 3335100<br />

Saint John New Brunswick Fredericton New Brunswick 419877<br />

Saint John New Brunswick Moncton New Brunswick 3362957<br />

Saint John New Brunswick St John New Brunswick 3343766<br />

Salem Oregon Salem Oregon 3338339<br />

Salem Utah West Salem Utah 3348954<br />

Salina Kansas Concordia Kansas 3372197<br />

Salina Kansas Great Bend Kansas 3334589<br />

Salina Kansas Hays Kansas 3334570<br />

Salina Kansas Junction City Kansas 3360164<br />

Salina Kansas Manhattan Kansas 3334562<br />

Salina Kansas Salina Kansas 3334546<br />

Salina Utah Salina Utah 278335<br />

Salmon Idaho Challis Idaho 419583<br />

Salmon Idaho Salmon Idaho 3333604<br />

Salt Lake Big Cottonwood Salt Lake Big Cottonwood 3341410<br />

Salt Lake Canyon Rim Salt Lake Canyon Rim 3341585<br />

Salt Lake Emigration Salt Lake Emigration 3341194<br />

Salt Lake Granger South Salt Lake Granger South 3341216<br />

Salt Lake Granger West Salt Lake Granger West 3353605<br />

Salt Lake Hillside Salt Lake Hillside 3341518<br />

Salt Lake Holladay South Salt Lake Holladay South 3341666<br />

Salt Lake Hunter Salt Lake Hunter 3341461<br />

Salt Lake Hunter West Salt Lake Hunter West 3340740<br />

Salt Lake Jordan North Salt Lake Jordan North 3341046<br />

Salt Lake Millcreek Salt Lake Millcreek 3341488<br />

Salt Lake Monument Park Salt Lake Monument Park 3341534<br />

Salt Lake Mount Olympus Salt Lake Mt Olympus 3341062<br />

Salt Lake Olympus Salt Lake Olympus 3341526<br />

Salt Lake Park Salt Lake Park 3340783<br />

Salt Lake Rose Park Salt Lake Rose Park 3341372<br />

Salt Lake Utah (Tongan) Salt Lake Utah (Tongan) 3353702<br />

Salt Lake Utah South Salt Lake Utah South (Tongan) 3340988<br />

(Tongan)<br />

Salt Lake Wasatch Salt Lake Wasatch 3340767<br />

Salt Lake Winder Salt Lake Winder 3341496<br />

San Antonio Texas Pleasanton Texas 3367061<br />

San Antonio Texas San Antonio Texas 3340155<br />

San Antonio Texas San Antonio Texas 5th & 10th 3347508<br />

San Antonio Texas East San Antonio Texas East 3352706<br />

San Antonio Texas East Seguin Texas 3352412<br />

San Antonio Texas East Yorktown Kenedy Texas 3352420<br />

San Antonio Texas North Boerne Texas 3339602<br />

San Antonio Texas North Canyon Lake Texas 384011

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

San Antonio Texas North Frederickburg Texas 3347516<br />

San Antonio Texas North San Antonio Texas North 3339572<br />

San Antonio Texas North Stone Oak Texas 3339599<br />

San Antonio Texas West Hondo Texas 3359719<br />

San Antonio Texas West Kerrville Texas 3352439<br />

San Antonio Texas West San Antonio Texas West 3372715<br />

San Antonio Texas West Uvalde Texas 3340163<br />

San Bernardino California Lake Arrowhead California 3360008<br />

San Bernardino California San Bernardino California 3328287<br />

San Cristobal Dom Rep San Cristobal Dominican Republic 371858<br />

San Diego Ca Sweetwater San Diego CA Sweetwater 3331830<br />

San Diego California East San Diego California 3328422<br />

San Diego California East San Diego California East 3331989<br />

San Fern<strong>and</strong>o Ca (Sp) San Fern<strong>and</strong>o California 3347486<br />

