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Manual Waver

Manuel completo do controlador Waver

Firmware Ver. 1.0

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX SOFTWARE Once you've completed the login procedure the main screen will appear (see below an example). CONFIGURATION (MENU) GENERAL Set time LOGIN CREDENTIALS To set custom user and password for a safe access to the unit NETWORK SETTINGS: Allows to change the machine IP address and to configure an external remote access. The use of DHCP determines if the IP (with WIFI mode set to INFRASTRUCTURE) is automatically set to fit the current local area network (LAN). WIFI SETTINGS Wifi mode: – DIRECT ACCESS: set by default. The unit broadcasts its own SSID (wifi network name) and devices can connect directly to the unit – INFRASTRUCTURE: the unit can be inserted into an existing LAN (router required) and it's possible to access it remotely if the LAN is connected to Internet (modem required). WIFI CHANNEL Allows to change the integrated wifi module transmission channel PROTECTION Switches between SSID password encryption modes SSID Name of the wifi network broadcast by the Waver NOTE: It's recommended to customize this parameter especially if you have to manage more Master units Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 8/70

Firmware Ver. 1.0 Software Ver. 1.0 INDEX PASSWORD Password to access SSID UPDATE FIRMWARE IMPORTANT: for this operation the device COULD necessarily erase all custom data and bring the unit to factory default configuration. Please refer to release note to understand if this will occur before making any change. This updates the internal flash memory of the device. The firmware contains all the hardware instructions and it's important to keep this updated with the latest version recommended by Rossmont. New firmware versions could contain improvements for existing products, general hardware improvements, bug fixes, and/or even the required informations to drive new Rossmont devices. Visit the download area section to freely download the latest firmware version. UPDATE SOFTWARE This update only the software with latest improvements and it's important to keep this updated with the latest version recommended by Rossmont. This "soft" update will not erase the custom data inserted, including graph and configurations. Visit the download area section to freely download the latest software version. HELP It contains the full instruction manual of the product. When a new firmware or software version is released, a new instruction manual version is released too and it will be automatically included under this section. RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULT It resets the unit to factory default configuration. User and password are set to: USER: rossmont PASSWORD: waver Every slave connection is interrupted and the wifi connection mode is brought to DIRECT ACCESS. The device IP is set to SAVE This saves all the customizations in configurations CLOSE It brings back to the main screen ADD A NEW PRODUCT – Please connect the Rossmont device to the channel extension cable socket. – Click on "ADD PRODUCT" (during this process the unit will automatically search for additional Waver Slave channels) – Select the correspondent model of device you're connecting IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to operate a different model than the one actually connected – Assign a description which will help you to recognise the product in case of multiple devices connected Doc Rev. 0 Pag. 9/70

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