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EPP Europe P1.2020

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PCB + ASSEMBLY The Piezo jet valve dispensing model is flexible enough to fit into a variety of Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory environment. Source: Techcon Systems Source: Techcon Systems offer some level of hands-on testing of specific material in their labs to ensure efficacy. Further, they might be willing to use the knowledge gained to help fine-tune the parameters in an operation more quickly. It pays to inquire before the sale. Additionally, the user interface of the controller can make a huge difference in the relative ease of determining the proper parameters and, therefore, the level of potential wasted product or loss of productive uptime during initial product set up. Some Piezo jet dispensing systems require manual tweaking with varying levels of precision; others provide the ability to fine-tune using software that allows the operator to modify the jetting properties for different fluid types and optimize the process for repeatable dispensing. Some include even more full-featured controllers with touch screens and graphic interfaces that optimize usability and make set up faster and more intuitive than in the past. Some manufacturers are raising the bar even further by providing the ability to set parameters as well as monitor and troubleshoot remotely, allowing operators to control their systems from anywhere at any time, around the world, using an app on their devices. These Piezo jet valve models fit into the operation of a sophisticated Industry 4.0-based Smart Factory – or one that is working towards becoming one. The amount of space that the jet units require also may be of importance to both benchtop users and machine integrators. For the former, sleeker units mean smaller work area demands and more efficient delineation of factory space. For the latter, with the speed and precision benefits of the Piezo jet valve, machine builders are more frequently looking to build one or several units into high end automation application equipment. They are being combined in the cabinet with robots and other complementary devices, in order to deliver best-in-class capabilities to their customers. Towards this end, it may be worth noting the relative size, weight and footprint of the individual brand Piezo jetting dispensing valves that are being considered. A more esoteric issue is that of all the dispensing valve technologies available on the market, the Piezo jet is not only the most advanced but also the most challenging to manufacture. The tolerances on components such as the nozzle and tappet are extremely tight and crafting them accurately is beyond the capabilities of many parts fabricators. Piezo jet models that cut costs using less complying components will most likely demonstrate issues quickly, including fluids dispensed out of place, inconsistent speeds, cleaning challenges, frequent failures and other problems that negatively impact productivity and quality. As benefits of different models are being weighed, speaking to other users about their experiences should be considered. Choosing a Piezo jet valve In addition, there are some limitations to consider. For example, potential users should consider the type of materials to be dispensed. Piezo jet valves can be used with materials demonstrating a very wide range of viscosities – up to two million centipoise or more and including materials as thick as silicone and urethane rubber. However, due to the need to evenly shoot the material, those that have solid particles blended into them, such as solder paste with its ultrafine metal particles, typically are not the best candidates for jet valve dispensing technology. Finally, and there’s no way around it, obtaining the superior cuttingedge technology of a Piezo jet valve represents a larger upfront investment than that of contact dispensing systems. However, it can be surprisingly comparable in cost to the older pneumatic jet valve considering how much faster it is. Further, helping significantly defray the lifecycle cost is the fact that the most expensive part of the system, the Piezo assembly, is highly robust and rated at around one billion cycles. Nevertheless, if a process will not benefit from the highest speed dispensing available as well as super-high precision, the investment might not be worth it. However, if a quantum leap in throughput with super accuracy would be valuable, significantly boosting profitability, then a Piezo jet valve might be a highly desirable investment. Zusammenfassung Die Auswahl einer automatisierten Dosiertechnologie aus der Vielzahl an Technologien sollte passend zur jeweiligen Anwendung getroffen werden. Der Artikel bespricht die Vorteile der Technologie eines Piezo-Düsenventils. Résumé Parmi les nombreuses technologies de dosage automatisé disponibles, il convient d’en choisir une qui corresponde à l’usage prévu. Cet article présente les avantages de la technologie basée sur un clapet à buse piézoélectrique. Резюме Выбор подходящей технологии автоматического дозирования из множества доступных на сегодняшний день должен производиться с учетом специфики конкретной области применения. В статье обсуждаются преимущества использования пьезоэлектрических клапанов. 28 EPP EUROPE April 2020

PRODUCT UPDATES PCB + ASSEMBLY Smart storage boosts value creation in production Mimot GmbH, a Smart Storage systems manufacturer, presented a holistic, modular, fully auto- their demands or to integrate additional features. ables customers to adjust the storage capacity to matic logistics solution. The Smart Storage system is manages the flow of goods for 30,000 or relabeling station or via reel trolley. An X-ray com- Reel storage can be done either via robot at the more components featuring continuous inventory ponent counter can be integrated which allows taking, MSD handling and AGV connectivity. continuous inventory taking. Due to real-time inventory data this optimized supply chain manage- This solution is a fully automated system for managing the flow of goods and is the heart of an ment allows minimal capital tie-up due to low inventory levels and avoids downtime of the lines optimized warehouse logistics solution. The result is cost reduction through optimized logistics, because of out of stock components. improved throughput and quality owed to the fully automated process. The modular design en- The Smart Storage system is capable of managing 30,000 or more components and features continuous inventory taking, MSD handling and AGV connectivity. Source: Mimot GmbH Extraction system filters vapor and odors The ACD 1200 extraction and filtration system from ULT AG removes hazardous pollutants from the ambient air during gluing processes. Available in three performance versions between 1,000 and 1,500 m 3 /h air flow, the unit can be utilized both mobile and stationary. Bonding processes are increasingly applied in manufacturing. The ACD 1200 extracts vapors, gases and odors, which occur in gluing, coating, laminating, molding or cleaning processes. Harmful air pollutants are exhausted via capturing elements and separated by several filtration stages. A combination of coarse dust pre-filters, compliant with DIN EN 779, and two adsorption filters (activated carbon) provides high separation rates. The cleaned air can be fed back to the working environment. Innovation is in our DNA: High-throughput inline inspection with state-of-the-art 3D X-ray technology for 100% reliability. Source: ULT AG The inline X7056-II 3D X-ray system offers high-precision, seamless X-ray inspection with extremely short cycle times to give you the best possible inspection strategy. Take advantage of networked 3D SPI and 3D AOI data to make your production processes more efficient over the long term. Best of: The powerful and compact X7056-II combination solution brings advanced 3D AOI and 3D AXI technology together in a single system, enabling more extensive inspection coverage and even shorter cycle times. Significantly reduce false calls, rapidly detect 100% of defects and track defects to prevent them in the first place. The ACD 1200 is suitable for the extraction of vapors, gases and odors, which occur in gluing, laminating, coating, molding or cleaning processes. WINNER Winner productronica innovation award 2017 3D SPI 3D AOI 3D AXI 3D MXI 3D Bond CCI EPP EUROPE April 2020 29