San Francisco California San Francisco California 3331458<br />

San Francisco California San Francisco Golden Gate California 3331466<br />

San Francisco California San Francisco California West 3331865<br />

West<br />

San Francisco de Macoris San Francisco de Macoris Dominican 3343189<br />

Dom R<br />

Repub<br />

San Jose California East Milpitas California 3331660<br />

San Jose California East San Jose California 33126<strong>23</strong><br />

San Juan Puerto Rico San Juan Puerto Rico 3343197<br />

San Luis Obispo California Atascadero California 3330621<br />

San Luis Obispo California San Luis Obispo California 3330613<br />

San Rafael California San Rafael California 427705<br />

S<strong>and</strong>point Idaho Bonners Ferry Idaho 3333825<br />

S<strong>and</strong>point Idaho Libby Montana 3333833<br />

S<strong>and</strong>point Idaho Priest River Idaho 3349349<br />

S<strong>and</strong>point Idaho S<strong>and</strong>point Idaho 3333817<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Cottonwood S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Cottonwood Creek 3341100<br />

Creek<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent 3341577<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent Park S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent Park 3341127<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent Ridge S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent Ridge 3341038<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent South S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Crescent South 3340880<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah East S<strong>and</strong>y Utah East 3340481<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Granite South S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Granite South 3340813<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Granite View Canyon Springs Utah 3358267<br />

S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Hidden Valley S<strong>and</strong>y Utah Hidden Valley 3341445<br />

Santa Barbara California Santa Barbara California 3330818<br />

Santa Cruz California San Lorenzo Valley California 3360016<br />

Santa Cruz California Santa Cruz California 3331377<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Espanola New Mexico 3337030<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Las Vegas New Mexico 3367142<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Los Alamos New Mexico 3337057<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Santa Fe New Mexico 3337022<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Taos New Mexico 3337049<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico Tres Piedras New Mexico 3352447<br />

Santa Fe New Mexico White Rock New Mexico 3337065<br />

Santa Maria California Santa Maria California 3330656<br />

Santa Rosa California Santa Rosa California 3330826<br />

Santa Rosa California Sea Ranch California 3349020<br />

Santaquin Utah Santaquin Utah 3340317<br />

Santiago Domi N Tierra Alta Dominican Republic 419982<br />

Santiago Domi S Santiago Dominican Republic South 3343146<br />

Santo Domingo Dom Rep Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 3366847<br />

Santo Domingo Dom Rep Oriental Dominican Republic 3343200<br />

Oriental<br />

Santo Domingo Domi Ozama Ozama Dominican Republic 3343219<br />

Santo Domingo Independenc Santo Domingo DR Independencia 371866<br />

Santo Domingo San Geronim San Geromino Dominican Republic 3343138<br />

Santo Domingo Villa Mella Santo Domingo Domincian Rep Villa 3366839<br />

Mella<br />

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Flin Flon Manitoba 3361624<br />

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Kindersley Saskatchewan 3312402<br />

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Prince Albert Saskatchewan 3367363<br />

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Saskatoon Saskatchewan 331<strong>23</strong>80<br />

Savannah Georgia Beaufort South Carolina 3333086<br />

Savannah Georgia Hinesville Georgia 3372634<br />

Savannah Georgia Ridgel<strong>and</strong> South Carolina 3359948<br />

Savannah Georgia Savannah Georgia 3333078<br />

Savannah Georgia Statesboro Georgia 3372626<br />

Schaumburg Illinois Schaumburg Illinois 3334163<br />

Scotch Plains New Jersey Irvington New Jersey 3366472<br />

Scotch Plains New Jersey Scotch Plains New Jersey 3336778<br />

Scotch Plains New Jersey Short Hills New Jersey 3336883<br />

Scottsdale Arizona<br />

Scottsdale Arizona Camelback 3330451<br />

Camelback<br />

Scottsdale Arizona North Cave Creek Arizona 3330478<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Scottsdale Arizona North Scottsdale Arizona North 384038<br />

