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Argosy FP6902 Learning Activity 2 Analysis of a Profiling Case

Argosy FP6902 Learning Activity 2 Analysis of a Profiling

Argosy FP6902 Learning Activity 2 Analysis of a Profiling Case BUY HERE⬊ sy-fp6902-learning-activity-2-analysisof-a-profiling-case/ Argosy FP6902 Learning Activity 2 Analysis of a Profiling Case Preview: Learning Activity 2—Analysis of a Profiling Case In law enforcement, criminal profiling is a tool used to determine many things about a criminal they are pursuing in an effort to bring law breakers to justice, as well as relief to their victims. The question then becomes, what do profilers use in order to come to some of their conclusions and subsequent profiles in order to help law enforcement do their jobs; apprehending criminals. The case that will be analyzed to answer that question is that of David Berkowitz (a.k.a. the “Son of Sam”), a criminal who brutally murdered many people in the 1970s, in the state of New York. This paper will discuss what information the professionals gathered in order to come to some of those conclusions drawn about the criminal during his reign of terror at the time.

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