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PSY 216 Final Project

PSY 216 Final

PSY 216 Final Project BUY HERE⬊ 216-final-project/ PSY 216 Final Project Psychology of Personality PSY-216 Final Project In this course we have learned about many theories as to how personality develops and what factors influence the development. Some of the theories we learned about in this course are: Trait theories presume that individuals differ in their traits due to genetic differences. Psychodynamic theories emphasize the influence of the unconscious mind and childhood experiences on personality whereas behavioral theories suggest that personality is result of interactions between a person and their environment. In each theory there is a belief that certain factors influence the development of personality, be it biological, social, cultural, physical environment or situational factors. Views about personality development have changed over time, with each new theory based on ideas or disagreement with previous theories before. In reviewing literary sources I came across studies looking into some of those factors....

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