Scranton Pennsylvania Nazareth Pennsylvania 3348210<br />

Scranton Pennsylvania Scranton Pennsylvania 3338967<br />

Seattle Washington Seattle Washington 3342263<br />

Seattle Washington Vashon Washington 3342271<br />

Seattle Washington North Seattle Washington North 3342131<br />

Selah Washington Selah Washington 3342484<br />

Selah Washington Selah Washington Ward 3342492<br />

Seneca Maryl<strong>and</strong> Seneca Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335070<br />

Shelley Idaho South Shelley Idaho 3349365<br />

Show Low Arizona Show Low Arizona 3330192<br />

Shreveport Louisiana Magnolia Arkansas 3334759<br />

Shreveport Louisiana Queen City Texas 3334767<br />

Shreveport Louisiana Shreveport Louisiana 3326780<br />

Shreveport Louisiana Texarkana-New Boston Texas 3334775<br />

Sierra Vista Arizona Bisbee Arizona 3371972<br />

Sierra Vista Arizona Douglas Arizona 3330281<br />

Sierra Vista Arizona Sierra Vista Arizona 3319148<br />

Silver City New Mexico Deming New Mexico 3337111<br />

Silver City New Mexico Silver City New Mexico 3337103<br />

Silverdale Washington Poulsbo Washington 3342441<br />

Silverdale Washington Silverdale Washington 3326179<br />

Simi Valley California Simi Valley California 3330915<br />

Sioux City Iowa Macy Nebraska 3339203<br />

Sioux City Iowa Norfolk Nebraska 3336611<br />

Sioux City Iowa Sheldon Iowa 3367371<br />

Sioux City Iowa Sioux City Iowa 3327876<br />

Sioux City Iowa Spencer Iowa 3353877<br />

Sioux City Iowa Storm Lake Iowa 3372189<br />

Sioux City Iowa Vermillion South Dakota 3367398<br />

Sioux City Iowa Yankton South Dakota 3339181<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Brookings South Dakota 3339149<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Huron South Dakota 3339130<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Madison South Dakota 3339157<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Marshall Minnesota 3339173<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Pipestone Minnesota 3360172<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Sioux Falls South Dakota 3339122<br />

