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Luce by fisionarte

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Luce wird von Hand gewebt ohne jedes Werkzeug. Die Technik erinnert an traditionelle Strickkunst, wie sie z.B. die Wikinger genutzt haben oder noch heute teilweise in Südamerika genutzt wird.

The discoveryof a

The discoveryof a newaesthetic valuefor copper.8

We all know that copper is used in gold alloyin jewellery-making to enhance its colourand properties.In our case, combining it with resin createsa chromaticvariation in the yarn tending towardsa pink gold colour.Combining it with tinned copper and resin, instead,its chromatic variation results in a pearl grey colour.It is therefore understood that the protection providedby copper, which in an electrical contextis intended to reduce magnetic fields, givesthis product aesthetic value.The resin protects the metal from oxidation,avoidingany change in its original colour.It facilitates the weave and gives the lamp preciousproperties: it is UV-resistant, resistant to hightemperatures up to 300°C, and dustproof.9