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Mycocheck Mycotoxin Analysis Leaflet


MYCOTOXINS – THE HIDDEN DANGER FOR LIVESTOCK Mycotoxins are one of the most dangerous hidden threats to animal health, compromising growth, fertility, disease immunity and overall performance. Detecting and managing mycotoxins is a vital component of strong agricultural production. Mycocheck is the comprehensive laboratory analysis service that uses advanced technology to detect and identify the main mycotoxins in forage, grains, straw and compound livestock feeds. Symptoms of mycotoxin exposure: Reduced feed intake and growth Decreased performance Reduced fertility Suppressed immune systems Severe organ damage and death Where do mycotoxins come from? From field to feed face Moulds produce mycotoxins as a response to environmental stress conditions, so shifts in temperature or rainfall can lead to their occurrence. Poor handling and storage conditions can cause further contamination of feeds. Mycotoxins can occur at every stage of production, from harvesting, ensiling, storage and compounding feeds. The risk of mycotoxins is always a threat. Don’t let mycotoxins be a hidden threat to livestock performance and in turn your business productivity.

MYCOTOXINS – THE HIDDEN DANGER FOR LIVESTOCK Mycocheck, the ultimate test for mycotoxins available to purchase online There are several options for measuring mycotoxins in animal feed. Rapid test kits can be useful for identifying a specific mycotoxin in a single commodity. However, these only identify one type of toxin, and may not work if multiple feed types are present (e.g. compound feed or TMR). The Mycocheck mycotoxin analysis service uses ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS), in our laboratory that is fully accredited to ISO 17025 (for feed analysis). The most reliable way to assess your risk of mycotoxins is to know the extent of your risk. Only by knowing your risk can you work to reduce exposure to livestock. By submitting a sample of feed, forage or straw to Mycocheck for a full spectrum of testing you will be able to identify which mycotoxins are present and to what level. Using Mycocheck, in one comprehensive test you will know your risk level and be able to take control. With this knowledge you will be able to take the right actions, and reduce the risk of mycotoxins. The Mycocheck 4 Step process: Register online at

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