Sioux Falls South Dakota Watertown South Dakota 3356612<br />

Slidell Louisiana Slidell Louisiana 3334899<br />

Snohomish Washington Snohomish Washington 3342425<br />

Snowflake Arizona Snowflake Arizona 3330052<br />

Soda Springs Idaho Soda Springs Idaho 3333795<br />

Soldotna Alaska Cordova Alaska 3329569<br />

Soldotna Alaska Homer Alaska 3329550<br />

Soldotna Alaska Kodiak Alaska 3329542<br />

Soldotna Alaska Seward Alaska 3329577<br />

Soldotna Alaska Soldotna Alaska 3329534<br />

South Bend Indiana South Bend Indiana 3334376<br />

South Bend Indiana Warsaw Indiana 3344282<br />

South Jordan Utah Parkway South Jordan Utah 3340392<br />

Spanish Fork Utah West Spanish Fork Utah 3341712<br />

Spokane Washington Spokane Washington 3342468<br />

Spokane Washington East Spokane Washington East 3342034<br />

Spokane Washington North Spokane Washington North 3342476<br />

Spokane Washington West Davenport Washington 3372413<br />

Spokane Washington West Ritzville Washington 3349314<br />

Spokane Washington West Spokane Washington West 3342573<br />

Springfield Illinois Decatur Illinois 3367401<br />

Springfield Illinois Jacksonville Illinois 3372162<br />

Springfield Illinois Litchfield Illinois 3334260<br />

Springfield Illinois Springfield Illinois 3334058<br />

Springfield Massachusetts Amherst Massachusetts 3335011<br />

Springfield Missouri Aurora Missouri 3367150<br />

Springfield Missouri Bolivar Missouri 3371980<br />

Springfield Missouri Springfield Missouri 3335704<br />

Springfield Missouri Stockton Missouri 3347575<br />

Springfield Missouri Willard Missouri 3352463<br />

Springfield Missouri South Ava Missouri 3335712<br />

Springfield Missouri South Branson Missouri 3335720<br />

Springfield Missouri South Harrison Arkansas 3327817<br />

Springfield Missouri South Mountain Home Arkansas 3335739<br />

Springfield Missouri South Springfield Missouri South 3371867<br />

Springville Utah Spring Creek Springville Utah 3340295<br />

St Anthony Idaho St Anthony Idaho 3359522<br />

St David Arizona Elfrida Arizona 3330133<br />

St David Arizona St David Arizona 3312178<br />

St David Arizona Sunsites Arizona 3359727<br />

St George Utah Green Valley St George Utah 3340<strong>23</strong>6<br />

St George Utah Green Valley St George Utah Green Valley 278343

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

St George Utah Morningside St George Utah Morningside 3367207<br />

St Johns Arizona St Johns Arizona 3330060<br />

St Louis Missouri St Louis Missouri 3317900<br />

St Louis Missouri Washington Missouri 3318044<br />

St Louis Missouri North St Louis Missouri North 3335895<br />

St Louis Missouri North Warrenton Missouri 3367428<br />

St Louis Missouri South St Louis Missouri South 3347931<br />

St Paul Minnesota North Branch Minnesota 438413<br />

St Paul Minnesota St Paul Minnesota 3335488<br />

St Petersburg Florida New Port Richey Florida 3332675<br />

St Petersburg Florida St Petersburg Florida 3318036<br />

St Robert Missouri Houston Missouri 3371999<br />

St Robert Missouri Lebanon Missouri 3335755<br />

St Robert Missouri Osage Beach Missouri 3352455<br />

St Robert Missouri Rolla Missouri 3335666<br />

St Robert Missouri St Robert Missouri 370568<br />

St Robert Missouri West Plains Missouri 3335747<br />

Stevensville Montana Darby Montana 3336166<br />

Stevensville Montana Stevensville Montana 3336158<br />

Stillwater Oklahoma Cushing Oklahoma 3338150<br />

Stillwater Oklahoma Enid Oklahoma 3338142<br />

Stillwater Oklahoma Ponca City Oklahoma 3338134<br />

Stillwater Oklahoma Stillwater Oklahoma 3338126<br />

Stockton California Stockton California 3330796<br />

Stuart Florida Fort Pierce Florida 3332969<br />

Stuart Florida Jupiter Florida 3332942<br />

Stuart Florida Okeechobee Florida 3353001<br />

Stuart Florida Stuart Florida 3332934<br />

Stuart Florida Vero Beach Florida 3332977<br />

Stuart Florida Wellington Florida 3332950<br />

Sudbury Ontario Bracebridge Ontario 3344118<br />

Sudbury Ontario North Bay Ontario 3343952<br />

Sudbury Ontario Sault Ste. Marie Ontario 3343987<br />

Sudbury Ontario Sudbury Ontario 3343944<br />

Sudbury Ontario Sudbury Ontario Ward 3343960<br />

Sudbury Ontario Temiskaming Ontario 3362965<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Athens Georgia 3333280<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Cornelia Georgia 427667<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Dahlonega Georgia 3333272<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Elberton Georgia 427659<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Gainesville Georgia 3333264<br />

Sugar Hill Georgia Sugar Hill Georgia 3347664<br />

Suitl<strong>and</strong> Maryl<strong>and</strong> Lexington Park Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3348199<br />

Suitl<strong>and</strong> Maryl<strong>and</strong> Suitl<strong>and</strong> Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3335089<br />

Suitl<strong>and</strong> Maryl<strong>and</strong> White Plains Maryl<strong>and</strong> 438499<br />

