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Ashford EDU 684 Week 1 Assignment Effective Leadership

Ashford EDU 684 Week 1 Assignment Effective

Ashford EDU 684 Week 1 Assignment Effective Leadership BUY HERE⬊ ord-edu-684-week-1-assignmenteffective-leadership/ Ashford EDU 684 Week 1 Assignment Effective Leadership Effective Leadership. Due by Day 7. This assignment is your opportunity to meet the following course objectives: Analyze the impact school leadership has on creating a school vision and Recognize the variety of leadership styles and their potential influence on the vision making process. Additionally, this assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the Course Learning Outcome Three and reinforces your competency with the MAED Program Learning Outcomes Two, Five, Six and Nine. This week in your discussion postings you identified different leadership styles and identified which leadership style you related to the most. You also discussed different barriers that may contribute to and/or affect your ability to lead. In this assignment, we take this learning to the next level with a formal written activity focused on leadership styles and reflection about those in relation to your ability to lead in a school context. Content Leadership Style: Describe your leadership style referencing Marzano, Waters, and McNulty (2005, p. 13-19). Example: Describe a specific example of how your leadership style enables you to be an effective leader even when dealing with school adversity. o Concept/Impression: Explain the concept of shared leadership, your impression of shared leadership, and why you like to be in control or if you prefer to delegate. o Reflection: Describe a time when a person’s leadership style was in direct contrast to your own and explain how you effectively dealt with the person or situation. If you haven’t had a hard time dealing with others in a leadership position, hypothesize how you might resolve an issue.