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EPP Europe P1.2020

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PCB + ASSEMBLY Proactive

PCB + ASSEMBLY Proactive support and predictive maintenance from anywhere Digital twin of the production with real-time data Proactively controlled service management is a component that‘s indispensable for building an integrated smart SMT factory, which is why ASM has developed a comprehensive and modular solution for this purpose with its ASM Equipment Center. Service teams can now optimize the planning and execution of maintenance activities in line with the ‘agile production’ approach. The fabLIVE module delivers instant benefits by mapping a digital twin of the complete production in a detailed 3D model, which shows current maintenance relevant machine conditions at a glance. The Equipment Center thus supports predictive maintenance to a previously unattainable degree. Necessary assists and troubleshooting measures become instantly visible, which reduces the frequency of production stops significantly. Having a seamless exchange of data is vitally important for the integrated Smart Factory. Even in heterogeneous production environments with equipment from many different manufacturers, the flow of data must be maintained at all times. It‘s the only way to proactively plan maintenance, in order to ensure a continuously high level of quality and prevent unnecessary production stops. “As we transition to the integrated Smart Factory in stages, our service operations must change as well. With a classic organization and traditional tools, the manufacturers’ service teams are no longer able to satisfy the growing demands on availability and thus the immaculate condition of machines, feeders and other components,” says Jim Leather, head of Product Management for ASM SMT Solutions, before adding: “Predictive maintenance based on sensors in the machines that make data available anywhere and in real time is one component of our Service 4.0 initiative.” With fabLIVE, you can create a true-to-scale digital twin of the production that visualizes all the data that‘s being transmitted live by the machines. Source: ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG 42 EPP EUROPE April 2020

PCB + ASSEMBLY The traffic light colors indicate each machine’s real-time status anywhere in the world. Source: ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG Integrated Smart Factory lives on data The company believes in the use of powerful, flexible and open communication standards, such as IPC-CFX or ASM OIB across the entire production chain. The company is the first supplier in the SMT field to make it possible for the seamless flow of data from its own machines, as well as, third-party machines. Predictive maintenance is just one beneficiary of this approach as long as machine messages are processed appropriately. Virtualizing the collected and channeled data in a continuously updated user cockpit that can be seen anywhere in the company and not just at the individual machine opens up a new world of opportunities in predictive maintenance. Visualizing the digital twin of the factory Not every industrial user can and wants to implement the integrated Smart Factory everywhere in one step – in most cases, this is done in stages. One helpful module on this road is the fabLIVE module, which is part of the manufacturing execution system (MES) offered by the company’s subsidiary Critical Manufacturing. The browser-based software generates a virtual 3D image of the factory with all its production equipment and machines. Since ASM includes all the necessary 3D data with its own machines such as DEK printers or Siplace placement systems, they can be used to create the 3D image right away. In addition, the system can import maintenance calendars and other information from ASM machines such as manuals, job cards or checklists, and it does most of this automatically. This saves many hours of manual labor. If graphical templates cannot be imported from third-party equipment, they can be created with the software. For additional thirdparty machine data, a wide range of import options is available. After their data has been entered, fabLIVE can describe and depict all machines in detail with their location coordinates and their length and width dimensions. This alone would be nothing special – it’s the networking component that makes the difference. Via communication interfaces like ASM OIB or IPC-CFX, fabLIVE can now collect, filter and compile all available operating data from the machines, whether they are made by the company or someone else. The end product is an exact screen copy of the factory with maintenance relevant current production data in real time. In addition, many widgets for creating reports, charts or bills of materials can be assigned to tools, areas, or entire plants. Their display can be configured with great flexibility dashboards for specific user groups. Each machine’s status at a glance Traffic light colors indicate each machine‘s status within the production line. A click on the digital twin of a certain machine may deliver additional information, such as sensor data, job or work-in-progress data, information about operators or maintenance intervals, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) such as utilization, productivity, Intelligent solutions for the integrated Smart SMT Factory First-class machines are an indispensable prerequisite for efficient SMT production. To support electronics manufacturers on the road to the integrated Smart Factory, ASM also offers top-grade, flexible and comprehensive software solutions and services for networking, optimizing and automating central workflows that allow customers and partners to realize significant improvements in productivity, quality and flexibility. In line with this philosophy, ASM invested in 2018 the Portuguese software specialist Critical Manufacturing, one of the leading suppliers of MES solutions in Europe. The modular, integrated solution from MES was designed from the start for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), mobile devices, and automation and sensor technologies. Also unique in the field are the implementation of augmented reality and the ability to create a digital twin of the entire production environment. Its functional scope and the ability to introduce the system in stages make the Critical Manufacturing MES a veritable Industry 4.0 hub that is unsurpassed in the field. EPP EUROPE April 2020 43