Surrey British Columbia Surrey British Columbia 3348032<br />

Syracuse New York Auburn New York 3363775<br />

Syracuse New York Cortl<strong>and</strong> New York 3366405<br />

Syracuse New York Pulaski New York 3353761<br />

Syracuse New York Syracuse New York 3337588<br />

Syracuse Utah Clearfield UT 3326047<br />

Taber Alberta Taber Alberta 3343324<br />

Tallahassee Florida Tallahassee Florida 3332632<br />

Tampa Florida Brooksville Florida 3363457<br />

Tampa Florida Dade City Florida 373184<br />

Tampa Florida Tampa Florida 3312143<br />

Taylorsville Utah Central Taylorsville Utah Central 368652<br />

Taylorsville Utah West Taylorsville Utah West 3340910<br />

Terrace British Columbia Kitimat British Columbia 3343693<br />

Terrace British Columbia Prince Rupert British Columbia 3343715<br />

Terrace British Columbia Smithers British Columbia 3343707<br />

Terrace British Columbia Terrace British Columbia 3343685<br />

The Dalles Oregon Goldendale Washington 3338541<br />

The Dalles Oregon Hood River Oregon 3338525<br />

The Dalles Oregon Stevenson Washington 3338533<br />

The Dalles Oregon The Dalles Oregon 3338517<br />

Thous<strong>and</strong> Oaks California Thous<strong>and</strong> Oaks California 3331431<br />

Toa Baja Puerto Rico Toa Baja Puerto Rico 3357945<br />

Toledo Ohio Findlay Ohio 3337847<br />

Toledo Ohio Lima Ohio 3337839<br />

Toledo Ohio St Mary's Ohio 438502<br />

Toledo Ohio Toledo Ohio 3337820<br />

Toledo Ohio Wauseon Ohio 3372073<br />

Tooele Utah East Tooele Valley Utah 3340775<br />

Topeka Kansas Burlington Kansas 3347958<br />

Topeka Kansas Lawrence Kansas 3334503<br />

Topeka Kansas Topeka Kansas 3334473<br />

Toronto Ontario Toronto Ontario 3352617<br />

Torrance California Torrance California 3331733<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Traverse City Michigan Alpena Michigan 373788<br />

Traverse City Michigan Cadillac Michigan 3371808<br />

Traverse City Michigan Cheboygan Michigan 3335437<br />

Traverse City Michigan Gaylord Michigan 3371816<br />

Traverse City Michigan Petoskey Michigan 3371824<br />

Traverse City Michigan Traverse City Michigan 3335429<br />

Tremonton Utah South Tremonton-Garl<strong>and</strong> Utah 3340570<br />

Tualatin Oregon Tualatin Oregon 3338789<br />

Tuba City Arizona Kayenta Arizona 370517<br />

Tuba City Arizona Polacca Arizona 3330257<br />

Tuba City Arizona Tuba City Arizona 3357147<br />

Tucson Arizona Sahuarita Arizona 3330087<br />

Tucson Arizona East Tucson Arizona 3326772<br />

Tucson Arizona North San Manuel 1st Arizona 3352471<br />

Tucson Arizona Rincon Nogales Arizona 3330079<br />

Tucson Arizona West Tucson Arizona West 3330494<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville Oklahoma 3338<strong>23</strong>1<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Clevel<strong>and</strong> Oklahoma 3338258<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Independence Kansas 33382<strong>23</strong><br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Pawhuska Oklahoma 3359735<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Sapulpa Oklahoma 3338215<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Oklahoma 3338207<br />

Tulsa Oklahoma East Tulsa Oklahoma East 3338037<br />

Tupelo Mississippi Booneville Mississippi 3335925<br />

Tupelo Mississippi Columbus Mississippi 3329895<br />

Tupelo Mississippi Florence Alabama 3335933<br />

Tupelo Mississippi Tupelo Mississippi 3353028<br />

Turlock California Turlock California 3331598<br />

Ukiah California Cloverdale California 3331<strong>23</strong>7<br />

Ukiah California Fort Bragg California 3331253<br />

Ukiah California Highl<strong>and</strong>s California 3331245<br />

Ukiah California Lakeport California 3331229<br />

Ukiah California Ukiah California 3331210<br />

Ukiah California Willits California 3366731<br />

Upl<strong>and</strong> California Upl<strong>and</strong> California 3330877<br />

