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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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THE CHEF’S TABLE | DECK 1 TONE BERG STØRSETH 1985 • NORWAY • DIGITAL ARTWORK Norwegian artist Tone Berg Størseth primarily produces sculptures, drawings and paintings. Her work deals with ideas about cycles in nature and everyday life, reflecting on the related subjects of archives and memory. Berg Størseth maintains a distinguished poetic gentleness in her work, leaving it hovering between abstraction, landscape, still life and pure formalism. Berg Størseth’s work often takes a performative turn. Working within strict, self-imposed boundaries, Berg Størseth allows her art to develop as organic processes. Examples include a series of drawings where she allowed mold to grow on paper. In this series, she found a controlled way of losing control. She has also created drawings of lines traced as close to the previous ones as possible, with the length of the pencil strokes corresponding with the range of her arm. UNTITLED (COAST) | 2018 65