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40 we possibly could to

40 we possibly could to best transmit the flavours and personality of what we do back home” the Chef tells me. NYC goes Portuguese “What does it mean to be a NYC Chef and to cook NY food? Well, look at me here, with my mixed background, cooking with my Korean pastry Chef, producing flavours from across the globe. It’s a melting pot. And what could be more from the very streets of of New York than a pretzel?!” says Chef Allan. “It’s what we serve at our restaurant, made from NYC flour and NYC water, and it’s what we’re serving here at Vila Vita today. So to transmit that best, we brought NYC water to Portugal! We were unsure how the local flour or water would work in our recipe for the pretzel-croissant, so we brought the pastry here part frozen”. The Chef speaks eloquently as he continues “It’s essentially a representation of what we inherently do: products and flavours indigenous to NY but acknowledging the fact that NYC is itself a city of abundance and unique multiculturalism.”

He continues “So yes, it’s important that even our batter is made with NYC water. We don’t compromise on details”. This level of detail has ensured the Chef earns notable accolades, such as StarChefs Rising Star award, an award that highlights emerging values of the contemporary American dining scene. His formidable training is well witnessed in his craft, having worked as chef de partie for Thomas Keller and chef de cuisine Jonathan Benno at Per Se, all before his role as sous chef for Yannick Alléno at Le Meurice in France. “I gave Alleno’s book to at least 20 Chefs - even before I worked there! His word is that important to me” the Chef says with clear affection about his formative 2 years spent at Chef Alleno’s Parisian Palace hotel restaurant. Pirate-Chefs and a Tight Ship! Yet the Chef still remembers his British roots, having been born in Middlesbrough, and I tease him as I glimpse his three lions tattoo that he bears on his forearm. “Yeah, done by an 41