Utah South Utah South Area FHC-Training Facility 3369722<br />

Utica New York Herkimer New York 3371735<br />

Utica New York Lowville New York 3371743<br />

Utica New York Norwich New York 3337456<br />

Utica New York Oneonta New York 3337448<br />

Utica New York Utica New York 3337596<br />

Utica New York Watertown New York 3337618<br />

Vacaville California Vacaville California 3331911<br />

Valencia California Valencia California 3330974<br />

Valley Forge Pennsylvania Valley Forge Pennsylvania 3317765<br />

Valparaiso Indiana Chicago Heights Illinois 3334066<br />

Valparaiso Indiana Griffith Indiana 3347966<br />

Valparaiso Indiana Hebron Indiana 3334082<br />

Valparaiso Indiana Valparaiso Indiana 3372154<br />

Vancouver British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia 3343421<br />

Vancouver British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia 1st Ward 3349373<br />

Vancouver Washington East Vancouver Washington 3342182<br />

Vancouver Washington North Vancouver Washington North 3342530<br />

Vancouver Washington West Vancouver Washington West 3342506<br />

Ventura California Fillmore California 3330605<br />

Ventura California Ojai California 3330591<br />

Ventura California Ventura California 3330583<br />

Vernal Utah Ashley Vernal Utah 3340279<br />

Vernal Utah Maeser Dutch John Utah 3348962<br />

Vernon British Columbia Clearwater British Columbia 427616<br />

Vernon British Columbia Kamloops British Columbia 3343553<br />

Vernon British Columbia Kelowna British Columbia 3343448<br />

Vernon British Columbia Penticton British Columbia 3343472<br />

Vernon British Columbia Salmon Arm British Columbia 3343456<br />

Vernon British Columbia Vernon British Columbia 3343464<br />

Victoria British Columbia Duncan British Columbia 3343545<br />

Victoria British Columbia Salt Spring Isl<strong>and</strong> British Columbia 419931<br />

Victoria British Columbia Victoria British Columbia 3343529<br />

Victorville California Victorville California 3331334<br />

Virginia Beach Virginia Eastern Shore Virginia 3372081<br />

Virginia Beach Virginia Virginia Beach Virginia 3341747<br />

Visalia California Visalia California 3319660<br />

Vista California Vista California 3331806<br />

Waipahu Hawaii Waipahu Hawaii 3333442<br />

Walla Walla Washington Dayton Washington 3359484<br />

Walla Walla Washington Pendleton Oregon 334<strong>23</strong>28<br />

Walla Walla Washington Walla Walla Washington 334<strong>23</strong>01<br />

Washington DC Washington D.C. 3327833<br />

Washington Utah Buena Vista Washington Ut Buena Vista 3367215

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Wasilla Alaska Palmer Alaska 3329615<br />

Wasilla Alaska Valdez Alaska 3329593<br />

Wasilla Alaska Wasilla Alaska 3329585<br />

Wausau Wisconsin Marshfield Wisconsin 427489<br />

Wausau Wisconsin Wausau Wisconsin 3317587<br />

Waynesboro Virginia Charlottesville Virginia 3341771<br />

Waynesboro Virginia Franklin West Virginia 3341798<br />

Waynesboro Virginia Harrisonburg Virginia 3341801<br />

Waynesboro Virginia Waynesboro Virginia 3341763<br />

Weiser Idaho McCall Idaho 3333868<br />

Weiser Idaho Weiser Idaho 3333841<br />

Wellington Utah East Carbon Utah 3340651<br />

Wellington Utah Wellington Utah 3349284<br />

Wenatchee Washington Brewster Washington 3366308<br />

Wenatchee Washington Chelan Washington 33421<strong>23</strong><br />

Wenatchee Washington Wenatchee Washington 3342115<br />

Wendover Utah Wendover Utah 3372979<br />

West Columbia South Newberry South Carolina 3366782<br />

Carolina<br />

West Columbia South Orangeburg South Carolina 3366804<br />

Carolina<br />

West Jordan Utah Bingham West Jordan Utah Bingham Creek 368660<br />

Creek<br />

West Jordan Utah Heritage West Jordan Utah Heritage 3341143<br />

West Jordan Utah Jordan West Jordan Utah Jordan Oak 3368017<br />

Oaks<br />

West Jordan Utah Oquirrh West Jordan Utah Oquirrh 3340805<br />

West Jordan Utah Prairie West Jordan Utah Prairie 3341658<br />

West Jordan Utah Welby West Jordan Utah Welby 3340899<br />

Westchester New York Bronx New York 3362841<br />

Westchester New York Westchester New York 3326152<br />

Westl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Riverview Michigan 3335224<br />

Westl<strong>and</strong> Michigan Westl<strong>and</strong> Michigan 3335216<br />

Whittier California Whittier California 3330958<br />

Wichita Kansas Hutchinson Kansas 3334554<br />

Wichita Kansas Newton Kansas 386146<br />

Williamsport Pennsylvania Berwick Pennsylvania 3366588<br />

Williamsport Pennsylvania Lock Haven Pennsylvania 373737<br />

Williamsport Pennsylvania Sunbury Pennsylvania 3338975<br />

Williamsport Pennsylvania Tow<strong>and</strong>a Pennsylvania 3337405<br />

Williamsport Pennsylvania Williamsport Pennsylvania 3338983<br />

Wilmette Illinois Wilmette Illinois 3328503<br />

Wilmington Delaware Dover Delaware 3332535<br />

Wilmington Delaware Newark Delaware 3332551<br />

Wilmington Delaware Salisbury Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3332543<br />

Wilmington Delaware Wilmington Delaware 3332527<br />

Wilmington North Carolina Jacksonville North Carolina 373826<br />

Wilmington North Carolina Shallotte North Carolina 438510<br />

Wilmington North Carolina Wilmington North Carolina 3336336<br />

Winchester Virginia Cumberl<strong>and</strong> Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3352757<br />

Winchester Virginia Front Royal Virginia 3362973<br />

Winchester Virginia Hancock Maryl<strong>and</strong> 3366537<br />

Winchester Virginia Harpers Ferry West Virginia 370673<br />

Winchester Virginia Winchester Virginia 3341976<br />

Winnemucca Nevada Battle Mountain Nevada 3337294<br />

Winnemucca Nevada Lovelock Nevada 3337308<br />

Winnemucca Nevada Winnemucca Nevada 3337286<br />

Winnipeg Manitoba Br<strong>and</strong>on Manitoba 3317676<br />

Winnipeg Manitoba Kenora Ontario 3343758<br />

Winnipeg Manitoba Thompson Manitoba 3343731<br />

Winnipeg Manitoba Warroad Minnesota 419869<br />

Winnipeg Manitoba Winnipeg Manitoba 3317668<br />

Winslow Arizona Winslow Arizona 3330249<br />

Winston-Salem North Sparta North Carolina 370592<br />

Carolina<br />

Winston-Salem North Winston-Salem North Carolina 3336441<br />

Carolina<br />

Worl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming Basin-Greybull Wyoming 3342972<br />

Worl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming Ten Sleep Wyoming 371874<br />

Worl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming Thermopolis Wyoming 3342980<br />

Worl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming Worl<strong>and</strong> Wyoming 3342964<br />

Yakima Washington Sunnyside Washington 3349357<br />

Yakima Washington Yakima Washington 3342085<br />

York Pennsylvania Chambersburg Pennsylvania 3338827<br />

York Pennsylvania Fairview Pennsylvania 3338819<br />

York Pennsylvania Gettysburg Pennsylvania 3338835<br />

York Pennsylvania York Pennsylvania 3338800<br />

Yorktown New York New Canaan Connecticut 3337626<br />

Yorktown New York Newtown Connecticut 3348202<br />

Yorktown New York Stamford Connecticut 3344274<br />

Sponsoring <strong>Stake</strong><br />

FHC Name<br />

FHC Unit<br />

No.<br />

Yorktown New York Yorktown New York 3337642<br />

Yuba City California Camptonville California 3371719<br />

Yuba City California Loma Rica California 3348911<br />

Yuba City California Yuba City California 3331199<br />

Yucca Valley California Twenty Nine Palms California 3331032<br />

Yucca Valley California Yucca Valley California 3349039<br />

Yuma Arizona Yuma Arizona 3326276

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